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What made you realise your girlfriend isn’t the one for you?


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💩Shitpost💩 My Medical Bill after an Aneurysm Burst in my cerebellum and I was in Hospital for 10 month.

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Social Media The inventor of PlayStation thinks the metaverse is pointless

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American Airlines flight to London returns to Miami after passenger refuses to wear mask

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Capybaras relaxing in a hot bath during winter. With oranges.

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My boss said to me "You're so skinny!"


I replied, "Yeah I don't really eat a lot."

She asked Why??

So I looked her dead in the eye and said "I can't afford a lot of food."

The resulting 5 minute awkward silence was the best five minutes of my life.

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How long is this book anyway?!

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French lawmakers officially recognise China’s treatment of Uyghurs as ‘genocide’

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Picky eaters are fine and don’t deserve the hate.


Picky eaters are fine, they just want to eat what they like. Just like any other person would want to eat what they like to eat. The only reason some should be angry is if the picky eater tries to make everyone compensate for them. Which, isn’t the problem of them being a picky eater, it’s a problem of their personality. Picky eaters just want to eat stuff they like, give us a break.

Edit: to all of those people who say “they waste food” they don’t waste any more food than you do. If you just let them be, they will keep on eating what they like without an abnormal amount of waste. No one buys food they don’t like, and people are more likely to buy things they are familiar with.

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M The Karen of my building told me her keycard isn't working. Demanded I fixed her keycard. So I did...


This just happened maybe 5 mins ago and I think it's hilarious.

I'm the facility manager for my building. Everything that happens and goes wrong, is my responsibility. So I make sure everything runs smoothly. My boss had made it clear: It's MY building and I was hired to not only keep people in line but run everything. I'm not a dick but I hold people accountable, forcibly but politely. There was no facility manager for a long time before I came along and both clients and employees ran amok, with no order. In the 4 months I've been here, my boss has praised my performance and has gone to bat for me countless times, she's the best boss I've ever had. I've got a firm but fair approach and my reputation reflects that.

I've got a Karen in the building and trust me, the name stereotype applies, who's just a counselor for family services. She likes to bitch about everything and gives my boss a headache almost daily. She shares an office with another women, who's unfortunately, picking up on her Karen tendencies (Karen In Training), I've been doing a keycard audit all week and I knew to leave Karen's keycard alone because she's the only Karen in the building, so her name stands out. I am missing 75 keycards, lots of former employees having all door access, dating all the way back to 2015. Can't have that so I deleted a lot of them, especially if it had a wacky name or just a room number. However, I did delete "KIT's" card information because it wasn't under her name. She just came to tell me her keycard wasn't working and Karen happened to be passing by and overheard it.

I went and fixed "KIT's" keycard and we went to go check to see if it worked or not. We found Karen outside the office waiting, bitching to my boss that her keycard didn't work either. Karen wandered away and my boss rolled her eyes and I smiled and I told her I would take care of it. After checking to make sure "KIT's" keycard worked, I went downstairs to check the system, looked up Karen and wouldn't you know it, her keycard was completely fine. In fact, it showed she had a MASTER keycard. So I changed all of her permissions and limited her back to just her room ONLY.

I went upstairs and got my boss's attention because her office is next door to the ladies and I mouthed LISTEN and pointed. I opened their door and was all, "hey Karen! I went and checked your keycard in the system. Everything is good to go. In fact, it said you had a MASTER key to the building and per the company orders, since you're not a contractor or a company employee, I can't give you that access. So I had to revoke your status to just this room ONLY. Can't have you bugging people on official business. Thanks for bringing your keycard to my attention." She started to object that she needed the master keycard because XYZ and I was all, "yeah sorry. Maybe before but I'm the facility manager and you don't need access to everything except this office and if you do, it's outside your pay grade, so you'll have to come get me. Ok? Cool thanks byyeeeeeee..." And then just closed the door on her mid sentence. My boss was quietly laughing her ass off in her office and gave me an air high five.

TLDR: Karen complained her keycard didn't work, when it absolutely did. In fact, she had master key access and had she not said anything, would still have it but made me check and I revoked her status completely to just her room only.

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What did office workers ever do to this winery

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Flip caused by Stupidity

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These are some changing times

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Gas prices here in L. A.

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Family & Friends The best mom with the best son

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To reserve a parking lot with your body

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Canada ranks as China’s “least favourite country” in new poll

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Abiding by existing contracts Sony Expects Microsoft to Keep Activision Games Multiplatform

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Politics A picture of Mitch McConnell with a Confederate battle flag in the background

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Food & Drink LPT: when you’re in a financial pinch or saving money, Instead of eating Ramen, eat Potatoes. Potatoes are cheaper, have more nutritional value, and will keep you full longer.


It’s a common saying that someone “lives off ramen” when they are broke, and most of us have been there. But instead, try potatoes. They are more nutritious, aren’t filled with preservatives and sodium, and will keep you full longer. Also they are an excellent source of potassium. And cheaper.

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Snake couch

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Weirdest Food From Every State

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/r/ALL Deer with Chronic wasting disease (CWD), Zombie Deer Disease, is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) affects members of the deer family.


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