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Women, what do you find the most confusing about men?


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Tear gas used to disperse protesters outside Arizona Capitol building, officials say

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Ocasio-Cortez says conservative justices lied under oath, should be impeached

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/r/ALL Technically a two wheel bicycle made from 1 + 0.5 + 0.5 wheels


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Mother caught sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend

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Repost 😔 Pt.2 woman tries to stop man from burning Quran? Sweden.

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My company picked a side


So I woke up to a company wide email. I work in retail so didn't think much of it. When skimming it, I realized it was regarding Roe vs Wade. Part of me figured it would just be corporate fluff where they pretend to take a side.

That's until I got to the second paragraph where it informed me effective immediately, they will be covering traveling expenses for employees in a state where abortions are illegal.

I hope other companies will follow suit, as a way to fight back. It's not perfect, but it's something so I'll take it. A step in the right direction at least, I know it's no where near enough, but I'm just so tired and this brought me some comfort.

Edit, typo

Edit 2, Hey everyone! So one, I posted this right before going into work, which was dumb because this blew up! So I've tried my best to read as many comments as possible.

Also, as many pointed out, this is a cheaper option than maternity leave. This is correct and something I didn't consider so thanks for bringing that to my attention. I understand this doesn't fix anything, and this is in no way making me complacent. And my company isn't perfect, no company is. Which is the problem. Another great point that was stated by many is the fact that personal information would need to be shared for this to work. Which is also a problem. And a valid concern that bothers me as well. It's also the reason why I believe in public health insurance. Our jobs shouldn't have this power over us.

This country is struggling, I plan to do what I can. Voting, speaking out, research, making a stand where I can. The reason why I refuse to have children is because I don't want to bring them into the world we currently live in. But also, while my company and many others are doing this with alternative motives, this decision will still help someone out there. A glimmer of something in an otherwise shitty time. I'm normally a very cynical person, but after the last few years I'm trying to remain positive while being informed. So, I'm taking everyone's points into consideration while finding a silver lining.

I'm sorry I'm not addressing every comment, but this blew up which was unexpected. Also, I do not work at Dick's but I won't be giving the company name because like many other Americans I can't loose my job. While I don't think that would happen, I'm also not willing to take that risk so I hope you can respect that decision.

Thank you!

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Miller: "President Trump… I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life"

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South Dakota governor says she will ban abortion pills prescribed online

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image/gif Galileo Galilei's first drawings of the moon after seeing it through the telescope in 1609

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I don’t know who he is

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Social What will you do If you wake up as the opposite gender of yourself?


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Does anyone else think that Glastonbury has lost the alternative edge that made it special and is now just... lame?


Glastonbury was once full of crazy stuff and you could go there and see old punks, crazy druids, and all kinds of weird and wonderful people and things.

The music mostly had an alternative edge and there was a massive variety.

Now Glastonbury has become middle class, family friendly and a middle of the road borefest.

People take their kids to see Paul McCartney there which says it all. The acts have never been blander.

It's been invaded by braying Henrys and Henriettas, all dressed almost identically in their festival uniform.

Not sure whether I'm just old or if the Glastonbury Festival died with John Peel.


No, I'm not there.

Yes, i have been there many times in the past, mostly during 90s and 00s.

Didn't know about John Peel but wasn't putting him on a pedestal, just giving a rough timeline on when Glastonbury death spiral started.

Glastonbury death spiral is a good name for a band.

Sorry to the Henrys who aren't Henrys.

If you like "Glasto" then knock yourself out and have fun!

Paul McCartney after The Beatles is lame, not going to change my mind on that.

Edit Edit:

Some of you need to chill out, isn't Glastonbury meant to be about peace and love? If you're there then go and chill, don't need to rant at me for my opinion.

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Our cat went on a ventilation vacation — had to lure her chonkiness out with fancy feast

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Miscellaneous I cant even think for a appropriate title for this

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article Rage Against the Machine Donating Ticket Sales to Reproductive Rights Organizations

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Mick(78) is just phenomenal for his age.Milan july 2022.

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Good Vibes These Three Smiles

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🔮Prediction Post🔮 r/mildlyinfuriating predictions tournament 1

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r/BlackPeopleTwitter 2h ago

Country Club Thread Imma need y'all to calm down plz 😂

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Meme / Shitpost (Sundays) 'Chef's Kiss'

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TIL George Lucas not only gave his blessing to make Spaceballs, he also handed the movie over to his effects company, Industrial Light and Magic, to provide the space effects and postproduction.

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Hardware New Israeli military technology allows operators to 'see through walls'

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Image The Simpsons wrote this joke almost 30 years ago

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Makes sense

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