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Politics What the US needs the most.

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The Wealthy Are Creating Labs of Autocracy - Conversations With Great Minds - David Pepper (2021) Democracy has a big problem isn't in Congress... it is in YOUR state capitol.

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πŸ‘½ Shitpost Petition to have the mummy of Ramses II play GG in the upcoming GME movie.

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Five0AnthO Five0AnthO - koil has the hardest job

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META Lie about Lawrence Trent


In a rather popular post about Lawrence Trent today, besides the blatant bias and double standards, a lie about him was spread. The author of said post accused Trent of having called Nepo's blunder the

the worst blunder in Championship history

A lot of people commented on that, venting their frustration and hate. There were various condescending attempts of proving Trent wrong. The problem is: That is not true, Trent never said that. He said two things:

  1. Nepo's blunder today was the worst blunder he had ever seen in a world championship match in his lifetime. That is true. He was born in 1986. The only comparable one move blunder, immediately losing a game due to missing a simple tactic, was made in 1892.
  2. That a hypothetical blunder by Carlsen, which was analyzed on the virtual board, which would have taken place after Nepo's blunder, would have been the worst blunder in world championship history. Had it been played. By Carlsen.

I just wanted to set the record straight on that. Words matter, precise quoting matters, if one uses somebody's words in an effort to publicly shame them. There's much more that was wrong and misleading in that post and the comments, but this stands out as objectively fabricated, as an outright lie. The stream is on YouTube for anybody to check.

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πŸ‘½ Shitpost Petition to have Luke Wilson play DFV in the Superstonk movie

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πŸ‘½ Shitpost Petition for Pile of shit Chet to play Steve

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Reddit Recap 2021

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πŸ€” Speculation / Opinion Petition to have Ryan Gosling play Ryan Cohen in the superstonk movie (i don’t agree with Keanu Reeves)

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πŸ‘½ Shitpost Petition for Jim Carrey to play Keanu Reeves in his portrayal of Ryan Gosling playing Ryan Cohen. LFG! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

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πŸ‘½ Shitpost C'mon guys, let's get this one right. There's only one right to play this (ball) SAC in the movie!

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Savage πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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πŸ‘½ Shitpost Petition to have young Sylvester Stallone play DFV in the MOASS movie.

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Opinion i dont get the love for kat


shes a bad actress, cant speak hindi and only got cast cause shes white and had relationships with influential men like salman

there are so many desi actresses (who can actually act) who couldve been in her spot, what a waste

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Koil on the Community

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🀑 Meme Petition to have Ken Griffin play u/rick_of_spades in the SuperStonk movie.

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Eddie Gallagher ST7 doing God’s work in Mosul 2017 [1200x1180]

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πŸ‘½ Shitpost Petition to have Mr. T portray Dr. T in the film adaptation of the greatest story yet to be told....

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πŸ‘½ Shitpost Petition to have Brad Pitt come back but play DFV this time

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Patents shouldn't exist.


I have a number of reasons.

  1. They stop life improving ideas from spreading as easily as possible
  2. They are used by the wealthy to monopolize ideas and prevent innovation
  3. Pharmaceutical patents are the worst
  4. Protecting inventors does not outweigh helping people
  5. It won't prevent people from inventing things. Being first will still give you an advantage, and people will always want to improve their lives
  6. You should be able to register and prove that you had an idea first, and have rights to claim to be "the original" for marketing purposes and bragging rights, but that's it
  7. It will curb inventing products for profit rather than for improving lives

I'm sure the are other reasons, but that's enough for me.

Edit: for the comments.

I don't want reform. I want it abolished.

I don't believe it will reduce meaningful inventions.

Inventions and inventing is part of human nature, and most inventions that actually benefit humans as a whole are not motivated by profit. Nor did inventions skyrocket after the advent of patent law.

I don't care if people have their inventions taken by others and spread. That's literally the point. That's my first point!

I don't "not understand" or "don't know why patents exists". I do understand, and I think the arguments are bullshit, and that the idea you can "own" an idea is also bullshit.

I expected the disparaging statments, whatever makes you feel better!

Edit 2:

For those saying this will stifle invention. Do you not realize that so many of our products would be improved if companies could just use the best solution?

If profit is your only motivation for inventing something, then im happy with it not being invented. Your arguments about inventors not profiting from their inventions is falling on deaf ears.

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The Vast Majority of the Pubg Player base does not understand what type of game they are playing


I always knew this was the case but I after spending this week in ranked for the new season after taking a few months off it really hit home how many people actually play this game thinking it is a First person shooter like CSGO or battlefield etc.

In squads yesterday I somehow managed to have the same random guy in my team 2 games in a row. I always join up as a solo since I am married and rarely have time to go find a good squad to play with. This guy was giving me the usual down the microphone for playing passive but I never respond to people in game if they are toxic or just talking about something they do not understand.

In the 2nd game as soon as it loaded up he was in to the chat telling the others I was bad etc and to passive and just talking crap while trying to make himself sound good. Again I did not care but it made me think its amazing how many people play this game without actually understanding how the game is designed and what the Meta is is to be successful based on its reward system.

Now here is the thing, I understand that this is a SURIVIAL Game first***,*** with Shooting aspects in it, but many people do not seem to understand that. The game has not changed ever since it was released the reward system still rewards you hugely in favour of your Final Position in each match rather than how many kills or how much damage you did. Recently enough they added in a few more points for kills but it is still nothing compared to your points for final position.

I understood this from the very first time I played the game many years ago when we had thousands of players active each day. At the time I took it a bit more seriously and I reached 90th in Europe Region in Solos. (I keep the screenshots as proof). My Playstyle has not changed at all over the years because the game itself and its reward system has not changed. It is still a survival game and rewards you as such. You can have yourself 8 or 9 kills and 1000 damage and get killed in 15th or 20th place and you will get Negitive Points! But you can be Platinum for example with 0 Kills and come 6th at least and you will have a minimum of Positive 15 Points.

I feel like most of the player base does not understand that this is a tactical survival game and they just log into ranked games looking to take on any fights they can without worrying about giving their position or advantage away to 3rd parties etc. It's like my mates who played the game always used to say did you see Shrouds streams of videos and his games etc and I would say yes (I loved watching his videos and kills he is a top FPS player), however I was rank 90 and he was not even top 200 because when you go so aggressive every game you will have some games with 20 kills if your amazing like him but most of your games will end in Negative Points from finishing outside the top 10 and you cannot make top 200 like that.

Sometimes I feel like sending these people talking crap in chat my Screenshots but its not worth my time to show them up. People need to understand the type of games they are playing and how you are rewarded in the game before judging others on their playstyle, especially if those other people have better ranks than you, you need to stop and think to yourself what are they doing right that I am not doing.

If you are looking to play for the best ranks remember this is NOT as FPS game it is a Tactical Survival game with weapons! Good luck on the battlefield to you all tonight!

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COVID-19 Why does a Pfizer booster protect against omicron when the first two doses don’t?


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Stop joining your friends in line when there's a shit ton of people waiting behind them


wait in line like everyone else

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HODL πŸ’ŽπŸ™Œ Petition to have Ryan Reynolds play YOU in the upcoming movie. Why? Because without you and your dedication none of us would be here. Apes are the star of this movement and we should be the star of the movie also!

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