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LBI Feel free to stop by our real estate office to say hello and get a hot chocolate...

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News Eternal Spirit event store timer extended


The timer for the Eternal Spirit event store was extended by one day, to allow any players waiting for the 1400 Power Cores to use them for store refreshes, if you wish to do so.

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🤡 Meme Just Me?


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After around 50 days in , I won my first carbon fiber from an event !

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no politics Shopping question


I live in the US and would love to send some Christmas gifts to friends in Fremantle. I'm trying to avoid paying high postage fees. I used to be able to order from Coles and my friends would go pick up their gifts...but now the Coles website - and the Woolworth's website - won't let me order from the US. Do you have any suggestions for me? Any other companies I could try? Any help will be appreciated!


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Help A problem with filament flow - no common solution seems to help


Since a few weeks ago, there's been a problem with my boyfriend's printer which he describes as "an impression that there's too little filament coming out, as if there wasn't enough force to push it". As a result, the prints tend to get too thin at certain points. He's searched for solutions and found a whole lot of them, including: - changing the nozzle, the bowden tube, and the bed - trying a different filament - fixing the bed's position - e-steps calibration - updating Cura and changing its settings - cleaning the heatsink but none seemed to work. Do you know of anything else which can be done about this?

I think my boyfriend's now completely given up on the printer, so I write this post for him. I know such question has probably been asked here a million times, but when I read the comments, I only find solutions that we've already given a try - so I post this in hopes of finding more out-of-the-box ideas. Thanks in advance <3

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No, you're breathtaking! Looking into urban legends from Fairbanks


Hey folks, I used to live up there a few years back and I’m looking into urban legends for inspiration for some short stories I’m working on and I’m wondering if any one knows of any good ones

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what is my ethnicity? Where is the bulk of his genetics/ancestry from?

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@SpotlightNews: "It's going to be a battle, and we're just trying to get battle ready." https://t.co/r2RfAQxSXo

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An interesting title


What are some tryhard or CEO/MC names that will hopefully get people to stop messing with me because they think I'm a tryhard

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Rafaella Costin Death - Dead - Obituary News : We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Rafaella Costin on Sunday at just 13 years of age. Click link to read full story.

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Incorrectly applied spray sunscreen caused bad sunburn, tan has not faded fully 6 months later


Hi docs,

25M, 5’11.5”, 176lb, physically active, Asian, located @ Southern California

I am struggling to deal with a minor insecurity issue caused by a bad sunburn. My friend incorrect applied sunscreen in the spray form, where he did not cover my entire back but just went side to side.

I’m fairly pale, so tans fade pretty quickly but this one has been prevalent for a while now. I currently cannot visit a doctor as I’m transitioning to a new health plan through my company. What are some steps I can take to reduce the tan? Here’s what I’ve done:

Stayed out of back sun exposure Exfoliated

No health issues from this, just cosmetic insecurities :)



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Legit actual, lehtal 100% refined tactical Mosque martial art!

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Problems with my action on Google Assistant for release


I sended my actions to three weeks ago to release, but I haven´t response from Google. So what is the problems. The actually review status is "Under Review". Can you help me? please!

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I can't see any problems ☻☻ Of COURSE the alt-right has no problem with black folks carrying guns to their protests.

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Request [BDSP] LF: HA Dratini


[r] Any dratini with HA would be greatly appreciated, I don't care about nature or IVs. I don't have much to offer in return. :)

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Painting From Pech with love

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Question Which champion is best (aka which champion do you have the biggest crush on)


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Photo Mode Rendezvous 2

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Need advice


I really do t even know what to post my significant other is also on Reddit. I'm just so lost I'm trying to hold on to anything I have left in me just to write this post. My significant other (30) me (29) blames me for every wrong thing they do and acts like I'm worse because I just upset and raise my voice. I swear I can't help it. I try to. I hate that about myself. But that is the worst I do. And for that alone its like it cancels out everything wrong he does. I'm not even sure if I can post this here. And I'm sorry if there isn't a bunch of information. ATM I am sitting out in our vehicle thinking of wanting to do bad things to myself BC of this. Why doesn't he care. Why am I the only one who does. Will this reach anyone in time. I also broken time and time again. And I never have anyone to talk to. I try to talk to him BC he has made me feel like if I reach out to anyone else about our relationship I am a crappy person.but he doesnt really talk to me either. I feel like I am always alone and in those relationship alone. Each and every day. Idk what to do anymore. Honestly idk how I have held on this long. I just need some type of comfort or something. I'm not sure what I need to be honest. I can't help but to bawl the time it is taking time type this. It just hurts so bad. I hope this is the right place to be leaving this. I have never reached out before but I just feel like I am at my Witt's end. Idk what to do anymore. Please no mean and rude comments. I just really don't think I can take it this time. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this at all and respond.

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How to get Starforged reference guide?


I've pledged $20 for the Starforged digital edition. My hope would be that I would have the full digital rulebook on my phone, and have the reference guide printed, either in an A5 ring binder, or by buying the wirebound version.

However, the wirebound reference guide appears to only be available as part of the $68 deluxe bundle, and there is no mention of the PDF of the reference guide being included in any of the pledge levels.

Is that right? Can I only get the reference guide by paying $68, and even then possibly not get a PDF of the reference guide?

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Find Me A Distro A KDE Distro that Just Works - Alternative to Windows


I installed Kubuntu a few months ago, and I really love KDE, but it seems like there's always some issue that I've got to deal with. First, I couldn't use KDE 20.04 because it wouldn't support B550 chipset boards, then on 21.04, it took me 4 hours to get my 2.5G network card working. Then there was the issues getting Toslink audio out and getting my GPU drivers working.

After all that, Kubuntu has so many serious oversights with multiple monitors. Right now, when I plug in my tv (my 3rd monitor) into my PC when it's off, all the windows open up on the TV and I'm getting a blank screen (no desktop background) on my main monitor until I go through and set it up.

Overall, Kubuntu just feels so unpolished despite the great parts of it.

What KDE distro can I use that's super usable and doesn't have these kind of oversights. That's the good part about Windows is that they consider all the usability edge cases, what Linux distro does the same? It also needs to support super new hardware.

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T1D vs T2D Rant


Can I just say how UNSEEN I feel by my endocrinologist and essentially the medical community as a whole as type 1?! I have the trifecta- type 1, hypothyroidism/hashimotos, and PCOS . I’ve recently learned I also have insulin resistance- is this not normal for type ones? I tried to get my doctors to put me on Ozempic to lower my A1C and it was denied over and over again by my insurance because it’s a type 2 drug. All of them are: wegovy, trulicity, victoza etc. and my insurance won’t cover it because I don’t have dx of type 2 and they won’t approve it for weightloss. All they want to put me on is metformin which makes me sick as a dog. The whole diabetic movement I feel like is for type 2 . Every single poster in my endos office is about type 2. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and no one is listening. I can’t have weightloss surgery until my A1C is below 8 and it won’t budge. I’ve lost 30 pounds since my diagnosis 2 years ago and now that won’t budge. I just feel like I’m up creek without a paddle. I feel defeated. 😞