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r/AskDocs Apr 10 '22

Physician Responded Please report COPD_fingerclub and other requests for money!


Several accounts have been sending unsolicited offers to give medical advice in exchange for money or "coffee." These are a violation of this subreddit's rules and likely Reddit's policies against spam. Moderators here can ban accounts from posting here, and we do, but we have no authority over DMs and chats.

If you receive such a message, you're welcome to report it to us, but there is little more we can do. Please flag the message/chat as spam, and please report at https://www.reddit.com/report for admin attention!

The only thing that can make the spam stop is Reddit administrators, and apparently the only thing that might make them take action is constant pressure.

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Physician Responded My mom pulled my hair so hard it formed a bump


Hi please this is my second time posting this, I’m 17 female, 5’6 and about 153, my mom and I got into an argument where she pulled my hair so hard and held onto it for so long, and it’s throbbing. I have an ice pack, and my head feels a bit heavy but I think it could be because of my anxiety and crying a lot, but there’s a small bump that formed that is kinda throbbing and hurts to touch. She also pulled out some hair too. Will I be alright? I’m so scared of death that I looked up what happened to me to find out a gir died from internal bleeding because her mom pulled her hair so hard. I just need to know I’m so scared please answer this quickly.

r/AskDocs 8h ago

Physician Responded My (25F) grandpa (80M) has COVID-19, is it okay for him to stop isolating?


Hi doctors! I'm caring for my grandpa who was feeling sick and tested positive about 2 days ago. I am now also experiencing COVID symptoms. Today is my first 24hrs of symptoms but I did test negative with an at-home kit. He honestly goes out more than I do, a very active man still. He's the only person I could've gotten sick from so I'd say I'm 90% sure I now have it as well. I'm thinking I may have tested too soon with the at-home kit. His showed up quickly because he was tested at the hospital, I assume.

Is it okay for him to stop isolating (still quarantining of course) since I'm fairly certain I have covid as well? I feel terrible that he's in his room this whole time. I'm doing what I can to care for him but since I'm sick now too I'd rather care for us both in common areas.

We are both vaccinated as well so the sickness is worse for him but very mild for myself. He didn't get his boosters in time but I do have both original moderna shots as well as a booster.

r/AskDocs 2h ago

Physician Responded i (obese 14F) have been having chest pains for a month and a half.


ik i shouldn’t go on Reddit for a diagnosis, but my mom isn’t taking me seriously.

so since like early April, i been having chest pains.

when this first started happening, i had breathing problems, chest pains, and my stomach would hurt. but when i would use the bathroom to relieve myself, those symptoms all went away within 30 minutes.

sometimes when my chest would hurt, i would feel it and it felt like it was burning, and i would have a weird acidic taste in my mouth. however, what’s concerning is that within the first few days of my chest hurting, my arm would also be hurting and both my arm and my chest had a burning sensation.

what’s more concerning is that for a month, my chest, arm, and fingers would be hurting. also, everytime i drink water, i would feel it going down in my left breast and it feels cold lol.

my mom has a rare heart condition and all of her 3 brothers have heart palpations. i’m also obese asf, so these things are a cause for concern.

also, whenever i play mobile games and talk to people, which distracts my mind, the symptoms go away. but when i realize that i’m not thinking about the symptoms, i think about them again and my symptoms come back. whenever i’m hungry, my chest would hurt.

another thing, i went to the doctors on may 16th and they did an EKG. they didn’t give us the results of the EKG even though they told us they were going to, but they said my vitals were normal so they let me go. on the papers, they said it was from anxiety disorder. after seeing that, chest pains went away for like 4ish days but came back again.

does anyone know what this could all be from??

r/AskDocs 2h ago

HELP! Suddenly started pissing myself / painful urination AFTER q tip incident...


I truly appreciate all and every comment btw.

For context: I’ve had a pretty bad bladder my whole life. Wore diapers until I was 11 at night, ultrasound showed a small bladder when I was a kid, had to go pee every half an hour, dehydrate myself to make it through travelling and school. It’s recently gotten a little better as I’ve gotten older, but I still can’t hold it super long. Anyways...

The last month, I decided to try “bladder training” for the first time, by monitoring how much I drank, how often I peed and how much. It seemed to be going ok, but I noticed that, when I got to a certain amount, (between 600 to 750ml) I would struggle to hold it in and would start leaking. This was utterly frustrating; I felt like I wasn’t in control of my own body. I would try to hold it at work and would have to (secretly, of course) sit on my heel, bounce, or grab my crotch to keep it in before running to the bathroom. Anyways, I am almost too embarrassed to mention this... but I accidentally got a q tip up my urethra one night while drunk (don’t ask how or why) and... ever since then, I have been experiencing pain while urinating, pain in the bladder and severe urgency/frequency that just keeps getting worse. I’ve pissed myself at work and just can’t control my bladder anymore. What’s worse is, I can’t tell if it’s simply a strange coincidence or the q tip that is now causing my (even worse) bladder issues.

Initially, I thought I had an infection, “oh! The q tip caused an infection! That makes sense. I’ll just start taking antibiotics and it will get better.” But nope. After a month of emergency rooms, multiple negative urine cultures, bladder ultrasounds etc... I am starting to feel hopeless. My bladder basically makes these horrible contractions and pushes the pee out without me telling it to, causing an accident, and now it’s accompanied by an ever worsening pain when I’m NOT peeing, accompanied by frequency, intense urgency and a pins and needles feeling. I can now only hold up to 3-400ml before it feels urgent, and I’m going every half an hour, whereas a month ago I could hold about 800ml before the spasms would start. I’m SO fucking pissed at myself. (No pun intended). And my condition keeps getting WORSE. It even hurts when I lightly tap on my bladder and feels like it’s full.

I wonder if trying to hold such large amounts, after going so frequently and such small amounts my whole life, irritated my bladder, causing a flare up. OR did the q tip cause a rare type of infection/inflammation that they cannot detect in a regular urinalysis? Is it cystitis that just randomly decided to flare up coincidentally around the q tip incidence? endometriosis on the bladder?? An overactive bladder (which I’ve suffered from my whole life) that is now irritated from the q tip happening? What the hell is it?

I’m so scared and desperate for relief from this. They say there were no fibroids or cysts on the ultrasound, all they found was a very tiny benign cyst in my transvaginal ultrasound, but I don’t think that would cause such a thing. I’m luckily seeing a urologist on the 9th, but it’s almost so bad that I’m not sure I can wait that long with the pain in the meantime. :(

Anyone seen anything like this before and know what could be causing this? (Besides my own drunken stupidity)

Thanks so so much.

r/AskDocs 51m ago

Slit wrist, is this deep enough to kill me?


26/female/108lbs/5’5 https://ibb.co/kJDzqYP It’s not bleeding nonstop I’m just worried. I haven’t done this in years. This happened about a half hour ago.

r/AskDocs 1d ago

Physician Responded Is dehydration a good reason to go to the ER? Or am I wasting staff’s time?



150 lbs



No allergies

No medications

Medical conditions: IBS/GERD

Have had chronic diarrhea for about a year (usually about 2-3x/day), but for the past few days I have been having diarrhea about 10-15x per day. I feel very weak and my heart has been racing on and off for the past few days. I have no appetite. Tried drinking water, urine is still dark. Is it a waste of time to go to the ER to get fluids?

r/AskDocs 1h ago

2 and a half months of ovary pain and worsening symptoms but normal ultrasound.


26F, 5'4", 263 lbs, white, no drugs/drinking/smoking. No family history of medical issues or cancers. This all started on the 12th of March. Since November I'd been having periods that lasted three weeks out of nowhere and would come back after two. I've and have had heavy, painful periods for years with little predictability, but they'd always last about a week. But this pain started during and continued after my period, so I went to an urgent care.

The obgyn found an infection there, pelvic exam was normal, and prescribed me metronidazole and fluconazole and sent me on my way. I felt better for a few days but after the week's course finished the pain started coming back, now with abdominal pain. Tightness in the groin and hips that felt like it spread across the band of my hips, and my ovarian pain continued.

Had a pelvic ultrasound done on March 24th and it came back normal- no masses or fluid, right ovary measured 1.6x1.6x1.3 cm and left 2.0x1.9x1.5 cm. Urinalysis was normal, no microanalysis. They gave me muscle relaxants and cramp meds and sent me on my way.

Fast forward to April and the pain hasn't gotten better, and now the pain in my hips was pronounced and aching/stabbing on the outer hip and in the joint.. still with groin pain and I suffered a good few weeks of burning in my urinary tract.

Now in late May, I'm still in pain. Stabbing, stinging, and pinching that comes and goes and my outer hips stab at me as well. My whole abdomen and pelvis feel heavy. I went to another obgyn on the 23rd of may and had dropped from 296 to 263 lbs (though I'd cut out sodas/candy, started eating less, and was doing a short walk most days so idk if this is a healthy rate of weight loss from March 12 - May 23rd but it certainly worried me). No bacteria in me, cervix looked fine. They did a swab which started up the period I was about to miss, and I'm waiting on that result. They suggested I may have PCOS (patches of hair on chin and belly, dark skin in thigh area but nowhere else) and prescribed birth control. But she wouldn't do a pelvic exam.

I've been feeling dizzy at work and home for the past week or so, and it feels like no one wants to look at me enough to give me answers. I was scheduled for a CT scan but the current contrast shortage has delayed it. Would a CT scan even be effective for seeing what's wrong with me, or should I get a transvaginal ultrasound?

What could this be? Infection relapsing? Ovarian cysts the ultrasound just didn't happen to catch? Can you suddenly develop PCOS or even have it without cysts? It doesn't sound like OC, does it? I'm starting to get scared and I'm mentally and physically tired from the pain of this and the bills I've racked up without a single answer to what's wrong.

r/AskDocs 1h ago

Thigh dimple? no cellulitis


I am a 19 year old male. My entire life I have had a singular "dimple" in my upper thigh. It's not even visible through the skin/fat and the weirdest part is that it seems to be in the thigh muscle as opposed to most thigh dimples I've seen in other people that were in the fat/skin layer. I can only describe it by touch and it kind of feels like I have half an inch circular crater in my thigh. (It also kind of feels like a butthole) I also have a second one on my other thigh but it's waaaay smaller and sometimes I can't even find it. It's position is also different. I would provide photos but at my current body fat it's not visible.

r/AskDocs 3h ago

Physician Responded Doc googled diagnosis ideas at my 6th visit. Inflamed/weeping lips/mouth.


23 YO Male, 5’11 160 lbs. I’ve got two doctors stumped. I’m miserable. What started as chapped lips has turned into a 5 month shitshow. Appreciate insight. Here’s the facts.

Symptoms— -Inflamed lips and redness around them. Redness varies but has spread Up to my nose and slightly around rest of mouth -they weep and crust yellow on a monthly cycle -they tingle -2 small pimple/cysts in my mouth -2 small bumps under lip skin -constant runny nose -lips and surrounding skin are scaly, dry out quickly and peel daily

Diagnosis— - I do not lick my lips. They’re well moisturized (when I apply stuff) and I’m hydrated. -HPV positive. No other STDs. They are not cold sores. -positive for fungi growth, staph bacteria and a yellow bacteria. Bacterium disappeared after some treatment, fungi remained. Still same symptoms.

Treatment— -various antibiotics pills and topicals -1 anti fungal pill and 1 topical -Herpes medication -anti inflammatory steroid -various over the counter moisturizers

Other things to note— -non smoker -don’t eat ass -switched razor and masks -no allergies

Anti fungals showed slight progress. Cysts in mouth have nearly vanished. However, my doc is still perplexed and they continue to weep. Inflammation and has showed little signs of stopping.

r/AskDocs 7h ago

Physician Responded I constantly smell sausages



I live in Serbia and smoke and drink from time to time.

I ate sausages yesterday while I was hungover and I still smell it and taste it in my mouth. I might have had corona in September of last year.I have had this thing where some smells gets stuck in my nose, but I only smelt those when something had a bad smell. Now i sometimes randomly smell the sausages, and it smells very bad.I am on the verge of tears 24/7 someone please help.

r/AskDocs 2h ago

Forearm numbness


27 year old female, i don’t smoke or drink or take medications. Only medical issue is high cholesterol and low vitamin d. I Had been using the keyboard on laptop and noticed after a while my forearms were feeling tired and weak. After being done after about 20 mins, my forearms and wrists are feeling a bit weak and numb still. They feel ok once i move them but then return to numbness and weakness soon afte. I figured i have cut off some circulation or something. It has been 2 hours now with no improvement. Is it normal to last for hours or even a few days.

r/AskDocs 2h ago

Would these cause mixed blood work results?


Im a 32 year old male dont smoke never done drugs and have wine on occasion.So i had a class a wine around 8:30pm and went for bloodwork the next morning at 8am. Everything came back normal except my ALT was 49 and range said it should be 9-46 but webmd says anything less than 55. So im freaking out now wondering if i got something super wrong with me.

r/AskDocs 3h ago

Do I have two sets of tonsils? If not what are these in the back of my throat?


28F 135lbs Pictures here

r/AskDocs 3h ago

Should I get surgery if I don't strictly need it?


(16F; 163 cm tall; 43 kg; don't drink or smoke; Canadian.)

My right foots points about 60 degrees to the side, due to external rotation of the tibia. Over the last few years my knees and hips were hurting, so I got the opportunity to get it fixed (for free) by a really good surgeon. However, my leg seems to have stopped causing trouble. Apart from slight discomfort I can deal with, it's acting like a normal leg. I'm hopeful, but I have no idea what my joints will say in the coming years. Most people with miserable malalignment syndrome have a huge around of pain starting at my age, but my MMS is unusual and seems less harmful.

Fixing it would involve a 3hr total-sedation surgery to do osteotomies on the tib-fib and attach a hexapod, then a few weeks/months of rotating the bone and finally a healing period. Nothing I can't handle, but it doesn't seem exactly fun.

On the one hand, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." On the other hand, if I have this splendid opportunity, am young and heal well, am not going anywhere (homeschooled, so no commuting) and have parents who would happily drive me to weekly checkups... maybe I should just go for it?

(And yes, I've asked doctors. My family doctor hasn't a clue. The surgeon I consulted with as a kid says leave it be, but it's no wonder he's cautious because his version of surgery is the terrifying "chop femurs, chop tibias, chop fibulas, insert rods, pray." My current surgeon, a specialist in MMS, says "why are you here if you're not in pain" and proceeds to recommend the hexapod. So nobody's giving any solid advice...)

r/AskDocs 3m ago

Sharp pain in my abdomen, could it be appendicitis?


17M. Have a stabbing pain spanning the entirety of my abdomen, not one specific place. It comes and goes, and I have no idea what it could be. Varying levels of pain each time- could be a faint pang or I’m curling in on myself. I’m lactose intolerant but at the time it started (about 7-8 hours ago), I didn’t eat any lactose, and the pain is much worse than any lactose related pains I’ve had in the past.

I’ve started to feel nauseous about an hour ago and feel like I have to vomit. Is this normal pain or could it be something more sinister?

r/AskDocs 21m ago

caught in a laxative cycle. help?


23f 150 lbs 5’3

this is pretty embarrassing and i just haven’t been able to bring it up to my PCP. i had a hernia repair in december which i was prescribed opiates for and then i got an infection and abscess and was honestly in a lot of pain, so i spent pretty much all of january on pain killers and using laxatives.

now it’s almost june and i can’t stop taking laxatives 2x a week because i just can’t go at all without it. i was originally prescribed colace and miralax but it wasn’t doing much in january so i just started taking laxatives i got at CVS and they helped.

now i feel so stuck taking these. i’ve tried to just use miralax and colace but still they don’t help. is there anyway out of this cycle? my stool is so loose and i go multiple times a day because of it or i don’t go for days and am in pain without it. how do i stop this?

r/AskDocs 22h ago

Physician Responded I was administered IV Narcan at the beginning of my c-section earlier this year - why did it happen?


For context, 22F with an unremarkable full-term singleton pregnancy, also my first pregnancy. At time of labor, fetal position was occiput anterior, dilated to 6cm with extremely minimal cervical effacement over the course of 15~ hours. OB decided that the size (?) of my pelvis was limiting labor progression (I broke my tailbone as a child, I tend to believe that this played a role in my body’s presumed inability to delivery vaginally) and I was offered/advised to move forward with an emergent cesarean section as there was fetal distress. Now onto the traumatic delivery that I’m still processing nearly 4 months later. I was given an epidural roughly 10 hours into labor, controlled my own medication intake via the button on the epidural line, my vitals stayed in a good range from the time the epidural was placed to the time of the surgery. I experienced vomiting during the time in between, but no other notable side effects. Just before the procedure, I remember overhearing the surgeon order 3 (units? bags?) of the epidural medication to be pushed through the line. Shortly after the initial incision, I began shaking violently, then my pulse & BP plummeted. I faded in and out of consciousness, then I was administered narcan. The sudden clarity and agony was mind-boggling. The procedure was extremely fast (low traverse incision) lasting less than 10 minutes from start to finish, but due to the amount of pain I experienced throughout, I don’t believe that I received any additional pain relief until after the procedure was completed. My questions are, why did I respond so poorly to the higher dose of a medication that was previously treating me well? Is it standard procedure to carry on with the surgery as opposed to administering general anesthesia/a spinal block, when extreme fetal distress is present & surgery has already begun? Seeing as this was my first surgery of any kind, is this event something notable if I should require surgery again at any point? And lastly, for my fellow humans, medically trained or not - is it rational that this was traumatic enough for me to consider counseling? I’m healthily attached to my child and being treated for PPD, but this event comes to mind on a daily basis, and puts my stomach in knots. Giving birth is no walk in the park for anyone, so I feel a bit silly for still working myself up over something that has come and gone with no poor outcome for myself or my child. I know many others aren’t so lucky. TIA.

r/AskDocs 28m ago

Could anyone tell me what these color are and where my uterus or ovaries are?


30F, 87lbs, 5’1, smoker and drinker. I have included the image here & I am aware that they are crappy and hard to see.

Experiencing bleeding (varying from light to moderate & red to flaky brown). Started bleeding 05/05/22. This image is of transvaginal ultrasound. All blood tests look normal to me.

Is the red/blue coloring an indication of blood flow to/from the ovaries? Where is my uterus?

Uterus btw is 8x4x6cm endo 4mm right ovary 3x2x1.5 left ovary 4x1.7x2

Thank you

r/AskDocs 28m ago

Why can't I stay awake after eating?


26F, 80KG, 5ft 4", Dont smoke or drink.

Current conditions: CPTSD + related mental health conditions, Agoraphobic, OAB and ADHD
Current Meds: Concerta, Pregabalin, Preblacon

Had this problem for most of my adult life, but its definitely gotten worse over the past couple years.

Basically, after anything I eat, I get extremely tired, to the point that I cannot stay awake and have to sleep or nap. If i try and stay awake its like trying to stay awake on sleeping medication or something and I cannot walk well, speak/think coherently and even struggle to stand. It has been mentioned to doctors but they either assume it's my medications side effects or because of carbs. However, it only happens after eating, and happens even if I just have a couple of nuts or pieces of fruit.

At the moment my method of coping with it has been to just not eat until an hour or so before bed.

I had blood done about a year ago, and everything was normal except I did have low vitamin D due to not going outside much and got vitamins and it went back to normal but there was no improvement with this issue.