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Physician Responded Please report COPD_fingerclub and other requests for money!


Several accounts have been sending unsolicited offers to give medical advice in exchange for money or "coffee." These are a violation of this subreddit's rules and likely Reddit's policies against spam. Moderators here can ban accounts from posting here, and we do, but we have no authority over DMs and chats.

If you receive such a message, you're welcome to report it to us, but there is little more we can do. Please flag the message/chat as spam, and please report at https://www.reddit.com/report for admin attention!

The only thing that can make the spam stop is Reddit administrators, and apparently the only thing that might make them take action is constant pressure.

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Physician Responded During my (M27) wife’s first pregnancy the past 9 months, I’ve somehow gained 105 pounds. I was told some weight gain was normal, but as I’ve now realized how out of hand it’s gotten, I’m a bit worried. How concerned should I be about this change?


I’ve (M27) put on about +105 pounds during my wife’s pregnancy (170 to 275 ish). I was told I’d experience some pregnancy symptoms along with my wife so I didn’t think anything of it at first. Most husbands put on some weight with their partner in this situation. I even experienced some nausea and cravings and what not during this time period alongside my wife.

It’s happened so consistently and gradually over these 9 months that I’ve hardly realized how bad it’s gotten until the very end of her pregnancy now. Getting a bit worried now that we will have a newborn any week and I’m +105 pounds and struggling a lot more to do even basic things (go up a flight of stairs, tie my shoes, fit into restaurant booths). I saw my doctor a few months ago and he seemed a bit concerned about the change, and I’m sure he’d be more concerned now since I’m at least 40-45 pounds heavier - but at that point he said not to get too worried about it. He did several tests and ruled out any underlying issues, attributing it to stress, dietary changes, and sympathetic changes with the upcoming baby.

Has anyone experienced something like this? Is this more normal than I think and actually sonething to expect during pregnancy? Maybe it’s not as bad as I think. If it is, any further questions or advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.

r/AskDocs 16h ago

Physician Responded Forehead bulge, fatness or something more?


Male, 23 years old. ~180lbs. I’ve had this strange forehead bulge for a couple years now and was wondering if anyone could help me discern if it’s just fat or something else. I am currently uninsured so a doctors visit is out of the question unfortunately.

Here is an image that shows it well: https://imgur.com/a/eHRL24e

Any advice would be great

Edit: I want to thank everyone for their advice and suggestions. Seems like it might just be a bit of fat but I will definitely bring it up when I get to finally see a doctor.

r/AskDocs 7h ago

Over the span of about 5 weeks, I’ve had each of my eyes swell up very suddenly for about an hour, accompanied with a mild headache. Should I be concerned?


30/F 130 lbs On 300 mg bupropion for depression/anxiety and multivitamin.

The first time it happened, I think had a pretty mild but annoying headache, and I remember taking 400 mg of ibuprofen to help. Within about an hour or so, I had a very sudden build up of fluid or swelling underneath my left eye only. It was completely painless, but felt swollen and weird. It eventually went away after an hour or two, and I forgot about it.

A few days ago (around 5 weeks later) the same thing happened, except to the other eye. I had an annoying headache again, took 400 mg of ibuprofen, and within an hour my right eye looked like this:


I have anxiety so I’m wondering if this isn’t really a big deal or if I should be worried. I’m not sure if it’s connected to the headache, or the ibuprofen, but should I get it checked out?

r/AskDocs 6h ago

A beloved family member recently experienced a cardiac arrest episode, causing his brain to go in an anoxic state for 20 minutes(received CPR the entire time). We are looking for information on this topic.


The plan is once he is stabilized, he will be transferred to a great brain rehab center.  His most recent MRI did not look good as there is significant damage/dead tissue in the cortex.  Here are some questions we have:

  • Studies have shown psilocybin can have positive impacts for people who have CTE/blunt force injury.  However I am not sure if psilocybin could have a positive impact for an anoxic episode? Is psilocybin treatment dependent on mental state/timeframe?  Does anyone know of any research papers/information on this?
  • One of the doctors did mention that the dead tissue will not come back and that there are cases of the brain rewiring.  Is there a certain time period that is expected for this to happen?
  • Lastly any additional information, articles, questions we should ask the staff would be greatly appreciated.  I have a great deal of ignorance in this area.

r/AskDocs 44m ago

possible rotator cuff tear?


f20, 87 pounds, 5’4.5”, non smoker, mild asthma, never broken/fractured/dislocated a bone before. i had had a drink about 2 hours prior but wasn’t drunk or anything. i take zopiclone 15mg to sleep at night, concerta 54mg, celexa 20mg and yaz+

two days ago i was at the pool and slipped on the tiles. i slipped backwards, it was a hard fall. it made a noise when i hit the ground. my shoulder hit first and then i knocked my head, but my head is fine no bump or pain

it’s my left shoulder, the pain is moderate i would say, it hurts to move it but it’s ignorable. it feels like when you go to the gym and do an intense workout without stretching, and stiff achy muscles the next day.

the pain radiates down to my under elbow when i outstretch my arm. it sort of feels like it’s pulling?

it should hurts when i move my shoulder around, so lifting things, brushing my hair etc. it also hurts to lie on it

there is no visible bruising, but based on some anatomy images i looked at just to sort of give you an idea of the location, there’s swelling where my rotator cuff tendons apparently are.

tomorrow i’m going to the hospital for an unrelated reason, would it be worth it to ask the doctor to just take a look? i recently had an MRI so i don’t think i can afford another one so soon. does this sound like a real injury or just something that will go away?

the pain hasn’t gone away over these few days, radiating down my arm it’s gotten more prominent but the exact location of the fall hasn’t become worse.

r/AskDocs 3h ago

was this a weird anxiety thing or maybe a mini stroke ??


22F ~150lbs, I vape and at the time this happened (a few months ago now)I was prescribed adderall, though this happened about 8 hours after I had taken it for the day. I was driving home from work after a horrible day and I was crying the hardest I ever have and extremely upset. Suddenly my right leg and arm locked up and feel tingly, the right side of my face felt tingly and I remember trying to talk out loud with difficulty and I managed to get my right hand on top of the steering wheel some how. My hand was stuck shut and I remember having to partially pry my hand open to put it on the steering wheel. It only lasted a few seconds, pretty much as long as it took me to calm down and stop crying. I was confused after and it took me a second to remember where I was, but I remember my body feeling exhausted.

I had to be taken off adderall for side effects I had and, at the time I shrugged this off as an anxious tick. I saw a picture of me recreating what my hand looked like and immediately thought 'half your body tensed up and became numb and you told no one' it has been so long so I'm a little embarrassed to ask my doctor about it, I am a bit of a worrywart especially with brain/head stuff. I'm not sure if the amount of time that has passed means I'm prolly fine and it was a perfect storm kind of thing or if I should maybe contact my doctor, thank u for reading :)

r/AskDocs 4h ago

Please help with this CBC Report!


Age - 28, Male

Height - 170cm

Weight - 57 KG

Country - India


I got my report recently, can you please help me understand this and what needs to be done.

I took local doctor consultation on phone call, he said nothing to worry about.

But I feel Iron deficiency and pale skin and my gums are extreme white and injuries take hell lot of time to fill back to normal :(

Thanks in advance :)

r/AskDocs 11h ago

Please tell me what I did to my stomach or what kind of dr I need to see


Age 26

Sex F

Height 5’3

Weight 117

Race white & middle eastern

Duration of complaint 1 month

Location STL MO USA

Any existing relevant medical issues: severe musculoskeletal imbalances, strains, nerve damage, pelvic floor dysfunction

Current medications gastrex, ligaplex

What did I do to my stomach?

a month ago I was doing some core exercises & got a sudden, intense, & sharp pain through my entire core - from the bottom of my sternum all the way to my pelvic floor. It had me doubled over in pain and nearly crying. I assumed I had just pulled a muscle somehow. Immediately my abdomen turned into a hard lump & my stomach was distended & swollen. It felt like a million little swollen lumps sticking out of my abdomen immediately, like if you run your hand down something textured.

The next day I was retaining urine so I went to the hospital & they found nothing wrong with me.

The pain I get is centered in a ring around my belly button & radiates outwards - primarily down into my pelvic region, but also to the sides and up as well.

My chiropractor told me my IC valve was stuck open, and closed it and put me on some digestive supplements that helped a lot. However even though the pain was gone the swelling and distention of my abdomen never went away. It still feels like a hard rock.

I recently ran out of the supplements and now I have the burning, searing abdominal and pelvic pain again. It is debilitating and if I even drink water I feel like my stomach is going to explode.

My primary care doc & the ER docs were both puzzled. Wtf did I do? Does anyone have any idea? It’s debilitating

r/AskDocs 6h ago

Contact lenses removal


[F22] I wear prescription contact lenses once in a while (due to my eyes being drier than usual it's not recommended for frequent daily use, or max 5 days a week)

After a day of running errands I took them off but they were a little difficult to remove. I did use eyedrops throughout the day and even before removing the contacts The contact from the right eye was really difficult to remove and came off with a pop sound and stuck to my finger, the other one wasn't as difficult, it came off easily

I didn't feel any discomfort and covered my eye from any lights for a couple minutes. Can there be any damage to my eye due to the contact lense popping out of it? I feel my eye is fine

r/AskDocs 4m ago

8wk old suffered cardiac arrest for 62 minutes in heart cath lab, put on ECMO. Ending lactate value 14.7. Would anyone please explain changes in MRI from last week to one taken after event 21 months ago? Including report from cath lab event. Thank you.


Female, 2 years old, 23lbs, 33in tall, no medications, never a smoker, encephalomalacia from HIE at 8 weeks.

In August of 2020 my 8 week old preemie Juniper (born at 34 weeks, 3lbs 14oz, di/di identical twin, shone's complex, had SUA and velamentous cord insertion, her twin healthy and weighing 5lbs 15oz) with aortic stenosis went in for balloon valvuloplasty and went into cardiac arrest during angiogram. After 20 minutes of chest compressions and shocking didn't work, doc made the call for ECMO. She was down for 62 minutes total causing the HIE. She and her twin just turned two and the only signs of the encephalopathy are weakness in her left arm and hand and a slight developmental delay, about a month behind her twin. She has OT and PT each once a week. Her MRI was last Tuesday and it was pushed back which made us miss our appointment with her neurologist where we were supposed to review the MRI together and have her Baylee assessment. Now we can't get back in to see her neuro until September. So if any of you have a moment and wouldn't mind I wouldn't appreciate it so much. I'm a medical professional so I understand most all of the terminology but the brain is beyond my scope. Thanks so much.

The bit about the cortical laminar necrosis being resolved is of particular interest. I didn't think that was something that went away or does that just mean it has resolved visually but the damage is done?


Junie two months ago before her exotropia surgery

r/AskDocs 4m ago

33f Vomiting/excessive bile production that will not stop. I have Zanpan but see it will take days to work. I’m really uncomfortable and cannot get out of bed, eat or drink. Tums, baking soda, abstaining from food and water did not help. Thanks for any tips :(


I work full time and took the day off but can’t take off any more days, so I’d really like to get to a point of functioning somewhat by tomorrow. I can’t be vomiting and hunched over every hour like I am now :(

Im on no medications, definitely not pregnant...

r/AskDocs 5m ago

Red spots / patches


Age 21

Sex female

Height 179 Weight 60

Race Caucasian

Duration of complaint 2 weeks

Location Australia

Any existing relevant medical issues asthma

Current medications none

Include a photo if relevant

r/AskDocs 6m ago

Are apricot seeds/kernels really poisonous?


26M here. It's eaten both raw and dried here in Western Himalayas without any restrictions. Never seen/heard any ill effects either.

r/AskDocs 7h ago

20M Unsure how to fix cognitive dysfunction / decline caused by weed panic attack


Hi all i'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I've been suffering from massive cognitive decline ever since I had a panic attack on weed. Is there any way to reduce the cognitive decline? Sometimes the brainfog gets better however not nearly lifted enough to feel normal. I've always had brainfog however it feels like the panic attack on weed made it much much worse. I have realized after stressful events the fog is much worse the following few days until it eventually simmers down to the normal baseline from 'unbearable' to slightly bearable which leads me to believe managing stress is the goal but I have previously been on SSRI and it didn't eliminate the fog.

My symptoms are:

Barely able to comprehend things / concepts fully

Unable to focus

Can't understand sentences that i'm reading sometimes, or when people speak to me I can't properly grasp what they're saying

Struggle to do daily tasks

Processing feels completely shot.

The panic attack was roughly a year ago and I don't feel like i've improved since. I've gotten blood work and MRI done, both which came back fine.

I'm 5'10, 107KG and not currently on any medication. Thank you for your time.

r/AskDocs 8m ago

How to take cliovelle (norethisterone)


Hey, so I (F29) just got a prescription for cliovelle from my gynecologist (could be called something else in another country I am in Germany for reference) the active ingredient is norethisterone, which I will be using to postpone my period expected on the 5th July. I have enough for two weeks but I do not know when to start them or how many to take or what time I should take them. My pharmacist didn't tell me anything so I figured it was just so easy but it doesn't say anywhere how to use the medication to delay period? Can anybody help please.

I'm 5.2ft 48.4kg Caucasian No known medical problems Don't take any other medication Occasionally drink and rarely smoke Never take recreational drugs

r/AskDocs 11m ago

I think I got hit in the face by a low flying bat. Should I be worried?


I'm 33M, from the UK. Trying to get fitter by cycling.

I was cycling along some cycle paths last night, as it was approaching dark. I got swooped by a couple of bats, which passed so close I felt them brush my hair.

I sped up to get out from under the trees so I was out of their jurisdiction, and I'm pretty sure a small bat swooped me, and glanced the middle of my face, under my left eye. Might have been a really large moth, but I think it was a bat. I got home and I checked myself out in the mirror, and I don't see any scratches or anything, but I'm worried that it had rabies, and spat in my eye or something as it went past.

I looked up the stats, and I know that the UK (where I am) is technically rabies free, and that only 35 bats have been found to have had rabies out of like 15,000 since the 80s, but I'm still concerned.

Any advice would be appreciated.

r/AskDocs 17m ago

3+ days, Full body aches/pain, Covid and flu negative


My husband (41M) is a very fit and otherwise healthy male. 186, 5’10, no medications, gym 5days per week. 4 days ago he felt run down, went to bed early. Was in bed all day Friday- 103 fever and full body aches/pain. Friday night, night sweats and we think fever broke. Regular temperature since. He has loss of function due to full body soreness, I had to put on his pants and he could not even open a Gatorade bottle. After 2 days in bed, went to urgent care yesterday. Covid and flu negative (Covid PCR test negative). He had one canker at the back of his throat, but otherwise CBC was unremarkable. We live in NC and these symptoms could align with tick bite this time of year. Today he started on doxycycline for ten days. He does not remember being bit by a tick and has no rash from a bite.

We will be following up with PCP this week- any thoughts on what this could be?

r/AskDocs 22m ago

Got diagnosed with dengue today, not me but every people on the local clinic was also diagnosed with dengue even if they weren't having fevers or vomiting up.


★M20, 74kg, 5'10

★Complaint: fatigue and fever with a "pinched nerve attack"

★Duration: a month but wasn't really paying attention to my self because i got anxiety. Only this month.

★Quit smoking and drinking last month due to a pinched nerve attack.

★Existing medical conditions: Rhinitis and Mitral Valve Prolapse (Diagnosed last month)

★Current medications: Neurobase (b1,b6,b12) and Paracetamol for my fever right now

So i posted here yesterday but none commented, but i was feeling fatigued for 1 week and gradually worsen each day until i got a fever. First day of my fever i was so exhausted out and very fatigued i cant think straight and have shortness of breaths like "i was acting" but i can control my breathing well. The only thing is with my fever is that it comes and goes twice or thrice a day. My head or brain hurts like there is something squishing but i totally ignore it because i get panic attacks if i doubt to much. Went to a local clinic today with admission rooms available and all was occupied because every single patient there was diagnosed with dengue. My mom got frustrated and told that we were going to another doctor this week because every single person coming to checkup was going to be diagnosed with dengue especially the person next after me. But was kindly asking if this fever was normal because yesterday my hands clenched with numbness and tingling and my face was numb and tingling also this was my 2nd time of "pinched nerve attack" the first was last month where i felt panicked out of nowhere where my heart rate skyrocketed and my hands and legs went numb due to unknown reason. (Was mistaken by my mother for a seizure when i was totally awake and able to think straight.) When i got to the hospital they said i got electrolyte deficiency and mitral valve prolapse. Yesterday was another one of those "pinched nerve attacks" but i didn't panicked i just got it under control but for an hour i can feel the electricity in both of my hands and my nerves if i move my wrist back and forth especially my face was numb and tingling and my back hurt during the pinched nerve attack. Now that i went to a local clinic today, the doctor took a blood test and diagnosed me with dengue, not just me but every patient that was admitted also have been admitted for dengue especially the one next in line after me could probably be diagnosed with dengue. The doctor prescribed me with Buclivit, Padotas and Saphixime in which two of the medication are spelled wrong and are actually Pantoprazole and Cefixime. My mother got frustrated and told me we'll go to another doctor tomorrow, this time a doctor from the hospital and not a clinic. I hope someone can help me point out what i am experiencing because it has been 2 months nonstop searching google for what sickness or illness am i experiencing from Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Tumors, Nerve Damage, etc. Much thanks to those who can respond.

Link: https://imgur.com/a/Od4wq1b

r/AskDocs 27m ago

yellow smudges in eye sclera, no vision issues


M46, european, bright eyes, lived around the equator for several years. I was told I have yellow smudges in my eye's sclera, in both eyes, around the outer corner of them. I have no itching nor any other problems with eyes. I do wear glasses, but no decrease in my eyesight. No high blood pressure nor any noticeable symptoms of anything else.

Do not drink nor smoke, no drugs. Should I go to GP or ophtamologist? Could a sun exposure cause this? (note that I always worn sunglasses with UV radiation protection.