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Doc googled diagnosis ideas at my 6th visit. Inflamed/weeping lips/mouth. Physician Responded

23 YO Male, 5’11 160 lbs. I’ve got two doctors stumped. I’m miserable. What started as chapped lips has turned into a 5 month shitshow. Appreciate insight. Here’s the facts.

Symptoms— -Inflamed lips and redness around them. Redness varies but has spread Up to my nose and slightly around rest of mouth -they weep and crust yellow on a monthly cycle -they tingle -2 small pimple/cysts in my mouth -2 small bumps under lip skin -constant runny nose -lips and surrounding skin are scaly, dry out quickly and peel daily

Diagnosis— - I do not lick my lips. They’re well moisturized (when I apply stuff) and I’m hydrated. -HPV positive. No other STDs. They are not cold sores. -positive for fungi growth, staph bacteria and a yellow bacteria. Bacterium disappeared after some treatment, fungi remained. Still same symptoms.

Treatment— -various antibiotics pills and topicals -1 anti fungal pill and 1 topical -Herpes medication -anti inflammatory steroid -various over the counter moisturizers

Other things to note— -non smoker -don’t eat ass -switched razor and masks -no allergies

Anti fungals showed slight progress. Cysts in mouth have nearly vanished. However, my doc is still perplexed and they continue to weep. Inflammation and has showed little signs of stopping.


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Photo would be helpful