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i (obese 14F) have been having chest pains for a month and a half. Physician Responded

ik i shouldn’t go on Reddit for a diagnosis, but my mom isn’t taking me seriously.

so since like early April, i been having chest pains.

when this first started happening, i had breathing problems, chest pains, and my stomach would hurt. but when i would use the bathroom to relieve myself, those symptoms all went away within 30 minutes.

sometimes when my chest would hurt, i would feel it and it felt like it was burning, and i would have a weird acidic taste in my mouth. however, what’s concerning is that within the first few days of my chest hurting, my arm would also be hurting and both my arm and my chest had a burning sensation.

what’s more concerning is that for a month, my chest, arm, and fingers would be hurting. also, everytime i drink water, i would feel it going down in my left breast and it feels cold lol.

my mom has a rare heart condition and all of her 3 brothers have heart palpations. i’m also obese asf, so these things are a cause for concern.

also, whenever i play mobile games and talk to people, which distracts my mind, the symptoms go away. but when i realize that i’m not thinking about the symptoms, i think about them again and my symptoms come back. whenever i’m hungry, my chest would hurt.

another thing, i went to the doctors on may 16th and they did an EKG. they didn’t give us the results of the EKG even though they told us they were going to, but they said my vitals were normal so they let me go. on the papers, they said it was from anxiety disorder. after seeing that, chest pains went away for like 4ish days but came back again.

does anyone know what this could all be from??


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Hi, so what you’re describing sounds like GERD. The burning sensation, acidic taste in your mouth, etc.

Usually, this can be treated with multiple things: -Antacids (would be good to start off with Pepcid)

-Weight loss

-Diet changes, such as reducing the amount of greasy/acidic foods you eat

-Not eating too late at night, and avoiding certain liquids at night (milk, soda, lemonade) choosing only to drink water if thirsty

-After eating, sitting upright for approximately 2-3 hours or not putting your feet/legs up after eating.

These things should all help. If you’re making all of these changes and your condition fails to improve or worsens, definitely visit your doctor.

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ironic enough, i’m reading this as i’m about to eat pizza lol, and i also had a lot of Pepsi today.

i also think it could just be my Gerd + bad anxiety lol. i’ll definitely ask my mom to buy us healthy foods from now on. anyways, thank you so so much!! <33


u/teslavictory Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional 29d ago

I’m not a doctor but I have GERD and it’s definitely worsened by anxiety. Definitely worth brining up with your doctor. Hope you feel better!


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i want to but girl i’m scareddd. anyways thank you so much, you to :D


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Going to the doctor doesn't change what you have, and you need a proper diagnosis and advice to be able to start dealing with your symptoms. Whatever you have won't be changed by going to the doctor.

I don't have gerd but I do occasionally get heartburn, and for me it tends to be high carbohydrate foods like pizza that brings it on. I find apples very helpful if I do get heartburn. I've no idea why it helps but I read someone else's experience with it and now it's the first remedy I go for. I eat an apple. Not apple juice, or cooked apple, but a raw apple.

Don't be afraid to go to the doctor as you do need to be checked out. It will be much better to know what you are dealing with than to worry. And there's a lot you can do and can be done for it, which is not the case for many people.


u/Alternative-Cat9174 Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional 29d ago

okay true true i honestly agree with you. i’m still scared asf tho🥲

anyways well thank you :D


u/teslavictory Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional 26d ago edited 26d ago

My doctor recommended the BRAT diet when I had bad symptoms and oddly enough apples were mentioned when I was doing online research as being helpful but not many of them. I don’t know what the medical basis for that is, so maybe worth asking your doctor about, OP, especially if you go to a specialist. I know it’s nerve-wracking but once you get the ball rolling by going to your first appointment, you may find that eases some of your anxiety knowing you’re at least on the path to solutions. Wishing you luck!

Edit: I just thought of another suggestion based on my experience as a patient which is that I use a wedge/triangle pillow instead of normally shaped pillows sometimes which might help. Check with your doctor though to see if they recommend as well.


u/altnopmhuaa Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional 29d ago

Try water only for 5 days. It’ll start tasting good. And no calories


u/wish_yooper_here Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional 29d ago

..really? Why does that happen?


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u/SeaBreezyRL Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional. 29d ago

He’s saying water and no other drinks… lmao


u/StopFunny8311 Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional. 28d ago

Soda.. makes gerd worse..


u/relativelyeasy Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional. 29d ago

Don’t feel bad I just ate a chocolate bar , 3/4 bag of gummy peachy rings, and a Mountain Dew. I’m going to bed, now.


u/rheetkd Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional. 29d ago

GERD is triggered by certain foods like fatty foods, spicy foods etc. So switch to a healthier diet will help. I have GERD myself and eating trigger foods will always make it worse. Try some gaviscon or mylanta or pepcid. But ypu need to figure out which foods are your triggers.


u/Tawnyk Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional 29d ago

Thankfully the only time I’ve had heartburn or acid reflux is when I drink OJ, so I’m unfamiliar with treatment protocols. Why do you suggest not putting your feet up after eating?


u/drdawg399 Physician 29d ago

Putting your feet up allows for a more horizontal path between your stomach through your esophagus and upwards towards the upper esophagus/mouth, which can worsen GERD. This is especially true if the lower esophageal sphincter is weakened for any reason. Keeping your feet level and sitting upright allows for gravity to help reinforce keeping stomach contents propelling into the proper direction (stomach —> duodenum of small intestine).


u/69ShadesofPurple Registered Nurse 29d ago

Sounds more like GERD than anything actually going on with your heart.


u/Alternative-Cat9174 Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional 29d ago

wait but then why would my arm and finger hurt along with my chest, if it really was GERD???


u/69ShadesofPurple Registered Nurse 29d ago edited 29d ago

Pain can be strange. GERD/acid reflux CAN radiate to the neck, back and left arm. This happens when your body is sending signals that your arm is in pain but the real pain is in your stomach or esophagus (as those areas have less pain receptors). It would be what we call atypical symptoms which means that it isn't seen in every case but it is seen in some.


u/Alternative-Cat9174 Layperson/not verified as healthcare professional 29d ago

ohhh makes sense. thank you so much for explaining this to me, and for calming my anxiety <33


u/soymilkbubbletea Medical Student 29d ago

Yes, it's called referred pain