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FAQ Friday: Fatherly Advice


What fatherly advice do you have for your fellow dudes?

What situation would you like fatherly advice on?

Ask and answer below!

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Gentlemen, what's something you tried really hard to like but couldn't?


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Men, what makes a relationship toxic?


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Gentlemen, how does a woman who wants a relationship avoid sexual comments or hookup offers on dating sites?


I have only selfies on my profile, no sexual comments on my profile and I’m already asking for serious relationships only. However, 99% of the messages I receive are offers of hookups and casual relationships. What can I do to attract serious candidates?

Edit: Thanks to everyone who commented. I’m going to put myself out there in other ways. Great advice all round. I won’t be replying to more comments as I’m going to do some baking and writing.

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what is the appeal in golf?


I personally think it's boring but I'm meeting all these men who love it. Where's the appeal?

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People who don't wear condoms: whyyyyyyyyy


Seriously. Being on Reddit and seeing mostly north-american people posting about going bareback with absolute strangers is just mind boggling for me. This is down to culture shock, but at least in Brazil, it's very much not the custom at all. Women expect man to carry condoms to date that might end up in sex (correctly). It is considered violent to remove a condom during sex without her knowledge. We'll only have sex bareback with people we're in relationships in, and it's customary to get a full STI test beforehand just in case.

It's not just babies. It's a myriad of infections that can go from a nuisance to mortal. How can it be worth the risk for a couple minutes of joy?

Anyone else from other nationalities who think this is weird? Or who think I'm weird?

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what made you realise your S/O was not the one


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What are some of your secret life hacks, tips, or suggestions you have picked up from another man in your life that have been game changers.


I’m a big fan of hand me down wisdom. What are some of the things that a male has shared with you about life that you have tried and it worked wonders. It could be a health tip, grooming tip, life hack, or just general life advice.

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What is the largest non-physical difference between men and women


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What is the best compliment that someone can give you on your physical appearance?


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Which celebrity do you think isn't that attractive, but everybody else does?


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What do you find most confusing about women?


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It seems like quite a few men don’t want to be with someone who had plastic surgery. Why?


Let’s say it looks natural. Is it the vanity? Their choice of how to use their money? The fact that a potential kid could be ugly? All of us want to be attractive. A lot of us get braces, for instance, and that’s seen as okay. So for people who are against it, why? I am just wondering and trying to understand; I am not trying to shame anyone for their opinions

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Guys who works on big companies / corporate, what do you wear on summer party hosted?


The company I'm working is hosting a summer party with all of our colleagues from all over the world. Is more like a festival. But since I've never been to a similar event with colleagues, what do people wear? Is it okay to be something casual? Or do you have to suit up for these occasions?

Edit: The party will be hosted in a small village, some live music, maybe a band, DJ is sure, cocktails and food I think. The reason of the party is that everybody can get connected with each other, because of the restrictions was hard to meet with people in person.

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What, in hindsight, is the most cringe-worthy thing you've ever done on a date or in a relationship?


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Single men, do you too have moments where you just have 0 libido and just can't be fked to even try to get laid ?


I feel like guys around me are 24/7 horny and rotating girls or at least constantly trying to get laid.

I feel like am the only alien who just have period where sex is the last thing I want. I don't specially have a hard time getting laid or feel discouraged or whatsoever but am just chilling and feel like I can't be fked to do all the blabla just to get some coochie. In these periods I don't feel like it'll specially add anything to me or "fill any holes" in me.

I've very recently let a very early relationship die just because I (even tho I was attracted and started to have feelings for her) couldn't be bothered with all of the texting and keep up with her sex drive, which was wasn't high high neither. Am now back single, and can't be any happier about it.

Do you too have these periods ?

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what are you addicated to thats is totally legal?


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Genuine question: how are you guys lately? If you have any mental conditions, how do you deal with them?


Do your logical perception of the world is strong enough to hold your mind tight? Or do you feel the need of doing something about it? (Therapy, medications, etc).

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For men under 30, How many of you are still somewhat (if not entirely) financially dependent on parents?


I am 22, and my sister is 24. We have both graduated art colleges and live in cities now. She has a job, I don't know her exact wage, but its a very tip reliant job. Some days she make hundreds, other days she is as broke as a high schooler. She still relies on her parents payroll for cost of living. I am in a slightly better situation. I am 17$hr, and with that I can afford rent, cost of living, and personal expenses. But my cell phone bills, medical bills, and college debt bills, are still being mostly handled by parents.

I was thinking about this recently and it occurred to me that the reason I am better off than my sister has less to do with making a lot of money or being more organized or having a better job, and more to do with having found a dirt cheap apartment in my city. It's 800 a month. If my rent was even more than a 1000, I don't think I could be in such a good situation.

With inflation skyrocketing and minimum wage stagnating, and with quite a few people getting fucked with college debt, I imagine a new norm is being set for financial dependency.

How many people here still lean on parental cash for certain bills, if not all expenses.

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What is cute if done few times but gets annoying if its done a lot?


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What do you guys do when your girlfriend doesn't want to hangout with you?


She'll be out with a group of friends and I'm not invited, haven't really hung out with her in two weeks

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How do you deal with body insecurities you have?


I’m young and pretty stupid and I major insecurities about myself and have to learn to come to terms with my short comings. How do you deal with your body and body dysmorphia?

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How often do you watch documentaries?


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How do we men draw the line between "Oooh she's making advances" and "She's just being nice"?


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What is the best response to a guy saying I love you - but not there yet, but could be?


Situation with my boyfriend of 3 months. Told me drunk via text he loved me. Asked if I felt the same - I don’t yet.

I responded honestly that I really care and like him and could see myself falling in love very soon. But it’s early days and I want to mean it when I say it.

He has gone a bit quiet on me. Still texting but not his normal chatty self. I can’t change his behaviour , but want him to know I really like him and not rush me. I understood but is very quiet.

Tips on navigating this?