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u/ActiniumNugget Apr 24 '22 Wholesome

Used to holiday in the Scottish Highlands. Friends of the family had a cottage there in the middle of nowhere. It was always creepy just because it was so isolated. Anyway, one day I went outside and heard the most unearthly sound I have ever experienced. It sounded like a robot demon cackling insanely while simultaneously crying in agony. It just sounded...wrong. I went inside, white as a sheet, and told my dad. He grabbed a stick (LOL) said "come on!" and set off to find the source. We homed in on the sound and saw it was coming from the area close to the water tank which filled from the stream and supplied the cottage. There was clearly something not from this world stuck inside the tank. We nervously approached and circled the tank. My dad suddenly said "ahhhh" and strides confidently to the tank. Now, I don't fully understand the setup of the water system, but there was some kind of small vent pipe on the tank. A large leaf had got stuck in the pipe and created a reed (like a woodwind instrument) and the tank was acting like a giant amplifier/ reverb chamber. The sound was channeled down the valley the stream was in and straight to the cottage. I can still hear the sound in my head as I type this - absolutely demonic. I still want to know how my dad thought he was going to tackle a slobbering hellbeast with a 3ft stick!


u/JuuzoLenz Apr 24 '22

Dads are a crazy grouping of humans after all

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u/lampe_sama Apr 25 '22

Don't know you or your dad but a "stick" is a good weapon for self defense and when it is thick enough that someone's hand can have a good grip on it it aslo should be robust enough for some hits. Also in your rough description it's sounds like there wasn't lots of trees (at least that's what I imagine Scottish highlands look like) so the possibilitie for bigger animals were low. He took you with him to let you see that everything has a reason and you don't need to be afraid. But this is only my interpretation, if possible you should talk with him about this.

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u/ninja-gecko Apr 24 '22 Silver

I don't remember exactly how young I was at the time but it was really young. At the time my parents both worked full time and my very old grandmother lived with us and took care of me during the day. I was an only child at that time. We lived in flats.

Throughout the day grandmother would take long baths and I'd be seated in front of the TV till she got out and played with me. This one time she took much longer than usual. At some point after calling out to her and getting no response, I went to the bathroom door and knocked. When she didn't come out, I went in.

She was submerged to her chin. Her body was twisted. Her face was so contorted it looked like she was in agony. Her lips were completely skewed to one side of her face and her eyes were ... Idk.. just blank. I don't remember what happened next. But whenever my parents recounted the story they say I ran out screaming bloody murder out of the flat. Neighbors heard me, called an ambulance and my parents.

She had a stroke and would be bedridden for the rest of the her life. She died a year or so later I think. It's weird, I can't really remember what she looked like anymore but her face that time stuck with me. Parents told me I didn't speak for weeks afterwards.


u/stadiumjay Apr 25 '22

Damn reading this made me feel like I was there. Real scary stuff.

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u/Sir_Armadillo Apr 24 '22

That's a hard one.


u/kungfukenny3 Apr 24 '22

i’m so sorry you saw that

must’ve taken quite the toll

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u/jaxjaxr88 Apr 24 '22

You saved her from a horrible death, even if she only lived for one more year


u/ninja-gecko Apr 25 '22

Wasn't much of a life though. She could no longer talk or do anything for herself. I can't remember ever hearing her voice again after that

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u/jamesgravley Apr 24 '22 Helpful

10 yr old me. New family had recently moved in and had set up a shrine with a face on a tree and candles in the back yard (irrelevant other than for context of creepiness).

We became friends with the girl in the family who began telling us that her house was haunted. We were intrigued, as any good 10 yr old would be, but given their weirdness we thought nothing of it.

One day, playing in the yard with her, a disheveled looking man comes running out the front door, followed by the family. He proceeded to run, full speed, into the woods with the dad yelling at him.

Come to find out, dude had been living in their attic and had been keeping it locked from the inside. The dad finally pryed it open, chase ensuing.

TO THIS DAY, I check under, inside, above, behind and outside of every house I have ever lived in and regularly clear corners when I get home.

Creepy AF


u/[deleted] Apr 24 '22

Interesting that you mention that. I rented a 3 story house back 12 years ago. I was never given a key to the 3rd floor and assumed it was just junk and storage.

Turns out there was a crazy woman living up there. There was no bathroom so she was using 5 gallon buckets and pouring them out in the storm drain. We only found out she was up there after I bug bombed the absolute hell out of the house and it drove a ton of nasties upstairs, prompting her to toss furniture out the window and burn it in the back yard.

Yes I am 100% serious.


u/Objective406 Apr 25 '22

how did she got food?


u/[deleted] Apr 25 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/[deleted] Apr 25 '22

Turns out, her brother lived nearby, within walking distance, and she would sneak in and steal food from him during the day.

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u/Chipmunk_rampage Apr 24 '22

I had something similar when I was in college. I rented a terraced townhouse with my cousin for the summer so we could be close to our jobs. It was a college let most of the year and was 3 stories with a professional guy living in the basement year round. He was sound, totally normal.

Well with only 2 of us living there we noticed weird little things like bedroom doors being open that weren’t in use, candles and ornaments being moved around, oven door left open repeatedly, money went missing…all small and we both assumed it was the other person. Until…happy birthday balloons appeared scattered in the sitting room one day right around my cousins birthday. She thanked me for them but it wasn’t me!

I was alone one night and heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. I crept along to the bedroom door (that was already locked) and saw shadows on the other side. I froze and they went away eventually.

After this we asked the guy in the basement about the events who confirmed that the students always had strange things happening but with 7-8 of them in the house normally they all blamed each other. Turns out the attics of the entire terrace were linked and there was likely someone living up there and they had keys to the bedrooms and the front door of this house because locks hadn’t been changed in years and years! I’ll never live in an old house again.


u/OGReverandMaynard Apr 25 '22

And this is why whenever you buy a new house, step 1 is change the locks (or if you’re renting ask the landlord to change them)


u/JellyfishGod Apr 25 '22

I can’t imagine not changing the locks to a place I moved into or not regularly changing the locks to a place like OPs where tons of different college kids are moving in and out of. All those different previous tenants with keys (even if they give em back they could have copies) not to mention all the close friends, girl/boyfriends, and family members they also made copies for. Sooo many people could have keys to the place. I’d be way to paranoid to not change the locks

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u/shirtlessin1stclass Apr 24 '22

As a new homeowner, how are there all these people out there that don’t know that someone is living in their attic? Like, honestly. Just this last weekend I was in the attic for a couple hours working and I came down and was starting to have symptoms of heat exhaustion


u/jamesgravley Apr 24 '22

I can't imagine buying a house I didn't put eyes on every corner of...like wtf

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u/[deleted] Apr 24 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/YaBoyfriendKeefa Apr 24 '22

I always had this early childhood memory of a time we went to visit some family in Florida. I don’t know how old I was, but somewhere between 6-8 years old I think. I went on a walk around the block with my uncle, and he said something like “hey my friend lives here, let’s stop in and say hi for just a minute.” The next memory I have we are in the living room, the furniture, carpet etc is all that very 80s brown/green/mustard earth tones, and it is dimly lit because the curtains are closed. I’m sitting on the couch being bored or something while my uncle talked to this guy, not paying attention until I could hear my uncle’s voice getting louder. I hear his friend saying something like “come on man I’ll trade you an 8 ball for an hour with the kid.” It stuck out in my mind because I knew what an “8 ball” was in the context if the magic type, and didn’t understand why this guy wanted to give one to my uncle. My uncle seemed mad and I didn’t understand that either, and we left right after. I don’t remember talking about it with my uncle, I think because I could tell he was mad and that confused and scared me.

My uncle had a crack and cocaine problem that eventually gave him a heart attack and killed him when I was about 19, and it wasn’t until then that the memory clicked into place and I realized what had actually almost happened to me. I have no idea why my uncle thought it was a good idea to bring a kid to a pick up, but I’m grateful he didn’t pimp me out. Yikes.


u/theewk_ Apr 26 '22

gosh, I'm sorry to hear that. hope you're ok.


u/YaBoyfriendKeefa Apr 26 '22

Thanks and yeah, I’m okay. Like I said, I didn’t realize what actually happened until I was near adulthood, so before then it was just a confusing memory. Now it’s surreal and creepy to think about, but it doesn’t cause me any duress. Just glad things didn’t turn dark. My uncle wasn’t a bad man, and I know he cared about me. Drugs make people make fucked up choices, I’m just grateful he chose to protect me in that moment.

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u/thelightningthief Apr 24 '22

I was in grade 11 and left school a little later than I usually do for no reason that I can remember. As I almost got home I deviated from my usual path home for some reason. I rounded a corner and saw my neighbors little sister talking to a strange man (she was in like grade 5 or 6 at the time)...she looked over and saw me and had this look of extreme relief and screamed my name and ran towards me and hugged me. The man ran away. I never forgot that day and always think about what could have happened. I walked with her when I could to and from school for awhile after that.


u/Comfortable-Cup-6318 Apr 25 '22

All of those changes in habit that day "for some reason", I call those "God winks". So many horrible things you probably saved that child from. I hate to think this way, but that perv getting run over by a truck as he ran away would have been the best ending to that story. I shutter to think of him finding other victims.

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u/crochet4cptsd Apr 24 '22 Silver You Dropped This

I remember when I was about 12 onward I'd randomly wake up in the middle of the night to my (abusive) mother standing in the doorway. She had this look she would give when she was particularly messed up between the alcohol and opioids and sleeping pills she'd mix. It was absolutely satanic. On multiple occasions I would wake up to her just staring at me, but way longer than just to "check" on me. She would just stand there for what seemed like forever, and if I even slightly moved she'd scream at me for being awake and punish me.

One day my dad called me out to the living room and my mother is there looking pretty concerned telling him he was taking things to far. He tells me "Your mom says you've been laying in bed crying at night because you're afraid someone's going to come in your room and kill you? What's that about?"

I was totally confused and just blew it off as one of my mom's drunk/high delusions and told him I absolutely didn't. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized that whenever my mother said something about someone else, she was projecting. Like she told me for years that she suspected that my dad was cheating on her. She was actually cheating on him.

Bitch was probably getting fucked up out of her mind and thinking about killing me in my own bed.

No. We don't talk any more and I've informed her I will use whatever force necessary to remove her from my property if she ever gets it in her head to show up.


u/[deleted] Apr 24 '22

This genuinely scared the life out of my I’m so sorry you had to go through that


u/crochet4cptsd Apr 24 '22 Heartwarming

I appreciate it, but honestly, I got out and have a decent life right now. Ended up with a loving partner and a derpy, but fantastic, rescue kitty and I never have to see or talk to any of them again. Sometimes it still gets to me, but when I got out I saw similar abusive tendencies manifesting in myself, took myself to therapy, and read every self help book on the topic I could get my hands on. I wasn't doing murder stare downs or anything like that, but I realized I'd never managed to navigate emotions or conflict correctly and I didn't want to be like them. It sucks that the cycle of abuse didn't stop until me, but I figure I might as well be the one to stop it. I didn't have the coping skills or emotional head start that some people are fortunate enough to get, but I made it where I need to be. Comparison is the thief of happiness anyway. :)

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u/FagnusTwatfield Apr 24 '22

Sweet Jesus christ, pointless hugs from an Internet stranger.

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u/Merigold00 Apr 24 '22

Damn. Sorry you went through that, and kudos to you for removing that from your life.


u/SomeStolenToast Apr 24 '22

And I thought my mom was messed up, Jesus christ

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u/bigcatcleve Apr 24 '22

Sorry you had to go through that. How was your father? Do you still talk to him?


u/crochet4cptsd Apr 24 '22

I appreciate it. As for my dad, he's so deep in denial about her that he drowns himself in alcohol and alternates between saying I did something to make her treat me the way she did and saying that I'm making the whole thing up for attention. As a young child, he was an okay dad. My mother really escalated around the time I was 10. I think secretly he didn't want to be home around her, so he'd just burry himself in work and his hobbies and leave me alone for a good portion of her abuse to happen and he would say he never saw it. Naturally, when you only come home to sleep five to six days a week, you don't see it. As far as I'm concerned, he chose having a hole to fuck over his own child, and I'm never speaking to him again either. He doesn't seem to comprehend that choosing a hill to die on means you, you know, DIE on it. He seems to think one day I'll do the same thing he does: go to bed, and when I wake up I'll suddenly pretend like nothing happened. But so long as he stays married to her and refuses to believe me, I will never acknowledge him again.

That being said, I'm much happier without them. Cutting them off really messed me up emotionally for a while, and still does at times, but with therapy and support from people that didn't gaslight me constantly, I'm the happiest I've ever been.


u/pervypriest_pedopope Apr 24 '22

We appear to have had the same childhood.

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u/Current_Complaint703 Apr 24 '22

Okay, I probably never have ever told this to anyone. So. I'm kindergarden aged, family is at home at the evening, I am in the hall, probably hear something or want someone to pay attention to me or something, so I open the door leading to the kitchen and I see my dad and brother, who must have been around 16, holding my mom by her arms and legs, bending down and... like... banging her to the floor. Mum has a painful expression on her face, dad and bro are looking serious, concentrating, not violent or anything, but the process itself looked pretty violent to me. I look at them in terror and say: Hey...Don't fight... Dad tells me to go back to the hall, I get back, just sit there in the dark alone, listen to mom wailing, and... Fifteen years later I still have no clue what the hell that could have been. Physical violence or abuse or anything never really occured in our family when I was young, and even when it did later it wasn't that tipe, and if I asked them now they would propaply say wtf am I talking about.

But really, what COULD that be? Is there any sort of medical aid thechnike like that or what?

Sorry for typos and/or bad English.


u/heffaloop Apr 24 '22

Could she have been having a seizure and they were trying to hold her so she wouldn't injure herself?


u/EatinSumGrapes Apr 25 '22

It sounds a lot like this. It can get pretty violent looking. She also could have been having a panic attack or something else where she was going to hurt herself or aomeone else.


u/beccster007 Apr 25 '22

Ask brother.

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u/IfHomerWasGod Apr 24 '22

When I was around 3 years old I fell into a 44 gallon drum filled with water that me and my little friend were looking into, I remember it being a beautiful sunny day and how clear the water looked. Apparently my friend somehow pulled me out after I fell in but honestly I don't know how another 3 year old could do it, I don't remember anything else about it, I'm not sure where mum was and dad was at work. For years I had nightmares about rust coloured clouds ballooning up, dark rusty clouds....it took me 30 years before I clicked it was the rust being stirred up by me trying to get out of that drum.


u/TurbulentDoctor1646 Apr 25 '22

Wow. I'm glad you're both OK. If you don't mind me asking, what was the drum for? Was it on a farm or something?


u/IfHomerWasGod Apr 25 '22

I'm not sure what it was there for to be honest, it was at a suburban house. My mum felt really bad about it but she definitely kept more of an eye out when we were around water.


u/sharmander15 Apr 25 '22

A lot of people here in Canada have those. We use them to collect rainwater to wash cars and water plants :)

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u/[deleted] Apr 24 '22 Wholesome



u/legosearch Apr 24 '22

Expectation coming into this thread: unexplained paranormal shit

Reality: sexual assault if a minor resulting in beating a man within inches of death

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u/Kaiser93 Apr 24 '22

His own mom was mad at your cousin for protecting his sisters? Dafaq?!


u/[deleted] Apr 24 '22



u/Kaiser93 Apr 24 '22

She stayed with a guy who almost sexual assualted her daughters? Amazing mother./s


u/moslof_flosom Apr 24 '22

It happens unfortunately. My wife has a cousin who's mother testified against her in court that her husband was innocent of the statutory rape he coerced her into. The man was still sentenced, but the woman maintains his innocence to this day


u/CaptainQuoth Apr 24 '22

Some mothers treat children as the cost of having a partner rather than their own benefit they dont hide their resentment often either.

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u/Map-Ambitious Apr 24 '22

That happens a lot unfortunatlly. I remember reading about a case, wher a man assulted his girlfriens teenage daughter. After court ordered therapy he moved back in with them, agaist the therapists recommendadion. Shortly after they called in because he sexually harassed her again and when the mother was told to separate them immediatly she said, she couldn't just throw out her daughter. Ending things with the guy didn't even occur to her.

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u/heyshugitsme Apr 25 '22 edited Apr 25 '22

Oh it happens alright. I was a rape crisis center volunteer right up until a mother brought in her 12 year old daughter for an exam. The crying, scared, definitely raped little girl broke my heart telling the story of Mom's boyfriend raping her while she went through a painful exam. Thought seriously about breaking Mom's jaw when she told me her daughter "seduced" the boyfriend and wanted us to give her a pregnancy test. Realized I couldn't deal with any more moms like that ever again.

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u/Jxydexx Apr 24 '22

Thank god he had a stroke!! What a stupid man!


u/RamboCambo_05 Apr 24 '22

It's stories like these that make me glad I have parents who appreciate and care for me


u/Rose-Dead Apr 24 '22

Good on him, i would have beaten up the step dad too.

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u/EuphorbiasOddities Apr 24 '22

I’ve lived in a small mountain town in Colorado for 17 years. when my friends and I got our licenses, we’d drive around in the mountains when we got bored. This one area we went to frequently is beautiful, but it’s known to be pretty sketchy—people shoot guns in the wrong areas, there’s a lot of drug use when people party, and bodies have been occasionally found back there. We were driving around one night when we suddenly passed a man walking on the road. It was weird because we hadn’t seen him in the headlights initially, it was more like he appeared out of nowhere as we were passing him. I thought he was walking a little weird as I looked back at him so I asked my friend to stop, maybe he was hurt or something. He paused for like 10 seconds when we stopped, and then he started RUNNING at the vehicle. Not a “oh shit let me catch up to them real quick” jog with a wave or anything like that, a full blown sprint like he had a personal vendetta against us. It freaked us out and my friend hit the gas again. We did call the police just to make sure we didn’t leave him in danger, but didn’t hear anything else about it.

And this is more lighthearted, but when the game Until Dawn first came out, I was freshly living alone in my own place for the first time at 22. I was PETRIFIED of the dark for weeks after watching the playthrough. I had to start sleeping with a light on because I was having nightmares, and I was genuinely so terrified of the monsters in that game potentially busting in through my sliding door windows. I couldn’t even bring myself to move around in my bed to adjust and get comfortable. I knew it was ridiculous but just couldn’t shake that fear for weeks.


u/kidder952 Apr 24 '22

That game is the reason why I can't handle anything pertaining to wendigos and cannibalism anymore. I watched a full playthru of it, and spent 3 days awake, and the next month just so terrified of the dark.

I will say it's a great game and terrifying to all hell.

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u/SioMac81 Apr 24 '22

When I was about 9 or 10, there was a child abductor and murder that was in the local news. Both of my parents were local police officers, my dad was working on the case, I think. My parents talked about it a lot in passing. One thing they specifically talked about was the white van with a circular window on the side of the van. Well during that time, I was in a knee brace due to recurrent knee dislocations. However I was an active child, so I didn’t let it keep me from going out anywhere. Well one day I decided to go with my sisters and their friends to collect paper money for our paper route. Well as we were walking, me limping, a white van with the circular window passed by our group. The first time we didn’t think of it because we lived on a main road. After the 3rd time seeing it, we all got a little scared. My sisters and their friends were saying how they can just make a run for it, they’ll be fine. At that point, I started sobbing cause I knew I wouldn’t get away cause of my knee. My sisters ended up walking me home and told me to lock the door, then they left me by myself. I remember spending the next couple hours avoiding windows and doors, in case the van saw where I lived. It was pretty terrifying as a child. When I think about it now, I wonder how much my sisters might have exaggerated what they saw in order to scare me, so they wouldn’t have me tagging along.

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u/Konebred Apr 24 '22

Going to the bathroom in a department store. Sat down on the toilet to poop and just had a weird feeling. I bent down to look through a hole in the divider wall and I saw a eyeball staring back.


u/banana_bagutte Apr 24 '22

I wonder how we get the feeling of being watched


u/[deleted] Apr 24 '22

You have light receptors in your calves that help govern diurnal rhthyms. Why not mirror neurons, too ?

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u/Lalasunshine91 Apr 24 '22

I only vaguely remember this but my family remember it well

I was very small, maybe about 4/5 and I lived with my mum and my Nan. My nan rushed out of the house one day and came back a few hours later.

I was sat on the stairs when she came in and I could see my auntie Rita behind her waving at me but she wasn’t speaking. I asked nan why Rita was with her..

She had gone to the hospital. Rita had died an hour previously. Still gives me the heeby jeebies to this day


u/New_Willingness7714 Apr 24 '22

I remember about a few DAYS ago, I was being the average 14 year old. Listening to songs and playing video games. When I heard a set of footsteps in my kitchen. It was 3:00 AM and everyone was asleep. I didn't hear a door open or anything. I just heard footsteps. I open my door look left and right. Then I decide that I'm being stupid, and get some food. But then I heard footsteps going down the stairs. So I rush to my front windows look outside, and I see someone running away from my house. Literally the scariest shit


u/Doeminster_Emptier Apr 25 '22

Yikes. Hopefully you told your parents about this?


u/Suspicious-Elk-3631 Apr 24 '22

I was nearly kidnapped by someone who drove up to my house and tried to entice me to come up to him at his car when I was about 5 or 6. I was playing in the yard by myself. Said he wanted me to show him on a map where a certain street was. Had his car door open and everything. Thank God I went inside to get my mom to help him because he was gone when she and I came back.


u/browndog03 Apr 24 '22 edited Apr 24 '22

That’s really fucked up.

When i was maybe 7 or so i was hanging out with my friend and his older sister at the park. Some guy asked us if we could come help him find his puppy in the woods. We declined, thankfully.

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u/qiwizzle Apr 25 '22 Helpful Wholesome

This is why I drilled into my kids that grown ups never need help from a child. If a grown asks for help, run away because they are being tricky.


u/Micro-Wave1946 Apr 25 '22

I gotta say, that's really fucking smart. There is no logical reason as to why an adult would need help from a child. Good on you.

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u/Otherwise_Window Apr 25 '22

I have actually asked a child for help as an adult, but the help I asked for was: "Can you get one of your parents?"

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u/Munich11 Apr 24 '22

This happened to me too, around age 10. I was sitting in my driveway playing on a blanket with some matchbox cars.

Some guy pulls up and starts asking me if I’d seen a puppy dog. I told him no. He said “I have a flier. Can you take it? You can call me if you see him.” I said okay, but didn’t move. He told me to come there to his window. I stayed frozen in his spot. This time he yelled “COME HERE NOW.” And I tore off like a bat out of hell. I heard him open his car door to get out and I thought I was done for. I practically smashed through the screen door to get inside.


u/IndependentCommon385 Apr 25 '22

I did as I had been instructed, and stayed outside, when the meter man came to do the reading during the latchkey, after school until parent gets home, time. He came back out from the basement, and asked permission to use the restroom. No problem. He took a seriously unreal length of time. I stayed my ground, and wasn't about to go ask what's taking so long. He could burglarize the house, and it'd get straightened out however it needed to, but I wasn't gambling.

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u/ValkyrieUNIT Apr 24 '22

Walking with my grandmother at night along a gravel road close to where she lives out in the country. We where heading home to my grandparents house. 6 year old me turn to my grandmother and ask who the lady who ran across the road behind us was. She turns around, see nobody and ask me to describe her. Down to a tee I describe a cruel woman who used to live not far away who was now 10 years dead.

I didn't live there so I didn't think much about it but according to my grandfather, my description of the lady I had seen was so on point that my grandmother never walked alone there after dark. That was 29 years ago and she still refuses to walk that road alone at night.

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u/adorablecynicism Apr 25 '22

In my old hometown, we weren't allowed to play out of the yard. The highway was at one end and the bayou at the other. Like alligators walking down the road was a normal occurrence ya know?

So anyway, there was a girl who would ride her bike up and down the road and we'd chit chat. She was maybe.....7? 8? I know I was like 5 or 6, we weren't too far apart. Anyway, she would come and talk and then we would part. Sometimes she came with other kids, sometimes not.

One day, she invites me to her birthday party. I saw I have to ask my mom if I can go. She said she lived a couple houses down, no big deal. Mom says no. You don't know her, she doesn't live on this street, etc. I was upset, so unfair, she's my friend! I never saw her again and thought she was mad at me.

I went back to visit family and brought up this story with my mom and aunt about how weird it was I never saw her after that. They got really quiet and my aunt tells me that there was a girl by that name who was found in this guy's house along with a bunch of other kids. He did awful things to them and they died.

Here's where it's creepy: they would have been dead by the time I was talking to them. I never felt so cold and we all agreed to never talk about it again

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u/Umbra427 Apr 24 '22

When I was in elementary school (probably 8 or 9), we were all on the playground. Probably like 100 kids throughout all the outdoor areas of the playground, teachers, etc. basketball court, jungle gym, random field areas, etc. middle of the day at recess. Bright and sunny and not a cloud in the sky.

I was looking across the playground and all of the sudden there was one “flash” where everyone was running inside in unison, and then almost immediately, another flash where everybody was fucking GONE, not a single other soul on the playground, and the sky was suddenly very dark and cloudy and stormy, and at the second “flash” there was an extremely loud crack of Thunder that rumbled and echoed for what seemed like minutes. It was clearly later in the day and I was so fucking confused.

I made my way back to the classroom and it was probably 5 minutes before the final dismissal bell rang. The teacher was asking me where had I been? And I got in trouble.

I’m guessing I fell asleep or something but holy shit man. I’ve never experienced anything like that before or since.


u/monkeycat529 Apr 24 '22

It sounds kind of like an absence seizure. I got checked for them when I was younger, and now my doctor wants to recheck me because she thinks I’ve never stopped having them and they missed it on the EEG since I was so young. Apparently they’re semi common in young children and can be hard to diagnose cause they leave minimal or no damage. It’s definitely a freaky feeling


u/Astuary-Queen Apr 25 '22

I had one of these once when I was about 12. I think it was due to the heat. I was at a fair waiting to get on a ride. My friend and I didn’t make it on the next turn on the ride, so we were the first in line for the next turn - if that makes sense. Everyone piled on the ride and to me, it looked like the ride just “jolted” for half a second and then everyone got off. And then suddenly we were being ushered on the ride for our turn. I was so confused. I kept asking my friend what happened, if the ride was broken etc.

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u/worycong Apr 24 '22

Perhaps a seizure? Or is the implication you got struck by lightning?


u/Umbra427 Apr 24 '22

Honestly I think I just fell asleep. Someone once mentioned something I think called an “absence seizure” which made sense when they explained it. Definitely didn’t get struck by lightning lol

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u/[deleted] Apr 24 '22

won’t forget this. i was getting ready for bed one night, mom was in the living room watching her show, and as i’m laying down i heard someone whisper my name as if they were directly in my face. it was pitch black and my door was closed so i instantly yelled for my mom, and when i told her what happened she said “it might’ve been me saying something to myself”, which would make sense since she was watching her show, but idk. it honestly felt LITERALLY in my face


u/gabbadabbahey Apr 25 '22

Could have also just been a brief auditory hallucination. I've read that they're more common than people think and maybe you were tired, getting ready for bed and your brain kinda just misfired for a sec.

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u/Aveble Apr 24 '22

Okay so there’s a few bits of context;

Growing up I looked older than I was but it doesn’t change anything really, I was around 10 but I looked about 11/12.

I usually walked an old lady’s dog at the time, small pug around the block and she was super nice and payed me £1 for it.

I decided to go to my local shop which was only a 5 minute walk from my house. Some guy came in while I was looking at the sweets and started talking to me, it was a long time ago I can’t remember the conversation but I remember parts of the more creepy bits.

He offered to buy me sweets, and a few fizzy drinks. And being the glutinous 10 year old I was I accepted, payed around £20 on sweets alone.

He somehow knew I had a much younger sister and asked if she liked Bon-Bon’s I replied that I didn’t know but she probably couldn’t eat them yet.

And then when we got to the drinks he asked “what school do you go to?”

Keep in mind I’m 10, I’m alone at this shop and I didn’t know this guy.

I just pretended I didn’t know, but then he said my school.

“You go to [school]” right?” My heart dropped for a second since again never seen this man before in my life. I stupidly (probably put other kids in danger if this man had bad intentions.) said I went to a school down the hill from my actual school.

He then asked where I lived, and then it sorta clicked for me. If my parents knew who this man was and he lived around the area he’d probably know where I stayed so why did he ask? I replied next to the train station (opposite) and again he replied with another answer that scared me.

“I’ve seen you walking from [my street]”

As a 10 year old I was terrified not only from the fact 1. Why would he spend £20 on sweets alone (all together the drinks,sweets, crisps came to almost £30) but why is he asking questions to me, someone he didn’t know expecting an answer he knew.

I nervously laughed and once he payed he asked if I wanted him to walk me home since it was late. (It was mid summer between 7-9pm so still light enough I could see) I declined and told him my dad was waiting for me.

I walked down a certain street that turns to the trainstation but also turns to my actual street, also the same street friends, and other people who knew me lived so I felt more safe.

He did however walk me to the start of the street, but before the turn I said my dad was at the end waiting for me in his car.

I ran home, never talked about it to my mum. She did question me about where I had gotten the stuff from I lied and said I found money.

Never saw him again, like EVER so I assume he didn’t even live near me.

Might not be super creepy but still creepy enough to myself to wonder wtf he was doing.


u/Sir_Armadillo Apr 24 '22

No that was creepy. Completely inappropriate for a grown man to do.


u/BubbhaJebus Apr 24 '22

That's terrifying.


u/etchedchampion Apr 24 '22

I wonder whether he’d just been watching you that day or longer.

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u/marousha_n Apr 24 '22 edited Apr 24 '22

I used to swim in the river in our town with my father . Everyone was doing it back then. I was about 7 y.o. and we went to our swimming tour. When we got out i touched something creepy with my foot and asked my dad to check. He pulled out a dead bloated guy. I had nightmares for years 👀


u/clay_420 Apr 24 '22

If it makes you feel better you probably brought peace to someone who didn’t know what happened to their loved one


u/marousha_n Apr 25 '22

Indeed. But tbh, although i love swimming, each time something slippery touches my feet in the water i am.horrified.

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u/salmon_samurai Apr 24 '22

So you bathed yourself in acid when you got home, then? 'Cause I think that's what any sane person would do after that.

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u/poachels Apr 24 '22

My dad and I (probably 8 at the time - too big for a booster seat, too small for the front seat so I was still in the back) were driving home from something. It was a two-lanes-each-way divided highway and there were a lot of tractor trailers. My dad went to pass one, but we ended up getting boxed in. And it wasn’t just a slow-truck-slowly-passing-another-truck thing, it went on long enough that it was clearly on purpose. So here we are, one truck purposely going slow in front of us, one blocking the side of us, and our “open side” was against solid rock as they tried to push us off the road. I remember my dad being freaked out and trying to get the license plates of the trucks to give to the police, who he couldn’t call at the moment because we were in a cell phone dead zone. I looked up from the book I was reading and made eye contact with one of the drivers - he had a big white beard and looked straight at me with sinister smile that, had I not already stopped believing in Santa Claus, would’ve made me scared of Christmas.

Eventually we got to a town and were able to get into a parking lot, where my dad called the police. We waited ten minutes or so to get distance from the trucks, then got back on the road and thankfully didn’t cross them again.

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u/zeldasusername Apr 24 '22

Someone rang once as I was getting out of the shower and so I answered the phone in a towel and a shower cap. The caller started saying disgusting things to me. I froze until he said he could see me and I realised he couldn’t see me because then he’d know how hilarious I looked so I told him to fuck off and hung up

But man I was frozen in fear for a while there. I think I was 11


u/[deleted] Apr 25 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/[deleted] Apr 24 '22

I have a memory of tall man wearing a red and blue paisley suit appearing, watching, and telling me that everything was okay. I have never seen this man in my life but I think it might be a ghost that supposedly follows my mom. It was creepy and scary but it would always calm me down upon awakening. I still see him in my dreams today usually in times when I'm extremely stressed and depressed, which is all the time but usually when it peaks, it still calms me down and make me feel better when I wake up. I might write a song about it sometime.

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u/imherewhyidontknow Apr 24 '22

(We are gonna name the friend nick.)

I was about 5 or 6. And I was in my room dead asleep and I heard something being pushed off my tv stand and I sat up and saw my brother's friend which was my friend. But he looked fucked up. Not drunk. Well a little. But his left side of his head was bashed in and his face was a bloody cut up mess. His clothes were ripped and dirty with dirt and blood and his right arm looked broken because it was bent at his elbow and his forearm. I said "Nick? It's bed time I need to sleep!" (He was always a trickster so I thought he was planting a prank.) But he managed a smile. I vividly remember his words and his voice sounded like he was near sobbing "You aren't going to see me anymore. Tell your family I said hi, please?" And I nodded and he just stared at me for a minute. "Go back to bed. Goodnight my name" And I said goodnight and rolled over and just assumed he left. The next morning my dad sat me on the kitchen counter and told me Nick had died in a car crash.

The car crash was not his fault though if you were wondering. Him and his two "friends" were at a party with other people up in the mountains at a camp site. They had a truck where the back seats were turned to face eachother. They put blacked out him in the back and started to drive down the road which had a cliff off to one side. They drove the truck off and they ditched. Truck rolled and crushed him. They dragged his body out a good 50 yards into the woods and left him there.

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u/smithsonian2021 Apr 25 '22

I’m thoroughly convinced that I saved a girl from being kidnapped by a stranger.

There was this dream that stayed in my head for a long time. In it, I was observing, kind of like a fly on the wall so to speak. But instead of a room, this is taking place in a public setting, a Tennessee Titans football game if I remember. This dream would creep its way into my sleep cycle periodically, and the frequency of its appearance led me to believe it was like a reminder or something. So every time I had it, I would jolt myself awake and immediately try to write down every detail that I could remember on a piece of paper.

Main Concourse

Concession stand

Sections 141-142

Titans: 8 Jets: 3

Big fight on field

These are just some of the details that I for sure could remember.

Now here’s the details that I was unsure of:

Young girl, age Seven? Eight? Nine even?

Brown hair or just really dark red?

Titans jersey, number 11? No name on jersey?

Is that a thing of cotton candy?

Oh wait, who’s that guy leaning against the cement pillar?

Big man, not entirely overweight but pretty heavyset?

No jersey for any of the two teams? Regular clothing, somebody not affiliated with the Titans or Jets, so why are you here?

Mid to late 40s? Early 50s?

Really Grey hair for someone at mid-life.


And that’s where I jolt myself awake every time the dream cycled it’s way into my sleep. One thing’s for sure: that man was creepy as fuck. You’d think that every time I had the dream, he’d look different. Nope, exactly the same, every time.

Eventually I forgot about that paper.

This was happening in 2013; I was about 14. It wasn’t until the next year that every detail that I remembered came in hand.

My dad got tickets to a titans game, box seats. Okay sweet, we get a box to ourselves

…the Titans were playing the Jets… oh… wait a minute, Titans and Jets?

I go digging for that piece of paper. I find it and take it with me when we go to the game.

Once we get there and get settled into the suite, I tell my folks I’m going to run down to the concessions, something about “the suite doesn’t have what I’m wanting to eat”. So I leave.

Something about that day never really left my mind, the fact that, out off all the concession stands that I went to, none of them had what I was looking for. I eventually found a concession stand that had what I was wanting, near the sections, get this…

141 and 142.

At this point I’m starting to wonder, was I meant to be at this concession? At this time on this day? I thought “you know it wouldn’t hurt to take a quick look around, it’s not like anything is going to happen right?”

So I start just looking around, watching the crowds mill about, trying to get to their seats and all. And that’s when I see a little girl. Titans jersey, number 11, no name. Definitely dark red hair, almost auburn, not the typical bright red. Okay, she’s holding cotton candy.

I thought to myself “alright, this is the real deal. This is happening.” Immediately, I start looking for mister creepy dude.

Sure enough, there he is off to the side, just a little out of sight. Gotcha you son of a bitch.

So I start to think of ways to approach her without looking like a creep myself. By some stroke of luck there was an MNPD officer just standing a few feet away.

So I approach him real quick, I ask him to take a look, acknowledge that there’s a little girl by herself, possibly waiting for her parents. I informed him that a very unsavory individual was watching her as well, that he looks like he shouldn’t be there. Asked the officer if he could acknowledge that man’s presence as well, he did. I told the officer that I was going to approach the little girl and asked him to keep watch.

I approached her, asked for her name, and assured her I meant no ill-intent. I said “do you see the police officer over my shoulder?” She nodded yes, I said “let’s go talk to him real quick.” I glance up quickly, just quick enough so the girl wouldn’t notice, and I could see mister creepy giving me a glare. I did my best to ignore it.

We walk back to the officer and he’s talking into his radio, “we have a potential kidnapping suspect down on the concourse level, a young man down here got the intended target away from the suspect. Need backup down here ASAP. White male, mid to late 40s, possibly early 50s. White hair, plainclothes, suspect is not wearing a jersey of any kind. Be advised, suspect has disappeared into the crowd, all units be on the lookout.”

After waiting a few minutes with the little girl, here comes her dad asking what happened. We told him and then he called his wife on the phone. The dad and his daughter immediately left the stadium after that.

After they left, the officer asked me “what made you think that little girl was in danger?” I said “just a feeling officer. Just a feeling.”

After that I returned to my family’s box suite, just to watch the Titans get beat 11 to 16.

I never had that dream again after that day.

TLDR, a dream I had ended up saving a little girl from being kidnapped.

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u/Dork_Helmet Apr 24 '22

When I was about 14 years old I was home alone while my parents were out visiting some friends. Around 9:30 at night, I suddenly hear some voices downstairs. I knew all the doors were locked and no one besides my parents could get in, so I was afraid the house was broken into, so I start to listen. It sounds like at least a dozen people having some sort of dinner party, though I can't make out exactly what they're saying. I make it halfway down the stairs, and I still hear the voices all talking. Finally I yell out "hello" and all the voices instantly stop and I didn't hear anything again.

Craziest thing I've ever experienced.


u/hashtagredlipstick Apr 24 '22

Something similar happened to me when I was a kid. My brother and I were staying over at the neighbours house since our parents were at a wedding or something out of town. We stayed over at the neighbour’s house a bunch of times so it wasn’t weird or anything. I woke up very early in the morning and I heard a whole bunch of people making a lot of noise, kind of like a party, in the living room. I was like 5 years old but I knew there was no way the elderly neighbours were having a party. I looked over at my brother and he was fast asleep. It freaked me out and when I went to check it out and called out to the neighbour lady like what’s going on but then the noises just stopped. It sounded exactly like you were describing. I never told anyone.

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u/Lewpardaleo Apr 24 '22

Has the same thing happened to me, i heard my deceased grandmothers voice. It was sooooo real tho. Then i slept

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u/HuffleSlut_ Apr 24 '22

I was walking through the woods with a couple of friends and we came across a clearly abandoned car, I have no clue how it even got there, it was deep in the woods. We were all kinda creeped out, but I decided to go in for a closer look. Some of the windows were smashed, some were covered in filth & grime. I peeped through a smashed window and saw what was distinctly a human leg. I screamed and ran, we all ran and never went back.

I never told anyone, but I still think about it all the time.


u/gerdataro Apr 24 '22

This brought back a memory I haven’t though of in a long time. I was playing in these woods near my house where I always went with my cousin. I saw a shoe in the mud and went to pull it up, but it wouldn’t come easy. I though maybe there was a stick in it more in the mud. Then it “computed” and I let go, got away from it, and said let’s leave. I don’t think I went back to that area again. Now I’m not even sure it happened. Like maybe it was a really vivid dream.


u/Syntanen Apr 25 '22

Kind of similar story, when I was pretty young my family and I would go to a neighboring town to just hang out at because it was cool. Down in a canyon there is a golf course we would go to just to chase ground hogs, because they would be all over. My brother stayed near the car while my cousin and I went further across the golf field and to a middle section where it wasn't really maintained. Tall dead grass and rocks, pretty hilly. I climbed up a steep section and was able to get a better veiw. Below was an old camper/trailer. I wanted to get closer to see it but the closer I went, this awful smell would get stronger. Smelt like death and worse. Walked to a spot and saw a large rock kind of propped up with another rock, which created kind of like a little cave. Saw legs and boots poking out from under that rock. Freaked out and told my cousin to start running to my parents. Told my parents what I saw, they never believed me. Sometimes I question it, like was it some sort of prank? Like was it a mannequin? It was fully clothed, and I only saw the waist, legs and boots. I remember it so vividly. Tried looking at news from around that time, I've never found anything about it.

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u/the_amateon Apr 24 '22

When I was a kid, I was misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy, and my parents took me to the "psychic" - some weird middle aged guy in a shabby flat who promised to help my condition. I remember him touching my neck and pulling my ears, and it really hurt, I was scared and wanted go home. I don't remember how it ended, but apparently after just two or three seances my dad went to this guy's house and seriously beat him up.


u/Stopostingabout_21 Apr 24 '22

Messed up that your parents had you go to someone that sketchy at all. But thankfully your dad at least beat him up.


u/the_amateon Apr 24 '22

I don’t blame them. They were very young (23 and 26, or so mom told me) and probably didn’t know what else to do, traditional medicine wasn’t helpful at all. Still a scarring experience, though.

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u/rudebish Apr 24 '22

neighbour's family friend tried to molest me when I was 7 or 8yrs old.

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u/aqxea2500 Apr 24 '22

Grew up in apartments with a huge storm water reservoir behind them. We would often hop the wall and play in there since it was always empty. Along the wall we would usually hop was lined with thick brush so there were few spots to easily hop back over to the apartments. Anyway one day after playing, it started getting dark l and as we are walking toward our spot to hop over and this man crept out about 20 feet in front of us on all 4s wearing some tattered shorts, we froze, he growled and ran at us on all 4s at incredible speed. I was around 9 and the second fastest kid in school and he was almost keeping up. We scattered and found some alternate routes. I remember running and yelling "I'm sorry I'm sorry" out of sheer terror. Never told our parents because they probably wouldn't have believed us, and they would have whooped our asses for playing out there since my brother had accidentally set fire to it once.

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u/FaKeDerEchte Apr 24 '22

I used to have a lot of febrile spasms, and some of them were quite dangerous. I vividly remember waking up in a hospital, with a green curtain around my bed, thinking I was dead. Then I realized people talking, I recognized the voice of my mum and tried to make some noise but I just wasn't able to. It felt like they didn't care, while in hindsight they were discussing further procedures to deal with the situation, thinking that there is no way I would be awake considering the data they had from my medical assessments.


u/Ethan232010 Apr 24 '22

Did you ask them if they were talking about what you heard?


u/FagnusTwatfield Apr 24 '22

Went to my friends grandads when we were like 12. He had painting of huge cocks in chains and stuff all over the walls. Needed to go and he tried to lock me in. I was crying so much and he was saying "everything was fine until "FagnusTwatfield" started being an arsehole. My friend (who was defintly in hindsight being abused) begged him to let me go) he relented and even got me a black cab home with him in it (as I type this probably to find out where I lived) the kicker ? My mum said I deserved it.

That's the abridged version.


u/GrummyCat Apr 24 '22

Your mom is the worst


u/FagnusTwatfield Apr 24 '22

Not even the 1% of failed parenting.


u/Test19s Apr 24 '22

cocks in chains

Roosters or male organs?

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u/Connie_Damico Apr 24 '22 edited Apr 24 '22

The park down the street my mom took us to play and walk the dogs....it was large with some very isolated areas that became the woods once you took certain paths. We lived in a bad neighborhood but I didn't really understand that. Lots of creepy shit went down there but we never stopped going and generally went almost daily.

Some examples....

A certain isolated section was a hangout for paint sniffers. They would lay in tall grass and get high so you couldn't see them unless you were basically on top of them. They were sketchy, disheveled, high as fuck and usual had metallic paint on their hands and faces. Hearing spray paint cans rattle still gives me chills.

There was what looked like a kids stick fort but was clearly where a homeless person was living... Obviously homeless people aren't inherently creepy but my mom let us play in it amoung their things. That was irresponsible, potentially dangerous and rude. We never saw the person or people living there somehow. But I wonder if they saw us?

We came across several sort of traps on the paths to the fort though. Metal wires strung across the path fastened to branches at neck height....sharp sticks stuck up in the ground... Stuff like that.

This was in the Midwest and there was a lake right there too, so when it iced over during the winter we walked on it but my mom also let us walk on it when it started to thaw. I remember walking on it seeing the water bubble and move underneath and feeling how soft the thawing ice felt. I was nervous but I didn't fully know better or how incredibly dangerous this was.

One year there was a serial killer operating in the area and the secluded woodsy place was where he was burning and dumping the bodies of his victims. We still went there all the time.

Looking back I low-key wonder if my mom was like trying to kill us. Like not really but kind of. She was in a terribly abusive relationship and when I think about her life then she must have been really unhappy. Aside from what I'm describing here she was a great mom who was incredibly loving and responsible but this all makes me absolutely cringe and get goosebumps when I think back on it.


u/Ymirknows Apr 24 '22

Sounds like you grew up in a Stephen King novel.

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u/jenglasser Apr 24 '22

She wasn't trying to kill you. It's a weird phenomenon, but some people are just inherently irresponsible and / or really fucking stupid about this shit. I had a roommate who loves her children dearly, would literally die or kill for them, but would occasionally still allow them to engage in ridiculously dangerous activities. She once built them a swing over a set of concrete stairs and then try putting the two year old neighbour child on it. I took that shit down. She got the hint.


u/jim_deneke Apr 24 '22

It's that situational awareness (or lack of) of your/their own environment. You/they don't quite grasp how screwed up some things are unless it's realised by outsiders.

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u/Specialist_Salt7974 Apr 24 '22

I woke up and it felt like someone or something was on top of me stopping me from being able to move or breathe. i could hear heavy breathing but it wasn't mine. on top of this, i could not move how hard i tried. i kept trying to say 'go away' but no words could come out. when i eventually was able to move i relaxed again and felt the pressure again and heard the heavy breathing that wasnt mine. i had to get out of bed after that. still to this day i remember it clearly. sleep paralysis is something else. whats more is later that day i was walking to school and i see a man covered in blood on the pavement. needless to say that day was the creepiest day ive ever experienced.


u/Adriendo Apr 24 '22

Fuck sleep paralysis. I used to see wild shit. Like shadowy figures flying around my room resembling dementors from Harry Potter. One night one landed on my chest and started staring at me. It felt like 200 pounds on my chest. I had to learn to just keep my eyes closed while experiencing it

Thankfully it rarely happens now


u/Tickle-me-Cthulu Apr 24 '22

I only experienced sleep paralysis once, but it was more than enough. I woke up in my loft to the sound of my dad playing guitar and asking me to come down and join him. Only it was 2 in the morning and my dad lived 600 miles away, and I was very aware of both of those facts.


u/Specialist_Salt7974 Apr 24 '22

I used to see wild shit. Like shadowy figures flying around my room resembling dementors from Harry Potter

I'm glad i never saw anything as wild as that. Only a shaddow that resembled a face which, in itself, is creepy as it is but must be utterly terrifying to see things like that.

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u/jenglasser Apr 24 '22

I have never been brave enough to open my eyes when this happens. Thankfully it has been years.

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u/dying-houseplant Apr 24 '22

My brother was murdered by his girlfriend when they where both drunk and high. I was merely 11, by brother had been 17 going on 18. I found him. Beaten to death by her. The creepiest moment of my life will always be seeing him like that. He was just coated in blood, cold, looked afraid. The creepiest part was hearing his last, wheeze of a breath. Its obviously stuck with me. If anyone has any questions, id be happy to answer.


u/BusbyBusby Apr 24 '22

How much time did his girlfriend do for that?


u/dying-houseplant Apr 24 '22

Heres the thing, none. My father beat my mother into not pressing charges or telling anyone. My brother was buried in the barren field beside our home. They told everyone he ran away, and the girlfriend overdosed 2 years afterwards- when I was 13. She had already become a mother of 3 in that time. I heard that her daughter found her. I have many mixed feelings on that woman.


u/BusbyBusby Apr 24 '22

Did you live amongst savages?


u/dying-houseplant Apr 24 '22

Pretty much lmao. I could go on and on about the horrors in my childhood home. I ran away at 16 and never looked back. My dad died a few weeks ago, and god am I glad.


u/smithsonian2021 Apr 25 '22

Man, every story that I read that involves shitty or terrible parents just motivates me to be the best dad that my future kids will have when it’s my turn to start a family.


u/pepperlandshine Apr 25 '22

Um are you sure it was your brother’s girlfriend who did it and not your father? It sounds like he was way more involved than just improper disposal of human remains.


u/dying-houseplant Apr 25 '22

No. We have gotten confirmation it was not. I do believe my father could, and possibly would have though. He attempted to kill me, so its not out of the ballpark. But they are both dead, and that time is behind me. It doesn't matter anymore

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u/[deleted] Apr 24 '22



u/1heart1totaleclipse Apr 24 '22

Even more scary and sad is the number of actual sexual assaults and kidnappings.

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u/Spiritual-Slip-6047 Apr 24 '22

I’ve been read these comments in horror.

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u/Adriendo Apr 24 '22

I was riding bikes with two friends on a road that cars rarely drove on. We were all boys and about 13 years old.

An old guy in a van slows down next to us and says in a slow voice, "hey, I know your parents wouldn't want you to accept money from strangers... But it's ok this time." He had some cash in his hand and showed it to us.

We declined a noped the fuck outta there

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u/_jules_mack Apr 24 '22

I went with my mom who was a psychiatric nurse to her job at a state run psychiatric facility to grab her check. I saw a man run down the stairs screaming and flailing his arms and about 3-4 guys grab him and put him on a gurney for mechanical and chemical restraints. I must have been around 9-10. It was scary at the time but then I ended up becoming an LCSW and helped open residential program for adolescents with behaviors similar to this.


u/Low_Sherbet_8150 Apr 24 '22

This story is not paranormal, but still freaked me out.

When I was 4 or 5, my parents would take me to my grandpas house every weekday so I wouldn’t be home alone. My grandma had work, but she would come pick me up around the time my sister got out of school so we could both go home. My sister wasn’t feeling well one day, so we both went to my grandparents house. Everything was normal for a few hours, he made us breakfast and turned on cartoons for us. My sister wanted to watch something else so she turned around to him and asked him to put on her favorite show. He didn’t respond. He had a weird look on his face, like he was spaced out but angry at us at the same time. He clearly wasn’t himself. It was only a bit unsettling, so my sister asked him again. He started making groaning sounds, like he wasn’t fully aware of what was happening. My sister got up and dragged me down the hall. We had to pass by his chair and when we did he grabbed my arm. It wasnt like a playful thing, he was holding on tight. It hurt really bad so I tried to get away. I eventually did and we continued running down the hall. We got into the bathroom and my sister said he was playing a game. She said he was a zombie and we need to find a cure for him while staying hidden. We stayed in the bathroom for ten minutes and then we tip toed back. He was totally normal when we got back and it seemed like he had no memory of what just happened. This happened again when I was alone with him. I didn’t know how to use a phone because I was so little, so I just grabbed his flip phone and hid behind his chair. I tried to call someone but I obviously couldn’t. I had to sit behind his chair while listening to him make that scary groaning sound. My grandma eventually came home and he was just suddenly normal again.

My family says he has a sickness. They call it a seizure, but I’ve tried looking for a seizure that has similar symptoms to the way he acts when he has them, but I’ve had no luck. Looking back, it probably isn’t that scary, but it has stuck with me for a long time.

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u/Merry_Dankmas Apr 24 '22

It's kind of funny looking back on it but was terrifying at the time.

When I was around 11-13, my friends and I would constantly roam around our neighborhood late at night and just fuck around. Right next to the entrance of our neighborhood, there was a cluster of trees that we called the forest. It wasn't really a forest since it probably only stretched a hundred feet or so in each direction but we called it that nonetheless. We were riding our skateboards by the forest and my friend stopped to take a piss in the bushes right outside of the treeline.

I thought it would be funny to mess with him by throwing his skateboard into the woods since it was pitch black inside of there and super creepy at night. He naturally got pissy at me and made me go get it but I told him it wasn't my board so it wasn't my problem. After bickering for a few minutes, we decided that the three of us would go in together to get it so that we could protect each other from forest demons.

Now, even though this was a small cluster of trees, this place was creepy as absolute fuck in the nighttime. Just something about it threw you off. Hell, even in the daylight it was creepy. We slowly crept in and shined our flashlights around looking for the skateboard. My friend saw it about 15 feet into the woods and made me go get it since I was the one who threw it in. I rushed over to go pick it up and as I was bending over to pick it up, I heard my 2 friends start screaming and yelling. I looked up to see a homeless man pissing on a tree about 10 feet in front of me. He had a really shocked look on his face. I too screamed, grabbed the board and bolted.

My friends had turned and fled with the flashlight before I could turn so I stumbled through the dark and tripped over a bunch of roots and could barely see but I made it out in one piece. We took off and fled back to my friends house all the while yelling about the serial killer in the woods. Looking back at it, that poor homeless guy was probably equally as spooked as we were and just wanted to urinate in peace and us dipshit kids came along and ruined his tranquility.


u/Sid_the_gay_sloth Apr 24 '22

When I was 9 or 10 I was laying in my bed wish was next to my (open) window, I was about to fall asleep when I heard inconsistent foot steps like someone had a limp, I thought it was my dad as he had a tendency to to get up at night and have a smoke and he also had a limp from a football injury so I brushed it off when I heard it again I started to wonder what it was and when it got closer to my window and stopped I freaked out and slipped under my blankets after maybe 5/6 minutes the noise moved away from my window it kept going on for an hour or two. The next morning I asked my parents if they went for a walk last night neither of them did, when I told them what happened they shot each-other a terrified look and told me to keep my window locked from then on


u/0W000000000 Apr 24 '22

So did you ever find out what it was


u/Sid_the_gay_sloth Apr 24 '22

No but rationally thinking it was probably my neighbourhoods local junkie but at the time I thought it was a zombie

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u/Individual-Leader-22 Apr 24 '22

i got my first bikini when i was 5 or 6. i loved that bathing suit. i only got to wear it once because the comments my dad and his friends were making were making me violently uncomfortable.

i didn’t wear another bikini until i was in high school, and my dad still makes comments about my body.

on more than one occasion he’s called me sexy and has mistaken me for not his child when i dress up sometimes and will make comments to other people.

im not sure if this counts as creepy but that’s the first thing that i thought of.


u/BusbyBusby Apr 25 '22

That's definitely creepy.

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u/MyUsernameIsMehh Apr 25 '22

When I was fourteen I was on my way to swim practise when a lady asked me for directions to wherever the fuck, I can't remember.

I was a dumb, stupid, naive dumbfuck who didn't question why the fuck she later asked me what my name and age was. I've never, ever told strangers my name, I give whatever fake name pops into my head, but when I said that I was fourteen she turned to the man she was with (her boyfriend) and said, "She is fourteen." in spanish. (I spoke the most basic of spanish back then).

He replied something I didn't understand, but I got this really uncomfortable feeling so I said, "Sorry, I need to get to training." and rushed away. I memorized what he said then called my (hispanic) friend and asked what it meant.

She said, "It means, "shit, too old."

Bro, I've never been so terrified in my fucking life. Even now, almost nine years later, if some random stranger asks for directions while I'm out I give the quickest answer I can then fuck off. I don't fuck with random people outside anymore


u/longpenisofthelaw Apr 24 '22

Doing coke and smoking weed with my 2 best friends who are brothers and their dad at 16 and their dad going into detail about the people he killed back during his days in prison....and before that person he killed while he was in a gang..... and before that the one guy he shot in a drug robbery as a teen who he's not sure of he killed. He never brought it up again and we kinda had a silent agreement to just not talk about it.

He's a decent dude now but had a fucked up life, I 100% believe he was telling the truth. I'm still best friends with them and sometimes visit every once and while when they get together for a family BBQ.

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u/AgshSA Apr 24 '22 edited Apr 24 '22

So... I nearly got kidnapped

And My least favourite teacher saved me. Basically I was late leaving from my school so no other kids were around. Then a man came up to me and offered to bring me to the sweet shop I said no but he urged and urged me. My teacher was on the other side of the parking lot when she noticed and kept her eye on me. And he kept looking over to see if my teacher was gone yet but she stayed to make sure I was there. Eventually I walked over to her to try to detour the man and it worked.

I didn't really understanding the implications of what could of happened since I was 7 but this now scares me to think about

Edit:I forgot to finish story but I actually went to the sweet shop after once I saw him leave lol Which probably wasnt smart but eh all for sweets amirite

Edit: For full stops


u/BeltEuphoric Apr 24 '22

I'm glad that you got away from him and that the teacher was there at the right time to prevent anything bad from happening.


u/AgshSA Apr 24 '22

I'm really glad too since the only thing between him from snatching tiny fat me was her so I gained instant respect for her


u/koibish Apr 24 '22 edited Apr 25 '22

So scary!! I think I had something similar happen to me around the age of 7. I was walking to the park just outside my neighborhood when a man pulled up next to me and got out of his car. He pointed to a random bush and said, “hey, did you know a turtle lives in that bush there?”

I remember REALLY wanting to look but some instinct told me not to turn my back on him. I just kind of froze up and stared at the guy thinking, how does he know? He just got here?

He kept urging me to turn around and look at the turtle when a random cop car drove down the road. He saw the red and blue, literally jumped in his car and bolted. The cop didn’t even seem to notice us but I think that saved my life looking back.

Oh yea I checked the bush after he left and guess what? No freaking turtle.

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u/Fusseldieb Apr 24 '22

That reminds me of a childhood memory that I still don't completely comprehend.

When I was at that same age, my parents had an apartment somewhere on a hill/mountain (Switzerland) and I kick scooted down to school every morning, and being like 7yo, I tried to scoot down faster and faster every day, just because.

One morning, however, I was doing just that and somehow lost control and fell pretty bad, scuffing my arms and legs.

Apparently some dude driving by saw that, stopped his sports car and offered me help.

Being stupid as I am, I accepted the ride and I told him what happened and probably a lot of useless stuff since I loved talking nonsense.

Eventually we arrived at my school and he dropped me there.

Explaining that to my teacher did absolutely not amuse him and he said I could've been kidnapped and stuff lol


u/Medic_101 Apr 24 '22

Have you ever heard that thing parents say to chatty kids? "If you got kidnapped i wouldn't worry, cause they would get fed up of you after five minutes and let you go." I think that literally happened to you lol

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u/cheeseburger4324 Apr 24 '22

It isn’t too creepy but when i was like 9 there was this rumour in school that the girls bathrooms were haunted(i’m pretty sure me and my friends started this rumour lmao) but no one actually thought it was real obviously. When i went in the bathrooms alone at break time i heard this girl crying(like full mental breakdown crying)so i told a teacher but when she went in the bathroom like 30 secs later there was absolutely no one there and no one on the yard looked like they had been crying.


u/thirteen_moons Apr 24 '22

moaning myrtle


u/WimbleWimble Apr 24 '22

I'd moan too if I was murdered and the universe punished ME instead of the basilisk by trapping me in a toilet forever.

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u/Magalb Apr 24 '22

I’m wondering if there was a pipe/vent/opening of some kind that led into the room and whoever was crying was on the other side?

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u/Emilythedryad Apr 24 '22

When I had just turned 13 my best friend from before a recent move died suddenly and we got only a funeral notice. My dad suggested to me “Well you were her only friend too, and we moved. Maybe she killed herself.” I’m now 40 and can’t shake this from the rotation of random thoughts.


u/CertainUnit9145 Apr 24 '22

Your dad sounds like a real piece of shit.

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u/sweettooth_92 Apr 24 '22

My cousin trying to abuse me when i was probably 6 and me begging him to let me go. Never told my family.

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u/eeyu Apr 24 '22

my childhood was super complicated but growing up, i lived with my dad for a period of years (age 5-10, full time, i think?).

now, my dad isn’t a great dad, in that he’s not really present. his priority has never been his kids - i have two half siblings from his previous marriage - but he’s not a bad person.

while i lived with him, i had a babysitter. we’ll call him mark. he lived at our house (again, complicated childhood thanks to a really complicated dad) and i remember thinking he was the bee’s knees. he taught me to play magic and carried me around on his shoulders and he was all around a great guy. but i also remember him doing things he shouldn’t have done. inappropriate stuff that stands out in my mind, with full detail, that i’ve never forgotten.

part of me wonders if it’s just something i made up so i’ve never talked to anyone about it. but i remember it like it was yesterday, so it feels real? i went to therapy for nearly a decade of my life but this is something i never talked about. i don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill in case it’s just all in my head, but i’ve always wondered if i really was a victim of SA.

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u/Traditional_Self_658 Apr 25 '22

When I was 5, my best friend from kindergarten would invite me to go to the skating rink with her family every Friday night. Since I was so little, I wasn't allowed to stay overnight but my mom would allow me to go skating since it was close by our house. My friend's mom was super nice, but her dad was really weird. He ALWAYS mentioned that I should come stay the night with them, every time. He would tell me to ask my parents every weekend, even though he was told no many times. It was creepy, since he seemed to he the main one who wanted me to stay over. He would also buy me lots of toys at the skating rink and ask me to sit on his lap and give him hugs. I never did, because I was not a touchy feely kid and didn't like being affectionate with people who weren't my parents. He would try to emotionally manipulate me into it by telling me that I wasn't being nice and I was really hurting his feelings. He would make sure that I could see him sulking about it, looking pathetic. One Friday, my mom went to the skating rink too, for whatever reason. He acted this way out in the open with me, even in front of my mom. It was then that my mom realized, "Wow, this man is a sick freak." And she stopped letting me go places with them. My mom never explaied why to my friend's parents, she just stopped allowing me to go. When I wasn't allowed to go skating with them anymore, he went out of his way to have a discussion with my parents. He actually came to my house to talk with them. Even though nobody directly accused him of being a pedophile, he told them that he didn't mean anything by how he was with me. He just thought I was an extra special little girl. He mentioned again how super great it would be if I could come over for sleepovers. Thankfully, I was never actually molested by this man. But he was clearly trying to groom me. My mom always taught me that I NEVER have to touch anyone that I don't want to touch, no matter how bad it hurts their feelings. She said if a grownup's feelings are hurt because I don't want to touch them, then that is not my problem to deal with. She had this drilled into my head before this, so I never responded to his manipulation tactics. I remember it making me deeply uncomfortable, though. Like, sick to my stomach.


u/sharksandsnakesalli Apr 24 '22

When I was 16, my room was right at the top of very steep stairs. Like, you're at the top of the stairs, turn right without moving and you're in my doorway. I didn't have an actual door, it was a curtain stapled to the ceiling. My mom is obese and never came up this steep stairs. My mom and step-dad were abusive physically, mentally, and emotional.

Well, im sitting there in my room chillin on the computer, and I looked over because I saw the curtain swing open. My mom was sitting sloppily in the doorway leaning on the side of it. I had no idea at the time, but she was super high from meth and cocaine. Her face was saggy and looked kinda grey and red, she kinda looked half dead and half possessed. I asked her what she was doing there and she responded with "You should have tried harder to kill yourself, you can't even do that right. You're the reason our lives are horrible and your the reason we can't feed your brothers cuz you cost too much money to take care of. You're worthless. A complete waste of space. Try harder next time".

I was used to hearing her say bad things about me, but she had never flat out tell me to try to kill myself again. I was honestly more shocked she was up there in the first place and concerned cuz the way she looked, and me not knowing she was on drugs, I thought she was sleepwalking.

I didn't want her to fall down the stairs, her being in that state so I went over and said "let's get you back downstairs". I went to put my arm around her to help her up and she jerked away while saying " get the FUVK away from me " and then she feel down roughly 40 very steep stairs. I was so scared for her cuz she could have died and she was sitting at the bottom of the stairs just screaming and crying hysterically in pain. From the base of the stairs to the living room where her chair was was about a 10 second walk and it took over an hour and a half for me to carry her (again, she was pretty big) to her chair. No one else helped.

Turns out she broke her ankle in 5 spots. Yikes. A few years ago, I was 25. I had gained alittle more wisdom about the world and the things that happened in my childhood not being normal/so extreme. This was not the first time shit got crazy. I was used to it. I realized she was on drugs. I confronted her about it and she said yes. I asked her if thats why she said those things and asked if thats why the situation happened and she said im full of shit, she would never do or say anything so awful to me. It turned into a fight until my brother spoke up, overhearing us. His room was at the top of the staira...walk bout 3 feet forward, instead of turning right and you're in his room....the stairway was right on the edge of his room and mine. He said "Mom. I was there. It happened. I heard the whole thing. I just pretended to sleep." And she was floored.

Now, im turning 28 in 1 week, and at this moment, my mom has been clean for almost 3 years (my birthday is May 1st and her "sober anniversary " is May 17th). Now that's she is drug free she has been the most caring, lovely, genuinely kind soul. We have had dozens and dozens of very productive conversations about our past both individually and collectively. She has divorced my step dad and is living on her own in the same apartment complex as me, actually. She is a volunteer AA and NA (narcotics anonymous) representative, trying to help others now that they helped her so much.

I never thought I'd see the day when I would feel her love. I work in the Emergency Room in a small town and im alone and bored most days. Even today, as I was typing this on my phone at work, I had to put my phone down because she came and surprised me with coffee to help me get through the shift alittle easier, give me hugs and kisses, and a short lovely conversation.

Things are so much better now, but I will never forget that encounter. The whole thing was bad, but I will never forget that half dead, demonic look. It still haunts me, but im so glad its gone.


u/sharksandsnakesalli Apr 24 '22

Ment to post on my main account. Oops.


u/Test19s Apr 24 '22


Hard drugs really can ruin people. That includes hard liquor.

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u/Peikkotytto Apr 24 '22

Me and my two friends build a "treehouse" in the forest, near our houses. It wasn't really a treehouse, since it was on the ground, but good enough to play. We were all about 6-7 y.o. and this happened around spring because there was snow on the forest.

We were playing and I went outside of our treehouse to gather something and saw a man about 50 meters away from us. NBD, there's plenty of trails and people jogging, walking their dogs and so on, so I didn't think much of it and went back to our treehouse.

He followed me and I didn't catch him. We were playing and he came to look our treehouse, complimenting it and kneeled to the "door". Then he asks if he could show us something and pulls his dick out. He asks if we want to touch it, go on, you can touch it. We wouldn't. Then he "peed" in front of us and I remember thinking how strange it was that his pee wasn't yellow, it was white.

We told him to leave and I think he might heard some dogwalker, because he left. We went home and told one of our dads about that man and he called straight to the cops. Me, being the oldest, descripted his clothes to the police and they went on looking. Sometime later cops called back to my friend's dad and said they might have caught the guy, would the kids be able to ID him? We looked at the balcony, but it wasn't him. IIRC they never caught him.

I don't think it traumatized me or anything, because nothing really happened and I was too little to understand anything besides that peeing someone else's treehouse was rude. As an adult I have realized what he did back there and ran some scenarios thru my head what COULD have happened. It's been nearly 30 years and I can still see his smile when he looked us, and it kinda creeps me, because that smile wasn't anywhere near normal. I remember what he looked like and what he was wearing.


u/Silly-Tourist7703 Apr 24 '22

That is crazy. I can understand where you are coming from as a child to think how invasive to pee there then as an adult to know what happened.


u/Peikkotytto Apr 24 '22

It was bit of a shock to figure it out. It made me feel sick to think about it and what could have happened or did he do same or worst to other kids. As a child I brushed it off. I told my parents too and I think they realized it immediatly and talked to my friend's dad, but they never made a big deal about it. Maybe they didn't want to scare me. They just told me to stay alert on strangers.


u/Riioott__ Apr 24 '22

Not making a big deal out of it is a good move on their half, it turns potential trauma into something such a young child would brush off. Rather than you going your whole life knowing you were sexually assaulted you remember it how you described and as you said, other than finding his smile creepy now, you don't think it's affected you very much

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u/MakingWickedBacon Apr 24 '22

Years ago my bedroom was in the basement, and with the way my room was set up I could see the bottom of the stairs from my bed.

I was napping one day and suddenly jerked awake, and a shadowy figure was sitting on the stairs, watching me. I could feel pure anger and hatred radiating from this figure as it watched me, and my instincts were screaming that whatever it was wanted me dead.

My body was shaking and reacted on its own, moving my arms onto to a defensive position.

After a few seconds the figure suddenly vanished and I could move again. I was freaked out and went upstairs to watch TV.

It happened again a few weeks later, and it was the last time.

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u/Kind_Vanilla7593 Apr 25 '22

I was walking to school (2nd grade and about 3-4 blocks away).My friend let’s call her Heather,was walking behind me.I kept walking passing the beginning of the woods near the sidewalk and turned around to ask if she’d walk with me.She was gone.Got to school and school teachers were in a kind of weird mood..they asked us if we’d seen Heather and I put my hand up and told them where.Turns out she was kidnapped right near those woods BEHIND ME and held captive and sexually assaulted and beaten over the course of three days.Her family packed up and moved away not long after the trial and the guy was in jail for awhile I’m not sure how long.The fucked up thing is that me and my mom moved from that little northwest town to the south and on a reservation and I meet this guy…turns out his dad is the rapist from all those years ago who moved to the same place we did and had a family and everything.Still blows my mind!And no idk if anyone knows but I despise pedos so I let the word slip about his story and he’s not here around anymore….


u/RoganSyd Apr 24 '22 edited Apr 24 '22 Helpful

I grew up in the middle of Australia. For some context my parents are British and had lived in the country for years. Anyway as most people know the middle of Australia is a desert and living there has its pros and cons. By far the creepiest thing I remember from my time there was finding a human tooth around 20 mins away from my house. It came up in a conversation after I moved to the UK with my sister.

Edit: I forgot to mention that there were a few teeth and they looked to be human


u/RidsBabs Apr 24 '22

Ah yes, as a fellow Australian, teeth in the desert is creepy but not that uncommon, usually it’s either animal or human (most likely from a fight).


u/puCpuCpuCmarijuana Apr 24 '22

If it’s only usually animal or human, then what other type of tooth could it be otherwise?


u/RidsBabs Apr 25 '22

The odd alien or two, a couple from indigenous stories.

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u/HelicopterDirect5373 Apr 24 '22

I have vague memories of arriving home, changing out of my school uniform, and immediately going to bed

One of those times my mom checked me out and she saw bruises on my thighs but when she went to talk, the school principal told her not to worry

Eye, my mother couldn't change schools 🏫 so easily because I grew up in a rural area 🤧

Some time later, my mother made me go to a psychologist and he confirmed to my mom that i had been abused by a school teacher

My brain blocked those memories as a defense

They finally arrested that teacher because my mom, along with other moms, denounced the guy

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u/I_V_Y007 Apr 24 '22

When I was 8 year's old I was going to the shop near my house and I was about 15 steps away from the shop when an unknown man said to me to shake his hand,I did and then he pulled me and starting dragging me, I was shocked so I couldn't say anything and then a man came asking what was wrong and the unknown man said that I was his son and he didn't give me permission to go to the shop and was taking me home and at that point I lost it,I bit his hand and he let go of me and then I said to him " I don't know you " while running back to my house.

Still haunts me to this day...


u/eNrGzZ Apr 24 '22

Thank god for that stranger


u/EatinSumGrapes Apr 25 '22

Gonna guess that when the good stranger saw you run off he either called the police or beat the shit out of the kidnapper

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u/GunzAndCamo Apr 24 '22

I'd legitimately blacked it out, because it was so traumatic, but as an adult, a beloved aunty brought it up for some unfathomable reason, and ever since, I can't forget it.

When I was small, like still in diapers small, my working mother had to hire out babysitting for me while she went to work to earn a living. Sometimes, my grandmother would pick me up from said babysitter's and take me home where we all three lived. This day, my grandmother noticed that I was sullen and more taciturn than usual. I now know I was autistic, but rural Indiana in the 70s, no one knew what autism was. She reached across the bench seat in the car to try to touch me and I recoiled. When she got me home, she checked me up and found bruising all up under my diaper. Like serious bruising. Sexual assault bruising. She took me to the same hospital where I was born, and I guess my mom met us there. I don't remember any of the exam, or the abuse itself. I just remember the "babysitter's boyfriend" as the culprit. It was later discovered that he was A.W.O.L. from the Army (this was after Vietnam), and eventually disappeared from the area altogether.

I remember taking college classes and learning that in our lifetimes, 20% of women will have experienced at least one sexual assault. I wondered why that statistic bothered me so damn much. Now, I know, it's because I didn't make it out out diapers before mine.


u/allisonstfu Apr 25 '22

1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime

Absolutely horrifying. And that's just rape, not even sexual assault. The numbers get even worse when you factor that in. Plus the number of unreported rapes.

As a mom to a little girl, I worry so much about this kind of stuff.

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u/crispybacon62 Apr 24 '22

I had this cool night vision goggles I got when I was 8 or 9 years old that would only see stuff in black and white. It was late one night and I was messing around with the camera function on it, taking photos and recording videos when I see this girl. I only have a brother so it couldn't've been him, because this girl was wearing a dress and she was very thin, unlike my brother. I take off the goggles and there's nothing in front of me, but I get this horrid feeling of "I've seen something I shouldn't have" and turn off the camera and cry myself to sleep.

The next day I try to forget about it and start using the goggles again when I see this moving orange ball floating throughout my house, absolutely terrifying and I get the same feeling. Little me decides to not be as afraid and keep watching it and following it. I followed it to my garage where it disappeared and the room got very hot very fast, I ran out of there and was terrified to go back for weeks. That was years ago and I still have no explanation to what any of that was.

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u/chicken_Stick439 Apr 24 '22

I almost got kidnapped once. some stranger was following me on the way home, he proceeded to ride the same train as me, but i ran away and went out of the train at the wrong plattform. it was still worth it.

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u/mi_amor_tf Apr 24 '22

One time when i was around 9 or so we had guests over at our house for a few days, and since i had the largest room thet stayed in mine which meant i had to sleep in my younger sisters who was 4 at the time. Well on the 2nd night of me sleeping in the room i slept on the mattress on the floor and she was on the bed and at around 2 in the morning i was woken up from the sound of muttering. I got up and looked over at my sister who was facing my direction but with her eyes closed( i didnt noticed they were closed at the time) so i just started back at her, this is where it starts to get creepy. She then started to cry out of nowhere and saying help me over and over again, so i panicked and went over to her then layed her down, and she then started repeating in a kind of angry tone i had never heard her use saying turn off the fan that was next to her. She then ended up sitting up again and turned it back on and start crying again so i got into the bed and hugged her till she stopped. The next morning i asked my mum if my sister ever talks in her sleep & she said no. So it was a strange experience and i struggled sleeping the next few days

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u/MrBiscuitOGravy Apr 24 '22

Two stories from the same place we used to holiday every year, a tiny island, half a mile wide and a mile across, no cars allowed and it used to be inhabited by monks so there were many tales of hauntings.

The first was when we used to stay on the campsite. I had been to the toilets and I was walking back to our tent. I passed through a small group of people sitting in chairs in the middle of the field (nothing unusual here, people would sit out and stargaze and drink without bothering people inside their tents).

As I passed through someone said something to get my attention, I can't remember what was said but I was just chatting with them when suddenly this one man pointed his finger at me. He had a cigarette in his hand and all of a sudden all I could focus on was the lit end of this cigarette. He kept on talking to me but I don't know what he said. All I know is I could not take my eyes away from that glowing orange dot.

I felt very afraid but I could not move. It was like the whole world vanished and it was just me, him and that damn cigarette that I could not stop looking at. I don't know what happened but I'm damn sure that dude hypnotised me in an instant.

I remember hearing a laugh from someone in the group and it was like the spell was broken. I ran back to my tent with my heart pounding as they all laughed at me. Overall it is the weirdest thing that has happened to me. I don't really believe in psychics and hypnotism etc but that guy sure did something to my brain.

The other incident was when we stayed in a cottage overlooking a courtyard which had a church in the corner. It was the last thing I would see from outside when I closed the curtains at night and it used to freak me out. It got to the stage I would crawl under the window to close the curtains without having to look outside at that creepy old church.

A few years later some archaeologists visited the island and did some digging. What did they find under the church steps? The skeleton of a monk, buried upside down.

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u/brumikprobaxe69 Apr 24 '22

I almost drowned in a barrel of water. To this day, I can't hold my breath underwater for more than 30 seconds due to PTSD

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u/solitarytrees2 Apr 24 '22

One day I was walking home from school, and the walk was about a mile length on a main road. I had my headphones in at the time and while I was walking I saw a little white cat.

So I took out my headphones to try to say hi to the cat, only for it to run off. I was lucky for that cat, because after I took the headphones out, I saw a utility van pull up to the entrance of the subdivision I lived in.

A guy in a weirdly old looking thrift shop suit got out of the side door and the van sped off around the corner. I noticed him and walked at a distance past him. He started to follow me, and I started to walk faster only for him to match my pace.

So I booked it, sprinting full out toward my house. And surprisingly he started running after me too, still not saying a single word.

I ran through a couple of bushes to get to my front door faster, and knocked on it loudly for my dad to let me in. I looked back, and saw the white van pull up to the guy, load him in, and screech off out of the subdivision.

Later on it turns out there was a sex trafficking group in the area who preyed on towns outside of Detroit. The guy I saw was eventually arrested after he failed to kidnap a girl when her black lab attacked him during the attempt.


u/knackenord Apr 24 '22

When I was a little girl, probably around 8-9 years old, I used to roller blade around our "house". I always told my parents to "count" and when I finished they'd tell me how fast I was. Our "house" was kind of a long apartment building, I'd guess it's around a 100 meters long, so skating around it meant I had to skate for a couple of hundred meters.

I've always found the backside of the house kind of creepy when its dark. The road is in between the apartments and a church, and the lights from the apartments doesn't reach the road so there's only a few street lights to light the way.

This particular day was in the fall sometime, I know this cause it was in the afternoon but it was already dark when I was about to skate around the house. I remember turning around and coming to the back side. The street was empty except someone on a bicycle further up the street. I knew it was a bike cause at first all I saw was the light on his bike, which meant he was going the opposite direction, towards me. Shortly before passing each other I see It's a guy and he's intensely staring at me, I mean REALLY staring. He's even turning his head towards me as he passes. A couple of seconds after we passed each other I turn my head to look behind me and he is STILL staring, his head now turned the opposite direction of where he's going. It scares me so I try to go faster and a few seconds later I look back one more time. This time I see him making a u-turn before coming my way. He's going pretty fast too, cause he's going off the road on to the grass before turning back on to the road but in the opposite direction. Like I said it's pretty dark, and I'll never forget that head light of his, and how I see it turn back towards me. Anyway, I freak out and skate as fast as I can around the building, never turning around again cause I'm too scared to look. I also keep thinking that I don't want him to know where I live, so instead of just going straight home I went on to some smaller path between buildings and I sat there for a while before I had the guts to go back home.

When I got back my parents were outside and they wondered why I took so long. I told them what happened but I don't remember what they said about it.

Maybe it was nothing but there was something weird with how he was staring at me. I definitely won't forget how scared I was seeing that head light turn back towards me.


u/Sad-Recording-3167 Apr 24 '22

When I was about 5 or 6, I remember waking up in the middle of the night to my door aggressively going back and forth. This scared me, and I ended up hiding under my blanket for what seemed to be about a half hour. I felt some sort of crinkling under my head when I brought my head back up to my pillow, and a poorly drawn side profile of a man had been on this crinkled paper, and i forever remembered it. I ran to my parents bedroom and this paper had been gone the next morning.

It wasn’t until years later tiktok came out and the trend of “the man in everyone’s dreams” was everywhere. I had a panic attack when I saw him because it was the exact guy on this crinkled up paper that arrived on my pillow 10 years before.

I get chills every time I see him

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u/LusciousLennyStone Apr 24 '22

My mentally ill "mother" had a vision from Jesus that my sister and I were possessed by demons and she had to beat them out of us. She used willow switches. We had scars for years. (My father had her committed when he saw us).


u/Brilliant-Purple-591 Apr 24 '22

My mother was drug addicted and she developed a paranoia through it. On some rare occasions at night she came into my room jumped under my blanket, whispering me there is somebody in the house stalking her. As 12 year old I was so frightened when she did that.


u/J_M_M26489 Apr 24 '22

Didn’t happen to me, but my dad;

He was walking our dogs kinda late at night and a homeless crackhead was standing at the end of a dead end street talking to herself in Spanish. (For context reasons we are Puerto Rican so keep that in mind) she noticed my dad walking our dogs and began to say in Spanish “those dogs are so pretty let me touch them, those dogs are so pretty let me touch them” over and over again, he said she followed him for a few minutes and her voice kept getting deeper the more she would say it, like if she got possessed… or was already possessed lol.

Luckily she was on the opposite side of the street and she stopped following him eventually!

We don’t live in the best area, so sometimes you’re going to see some sketchy stuff that makes you feel really uncomfortable, but it’s something to keep in mind and makes you more aware about things.

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u/BumbleLee64 Apr 24 '22

I was 11 at the time. My father was abusive and a drug addict and for a week he decided to lock himself in a room, he'd only let me enter. He made me go there, it smelled really badly there was yogurt everywhere. He was watching porn loudly and showed me a gun, shot the wall told me he was going to kill us. Fast forward a week later, our dog vomited the floor, he heard it from the inside. Went out of the room and started hitting my mom and my sister, to the point my mom told my sister to run away from home with me (she was 18). I just refused, didn't want to leave mom alone, so I stayed. When I went back I saw him naked, with a boner trying to kill my mom by choking her to death with his bare hands. I was an almost obese kid so I just tried to push him out of my mom with my whole body. Luckily I made him stop, but then he pulled me to the floor and hitted me. I didn't care I was just yelling at my mom, telling her we should leave. After that, we reunited with my sister. We asked our mother to go to the hospital, to report this shit, she didn't. She had bruises everywhere. I had to stand 6 more years of abuse, my father was like that since I had memory, he did other terrible things like killing or abusing my pets and make me look at it, touching me and making me kiss him in the lips, coming home drunk and ofc hit my mother and telling me I was a whore, that I was having intercourse with his friends (that wasn't true I was 13 wtf) and there's a long list, but that was for sure the worst day he gave me. I was a bright kid and now I'm an insane woman. But I still try to live a normal life.


u/Waste_Isopod3368 Apr 24 '22

A man yanked me off a swing in a play park (my Dad had taken my brother to pee). Luckily my dog reacted, snapping her lead she barked and snapped at him, he bolted.

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u/panda_enjoi Apr 24 '22 edited Apr 24 '22

There was a garden next to a footpath that some kids used to ride over to take a short cut. The path was narrow with thick thorn bushes each side, very secluded. One day I lost my balance and crashed into the garden on my bmx (was around 8 years old at the time) by accident. I got up, got back on my bike and went down the footpath. Halfway down a man started coming towards me shouting with his arms stretched out blocking anyway past, behind him his wife came doing the same thing. They wouldn't let me go for 10 or so minutes, for the first 2 minutes they made me repeat my name over and over, then they just stood there at my front and back wheel looking down on me for like ages, I could feel their breath on my face and neck. Suddendly the bloke snapped out of the glare and told me "you better go, now" as he stared at the floor, I rode out of there as fast as I could.

They probably had enough of the local kids using their front garden as a cut through. But they were fucking weird, later on they put up a 7ft fence all around their property. They moved shortly afterwards, when they left their neighbours told us they never seemed right.


u/ladies-pmme-nudespls Apr 24 '22

A shady homeless looking dude suddenly appearing from the woods and beckoning my friend and I to come with him. We hightailed it the fuck out of there.

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u/Terpsichorean_Wombat Apr 25 '22

Trigger warning: child abuse.

It's a memory of sitting at the dinner table with my family. My mother asked me, in front of my father and brother, where I got the scratches on my face.

She'd put them there with her fingernails a few hours earlier when she slapped/clawed me across my face and then yanked on the shirt I was wearing until it tore to the waist because I hung one of her dresses incorrectly. My father and brother did not witness this.

I can still feel the frozen, helpless feeling of trying to figure out what to say. Was it a test? Was she taunting me? Did she somehow seriously not remember what she had just done that afternoon? Her control of me at that point was so complete that to speak the truth was basically unthinkable. Eventually I mumbled that I didn't remember, and she upbraided me for being careless.

To this day I don't know whether she was deliberately taunting me, deliberately forcing me to provide an explanation that deflected blame from her, or just somehow blanked out what she'd done. On the plus side, therapy has helped a ton and I've finally cut contact with my mother (this was far from the only incident). It's a huge relief to be free of her.


u/BeEccentric Apr 24 '22

Being in the bath with my disgusting stepdad and my mum and my brother. All in one bubble bath. I must’ve been about 3 and I distinctly recall not liking it, feeling weird and not wanting to be naked around the stepdad. My mum maintains that this “didn’t happen” … but it did.

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u/RevolutionaryEvent79 Apr 24 '22

I was 9 years old. I lived in a small town far from the city, where we all knew each other. Summer was cold, rainy and windy. It was a rainy day and I was in my bed, until I heard a loud noise coming from outside. It was like a gunshot or a firework. I went out to check and noticed that on the glass was written "run, watch out for her" I thought it was a joke from a friend or smthng, but when I came out I heard a loud scream coming from my parents' room. I went as fast as I could, but they were just sleeping. I woke them up scared and told them what happened. My mother went with me to look at the letters on the glass, while my father went to get his gun. When we went, the glass was just badly fogged up and there was nothing written on it. My mother thought it was a dream, but I swear I heard that strange sound and saw that sentence written on it. My mother started to become more distant, until one day she left the house. Only a few months ago I was informed that my mother was in an asylum and had committed several crimes. It was the most surreal thing that ever happened to me.

(I used translator, sorry if the english is bad, and this is a true story just its very sumed up)

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u/CritiqueG33k Apr 24 '22

I was less than 5. Mom would drop me off with a neighbor super early in the morning because she had to work. They'd watch me for the day.

The Dad would wake me up and make me do things to him. I don't remember him doing anything to ME though. I only really remember bits of it thankfully.

Sometimes I'd be there playing or in the middle of the day watching me and if I were in the living room or something with just him, he'd start touching himself.

Never told my mom. That was over 30 years ago and she still has no idea.


u/gregmcmuffin101 Apr 24 '22

Gunna get buried but hey I got one.

A stranger tried getting me into his car on my walk home from school, offered me candy and everything. He kept saying "oh common man you look tired, it's a hot day out I'll give you a ride home, where are you going?"

I started yelling"stranger danger" and ran, I knew at the end of the street there was a crossing guard. I was screaming and crying by the time I got there, and then the crossing guard held my hand while she knocked on doors to call the police (this was before cell phones). Apparently the guy whipped a u turn and sped away when I started screaming and running, which is how the crossing guard already knew something was wrong.

The police walked me home. My parents were pretty freaked out, but chances were because of my actions, this predator wasn't going to be in town again.

This was apparently so scarring for me that I didn't remember this memory until I was about 26 years old. Looking back, I was terrified. Thinking about it now, how close was I to having something horrible happen to me as a child makes me sick.