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Weekly Youtube/Blog/Content Round-up! - June 27, 2022


This thread is the the place for sharing any and all of your own YouTube videos, blogs, and other self-promotional-type content with the sub. Alternatively, if you have found content that isn't yours but you want to share, this weekly post will be the perfect place for it. A new thread will be created on each Monday and stickied.

We will continue to allow certain high-quality contributors to share their wealth of knowledge, including video content, as self-posts, outside of the weekly YouTube/Content Round-Up. However, this will be on a very limited basis and at the sole discretion of the moderator team. Posts that meet this standard will have a thorough discussion of the recipe, maybe some commentary on what's unique or important about it, or what's tricky about it, minimal (if any) requests to view the user's channel, subscriptions, etc. Link dropping, even if the full recipe is included in the text per Rule 2, will not meet this standard. Most other self-posts which include user-created content will be removed and referred to the weekly post. All other /r/Cooking rules still apply as well.

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I made churros for a girl in my class and she said she wanted to order more I am still riding the high off that


So basically during my exams everyone in class finished except said girl, literally nobody got a passing grade in this exam so since she still had the chance to get one we were all cheering for her.

At some point I said something along the lines of "If you clutch this I'll cook for you"

And she got the higest grade out of everyone in that exam. (Not highest grades overall in every subject that was me and some other friend where we both got 98 grade average for 2 of the 4 quarters)

I cooked churros for her cus thats what she wanted and gave an extra lil dipping thing with Nutella for her. I handed it to her during our school moving up ceremony and when I got back home I asked if she enjoyed it.

Her words "Can I order a dozen?" and honestly I've just been riding that high for the past 48 hours lmao

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The internet is hiding season 7 of Emeril live


So I was watching Django unchained with my mom and she said that her and my dad met Willie Nelson on an episode of Emeril live, where they sat front row and tried Willie's whiskey in Emeril's ribs.

We were trying to find the specific episode and all I could find was a synopsis on Food Network of season 7 episode 20: Kansas BBQ, where it says the recipe for that episode was ribs.

When I was trying to find that specific episode all I could see was how google went from season 5, to 6, then straight to 8, skipping 7 altogether. No episodes of season 7 exist on YouTube, and there's nothing anywhere on the internet about it. I would've assumed that an episode featuring Willie Nelson on Emeril live would be pretty easy to find.

Did something happen to Emeril in 2003 for the entire internet to hide season 7? Why can't I find a single episode from then, let alone the one with my parents??

Tldr: I believe someone's trying to hide season 7 of Emeril live but I have no proof.

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Let the chimi flow!


A few years ago, in Thailand, our AirBnb hosts invited us over for dinner (through a strange set of circumstances). They served us a delicious steak, chili, chicken hearts (which are actually really good), and chimichurri (my family just calls it chimi) on everything.

Since then, I have found chimi to be the perfect backup sauce for anything and everything meat. Steak? Chimi. Honey-soy sauce glazed pork tenderloin? Chimi. Roast chicken? Chimi. The only things I haven't tried it on is fish (my mom isn't a huge fan of fish so we don't make it much in the first place) and veggies (though I imagine it would be a good salad dressing).

The recipe I use is from [here](https://cafedelites.com/authentic-chimichurri-uruguay-argentina/), but it is literally just combining the following in a bowl and let sit for a few minutes (or even 2 hours):

  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped parsley
  • 3-4 cloves garlic, finely chopped or minced
  • 2 small red chilies, or 1 red chili, deseeded and finely chopped (about 1 tablespoon finely chopped chili) (control the spiciness with a few seeds; or, if you have the patience, deseed and chop about 30 tiny Thai chilies)
  • 3/4 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 level teaspoon coarse salt
  • pepper, to taste (about 1/2 teaspoon)

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Converted beet lover


In 6 decades, I've never liked beets. Pickled beets, boiled beets, borscht, yuck. Tastes like dirt.

Last week I tried roasting them: sliced thin, tossed in a little olive oil, S&P, onion and garlic powder, thyme and rosemary. Roasted at 375 for ~35 minutes.

They were delicious! Now they're a weekly veggie.

Fellow beet haters, try them this way.

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YOUR Garam Massala.


Hi there.

I’ve been making Garam Massala myself since about a year or so, and I’m using the recipe from ‘Comme un Chef’, ISBN 978-2-03-587038-4, page 98 that calls for:

  • 1 tsp. Cardamom seeds, dry roasted.
  • 1 tsp. Fennel seeds, dry roasted.
  • 1 tsp. Cumin seeds, dry roasted.
  • 1 tsp. Coriander seeds, dry roasted.
  • 1 tsp. White, or Black pepper.
  • 1/4 stick of cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. Red pepper flakes
  • 1 big pinch of nutmeg.

Ground all the whole spices, pass through a strainer, mix with the rest.

All fine and such, but I think there’s a lot of people that have their recipe, as in ‘Grandma did it like this’ and so, so why not share it with the rest of us?

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Traditional 4th of July food - I need an Americans thoughts & ideas


I would like to host a 4th of July BBQ in my home. My husband is an American and has given me some ideas, but what are traditional foods eaten for the 4th in your family?

I am from Venezuela and came up with the list I thought people would like - If any of these foods sound funny to serve, I would appreciate the thoughts of someone who grew up here -

Hotdogs + hamburgers, baked beans, A cold pasta salad, coldslaw, jalapeño poppers, several types of chips.

What do you plan to serve for your dessert? I am stumped here. Thank you.

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Recipe Request Porchetta problems


I’m trying to make a porchetta to make sandwiches from for a picnic tomorrow but the piece of pork belly that my butcher cut is way too thick and narrow to roll. Do I just do a roast pork belly with all the spices I’ve got and use that instead ?

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Time/temp changes when covering a dish


I've been working on perfecting my fondant potatoes, and I'm almost there. The only problem is, the bottom half of the potatoes that rests in the sauce is noticeably tastier than the top half. I'm cooking them in the oven at 180 C for 35 minutes, uncovered (in cast iron, if that matters). I'm thinking if I cover the dish, it should keep the steam in and saturate the top part of the potatoes. But my question is how to adjust the cooking time and temperature when it's covered. I have no idea if I should go hotter and shorter, or slower and longer. Anybody have any thoughts on that?

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Open Discussion How do you best use fenugreek?


I've started growing fenugreek a couple weeks ago, and it's been growing really well and fast. However, I feel like both its smell and taste are quite bland: in fact, I feel like it basically tastes like what I think grass would taste like (actual grass, not weed). For a spice that I've read about being an important one in Indian cooking, that seems a bit disappointing. Am I perhaps growing or using it wrong? When added to some of my curries it also doesn't really make a difference.

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Recipe Request Fish sauce alternative?


Just discovered I'm allergic to the fish sauce I bought, not for the fish itself but the aspartame in the sauce. The dish I'm prepping is Nem Nướng, in case that helps.

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What do you overcook and why?


I love to grill brats and hotdogs to crispy oblivion while observing most cooking temperatures of other meats and grilling to medium rare. What about you?

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Recipe Request Best fruit juices to make with juicer?


I bought a juicer a while back to make orange juice and quickly realised that it's really not that easy, the pitch pretty much ruins it and it's a lot of work removing the pith, then you have about 12h to drink it before it tastes extremely bitter.

Can anyone recommend juices made with different fruits that are easier and maybe last a bit longer? Even if it's just 2-3 days.

I imagine berries would do the trick but buying enough for a significant amount of juice would be very expensive I think. How about melons?

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Open Discussion Soufflé Pudding?


I've always wanted to try making a traditional boiled or steamed English pudding with suet. I'm wondering what would happen if I folded in beaten egg whites. Would it end up fluffy like a soufflé?

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Birria Recipe?


Looking for a stellar Birria recipe to make Quesabirria tacos. I have previously tried the one from House of Yumm, but was a bit underwhelmed with the flavor. Thanks in advance!

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Why didn’t my egg white raft work?


Making chicken soup, and I’m tired of scummy soup. So I decided to try and make an egg white raft. Watched a YouTube video on it and it seemed pretty simple. Mix four egg whites with a little water and some chopped Vegetable (I used celery) and mix in some hot stock to temper. Add the egg mixture into the stock pot and bring to a simmer. Simmer five minutes. It’s supposed to clump Up into one solid mass - the “raft” which you then strain out. But mine never clumped up. It’s just … MORE murky. I’ll strain it and hope for the best but why didn’t it form a raft?

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What salad do I make for somebody who likes next to nothing you would typically put in a salad?


I want my kids to see that eating salads is something people do. I'm fine with pretty much any salad, but my SO basically eats nothing. And just spending 5-15 minutes whizzing up a salad for myself and giving them the example that you don't need to eat it.... well, that's no good now is it?

Of the long list of things I would consider "salad ingredients", I can name three things my SO eats: cucumber, pickles and maybe bell peppers.

Leafy greens? We've tried lamb's lettuce, iceberg, romaine, arugula, endive, red cabbage, oxheart cabbage and a bunch of others I have a hard time translating to English. The most positive response was a non-verbal "I'm going to eat this, but don't you dare ever make this again".

Dressings? If possible an even harder no-go.

Peas, tomatoes, carrots, chicory, (spring) onion, cooled down green beans, raw cauliflower.... all a no-go. And this is by no means a complete list.

And as a kicker: anything new is scary and met with boatloads of skepticism.

Do you, dear internet strangers, have any words of wisdom or at the very least mildly sensible ideas what I could try to make?

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Food Safety Raw ground beef keeps smelling bad after only one day in fridge.


I've tried buying two different packages of ground beef, but every time the beef starts smelling bad after less than a day in the fridge. With one of the packages, I used one serving then froze the rest, and I let the frozen meat thaw in the fridge for a little less than 24 hours, but that still smelled bad.

The smell isn't super bad, I have to get my nose pretty close, but it definitely isn't something I want to cook with. Any ideas why this keeps happening?

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The easiest way to peel turnips


I am cooking turnips for the first time tonight. I cut one into 4 large chunks and then peeled it with a small sharp knife but it was kind of dangerous and time consuming. I dont have a peeler.

I was wondering if I can boil the skins right off like with potatoes or if there is an easier way for next time. I am not good with knifes and it always freaks me out to peel anything.


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Recipe Request Need to make a good Carolina (vinegar based) bbq sauce….. let’s see your best recipes 😁


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Open Discussion Plain pasta, warm milk, and salt to taste


Ok, I know this probably sounds either weird or gross to the majority of you guys, but I’m just curious if anyone else has ever heard of this “dish”? You literally just put some leftover plain pasta in a bowl, fill it up with some milk (like maybe just enough to cover the noodles) and warm it up. Then you just add in salt as you wish.

My dad said his mom made this for him quite a few times when he was growing up. He first introduced it to me when I was about 10 and when he described it to me I told him it sounded gross but I tried it anyways and it was….really good? I think it’s like a throw-together recipe meant to be used as a way to use up leftover pasta. Possibly a remnant of great depression/budget meals from when my grandma was young? She was also Polish and grew up in a very Polish neighborhood in Wisconsin so I don’t know if it might be influenced by that?

I haven’t had it in years, but now I’m pregnant and suddenly remembered and started craving it out of the blue. I mean, the main flavor is salt which makes sense bc I’ve been craving salty things anyways. But also the warm milk is so satisfying and comforting, and of course the pasta is what makes it into somewhat of a meal even though it doesn’t have much flavor other than…pasta flavor. And at the end, you’re left with a bowl of warm salty milk. Which even as I type it, I KNOW it sounds so bad, but I can just drink it up.

All this just to say that I realized I’ve never met a soul outside of my family that has heard of this and the few people I’ve described it to thought it sounded too weird to try. I know it sounds like typical “weird, bland white people food” and while, yes it is, sometimes it can hit the spot. I’m curious if this meal is a thing that actually exists and that other people have heard of! And if so, does anyone else actually like it, too?

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Recipe Request Mac & cheese


Novice cook

I really treated myself, made mac & cheese - https://www.recipetineats.com/baked-mac-and-cheese/ (by lord it was good)

Served with steak, just steak.

A lot of leftovers - what can I cook tomorrow to serve mac and cheese with? Ideas?

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Open Discussion What do you make when you want to spend the whole day cooking?


Got the whole day to myself. Got nothing else to do, might as well make something nice for family, any suggestions? :)

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Open Discussion How to cook moghrabieh (Lebanese Couscous)


So I picked up a bag of "Jerusalem Couscous" assuming it was ptitim (Israeli couscous/pasta), which is quite flexible and forgiving when cooking with it. It turns out this package has hand-rolled bigger balls than the Israeli ptitim (which are always factory made and extruded pasta), and at the back, "Product of Lebanon".

Clearly I picked up a bag of Lebanese/Palestinian couscous (moghrabieh/maftoul) instead.

So a) how do I cook this, and b) are there other ways to enjoy moghrabieh than the traditional chicken stew? Can I eat this as a side starch like rice or pasta?

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Don’t throw away your watermelon rinds!


Seriously! You can use them in so many ways other than pickles. You pay for it and get a ton, so why waste it? From the rind of just one watermelon I made coleslaw, a few stir fries, a batch of kimchi, and “apple” muffins. I found most of the recipes online, but I’ve been trying to think of new ways to utilize it (Like the muffins!) I’m getting so much bang for my buck on the rind alone. I wish I had the idea before to get creative with “scrap”!

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Open Discussion What are some unusual flavor / food combinations you’ve tried that turned out to be delicious ?


Looking for ideas where if you haven’t tried it, it may seem weird at first. But once you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised