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r/DnD Nov 18 '21

Mod Post "Why can't I post a picture/link?" Thursdays are Text-post Only days on /r/DnD!


Ah, travelers! We don't get many such as you in these parts, not since the Marquis' men took control of the pass. I suppose you're wondering why you can't post images or links on this Fifthday?

Thursdays are Text-post Only Days on /r/DnD. We're disabling picture and link posts for 24 hours to encourage discussion posts.

We originally began this trial about six months ago and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I've personally enjoyed a lot of the conversations that have sprung up on these days (and a smarter mod would have bookmarked some of them to use as examples* in this post).

As of now we're planning on keeping the experiment running indefinitely. We're always looking for feedback, so please let us know of your experience. Have you been enamored with a discussion post that arose one Thursday? Have you mourned having to wait one more day to see your comic update? We welcome all takes.

The switch is still happening manually, so it will happen around about midnight Eastern US time. If anyone is aware of a way to automate the process, please message the mods.

Perhaps you could discuss this...we've heard tale of a path through the eastern ridge. If such a trail exists we could circumvent the Marquis' blockade and supply this rebellion. Won't you help us, strangers!?

* The first Thursday after making this post, someone posts the most classic question imaginable. This is what it's all about.

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Art Labyrinth; A cautionary Tale [OC]

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DMing The Murderhobos-in-Denial meet Fantasy John Wick


Last time: The party stepped into the trap.
This time: The trap hits. Spoiler Alert: It goes about how you'd expect.

My party have been in-denial about their murderhobo tendencies for a while, and recently got a job to acquire a horse. They decided to steal one from a widower outside of town, steal his puppy as well, and leave him for dead. They thought they got away with it scot-free, but Harry Candle had other ideas. (All John Wick references in the following are intentional.)

When my players gathered for our most recent session, they had no idea what was about to come. They took the stolen horse and puppy back to their mob contact, the artificer playing with the puppy the entire time. She named him, and announced he would be hers forever. They arrived at the contact's house, he stepped out to look at the horse, went pale, and asked where they got that horse. As the paladin began explaining where they got it, he got more nervous. When he asked where they got the puppy and the artificer said what they did to the man and the puppy, he immediately demanded they leave him alone and suggested they return the horse and the puppy, and added he wouldn't do business with them anymore.

Surprisingly, the players actually wanted to know why, but he brushed them off with a snide "Ask your mother". So the party went to the mobster mother's house, and when they told her everything, she went silent for a long moment. I told my players we were in "cutscene mode", where they had limited agency but wouldn't take any damage nor would any significant events happen. (The following is an exact transcript from my DM notes.)

Shatella (Paladin), as your mother looks at you, you realize you've never seen this expression on her face, and you can't tell what it is. She slowly walks over to you until she's standing right in front of you, and looks you up and down and puts her hand on your shoulder. Suddenly, she tightens her grip, leans you forward, and punches you in the gut multiple times. As you stagger, she shoves you back toward the rest of the party, turns around, walks over to the liquor cabinet, and pours herself a glass of the strongest alcohol you've ever seen. With the deadest voice you've ever heard from a living being, she starts talking.

"The owner of that horse and dog is a man. A simple, unassuming, mortal man. The most deadly man you will ever meet. His name is Harry Candle, and he is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will. He never failed any contract, from me or anyone else. Then one day he asked to leave. It was a woman, of course. I gave him an impossible task- kill Baba Yaga herself. She tried to run from him. Tried. He did it with a quill. A fucking quill. And that laid the groundwork for... all of this." *she gestures at the opulent wealth surrounding the party*. "And then, my daughter, just a few days after his wife died, you break into his house and steal his horse and his dog. What do you think is going to happen?"

When the paladin said they killed him, she laughed. It wasn't the first time someone thought they killed Harry. All the party could do now, she explained, is return the horse and dog immediately, and he might let them live. If they didn't do that, however, they'd all be dead before the next sunrise. She told them to leave her house, and either give back the animals or die trying to keep them.

At this point, the parties' rogue (one of the two who wanted to transition to an evil campaign) groaned and said "Fuck me, it's John Wick" and I've never given a bigger evil grin in my life. As the rest of the party pressed the rogue for info, I PM'd him and asked to not give details, unless he wanted to roll an in-game knowledge check. To the player's credit, he decided against it. Again, the players themselves are absolutely phenomenal and I could not ask for a better party to DM for, even if they're a little violent at times.

The party decided it would be a good idea to hunker down in one of their houses, but leave the animals outside so he could simply take them back if he wanted, he wouldn't have to break in. I seriously considered letting this go, then decided against it, because they broke into HIS house to begin with.

Around midnight, they heard the horse and puppy make noise for a moment before going silent. The artificer immediately decided that meant Harry had killed both of them, and they needed to be avenged. Of course, he didn't kill them, he just led them away and tied them to a nearby tree so they'd be safe.

The party didn't split up, and remained together as a group. Unfortunately for them, Harry had a lot of favors to call in. Their first sign of trouble was when all three windows on the wall broke at once. The second was an instant later when the room was filled with magical darkness. The third was when the Fireball went off. Then it was another cutscene moment.

"As you reel from the Fireball, through the shadow and flames you see a figure suddenly appear in front of you, as if stepping from a shadow. He's wearing a very expensive suit, and in one hand he's holding a hand crossbow, and in the other a long dagger. He looks at you with a nearly completely blank face, but you see in his eyes the coldest rage you've ever seen. Roll initiative." (It might be unfair to roll for initiative after the first fireball came in, but it needed to be a surprise.)

Given they were fighting a truly terrifying statblock (thanks for the suggestions last week, many ideas got combo'd into an unholy juggernaut of an assassin/monk/gloomstalker/revenant), they put up a fantastic fight. But between Harry's legendary reactions, some pretty awful rolling by the martial class, and the wizard's inability to use AoE spells effectively, the fight was long but ultimately a foregone conclusion. Harry fought dirty, constantly teleporting, throwing down debuffs, and sneak attacking the wizard to near-death before they realized they probably should guard their only dedicated source of AoEs.

Finally, when they were all down but not dead, Harry showed mercy, and let them live. Kinda. He knocked them unconscious, stole all their stuff, performed an invented Ritual of Unbecoming that sent them straight back to level 1, then sold them to the Drow.

Anyway, we're starting Out of the Abyss next week and hopefully the murderhobo tendencies are gone.

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2nd Edition [Art] Sigil, The City of Doors

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Video [OC] The DM was rolling like a madman today!

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OC [OC][ART] My Eladrin Monk Caroline!

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Art [oc] This customer had some next level requests for his Dice Tray.

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Art Lyuba, Cloaked Dancer by Indigo Jenar [ART]

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OC Here's our latest Czepeku battlemap! The Tutelary Turtle Island [29x46] [OC] [Art]

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Art [Art] I made some steel avatars for my first dnd campaign

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Game Tales "You stole my thunder "


Disclaimer: This story is more so a vent and not *that** serious.*

My boyfriend DMs this amazing campaign. We are 3 players and have been playing for over a year. All in all it is amazing.

We have one player that sometimes struggles a bit with main character syndrome and critical role syndrome. Like she will plan out these elaborate scenes in her head and be a bit frustrated when they don't come to be. She plays a cleric barbarian.

We have talked to her and things seemed to get better.

Till last session.

Our party was going trough a dungeon that was partly under the sea. So we had to fight some crabs. Our bloodhunter who has the vampirism blood curse decided to transform to kill one of the bigger crabs and does so successfully.

In our little snack break, the barbarian player then says " oh you totally stole my thunder". We laughed. Because honestly... I thought it was a joke. I have never heard someone say that in all seriousness. But she kept going on about it. Saying the bloodhunter "stole her kill" and that she had been "snubbed".

We were baffled. Our dm was upstairs at that moment. So we just told her she will have plenty opportunities to get the thunder she wants and not to worry.

So we continue and my character ,who is a wizard, accidentally gets us trapped in a bigger, water surrounded, chamber where first a stone golem is released that K.os my wizard.

Bloodhunter and barbarian kill golem but a crab monster comes out of the water. Our barbarian is missing with her hits and starts getting frustrated.

One of the npcs brings me up to 4 hp again so I start blasting.

Suddenly I am rolling amazing and all 3 of my turns hit. I used scorching ray on 4th 2nd and 3rd level killing the crabs monster. I even rolled in front of her because she was like " I don't believe you ".

Barbarian gets upset. Like....the player gets upset because she wanted to kill the thing. There are 2 more tiny crabs. She hits one and misses one. Bloodhunter hits one and it's clear that it is gonna die in one more hit.

Only that it is my turn before the barbarians turn. Before I could even say anything she screamed " don't!!! Hold your action I really want to kill it".

I looked at her and she was really shaken so I held my action and she got the kill she so much wanted.

Afterwards I told her that it is just a game and to enjoy it as it comes. She just said that she wanted her moment to shine.


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Art [OC][ART] - Goblin Bard Mini, sculpted, printed painted by me!

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DMing [OC] [WIP] First ever attempt, but using carton to make a map 3D

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Art [OC] Faerna, child of the Wildlands

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Video [OC] Player Advice: Levels of Listening

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Art [Art] Character Design of Erika Ishii's Shadow Sorceress "May Wong" from Dimension 20's Coffin Run

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Video [OC] A Mansion Dungeon I built for my players!

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Art [OC][ART] Under da Sea! - Sea Elf Hunter

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DMing [OC] I made mini risers out of telescoping mirrors based on ones I saw on Dimension 20.

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Out of Game Does this bug anyone else?


I feel like there's a subsection of people who believe that DnD, specifically 5e, can never be anything except a heroic fantasy combat-heavy dungeon crawler, and any deviation from that is just wasted effort on the DM's part. My evidence is that on every post I see asking for advice about incorporating something from a different genre into DnD, there's always at least a few people saying, "you're wasting your time, the game's not built for that, find a new system."

The reason this bugs me is because of the underlying implication that DMs shouldn't experiment with their games to make them more fun or interesting, and should instead just throw out the system if they want to do something even slightly different from what's covered in the core books. Does that bug anyone else? Does anyone else see that, or am I reading too deep into the comments?

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Art [Art][OC] Part 10: Diary

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Art [Art] Gewar, The Astral Monk

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Out of Game Tomb of Horrors Tattoo! [Art] tell me what you think!

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Art [OC][ART] Plains location art for wilderness travel.

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DMing A problem with DnD today.


A problem I run into and see these days is players expect their characters to be able to do whatever they want without any severe consequences. Insult the king in the throne room, rob stores, burn down half the town, kill random npcs for kicks, etc. Then when I hit them with the consequences, they act shocked and hurt. "It's what my character would do!", echoes from the table. "That's fine. And the king being an egomaniacal, vicious man did what he would do. Now since you've been executed, roll your new character."