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DAE get nervous around police even though they are inoccent?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 21h ago

DAE Feel Like They're Watching America Slowly Collapse?


Hello! This is my first time posting here, so please let me know if anything about my post is either prohibited or discouraged. Thank you.

Regarding my question, it's entirely possible that my anxiety is distorting how I see reality. It's also possible that because I'm only 21, I don't have a lot of perspective regarding how the world typically operates. Still, I can't shake the feeling that I'm watching the very slow, chaotic, end of America as I've known it. Polarization is only getting worse, and there are so many competing ideas for what America "should" or "shouldn't" be. People are getting angrier and more restless. Violence (or threats of violence, at least) seems to be becoming a common response to political and personal disagreements. Blue states are getting bluer and red states are getting redder. I don't see how any of this will stay manageable for long. I'm genuinely terrified of the presidential election because, regardless of who wins, people are going to be incredibly angry, and there's a non-zero chance that riots will break out.

Still, a part of me wouldn't be too upset about America breaking up into smaller regions. People would be able to live in a country that better represents their own beliefs, and the hyper-partisan society we live in now wouldn't be as harmful. Hopefully, if the Union were to dissolve, it would be a peaceful process and not one that came as a result of a second Civil War. Still, I'm aware that this is just a fantasy. I'm aware that the reality of a nation breaking up is usually far more chaotic and inhumane than whatever I could hope for. I'm just tired of being constantly anxious about the state of my country. So many things seem to be going wrong, and I hate being caught up in this state of anxiety and uncertainty.

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DAE feels like they have lost track of days and when asked "what did you do this week?" You literally forget about every detail and just feel like the days are barely anything??


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DAE move their leg in order to be able to sleep?


Whenever I’m laying down or sitting I absolutely have to move my leg (or another part of my lower body eg butt, toes etc if I can’t move my leg) or else I feel really uncomfortable and can’t relax/sleep. I’ve felt like this as long as I can remember and I feel like it’s getting worse/more intense. I don’t really know what that is ?

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DAE find themselves unable to speak whenever the space they're in suddenly gets loud?


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DAE ever just walk past a mirror and go “damn im cute”


I feel like I’m so used to seeing insecure people on Reddit there’s not very many confident people on here. Anyone else actually confident or am I the only one 👁👁

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DAE feel the same age they were when covid started?


I mentally do not feel like the age I am now technically. Mentally, I feel two years younger and like I missed out on some really formative years. It really overwhelms me and I don’t feel ready to be a grown up..

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DAE hear a word within a week after learning it?


I’m sure there’s some kind of explanation, like your brain picks up on it because you know what it means. I swear, every time I learn a new word or expression that I think I’ve never heard before, I hear it in the wild within a week of learning it.

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DAE Feel Like They're Not Heard In Their Household?


I'm having just a really rough time in my household right now, and I don't feel listened to. At all. I'm so over it and all I want to do is sleep until it gets better. I'm frustrated, angry, and tired, and it'll be a little bit before the situation eases up, but I'm under a lot of pressure right now and I can't take much more of it. I hope someone else here can understand.

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DAE find it near impossible to watch tv or play video games, because your mind is constantly racing so much, you just can’t concentrate on that?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 1d ago

DAE get nervous around the police, even though you've done nothing wrong?


I'm from the UK, driving past police or walking past them in town makes me nervous, even though I'm clean as a whistle

r/DoesAnybodyElse 41m ago

DAE not want to know the face behind a voiced character?


Its quite frequent people on reddit praise a characters voice actor/actress with a large picture of them next to it. My problem is that knowing who is behind the voice of a fictional character breaks the emersion for me, badly. I dont want to associate a fav character of mine with a face now of a person i dont know. I feel like voice actors obviously deserve the praise, but maybe (and i know this is selfish) link to their profile without showing their imagine on the homepage. Idk really.

I have never seen anyone talk about this and those post are hard to avoid really.

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DAE never have that rebellious phase as a kid?


As a kid I had those parents who were like “It’s dangerous outside stay inside where it’s safe”, and I did just that lol, had no relationships and didn’t go to social stuff that was outside of school hours

If I did go on vacation, party, or some nearby trip, it was with my parents

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DAE have to flex muscles at random times??


this sounds so weird but sometimes i have to flex my face muscles, my arms or my legs in random sort of episodes that last about 10 mins? its so tiring.

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DAE avoid taking any medicines unless you’re pretty much agonising?


I recently had a discussion with a friend about this. He’s the kind of person who immediately takes something when feeling the slightest discomfort. I’m the complete opposite.

I don’t know if there’s any truth in this but I feel like treating everything with medications (like even a common cold) makes our immune system dumber and weaker when it comes to responding to more serious diseases. So I try to only take something when my body can’t do it on it’s own anymore. Is this stupid? Lol

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Does anybody else stand up and every joint in your body pops?


I feel so old yet so young.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 5m ago

DAE feel disconnected from people?


When i talk to my friends, close friends even, it feels like there's a mask on me and that I'm just acting.

it's hard to explain, when I talk to people it's like there's two parts of me: one that's acting and talking and the other, the real me is on the inside watching. no one knows who I actually am

I've tried googling it but depression stuff comes up and I haven't got depression, so does anybody else get this?

r/DoesAnybodyElse 56m ago

DAE get goose pimples and really chilly after sneezing?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 1h ago

DAE like to collect different Dolls & change them the way you like?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 1d ago

DAE Wiggle the card reader before using an ATM to check that there's no card skimmer attached?


I live in a major city, so I'm always feeling wary that some criminal has attached a card skimmer to an ATM machine that I use.

I'm certainly no expert, but I think most card skimmers are pretty loosely attached, so a quick, gentle pull and wiggle of the card reader should ensure that there's no skimmer attached, right?

I've always had a problem with paranoia, so maybe it's just me.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 5h ago

DAE calibrate their exercise level to how much they want to eat?


Long term. I don't know if anyone else does it.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 1d ago

DAE just completely and suddenly forget things like a pin number or something?


I work in a shop, and to get into the back area you need to enter a code on a little keypad next to the door. I know this code. Its second nature to just put the numbers in at this point. But today, I went to put the code in and I just no longer knew it. At all. I had no memory of ever being told the code, it was like I never knew it in the first place. I just stood there, staring at the numbers, with no clue what I was doing. I had to ask someone what the code was. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Where they just no longer have any memory of something they knew before?

r/DoesAnybodyElse 17h ago

DAE feel the need to buy kids toys for themself?


I've always wanted kids toys despite me being a fully grown adult. Evertime I take a glance at the kids toy section at the store I can't help but want a toy.

I wanna fill my room with those soft plush toys, jump in a ball pit, just experience the childhood I never got to have. Be happy and carefree. I wanna be held affectionately by loving parents who will never abuse me.

Just a weird longing I get sometimes. I wish I had loving parents

r/DoesAnybodyElse 4h ago

DAE Have Several Consecutive Vivid Dreams After Waking Up Early and Falling Back Asleep?


Last night I woke up on my couch at 6 AM (I get up at 8 on weekdays) and slid upstairs to my bed. I continued to fall asleep for 15-20 minutes at a time, waking up partially for about 2 minutes at a time, in what I call “The Between”. Every dream extremely realistic, and was dipping either into either my greatest desires or fears. I had a dream about love, I had a dream recalling what a salvia breakthrough was like, I had a dream about going to the movie theatre in 2011, I had a dream about a hyperrealistic digital liminal abandoned hell-scape suburb. And many more. This dream train feels like my consciousness is a rock being skipped across the lake of my subconscious.

Does anybody else experience this?

r/DoesAnybodyElse 14h ago

DAE have a resturant that only taste good when your life is in shambles?


Mine is ihop. After I was out of prison, after I shaved my eyebrows, after I shaved my head, after a psychward stay, and after the lockdown the first place I went back to was ihop. When I don't have a big breakdown/shitty life event and decide to eat at ihop it always taste like ass. Ihop only taste good when my mental state/life is destroyed. Does anyone else experience this?