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r/GOG Let's Play [r/GOG Let's Play] Sleeping Dogs - Week 3 (100% Checkpoint)


For Week 2, see this thread.

We'll be playing up until the end of the game, including Nightmare in North Point (DLC) & Year of the Snake (DLC). Beware of spoilers below if you haven't made it this far!

Anyone is welcome to join in on discussions whether they play it on GOG or Steam or even if they've beaten the game before. Can even join in if you watch someone's let's play too. However, please keep these threads spoiler-free!


Story Checkpoints

31 story missions with ~4.5 hours of story DLC. Any corrections much appreciated. Tentatively:

% Checkpoint
10% Stick Up and Delivery (#4)
20% Meet Winston (#8)
30% Uncle Po (#12)
40% Mrs. Chu's Revenge (#16)
50% Initiation (#20)
60% Fast Girls (#24)
70% Civil Discord (#28)
80% Zodiac Tournament (DLC) & Extras (cop missions, street races, High Speed mission, Shaolin Showdown mission, Triad Highway and Death by a Thousand cuts missions)
90% Big Smile Lee (#31 - Last Mission)
100% Nightmare in North Point (DLC) & Year of the Snake (DLC)

Sample Discussion Questions

  1. Best and least favourite parts of the game?

  2. How does this game compare to other open world or sandbox games?

  3. Would you rather prefer that this game get a sequel or spin-off? How likely will this happen?

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Question Database Idea--GOG Best Version?


I know there are lists available online of GOG-exclusive games that aren't available on other platforms, but has anyone ever created a list of games for which the GOG versions is objectively superior to the version offered by other platforms? I know there's the DRM-free thing, but I'm thinking of games like Fallout 3, where the Steam version won't even run without modding to get rid of Games for Windows Live dependency. Is there a list anywhere of games where the GOG version is the only version that's playable out of the box like that?

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Official Sale Warhammer codes


Here is a code for Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus and Warhammer: Chaosbane [Slayer Edition]

7H*P3PCKCV7*9CLF*E (*=4)

Get yourself some Warhammer!

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Question Is it possible to transfer files from origin to gog


So recently i finished the witcher 3 and i wanted to buy the dlcs, but to my suprise i saw that the witcher 3 goty edition was indeed cheaper, than the expansion pass on origin, now my question is if i would buy the goty for origin would i be able to transfer my save files into that game without it becoming an issue? And how exactly?

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Question Flash Sale disclaimer: "This is your last chance to grab those deals before they are gone for good!" What does GOG mean by "gone for good"?


Does it mean that it won't ever be on sale again? or ever be on flash sale again? or sale at this price?

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Support Customer Experience Update: What [GOG has] done so far and next steps

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Discussion What are some games you thought would be on gog and surprised it's not?

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Galaxy 2.0 How do i fix this?

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Galaxy 2.0 GoG Galaxy giving wrong time for earning steam achievements


I've already tried deleting the steam plugin and then re-doing it which only temp fixed it.

Its just a minor quality of life thing but galaxy has been saying I've earned steam achievements hours before I actually did (for example instead of saying one hour ago it says nine hours ago). Any idea for a fix?

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Galaxy 2.0 Steam: GoG only shows full hours, not minutes.



for a few days now GoG only shows full hours (i.e. 26:00, or 17:00) played for my Steam Integration, even though it used to show the minutes played, too. So far, this only happens to Steam Games.

I don't want to reconnect since I would lose all my custom grid images.

This launcher really is a pain sometimes.

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Question Official integration & Friend list


Hello !

Does somebody know if there will be official integration for all platforms or if for those who are avaiable on "Community integration" they won't work on it ?

Also, will there be an integration for Prime Gaming ? I know that there is a few people who use it, but for free games it's cool tho...

And lastly, does someone know how to have the friend bar on the main page ?

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Support Ruined King: A League of Legends Story™ GOG version is 4 patches behind Steam version


Hello, I noticed the latest patch on GOG for Ruined King: A League of Legends Story™ is Patch 57973 from November 18 but the Steam version had 4 updates after that:Patch v58173 : https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1276790/view/3150826346193791302

Patch v58287 : https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1276790/view/3148575179693527541

Patch 1.6 : https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1276790/view/3148576538716055867

Patch 1.7 : https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1276790/view/3148579075955871023

I love the DRM free concept of GOG and I want to support it, but if games are not updated as they should be, this is my last purchase on this platform!

Edit: Before writing this post I tried manually updating the game from the Galaxy launcher but nothing happened, that's why I decided to write this. But a few hours later, after reading the answers and particularly the GOG Rep answer, I tried to hit update again and the game updated itself to v59081 (not sure if it's the Steam 1.7 or something else though...), but the patch notes are still showing November 18. So I guess the game did update itself overtime (as some user pointed out via GOGDB) but the changelog is just missing. Thanks everyone for all the information and follow up! :)

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Question Will Microsoft blacklist GOG and stop putting games there? Don't they want to tie us into a future thay's permanently DRM-ed?


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Question Games with Japanese voiceovers?


Hi guys, this is a bit of an obscure question, but I am trying to improve my Japanese, and while there are a lot of good games on GOG.com with Japanese text, I was wondering if there were any with Japanese voiceovers? When you apply the language filter to the GOG search you can't select for audio, so it can be hard to find this kind of thing.

So far I have only come across Iratus, but that's mostly one angry guy yelling at no one in particular (hella fun though). Anyway, if you guys have any good suggestions I would appreciate it.


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Galaxy 2.0 Overlay work only with GOG games?


For me, it only works in games purchased from GOG. With games from Steam, EGS, Origin from somewhere else (you know) added to GOG, and launched from GOG - overlay just doesn't works. When I press Shift + Tab - nothing happens. Even the frame counter doesn't work. Is this how it should be?

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Galaxy 2.0 What will happen to my library if I cancel my subscription to Game Pass?


Obviously I won't be able to play them anymore but I'd still like the games I've played to remain in the library.

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Discussion I got banned on the God of War Steam forum for simply asking if they're going to release the game on GOG as well


Just try to mention GOG and those scumbags will ban you instantly. Seems like a personal thing, as I've mentioned GOG on Steam countless times in several different game sub-forums and nothing like this had ever happened.

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Question how can i access the save from a deleted GOG game?


i deleted tomb raider from my pc and chose to keep the save data when i was prompted, how can i get that save data?

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Discussion Not a recent video, but a very good insight in how GoG works and its origin.

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Question Diablo 1 on gog - Do I need battlenet?


So I have had a strong itch to play through the original Diablo for awhile, and I saw it on gog. But I'm hesitant to get it, as I want nothing to do with battle.net, do I require it for D1 through gog?

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Galaxy 2.0 Galaxy 2.0 still won't recognize EA Desktop App


I know it's still in beta but EA made a dick move and don't transfer EA Play subscription we got from Xbox Game Pass to Origin. It only works on their new Desktop App for some reason and Galaxy 2.0 still don't recognize it. I'm trying to build my library on GOG but missing dozens of games is not helping.

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Support Unable to access GOG account, no response from support


Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

I’m prompted to enter a 4-digit code to access my account which is apparently to be sent to me by email, but it never arrives. I’ve tried it multiple times over multiple days and checked my spam folder and the email simply never arrives.

I’ve contacted GOG support through their infuriatingly stupid live chat and received an email confirmation of my support request but then nothing further. I’ve followed that up multiple times by email as well, and I can’t get a response. It’s been weeks now with radio silence from GOG.

I can access my account from a work computer and I tried to turn off 2-step authentication in that way, but of course, it won’t let me do it without entering a 4-digit code…

Does anyone know a solution as to how to get around this problem or how to actually contact someone at GOG? I just want the 2-step authentication turned off but it seems impossible and they seem unwilling to help.

I want to support GOG and keep buying games through them but woeful customer service like this and being prevented from accessing the games that I’ve already bought makes me really annoyed. The easier solution is to just buy through Steam but I’d rather avoid that in some cases if possible, but the complete absence of customer support isn’t leaving me many options.

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Question DosBox Games Open to Unmounted Screen.


I am new to GoG but not to DosBox. I've marked the game as owned, and created a normal shortcut. Shortcut works on its own but not when linked to GoG. I have also created a conf file and tried that following the "C:~~" -conf ~~.cfg -noconsole -exit (where ~ =path). Both work well on their own. Open right up into the game. Even work when linked to steam as non steam game. Just not from GoG launcher. Is there a setting in GoG I'm missing? Thanks ahead for the help!

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Release GOG Store Stealth/Silent changes for 2022-01-08 through 2022-01-14


Explanation for these posts can be found in the original one: https://www.reddit.com/r/gog/comments/kkg559/gog_stealth_releases/

TL:DR - I have a weekly routine for checking the changes to the GOG store which didn't have a News article (as of the time of writing this post), and I'll be sharing the results here every Saturday morning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A lot of the new releases that don't have a News Article can actually be found here, and forum posts about delisted games can be tracked here, so there are places on the GOG site where this information can be found


Cave Story®'s Secret Santa - This was a seasonal goodie, I think?

Kajko i Kokosz - Delisted by publisher


Action SuperCross - Store Link - Coming Soon

Elasto Mania Remastered - Store Link - Coming Soon

Elasto Mania II - Store Link - Coming Soon

Kurokami-sama's Feast - Store Link - Coming Soon

Kurokami-sama's Feast Demo - Store Link - Free

(Did I miss any news posts this week? For the Balazs Rozsa and the Minato Carnival World games, specifically)


Colorado Survival Gear ---> Wasteland 3 - Colorado Survival Gear

Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure) ---> Twinsen's Little Big Adventure Classic

Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Odyssey) ---> Twinsen's Little Big Adventure Classic 2

As always, if you have some suggestions on how to make these posts more useful, let me know :)

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Official Sale For anybody interested in S.T.A.L.K.E.R the entire series is on sale right now.

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Discussion God of War - Will you be waiting for it to arrive on GOG?


I'm in no rush to buy it now that it's released on Steam, but I do wonder if it will be released on GOG like Horizon Zero Dawn has been.