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[Humble Bundle] Game Night! By Asmodee | ($1 for Small World, Small World 2 - Grand Dames, Love Letter | BTA for Ticket to Ride + 2 DLCs, Splendor + DLC, The Strongholds, Inns & Cathedrals, Carcassonne | $12 for A Game of Thrones, Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace, Terraforming Mars, Blood Rage etc) Expired



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u/Letobrick Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 09 '22

If you missed the "best of asmodee" bundle in October last year, this is your second chance to get a comparable bundle. Less overall games and DLC offered this time around unfortunately.


u/[deleted] Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 24 '22



u/anarchistica Apr 09 '22

My 2 cents:

Ticket to ride: Only worth it with friends because the AI is indeed meh.

Carcassone: I don't care about this at all, it's like a slightly more advanced version of dominos.

Small World: Just as good as the board game, and the AI is great. The digital version is a bit slow at times but it's still one of my favourite games of the past decade.


u/KnightDuty Apr 15 '22

Small world is better than I thought. it's like if they took Risk and made it based on skill and gave everybody unique superpowers


u/anarchistica Apr 15 '22

It's such a nice little game. Simple to play, but with enough depth to reward strategising and enough variety to stay fresh for a long while. Plus the digital version doesn't have the annoying drawbacks like finding the right tokens or cleaning everything up afterward.


u/KnightDuty Apr 15 '22

I agree. I saw it played on tabletop and while cool - I have enough games in my collection that require a big setup to justify another


u/Mr_Affluenza Apr 09 '22

Thanks and appreciated.


u/SpottedPottedOrchid Apr 09 '22

Blood Rage is also on Board Game Arena now too. So you could always play there and get between by real people too :)


u/Timobkg Apr 09 '22

To be fair to Ticket to Ride's AI, that's basically how my family play the actual board game. We know that blocking your opponents' routes is a valid tactic, but it feels like such a dick move in an otherwise friendly family game that we never do it on purpose. TtR just never struck me as a game for cutthroat competition.

It's one of the many reasons I greatly prefer TtR: Europe, since the addition of stations both discourages blocking and helps keep you from getting screwed by a block.


u/[deleted] Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 08 '22



u/steamprocessing Apr 08 '22

Would love to hear which of these games require every player to own a copy, and which require only the host to have a copy (with potential screen-share ala Jackbox).


u/Ockvil Apr 08 '22

You can see that by clicking on the game in the rundown comment, which will show you whether a particular game supports Remote Play Together on the Steam page. Can't remember for certain but I think most of them do support RPT, but with the caveat that there will be hidden knowledge in some of them that won't be hidden, so you'll need to trust that everyone else looks away from the screen during your turn.

Sometimes that's only a minor issue — like how Small World hides points by default, but nothing you do is hidden so you can technically track everyone's point total. But sometimes it's a much bigger issue, like how in Ticket to Ride you usually keep the routes you have secret, and blocking routes can be an effective tactic to win.


u/dmarchu Apr 08 '22

so it looks like the best way to play is for everyone to own a copy?


u/Cuedon Apr 09 '22

Ticket to Ride has a pass-and-play hotseat option, so I guess you could play that with a shared screen, if you trust everybody to not look at the screen when it's not their turn and everybody can input.


u/lillje Apr 08 '22


Tier 1 - 1 USD | 1 EUR

Game Ratings Cards Achievements Platform Bundled Price
Small World 2 - Grand Dames (DLC) 44% of 9 reviews (Base game has cards) - 3 $2.99
Small World 75% of 755 reviews ❤ - W M 7 $9.99
Love Letter 90% of 159 reviews - - W M 4 $6.99

Tier 2 - BTA (initial: 6 USD)

Game Ratings Cards Achievements Platform Bundled Price
Ticket to Ride - Legendary Asia (DLC) 100% of 8 reviews (Base game has cards) - 4 $3.99
Ticket To Ride - France (DLC) 18% of 16 reviews - - W M 3 $3.99
Ticket to Ride 91% of 2657 reviews ❤ 🏆 W M 6 $9.99
Splendor - The Cities (DLC) 0% of 3 reviews - - W 2 $2.99
Splendor - The Strongholds (DLC) 0% of 2 reviews - - W 2 $3.99
Splendor 83% of 557 reviews - 🏆 W 5 $9.99
Inns & Cathedrals - Expansion (DLC) 70% of 10 reviews - - W 2 $3.99
Carcassonne: The Official Board Game 83% of 1140 reviews - - W 5 $9.99

Tier 3 - 12 USD | 10.58 EUR

Game Ratings Cards Achievements Platform Bundled Price
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game 74% of 1231 reviews - 🏆 W M 1 $19.99
Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace 62% of 448 reviews - 🏆 W 1 $19.99
Terraforming Mars 74% of 3218 reviews - 🏆 W M 3 $19.99
Blood Rage: Digital Edition 54% of 384 reviews - - W M 2 $19.99
The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game - Definitive Edition 76% of 1036 reviews ❤ 🏆 W M 3 $19.99
Small World 2 - Be Not Afraid... (DLC) 75% of 4 reviews (Base game has cards) - 3 $2.99
Ticket to Ride - Europe (DLC) 76% of 26 reviews (Base game has cards) - 5 $3.99


Hover with your mouse on:

  • the cards icon (if it exists) to get infos about their number and total value. Click to go check details on SCE
  • the achievements icon (if it exists) to get infos about their number. Click to go check details on AStats
  • the bundle count (if different than 0) to get infos about the previous bundles. Click to go check details on ITAD


u/kabukistar Apr 08 '22

How do you build these tables so quickly?


u/vplatt Apr 13 '22

Consider this bit of Javascript I execute in the browser console to extract a list of titles from the markup. Now, how hard is it to write a bit more code to do something like this with the table? Not too hard actually, though it does require some programming chops.

var hbLinks = document.getElementsByClassName('item-title'); 

for (const element of hbLinks) {
    if (element.innerText) {


u/lillje Apr 10 '22

I use a tool that formats the list of games, unfortunately it is not public.


u/TheCaspica Apr 08 '22

I really don't understand why they've stopped with mobile editions. It would be great to have the dlcs for Ticket To Ride on mobile. Oh well, guess I'll pass over this bundle as well.


u/HenryJOlsen Apr 09 '22

I own Ticket to Ride on both Steam and Android, and all my Steam DLC is accessible on Android. Strange but true.

For Carcassonne this doesn't seem to be the case. Not sure about the others as I don't own the mobile versions.


u/soiledshortz Apr 08 '22

I LOVE Terraforming Mars, both as a physical game, and as a digital game.


u/Plus3d6 Apr 08 '22

I swear I bought this exact bundle last year. If nothing else I own everything in it.


u/rplanet Apr 08 '22

Think I’ll pickup the BTA, I like Love Letter a lot and love Ticket to Ride!


u/Whitewind_WW Apr 08 '22

Kinda weird this round. BTA is the top tier on this one so the top tier keeps going up by a penny at at time as people (me included) keep adding a penny to the mid tier to BTA.


u/rplanet Apr 08 '22

BTA was $6 when I commented! I must have caught it early


u/ViolinistPerfect9275 Apr 09 '22

Is there much point in picking these up if I won't be playing local MP/remote play very often? There are some games I want try out here but I'd realistically only play them if there's a semi-active online MP scene or a decent singleplayer.


u/maxthehumanboy Apr 09 '22

Most (all?) of the asmodee games have solid single player ai. I've especially enjoyed Small World, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride and Scythe (sadly not in this bundle) in single player mode. LotR is a tailored single player experience as well.


u/ViolinistPerfect9275 Apr 10 '22

I've been wanting to play Small World and Ticket to Ride (the board game versions) for a while now so if those have decent singleplayer this seems like an easy purchase, thanks.


u/leonidaster Apr 09 '22

Wich one of these play better solo against the AI?


u/srmp Apr 09 '22

Which games can I play against the AI and another player in remote play together?