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[Humble Bundle] Visual Delight Bundle | ($1 for Townscaper | BTA for Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective, El Hijo | $13 for Rubber Bandits, Space Crew: Legendary Edition, TOEM, A Juggler's Tale) Expired



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u/mackandelius Apr 22 '22

TOEM might be the definition of wholesome, you just go on a adventure helping people with your "vintage camera with dynamic zoom".

In other terms it is a puzzle game that requires that you explore and observe your environment.

One thing that is immediately apparent is the feel of the game, it is cozy, it is all really well packaged, leaving me with the only bad thing about the game being that I wanted more.

Also have to mention that this game has some stellar controls, it is snappy and accommodating. The menu's have the most satisfying combination of animation and sound in any game I have played, it is so crisp. Just the simple act of skipping forward in a conversation is immediate, you press a button and all the text for that bubble appears and it is satisfyingly instant.


u/pierketja Apr 22 '22

5 games from my wishlist, this is a really nice bundle for me. I just love these little, not too stressfull games to relax after a work day.


u/no3dinthishouse Apr 23 '22

damn im the opposite i dont recognize a single one


u/Sniperoso Apr 23 '22

Here is a version of Townscaper you can play on a browser.

I'm not sure if the steam version has anything substantially different.


u/142kmph Apr 23 '22

Thanks for finding and sharing this! As the developer says... Townscaper is just a toy.

Glad I was able to try it out for a moment; I can wait for Toem to hit an all new low price in the future :-)


u/GCTuba Apr 22 '22

Tier 2 isn't BTA btw, it's just $7.


u/whenigrowup356 Apr 22 '22

Hopefully this signals a change in their pricing structure; BTA never seems to work out like they intended.


u/Purple10tacle Apr 23 '22

It used to work just fine, they just intentionally broke it with the site redesign. They made sure it would almost never be worth just getting the BTA tier.


u/klapaucius Apr 23 '22

BTA worked just fine until they started making bundles where the lower tiers weren't worth it.


u/treblah3 Apr 23 '22

Good call.

u/lillje this post has been flaired but please take a moment to check if it's a priced tier or BTA tier when posting in future. Your table/comment is correct but your post title is not. Thanks.


u/adidlucu Apr 23 '22

And this $13 is the new $12? Because it used to be $12 in the past, right?


u/CaradocX Apr 23 '22

Welcome to inflation.


u/MJuniorDC9 Apr 22 '22

Great deal on Townscaper.


u/thecrius Apr 22 '22

I tried it on game pass.

It gets old REALLY fast.


u/Igneeka Apr 22 '22 edited Apr 22 '22

To be fair there was supposed to be more but the dev got issue with his daughter (I think ?) and he barely had any time to work on the game and pushed it out of EA

But yeah it's fun for a short while but there's really not much to do here, 1$ sounds about right for it tho


u/PandaBambooccaneer Apr 22 '22

same. I played for 5 minutes and said "that's it?" and uninstalled it


u/Eevee1997 Apr 22 '22

5 minutes isn't really enough to find every hidden thing in the game like lighthouses


u/lukelear Apr 22 '22

instacopped lowest tier on this bundle.

townscaper is so glorious and so good


u/forgotaboutlaye Apr 22 '22

I'd been eyeing this game for a while - it's the game from the bundle I'm most interested in and it's in the lowest tier - Just my luck.


u/jandkas Apr 22 '22

Isn't saying 'just my luck' usually meant to indicate or express displeasure at bad luck?


u/dougmc Apr 22 '22

Only if you're unlucky.

Clearly, forgotaboutlaye is luckier than that!


u/GammaRayGreg Apr 22 '22

This reminds me of when I thought "you got your work cut out for you" meant the task is easy. To me, it sounded like your work was cut into small pieces for your conveniences.


u/CrazyDave48 Apr 22 '22

Yea, that confused me at first. I've honestly never heard or read "just my luck" in a non-sarcastic way before. I never quite realized it until seeing someone using it positively though


u/forgotaboutlaye Apr 22 '22

I guess it is, but I really mean it here in the most sincere way possible!


u/DoctorChampTH Apr 22 '22

Then you're looking for "Everything is coming up Milhouse"


u/shellwe Apr 22 '22

Maybe it reflects your outlook? Like, if you think good things will happen to you then it is your luck that you will get this good thing.


u/drfoqui Apr 22 '22

Toem is a really cute and fun collect-a-thon game.


u/lillje Apr 22 '22 Helpful

Tier 1 - 1 USD | 1 EUR

Game Ratings Cards Achievements Platforms Bundled Price
Townscaper 97% of 15132 reviews - - W M 0 $5.99

Tier 2 - 7 USD | 6.43 EUR

Game Ratings Cards Achievements Platforms Bundled Price
Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective 96% of 1170 reviews - 🏆 W 0 $11.99
El Hijo 70% of 60 reviews - 🏆 W 1 $19.99

Tier 3 - 13 USD | 11.95 EUR

Game Ratings Cards Achievements Platforms Bundled Price
Rubber Bandits 79% of 467 reviews - 🏆 W 0 $19.99
Space Crew: Legendary Edition 79% of 1219 reviews ❤ 🏆 W M L 1 $24.99
TOEM 98% of 729 reviews - 🏆 W M 0 $19.99
A Juggler's Tale 94% of 235 reviews - 🏆 W 0 $17.99


Hover with your mouse on:

  • the game name to check the Steam tags of the game
  • the cards icon (if it exists) to get infos about their number and total value. Click to go check details on SCE
  • the achievements icon (if it exists) to get infos about their number. Click to go check details on AStats
  • the bundle count (if different than 0) to get infos about the previous bundles. Click to go check details on ITAD


u/chriss3008 Apr 22 '22

Toem is amazing. I bought it recently for more than the whole bundle :3


u/lastemp3ror Apr 22 '22

So I own the base game for Space Crew and all of the DLC. I am assuming the legendary edition adds nothing to that?


u/SalsaRice Apr 23 '22

Typically, yeah.

The only thing it will do is rename it in your library to legendary edition.


u/gizmomelb Apr 23 '22

you should have been upgrade to the legendary version for free


u/lastemp3ror Apr 23 '22

It is strange. It doesn't say I own the legendary edition, but I do own all of the DLC. I am assuming that the "upgrade" was getting all of the DLC but not the "legendary Edition". Hence the confusion on my part.


u/Frankie__Spankie Apr 23 '22

El Hijo is a really fun little stealth game. It's an isometric view and pretty casual for a stealth game but it has a lot of charm while still being challenging enough to remain interesting throughout.


u/GeneticsGuy Apr 23 '22

Townscaper is a zero objective builder game. It's cute. I got bored after about 20 minutes because the only thing you could basically do was change colors. Great deal though.


u/Albatraous Apr 23 '22

Rubber bandits is good fun. Only played with one other person, but he was laughing his head off he was having so much fun. Very silly game with great anination/physics.


u/TheCaspica Apr 23 '22

The Labyrinth City trailer might be the most French thing I've ever seen.


u/incertnom Apr 22 '22

Pretty strong bundle if youre into Indies.

Labyrinth City really caught my eye but I've seen enough of Juggler's Tale, TOEM and Townscaper to pick this one up, the review aggregates on Steam are gushing as well.


u/spacey-interruptions Apr 22 '22

Toem is such a brilliant game


u/_Administrator Apr 23 '22

Bought Townscsper as I have been wanting to try it out on a big screen. And just to drag mouse around and see buildings appear - what else does a 40 year old needs on a Friday night?


u/Scott13Pippen Apr 22 '22

So much praise for Townscraper in these comments, but honestly it's not really a "game". You just click to add a building to a grid, that's it. It's interesting, but nothing I could "play" for more than 10 minutes. There's literally no objective. You could watch a lets play for 2 minutes and see every aspect of Townscraper.

BTW- it's only $6 on steam and free on Xbox Game Pass.


u/seceralnof Apr 22 '22

it's only $6 on steam

And $1 in this bundle...


u/Scott13Pippen Apr 22 '22

Doh, I thought the only option was $13 for everything. My bad.

Still, it's $1 for maybe 10 minutes of entertainment and something you'll never touch again.


u/FrozinFier Apr 22 '22

I’ve had worse $1’s.


u/TheCaspica Apr 23 '22

There are $1's I've never even downloaded...


u/broccoli_meister Apr 24 '22

There are $15's I've never even downloaded, but that's a different conversation


u/Hallc Apr 23 '22

It's not like Townscaper claims its a game though. The description literally calls it "More of a toy than a game".


u/Dymonika Apr 22 '22

It's "Townscaper," with only one "r," and it's not "free" but rather "included" on PC Game Pass (unless one subscribes using Microsoft Rewards points).

Anyways, I'm another anti-Townscaper redditor here. It's a disappointingly simplistic creation toy that's not a game. I'd recommend ISLANDERS any day instead.


u/thecrius Apr 22 '22

Whoever downvoted you haven't played it.

I tried on game pass and totally confirm. It's a nice tech demo, nothing more.


u/Duck-of-Doom Apr 23 '22

They should add a first person mode where you can walk around the city you’ve built. That would keep me interested.


u/Baldorad Apr 22 '22 edited Apr 23 '22

Townscaper is a nice little game, definitely worth it for this price.


u/timmyboyoyo Apr 22 '22

Very defiantly


u/142kmph Apr 22 '22

The crowds implored the User to avoid the sale and to save their money.

The User stared deeply into the eyes of the crowds and slammed their money on the desk.

"Game on," declared the User, defiance dripping deftly.


u/statuskills Apr 22 '22

Heard about a few of these games on a great little Australian podcast called All The Small Games! Picking it up!


u/Leema1 Apr 22 '22

oh El Hijo - A Wild West Tale is in the Handygames fanatical bundle that also just came out. was just missing that from that bundle. also looking for a couple things in the 3rd tier here so guess ill grab this bundle instead


u/Whitegemgames Apr 22 '22

TOEM alone makes this tempting for me as I have had my eye on it, will have to look at the others when I get home to decide for sure though.


u/benzohhh Apr 22 '22

Great bundle, if I didn't already have 2 of the bigger ones I'd buy it 100%...


u/markdarkness Apr 23 '22

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is an awesome little game, really entertaining.


u/reddithaikuhater Apr 22 '22

Is that Space Crew made by same company as Bomber Crew?


u/CptVague Apr 22 '22

Yes it is.


u/[deleted] Apr 22 '22 edited Apr 22 '22



u/reddithaikuhater Apr 22 '22

Same game mechanics possibly then


u/WhyIsBubblesTaken Apr 22 '22

People who have commented on other posts where it's been in a bundle say it's pretty much the same game but in space.


u/Shingyboy Apr 23 '22

I am mostly interested for Space Crew, is the bundle worth it for that alone?


u/[deleted] May 11 '22

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u/treblah3 May 11 '22

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