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[Humble] Crusader Kings III (€27.49/45% off) - 48 hour flash deal Expired


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u/hangnail323 May 08 '22

im way too dumb to play this game


u/geldan01 May 08 '22

Love that series. But longest I've spent on pause in anything. Scratching my head trying to get all possible variables. Fun but 3 hours in, I've done absolutely nothing.

It's a Procrastination Simulator.


u/CinnabarSin May 08 '22

Same here. Bought it to sit in my account with all my barely touched CK2 stuff and ambition...


u/lilob724 May 08 '22

It's definitely the easiest Paradox game


u/NotScrollsApparently May 09 '22

I'd say stellaris is much easier since you have actual goals and metrics to tell how well you're doing. I played ck2, eu3 and 4, stellaris and when I finally gave ck3 a try I just had no idea how to do or what can I do, how to progress or what I should be doing. It was a boring game of waiting for the next event to stir something up.


u/Thor1138 May 08 '22

Then you better never try EU4 lol. I love CK2 (only played CK3 a little so far, but seems good too), but trying to "get" EU4 broke me... Way too many resources to juggle around with way too little explanation of how to get them...


u/DeathByDumbbell May 09 '22

Funnily enough, I had the exact opposite experience. I found EU4 easy to get into, but put off CK2 for years because it was too overwhelming.


u/UselessE May 09 '22


CK3 is actually more like a role playing game than a hardcore strategy game. You can play to "win" but winning is subjective in this game.

You can also change your main character to pretty much any leader on the world map at any time you want so you can abandon your current character anytime and let the AI take over while you move on to something else.

Think of it more like a sims game than a real strategy game. Except instead of building a house you are building a genetic dynasty.


u/shellwe May 09 '22

Yup, couldn’t figure out what was blocking me from attacking certain clans when it was telling me to do so.


u/NeonsShadow May 09 '22

You need a casus belli, and the currency to start a war(prestige or faith). For a casus belli the three most common ones are fabricating one, recruiting someone with a claim, or declaring holy wars.


u/shellwe May 09 '22

YeH, I was pretty sure I had the claim, but the attack was grayed out and I couldn’t figure out why. This was when it first launched on game pass. So it was a while ago.


u/steelersrock01 May 08 '22

I still think CK2 is the deeper game with more features, events, and flavors, but CK3 is undoubtedly more polished, prettier to look at, and easier to get into and play. Probably the easiest to get into of all of Paradox's grand strategy games, CK3 didn't quite hook me like 2 did, but I've still spent a fair amount of time with it. This is a good price. There is of course a good amount of DLC already but I'd say they are quite a bit less necessary than they were for CK2 and EU4. I wish this game leaned a bit less heavily into the "memey" side of the community, at least in my experience with it around release, but that's a "me" thing. Incest and nudity cults only have so much novelty before it gets a bit old.


u/B_Kuro May 08 '22

CK2 is more about the state you control whereas CK3 is basically all about YOU, the regent. It feels somewhat closer to a weird RPG than to a Grand Strategy game in many cases.


u/steelersrock01 May 08 '22

This is a fair point, I'd argue CK2 feels more like playing as a dynasty while CK3 puts more emphasis on each individual character, with the perk trees and all. I think it's the 3d models that give it that RPG feeling. In CK2 each individual player character doesn't really have much depth.


u/desterion May 09 '22

Easiest to get into for sure. Big difference from games like hoi4 where when you start your friends ask if you want the 4 hour video tutorial, the 8 hour one or a full semester class.

And that's before we get to the navy mechanics...

Picture relevant



u/iamtheboogieman May 09 '22

I'm still hoping Humble does a repeat of the CK2 bundle, like they did with EU4.


u/peroxidex May 08 '22

To each their own, but those are kinda weak arguments.

There is of course a good amount of DLC already but I'd say they are quite a bit less necessary than they were for CK2 and EU4.

Two DLC compared to the 15 of CK2 is a good amount? I don't think you're going to get an argument about CK2's being necessary, but that's because the base game is missing tons of features without them unlike CK3.

Incest and nudity cults only have so much novelty before it gets a bit old.

There's an option to disable nudity. I guess you prefer CK2 having demon children or a horse on your council?


u/steelersrock01 May 08 '22

Not exactly sure of the point you're making. Obviously the base game of CK2 is missing features from CK3 base game. CK3 had 8 years of updates and DLC from 2 to work with and incorporate into 3. And yes, CK3 already has a good amount of DLC, considering it has an expensive expansion and 2 "flavor packs" of things that should've been in base game. And you're fooling yourself if you think CK3 won't end up with the same exact (or more) amount of DLC than 2 had, probably covering the same exact areas too.

And when I referred to memey things I meant the demons and horse chancellors form CK2 as well. Weirdly hostile comment when I praised both games.


u/[deleted] May 09 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/BrainWav May 09 '22

Any links? To non-sketchy sites? Isthereanydeal hasn't sent me any notifications about Royal edition


u/treblah3 May 09 '22

This comment has been removed because that site recommends unauthorized key sellers, which are not allowed here.


u/shellwe May 09 '22

With these deals humble is offering it is making the humble choice more tempting. I just got the Jurassic world bundle and it has a 50 percent off in the store, had this month’s humble choice been a little more tempting then the discount for the store combined with the half off coupon would have been enough for me to get it.


u/Shatari May 08 '22

How much of the DLC from CK2 ended up in the base game of CK3? Because my sole reason for not being interested in CK3 is because I've over $100 invest in CK2, and I refuse to pay for it all again.


u/kaysn May 08 '22

And how much for the DLCs?


u/LordGraygem May 09 '22

An arm, a leg, and a reproductive organ. Or your first child signed over to work in perpetuity in Paradox's DLC mines.


u/Shatari May 09 '22

Honestly, given the way they keep offering subscription deals, it might be better to not buy any of them and wait until they offer one for CK3. Just subscribe while you're playing, and cancel when you're done; it'll work out to less than the thousands they expect you to pay for the individual content, and you'll get all the neat shiny cosmetic DLC that they always cut out to sell separately.


u/BrintyOfRivia May 09 '22

FYI, this is on Game Pass


u/rasmusxp May 08 '22

With the Choice 10% extra discount (that's as high as it goes with this deal), it is 51% off and €24.74.


u/shellwe May 09 '22

Jurassic world 2 is half off with the humble bundle and I am considering getting Choice to take off another $3.

It is nice they are allowing these deals to chain together.


u/smashketchum_ May 09 '22

This game is stealing my life, but I love every second of it. I'd definitely go for the royal edition, though. The content they've added since release makes the experience way more interesting, and it seems as though there's much more to come. Install it from Game Pass if you want a cheap way to try the base version.


u/Infinitesima May 09 '22

One wouldn't call a 48h deal a 'flash' deal!


u/corkermis May 09 '22

Flash goes slow-mo in humbleverse


u/Aeleths May 10 '22

I would play this game but seems really complicated.