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[Humble] Back 4 Blood (€26.99/55% off) - 48 hour flash deal Expired


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u/JLHockeyKnight May 10 '22

Reminder that this was included in Humble's Stand With Ukraine bundle, for those that bought it and may not realize this was included.


u/Solidux May 10 '22

get it when its 4.99 and you can get a couple of your friends on at the same time.

its a game made by the same guys who made evolve, not L4d.


u/ZaCLoNe May 10 '22

I was unimpressed with the game on gamepass. Just play L4D2.


u/DusanBasta May 10 '22

Yes I agree, disappointment set in pretty quickly


u/omgsoftcats May 10 '22

So much potential though! The atmosphere is there.


u/DopeAbsurdity May 10 '22

I want a way to filter all the modded servers off of my L4D2. I want to play vanilla games of it. Playing L4D2 now is getting thrown into the middle of a game on a server that has 300 mods running on it and annoying messages poping up asking which class you want to pick and shit.


u/Richeh May 12 '22

If they made a L4D2 legacy edition with just quality of life updates I'd probably pay a moderate amount of money (say, £15-£20 if they upsampled the textures or spruced it up a bit) for it; for the amount of gameplay I've had from the original, it was a steal.

Something like the Portal 2 Testing Initiative would be amazing but it wouldn't have to be that in-depth. (JK Simmons is probably pretty pricey these days).


u/tapperyaus May 10 '22

And if someone is looking for a more modern co-op zombie shooter, World War Z is much better than B4B. It has more content, and is cheaper too. (Since it's a couple years older)


u/Famous-Exam-4207 May 10 '22

World War Z’s levels are 30 minutes long with instant fail conditions, no checkpoints and barely any replayability.

It got frustrating so fast.


u/Bulzeeb May 11 '22

I'm struggling to think any actual instant fail conditions. Most missions either have NPCs that take a while to go down from direct attack, and can be revived before triggering a game fail, or points that if not kept clear will eventually cause a game fail. I don't see how you could interpret either as "instant" unless you straight up ignored the multiple warnings the game gives you until you lose.


u/[deleted] May 10 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Famous-Exam-4207 May 10 '22

Getting good has nothing to do with it, failing an objective and insta-losing 20 minutes into the level is just frustrating. At least in L4D it takes everyone actually dying to lose the level. It feels earned when you have to restart.

Class system doesn’t make the levels themselves replayable, that train level is monotonous as fuck


u/Richeh May 12 '22

I was surprised with how good WWZ was.

Also worth considering the Vermintide series for a campaign based 4-player PVE horde game. It's not quite the same as L4D but it brings a similar dynamic.


u/TheStrongestSide May 10 '22

Honestly I would say WWZ is worse. I played it for all of about 20 minutes and found it slow and uninteresting as a zombie shooter. Plus having to hold E to pick up items and interact is one of the things I hate most in gaming. It's why I'll never play Epic games.


u/Jrnail88 May 10 '22

The special infected posed zero threat in B4B when I played. Made the game boring as shit.


u/frustratedgoatman69 May 10 '22

These are the same devs that made evolve.


u/noobcola May 11 '22

Evolve is a gamer’s game


u/Cheezewiz239 May 10 '22

I tried this game and couldn't get into it. It was something with the weapons as they didn't feel good at all. I can't explain it.


u/MajDroid May 10 '22

Still too expensive, 5$ max


u/elpadremg May 10 '22

even for 5 bucks, you aready know you play it 2 evenings max.


u/MrSteve920 May 10 '22

I've got no interest in Back 4 Blood, however I do like this new direction Humble is going with doing flash sales sort of like how the Steam seasonal sales used to be.


u/bearkin1 May 10 '22

The game is all right. New maps and decent gameplay is nice if you haven't played anything new since L4D2. Having said that, the map level design gets old quick, and I hate the stupid card system. The early levels of a campaign are so boring when you don't have some of your critical cards that fundamentally change how you play.


u/Crimsonclaw111 May 10 '22

This game will always be a hard sell when Left 4 Dead 2 exists unfortunately


u/SpectreFire May 10 '22

It can still survive alongside Left 4 Dead 2, the problem is it' costs almost 3 times as much, as L4D2, which makes it a ludicrously garbage value.

The game would probably be dead by now if it weren't on Gamepass.


u/LickMyThralls May 11 '22

Pretty sure everything is if you want to use decade's old games that sell for 5 dollars as your benchmark


u/SpectreFire May 11 '22

It's not a benchmark, it's their direct competition for their game.


u/mattdre May 11 '22

This is a great game if you're willing to dive into it but it is not as casual friendly as l4d2. It requires more coordination between teammates. The card system is pretty robust and allows for a huge variety of builds and playstyles, way more than what you would find in l4d. But you have to steadily unlock cards, and as a result the game opens up the more you play. So all the people who only played for a couple hours don't really have a full understanding which is fine. Like I said l4d2 is way more casual friendly, you can just hop in and you dont have to worry about a build, finding upgrades along the way, or managing economy to buy gear at the safehouses.

At this point the difficulty is really finely tuned. It was rougher at launch but its in a great spot now. Once I started to get bored I moved to a harder difficulty and it completely reinvigorated my desire to keep playing. Trying to improve my decks never gets old. If you're into deck building and build crafting this game does a great job.

DLC is designed in such a way where if one person has it all members in that lobby have access. So you don't even need to buy the dlc to experience it since most other players own it anyways. Cards, Characters, and Cosmetics can all be earned in game for free. The shooting feels great, melee is satisfying. All in all a great game that I would say caters more towards hardcore gamers while l4d2 caters more towards casual fans. Depending on what you're into it may be for you or you may just enjoy l4d2 more.


u/MysterD77 May 10 '22

Wow, w/ the way this one is going, could this soon be hitting Humble Choice Monthly?


u/epeternally May 10 '22 edited May 10 '22

Absolutely, without question. Better question is when it will hit Choice, but handing out overpriced AA multiplayer games that need a DAU boost is exactly what Humble specializes in.

ETA: I woke up with a headache and this is a... slightly overly cynical take. I do think it's likely to appear pretty soon, though. They've already been through the Game Pass ecosystem.


u/FrootLoop23 May 10 '22

With the way Humble Choice is anymore? I honestly doubt it.


u/crazy_goat May 10 '22

It's going worse than Evolve


u/TheStrongestSide May 10 '22

I highly don't recommend this game. I played it once.. it felt like it had no soul to it and I dropped it and never went back.


u/RikiRude May 11 '22

Seeing some hate on B4B, I was a skeptic, but after a play through the game, and then unlocking a bunch of cards, this is so much deeper than L4D, making different decks for different cleaners and trying different strategies is an absolute blast! Where L4D is more of a pick up and play with out too much thinking, you can really put some thought into how you play B4B.


u/poopstore May 12 '22

I think that was the turnoff for me and most other nostalgic l4d fans who flocked to this title. L4D had that sort of Rocket League magic to it, where the game had a few simple mechanics yet each level played out drastically different. Convoluting that experience with systems and deck building was just not something I needed or wanted in a game like this.


u/Surprise_Corgi May 10 '22

This game really sold me on the quality of aiming down sights and the feel of the guns. It feels like a very modern shooter. Headshots are meaty and rewarding, and you're really tearing them apart out there with the viscera, amputations and decapitations. It just feels so good just to kill.


u/aimforthehead90 May 10 '22

It's kind of like what you'd expect a mobile L4D2 knock-off ported to PC to play like.


u/Avaery May 10 '22

Got gamepass for $1. Played B4B for a month and never touched it again. As others have said just play L4D2.


u/rasmusxp May 10 '22

With the Choice 10% extra discount (that's as high as it goes with this deal), it is 60% off and €24.29.


u/Yeti_Hairball May 10 '22

Fun if you have people to play it with. I wouldn't get it full price but $30 is a good deal imo. The DLC is great too.


u/ChillingOnTheCouch May 11 '22

The main problem with this game is its lack of Yeeting. L4D had a skyscraper map where the tank could Yeet players off the building. B4B has the tall boys who can do some minor Yeeting but most maps only have small 1 story ledges. This issue reduces fun factor by about 80%


u/Vlad_T May 11 '22

I'll just wait for Epic's freebie. xD