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[Humble] Stellaris (€5.99/85% off) - 48 hour flash deal Expired


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u/thereid84 May 14 '22

Having a ton of fun with the Star Trek New Horizons mod.


u/MDogK May 14 '22

I wasn’t considering this game until I saw your comment. I’ve been waiting for a new ST game, thus might be it. Thanks!


u/thereid84 May 14 '22

This and the Star Trek Armada 3 mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion are two of my favorite Star Trek mods out currently.


u/oxygENigma May 14 '22

That looks cool. Do you need any of the DLC to play it?


u/thereid84 May 15 '22

From user ehkodiak:

"No DLC is required. However, if you have certain DLC it will add those features into the game. MegaCorp adds playable Megacorp versions of Ferengi, Karemman, Norcadians, Yridians and Orions. Without the DLC these will be regular countries. Synthetic Dawn adds playable Pralor and Cravic Automated Personnel Units. Utopia adds the Oschean Hunters in the Gamma Quadrant."


u/Thopterthallid May 15 '22

Quick Review

What is it?

Stellaris is a Scifi empire management sim. Unlike an RTS, it's not just about warfare. You'll be responsible for research, exploration, diplomacy, economics, government, population, and more.

Is it good?

It's a fantastic game for the right crowd. It's got every flavor of science fiction mashed into one. Exploring space and finding other empires and anomalies is very reminiscent of Star Trek. You've got a Galactic Community that can spiral into an Empire right out of Star Wars. You might encounter hostile religious zealots like Halo's covenant, or a rogue AI hive mind like Terminator's Skynet. Maybe you'll play as one. There's Death Stars, Dyson Spheres, dimensional invaders, robotic uprisings, assimilating cyborgs, space dragons, and so, so, so much more.

How difficult is it for newbies to the genre?

"4X" games are typically challenging to grasp at first, but Stellaris is among the most beginner friendly. It's not an effortless transition however, and you're going to find yourself having resource shortages, outraged populations, and multiple failed empires in your journey to understand the game.

Is DLC required?

Honestly? Kinda, but not all of it. Navigating Stellaris's DLC options can be daunting, but there's a number of DLC buyer's guides on YouTube. Some of the DLC is crucial, while others can safely be ignored.

Luckily the DLC often goes on sale.


Pick it up if:

  • You love science fiction.
  • You want a good entry point into the 4X genre.
  • You love discovery.
  • You have lots of time on your hands.

Avoid if:

  • You don't want to spend literally hundreds of hours staring at a map of the galaxy and lots of menus and charts.
  • You want something to "play a quick round after work".
  • You need something more tactile and visceral.
  • You don't like buying DLC.


u/vegan_anakin May 16 '22

Would love a ranking of the must-have dlcs ✌🏾


u/Thopterthallid May 16 '22

You're gonna have different opinions depending on the person, but I'll try to lay it out.

One thing to keep in mind:

Often times you'll see that many of these DLCs have mixed reviews on Steam. It's important that I clarify that often times the DLCs are accompanied with a very significant free update that usually turns a lot of mechanics up on their heads, if not removes or adds new mechanics entirely. None of the DLCs are bad. They all add neat and interesting stuff to the game, but sometimes they come accompanied by unpopular updates that change the game. Take the review score with a grain of salt and focus more on the actual written Steam reviews.


  • Plantoids
  • Humanoids

These are both purely cosmetic. They add some new ship types, alien portraits (what your aliens look like), and other cosmetic touches. Plantoids are very beautiful, and Humanoids adds a ton of races that look right out of Star Trek, but otherwise they're perfectly safe to ignore and still get the full gameplay experience.

Exotic New Aliens

  • Lithoids
  • Necroids
  • Aquatics

These are a step up from the cosmetic packs, as these guys actually play differently than other races. Lithoids are rock aliens that consume minerals instead of food and come with a few interesting new ways to customize your empire, Necroids are aliens that can utilize various necromancy type technologies, and Aquatics comes with a number of cool water-dwelling customization options for your empires. They all feature new cosmetics. Buy these ones if you want, but understand that they don't change the overall game very much, but do offer interesting new ways to play it.

Even More Exotic Aliens

  • MegaCorp
  • Synthetic Dawn

These are still just "customize my empire" type deals, but the way Synthetic and MegaCorp empires interact with the game are a fair bit different than the previous tier. If you have no interest in playing as a MegaCorp or a robot empire, you can probably skip these, but they will absolutely spruce up the variety of empires you meet as well.

Game Changers

  • Distant Stars
  • Apocalypse
  • Nemesis
  • Ancient Relics
  • Leviathans

These are the big boys and where it starts to get into more required DLCs for the full experience.

Distant Stars adds a new feature called the L-Gates. Researching the L-Gates allows you access to an otherwise inaccessible part of the galaxy. Inside can be fantastic technologies and allies that will help you crush your foes, or potentially unleash a crisis upon the galaxy.

Apocalypse changes warfare with the addition of The Colossus. A space-fairing weapon capable of destroying entire planets. It also adds a few new ship types that change up the composition of your fleets. Take care though, as the galactic community is going to take you very seriously if you build a Death Star. This DLC also adds a new type of hostile empire in the galaxy called Maurauders. You can hire them to attack your enemies, or face them in combat yourself. There's a chance that during the mid game, they'll unite under one banner and attempt to take over the galaxy.

Nemesis adds a new pathway to victory, allowing you to play as the big bad. Nothing unifies rivals quite like a common foe, and by going down this path you will very quickly be that threat.

Ancient Relics is a great DLC that adds archaeology to the game. Your scientists can discover dig sites that take a while to dig up, but offer a ton of great story beats and adventures. Each one plays out like an episode of Star Trek. You'll discover ancient vaults, technologies, and some truly heart-wrenching and thought provoking stories of how these ancient aliens fell.

Leviathans adds massive beings that lurk in the blackness of the void. Mighty foes to conquer, or perhaps befriend. Make sure your fleet is up to snuff before taking one of these beasts.

Get These Ones.

  • Utopia
  • Federations

Just get them. They're so heavily ingrained into what Stellaris is that I'd kinda have a hard time explaining just what they come with. These here are the meat of the game.


Overlord is brand new, and likely why pretty much every DLC is 30-50% off right now. I don't know how good it is or how it'll change things up, but the gist of it is that it'll allow for a lot more options when forcing another empire into your service.


u/vegan_anakin May 16 '22

Damn, dude. Thanks a lot. That was very detailed and helpful 🙏


u/Hybridizm May 15 '22

I own Stellaris + Utopia & Leviathan.

I really, REALLY enjoy the game in single-player, but I also get to enjoy all of the DLCs I do not have (of which, there are many in typical Paradox fashion) by playing with a friend of mine that has them all. I won't lie, whilst there is a lot to work with in vanilla, Utopia feels like a must-have addition to the point where it should have been base game. On top of that, you miss out on a lot of interesting Origin starts and civics without adopting additional content for the game, and the vanilla Origins are pretty.. basic?

Either way, game is like a drug to me. Really, really hard to put it down. I love audio in games, especially musical score and I think Stellaris also has a fantastic OST. The biggest barrier to entry will of course be learning the systems, which can take a while. I'm still learning new things over the 100 hour of playtime mark. Stellaris has safely and quite easily overtaken Civilisation VI for me. It has just the right amount of depth to it, to keep me consistently engaged and I love that. Plus, space.

I've exhausted my disposable income for this month, else I'd pick up a bunch of DLC for the game that currently sit on sale. I missed out on that bundle last year with Stellaris + most of, if not all DLC prior to the Nemesis release. Gutted is an understatement because that deal was fantastic to be honest lol.

Hopefully I can catch Synthetic Dawn, Apocalypse and Federations on sale on payday!


u/rasmusxp May 14 '22

With the Choice 10% extra discount (that's as high as it goes with this deal), it is 87% off and €5.39.


u/Aadinath May 14 '22

Not if you skipped a month, like I did.

Now after they began with resetting your discount score back to 0% if you skip or pause a month, and then enforce that you have payed for twelve months straight for you to get the full discount, I straight up don't consider Humble to be special anymore. I don't think it was a smart move by them, this resetting of the discount percentage, now Humble Store is just a store like any other to me, and many of them have better prices than Humble.


u/rasmusxp May 14 '22

Skipping a month put you to 0% before the change, too. You get reset to 10% once you start paying again.


u/Jamie7Gs May 14 '22

I'm on the classic monthly plan and skipped both November and December yet still have my 20% discount. Does it work differently for those of us who have been subscribed since the beginning?


u/rasmusxp May 14 '22

If you haven't skipped since the change happened (in February or whenever it did) then you won't lose the 20% discount until you pause.


u/Jamie7Gs May 14 '22

Ahh good to know. Thank you! I was going to pause this months selection but with the 20% off everything else I've bought this month it's already paid for itself.


u/LickMyThralls May 15 '22

It changed in like January to reset you if you skip in order to make it more loyalty based.you start at like 10% and scale up to 20 after 12 months every few months


u/CptVague May 16 '22

I straight up don't consider Humble to be special anymore.

Ever since they got bought out and have been slowly giving less and less to the charities they support, they have become very un-special.


u/toe_pic_inspector May 14 '22

This was $1 in a humble bundle a couple of months ago


u/Bobby_Marks2 May 15 '22

It was free on Amazon a month or two back as well.


u/Dreven47 May 15 '22

That was in March 2021, more than a year ago.


u/hutre May 15 '22

jesus it was that long ago? felt like march 2022


u/toe_pic_inspector May 15 '22

Technically I'm not wrong


u/Aeleths May 16 '22

I tried to play this game but i don't know what i'm doing.