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[Humble] Immortals: Fenyx Rising™ Gold Edition (€27.99/72% off) - 48 hour flash deal Expired


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u/FffuuuFrog May 16 '22

It’s actually a decent game. I enjoyed it

Similar to BOTW.


u/rasmusxp May 16 '22

With the Choice 20% extra discount (actually full extent this time and not just 10%), it is 78% off and €22.39.


u/wjousts May 16 '22

Been playing this lately while also reading Stephen Fry's Mythos trilogy. Highly recommend both.

Very tempted to look at picking up the season pass (since I only have the base game).


u/1nsane_ May 16 '22

Funny how a game can be 72% off and yet it feels like you are paying full price!


u/B_Kuro May 16 '22 edited May 16 '22

Yeah, people are pissed at many publishers for doing this now but Ubisofts games have long since passed the price point of "normal" with their release structure. Its a simple concept but they managed to somewhat hide it getting the backlash. For years now they have released their games already with overpriced "complete" editions and just never reduce the price on those. As a result you never end up with those complete editions for 60€ and but instead they keep those 90€+ games for which even a 75% off won't really help to feel a good deal.

I have come to the conclusion that should I ever care to play Ubisofts games again I probably will just invest in 1-2 months of their Ubisoft+ subscription and binge (helps remove any desire to play their games again as well...) which is less than even a single one of their games on a massive discount due to their insane pricing structure.


u/[deleted] May 16 '22

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u/caninehere May 16 '22

Removed for rule #1: be kind to others.


u/jandkas May 16 '22

How the fuck is 22-25 dollars full price in your world

Is this better then? Funny how rule#1 doesn't seem to apply whenever the new humble choice drops.


u/caninehere May 16 '22

That is better if still abrasive, yes.

Funny how rule#1 doesn't seem to apply whenever the new humble choice drops.

I have no idea what you're referring to specifically, but if you see rule-breaking feel free to report it.


u/Unique_Pomelo May 17 '22

Note: the code is for uplay, not steam (steam codes bound your game also on uplay library but not viceversa)


u/WrinklyBits May 17 '22

Yes, was interested until I saw it was a Uplay key.


u/TehJohnny May 18 '22

All Ubisoft games are Uplay keys, even keys you buy on Steam, you don't need Steam to launch them after you buy them. It's not a big deal.


u/[deleted] May 18 '22

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u/[deleted] May 18 '22

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u/[deleted] May 18 '22

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u/treblah3 May 18 '22

u/WrinklyBit and u/TehJohnny -

I've removed your last couple comments (both of you) because you're starting to veer into uncivil territory here. Please remember rule 1 in future and don't get personal if someone has a different platform preference than you. Thank you.