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[Humble] Hero's Hour (€11.54/23% off) - 48 hour flash deal Expired


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u/LeBlight May 18 '22 edited May 18 '22

Fun game. But the way it is designed makes it hard to be really good at it unless you put in a ton of time. There is just so much sensory overload here that it feels bloated. You have what? 12 factions? 277 units spread amongst those factions. A slew of spells? And while you can make basic assumptions what each one does, you are still playing around in the dark when deciding how useful they are. (Except for a few obviously) If you want games to compare it to I would say the HOMM/Age of Wonder/Disciple Series. All and all, I enjoyed it. It comes with a Cheat/Debug menu that has alot of options on how to change the mechanics to your liking and that will always earn points with me.


u/thatssosad May 18 '22

It's basically HOMM with autobattles. And I agree, the core mechanics are fun, but devs are obsessed with adding new units, skills, et cetera, while you can only play maps that are fully randomized. For people like me that enjoyed campaigns and strong solo maps in HOMM the most, there's not much (for now)


u/DBSmiley May 19 '22

Agreed. It's sort of reminds me why I stopped playing civilization 6 pretty quickly. It already started with a baseline of features on top of civ 5 with the expansions, and then tacked on complexity from there.

Even in a game like civ, the complexity get so high that the optimal way to play is to plan out every single move at the start of the game, and then just go from there. And that's just not as fun, but making dynamic moment to moment decisions will almost always be wrong because It's just not possible to plan out every variable


u/rasmusxp May 18 '22

With the Choice 20% extra discount (actually full extent this time and not just 10%), it is 38% off and €9.23.

Also, maybe it's just me, but a weird item to pull a flash deal on, and a poor discount at that. (I know I know, it only came out in March).


u/Brewe May 19 '22

If you like Heroes of Might and Magic 1-3 (maybe also 4, can't remember when it started to go down hill for that series), but feel like the combat system could do with an update, then you'll love Hero's Hour.


u/Armani_8 May 19 '22

For whatever reason people discount HoM&M 5.

5 is fantastic, gameplay-wise it's better in almost every way - more units, better balanced, chessboard strategy, larger battles, no junk spells, etc.

The UI and graphics just aged horribly, and the ai engine struggles to handle the big battles. It turns a 9/10 game on release into a 7/10 game nearly a full decade later.

Like, people praise the heck out of 3, which still looks and plays excellently (it aged super gracefully), but 5 is the slightly better actual strategy game.