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Careers & Work LPT: As labor becomes scarce and inflation increases, you will never find yourself in a better position to increase your earning potential. Do not accept your first offer. Now is the time to negotiate HARD, because all of your future raises could be based on what you accept now.


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Home & Garden LPT: Dishwashers have filters you’re supposed to clean out once a month.


This was brand new information to me. I’m 39 and have never cleaned a dishwasher filter in my life. I just pulled mine out. It was so fabulously gross.

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Food & Drink LPT: Clean up immediately after dinner for an easier life


I know people who cook a nice dinner, eat it, then go relax for the evening. Meanwhile, their plates are still on the table with some food. Their pots and pans are still on the stove, and it's left like this overnight for the food to harden.
That's probably extreme for most people- I'm sure most put their leftovers away and at least move their dishes to the sink. Still- if you immediately wipe the table and wash the dishes, it will be so much easier to clean than if you wait until the next day (when the food is crunchy and stuck on). Plus, you'll get to relax for the evening in a clean house and have a clean kitchen to wake up to. The exception to this is if you have a large dish that needs to soak. But does it really need to soak or are you just procrastinating?

Tldr; Dinner shouldn't be over until you've cleaned up after.

Edit: I know this tip isn't for everyone. Do what works for you. This is especially going out to those who live with others and don't rinse their dishes after they're done eating!

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Careers & Work LPT: Don't get trashed at the work Christmas party. Even if you think you're all close enough, if it's a work-do, don't


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Arts & Culture LPT: Parents, choose the music you listen to around your kids carefully, these songs will form an integral part of their childhood memories, and they'll replay these tunes nostalgically later in life.


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Food & Drink LPT: If you're low on funds and need to eat... A grocery store rotisserie chicken, a big head of broccoli and a box of pasta will feed you for 3 days for about 10 bucks. Free condiment packets for the chicken. Can easily spend 10 on a single small meal, or make it go further.


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Careers & Work LPT Remember you're not getting a raise if your employer isn't increasing your pay beyond inflation. Some employers will give you a cost of living increase plus your annual increase others will ignore this entirely. This year inflation is at 6.2% that means you'll break even with a 6.2% raise!


Remember when you get your annual review and they tell you congratulations you're getting a 5-8% raise for all of your hard work they're actually fucking you and smiling like they're doing you a favor. Pay attention to inflation, your salary, your industry pay and your annual increases.

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Computers LPT: Whenever you type out something that requires careful thought onto a web page or form, do a quick 'Select All'+'Copy'. Don't assume the form will submit it or keep your text if you missed a captcha or something and it refreshes the page.


I cannot tell you how many times I've tried to send a carefully worded LinkedIn message or opinion on whatever survey or box on an online college test and it took 10 minutes of focus and refinement to get it all out, ONLY for the submission to fail because I didn't see an earlier required field, and then when the page refreshes I lose all of my work. It doesn't take long to just highlight everything and 'ctrl+c' before hitting 'Submit', and you can clear your clipboard of any sensitive information afterwards. It has saved me heartache more than once, and making sure that the information in existing fields is suspended/saved during a captcha or 'null value' refresh doesn't seem to be a top priority for web devs (and perhaps rightly so).

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Miscellaneous LPT: People will continue to judge who you are today based on what they've known of you long ago. Don't allow the pressure of what you HAD affect the life of what you HAVE.


Highlight the changes you've made, no matter how small. Embrace what you've overcome, your shortcomings, and/or your perseverance. Maybe it's other people or maybe it's yourself who's unable to acknowledge how far you've come or how much you've changed, but know there has been. How?

We were children once, maybe will still are at any age, but it's easy forget the memories of the innocent child you were, what you've lost and what gained along the way. Sometimes, it may feel unbalanced and you've lost more than you've gained, but life is still in progress... still under construction. Who is to say, other than yourself, it can't be better?

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Social LPT: If you aren’t willing to show someone the courtesy of walking into the room they are in to tell them something, don’t expect them to take time to try and decipher what you’re trying to say from across the house.


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Electronics LPT: Never under any circumstance play games with micro transactions that can speed your progression


These games are all the same

Get you hooked by being fun at the start, then after a month they've got you by their fingertips and you're spending a bunch of money just to get better stats and more content, then after a year you can't just quit, because you've now spent way too much money on the game for that

These games are always luck based and pay to win with very little skill involved to give you more incentive to pay money for an advantage

I just quit a game like this after playing for 1.5 years and spending way too much money on it for how much enjoyment I got out of it. I was completely addicted. Thankfully, after now quitting it feels like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders

I don't care how good the game is, if it has micro transactions that can speed your progress, then it is built with the foundation to get you addicted, and is a case of capitalism being used in the most manipulative and evil ways possible

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Social LPT: If you're feeling semi-ghosted by someone - slow response to overtures, unenthusiastic responses, weak/untrue excuses, etc - let them go. Don't confront them unless you're worried about them or you need to apologize. Likely, you're a low priority for them and it's best to go your separate ways.


People change, relationships change, or we just misjudge things from the beginning.

Sometimes, someone who we thought was always going to be there for just isn't anymore, or who we thought was really into us seems to change their minds. It's a sad truth, but this happens all the time.

Having an angry confrontation over someone pulling away from you in a relationship rarely has positive outcomes. You can rarely talk, scold, yell, or guilt someone into being a better friend or more into you. (Obviously, I'm not talking about committed romantic relationships here, just friends, coworkers, dates, etc.)

Friendships can often be cyclical as well. Sometimes you feel closer to some people and sometimes others. This also happens in dating when people are seeing multiple people - they get into one person for a while, but then realize they prefer someone else. Giving people their space when they cycle out with you leaves the door open for them to come back when they're ready.

Lastly, this can also be a sign that your friend thinks you have become a toxic person in their life. Even if you absolutely haven't, if they think so then just let them go - they are the toxic one.

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Social LPT: If you’re feeling lonely and aren’t in crisis there are “warm lines” to call instead of “hot lines” in each state. It’s peer to peer support and free!


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Social LPT: Friendships and relationships are much more successful if you go in to it accepting that you are both a little broken, but in different wonderful ways. When put together, you double up on the good stuff! ❤


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Miscellaneous LPT: The best gift advice I've ever received is to buy an expensive version of something that's normally cheap. A $20 shirt is just a shirt, but a $20 pen is a pretty solid pen.


Take your budget, divide it by 4, and find something in that price range. Then browse /r/buyitforlife and find a really nice version.

Pick something the recipient wouldn't normally splurge on, but would use every day.

This works for any budget. Here are a few examples:

  • $2 glass bottle of coke or craft root beer

  • $10 chocolate bar

  • $15 flash light

  • $15 water bottle

  • $20 notebook

  • $20 prismacolor colored pencils

  • $20 outlet powered battery brick

  • $20 pen or mechanical pencil

  • $50 leather belt

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Credit: /u/Ajreil

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Miscellaneous LPT Request: Off the top of your head, what general life advice would you give a young adult starting their life?


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Food & Drink LPT: Make sure your service contract stipulates the gratuity goes to the staff. Otherwise the owner is free to pocket that money and you’re paying a 20% surcharge for nothing.


I work for a millionaire who owns a ballroom that frequently does $50,000+ weddings/events. When I inquired about maybe working an event for a cut of that hefty gratuity, I was informed by the service manager that all the waitstaff are from a temp agency making minimum wage and they don’t receive a share of the gratuity. May not be the same everywhere, but since it’s not specified in the contract, the owner can allocate the tip as they see fit (their pockets.)

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Social LPT: Keep the serial numbers belong to computers, TVs, musical instruments, cameras, etc. stored safely online. You never know when you may need to prove some item belongs to you.


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Miscellaneous LPT: A healthy person has one thousand wishes. A sick person has only one. Never take your health for granted! One day, it could be gone.


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Electronics LPT: If you order electronics in winter and they are delivered outside. Do not charge them immediately. Let it stay in room temperature before charging it. Charging Li-Io batteries when they are cold would damage them and reduce their life cycle.


Doing so even once will result in a sudden, severe, and permanent capacity loss on the order of several dozen percent or more, as well a similar and also permanent increase in internal resistance. This damage occurs after just one isolated 'cold charging' event, and is proportional to the speed at which the cell is charged.

But, even more importantly, a lithium ion cell that has been cold charged is NOT safe and must be safely recycled or otherwise discarded. By not safe, I mean it will work fine until it randomly explodes due to mechanical vibration, mechanical shock, or just reaching a high enough state of charge.

For more information read the discussions posted here.

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Social LPT: Don't make fun of someone's accent when they're trying to learn a new language. It will make them very conscious and fail. If you are the one learning, then ignore anyone making fun of you. Only listen to professional or valid sources of criticism.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Expect children to act like children. You'll be less frustrated when they do.


People often forget that children don't have the same level of common sense and responsibility that adults do, and they get angry when a kid does something stupid. Reminding yourself that they're children will do wonders for your patience.

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Miscellaneous LPT: If your towels or cloths get that musty/sour smell from sitting around wet too long, wash them with regular detergent and AMMONIA to get the smell out and save the item!


Edit: as pointed out below, do not add bleach with the ammonia or you’ll die.

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Electronics LPT: If you have any devices that depend on a 3G connection, you will want to replace them ASAP as the 3G cellular networks are being shut down in the coming months.


edit: This applies to U.S. based 3G networks.

I know that some tracking devices, and home security systems rely on a 3G connection to send data, either primary or backup. If you have an elderly relative who is using one of those Jitterbug(or similar non-smart) phones, they may be affected too.

This has been coming for some time, and I'd imagine companies are full tilt trying to "upsell" people who have these devices, but I thought there may be some long forgotten (but still in service) devices out there that people depend on.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Always keep an extra bottle or gift card around for the holiday season. This way you are not caught off guard if somebody gives you an unexpected gift.