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AMA - verified Hi, this is Joss Stone. I'm excited to answer your questions. Ask me anything ! xx


I had so much fun writing and recording my new album with Dave Stewart. The release date will be early next year and I can’t wait to share it with you. Follow along during my ’25 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar' as I reveal behind the scenes moments. There just might be a big surprise at the end! https://www.instagram.com/jossstone/ https://www.facebook.com/jossstone https://twitter.com/JossStone https://orcd.co/neverforgetmylove

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/u1xmu4t6as581.jpg

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audio The Avalanches - Since I Left You [Plunderphonics]

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discussion 99 Luftballons or 99 Red Balloons?


I don’t speak German at all and still sing along to 99 Luftballons. I think the flow in German sounds way better and fits the track more. Which do y’all prefer?

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discussion Agents of Fortune by Blue Oyster Cult is quietly one of the best albums from the 1970s


Blue Oyster Cult's fourth studio album is an adventure from start to finish. The group was often considered by many to be "the thinking man's heavy metal" and honestly, this album really backs that claim.

The band seems to master this bizarre oxymoron of being loud yet soft and manic yet confident. The album starts out hot with "This Ain't The Summer Of Love" then does a complete 180 as "True Confessions" is one of the band's poppier songs. The band fluctuates from different octaves and levels throughout the album, and it's the most organized confusion I've ever listened to...which is exactly how Rock N Roll should be. And how the hell could I forget about "(Don't Fear) The Reaper?"

The album is one of the band's biggest hits, however, it was buried in the mix as time went on. After all, the album did release in the infamous summer of 1976 which is often regarded as one of the best single years in music history.

Give 'er a listen if you haven't already, you'll be screaming more cowbell before ya know it.

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discussion Bad Company's 1974 self titled debut album is such a banger.


I'd like to point fingers and say that people don't talk about Bad Company enough when discussing classic rock but honestly, I'm one of those people. They are almost never in my regular rotation but always find them again. Bad Company (album) is a classic rock staple and a real banger from beginning to end. Thanks Spotify.

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music streaming Ghost - Call Me Little Sunshine [Doom Metal]

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discussion Best Last Album?


There's always a lot of debate ongoing about the best debut albums of all time, but what about the best final albums? Generally, the final albums from the major classic rockers are mediocre, because they had been making music for decades and used up all their creative juices. I guess the best last albums would be from bands still in their prime, but they stopped because the main person died, like Nirvana or Sublime. Thoughts?

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music streaming The Distillers - The Hunger [Punk Rock]

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event info Just did a little internet sleuthing on the When We Were Young Festival.


A lot of people felt kind of sketched out by it. Calling it Emo Fyre Fest so I dug around to vet it's legitimacy.

First, I looked up the trademark and it looks like it was filed quite awhile ago. In February of 2017 by a Noise Group, LLC. The address listed for the company happens to be the same building as the Observatoty OC, a small venue in southern California. The same venue that was acquired by LiveNation in 2019. So I figure they had the idea maybe? And after the LiveNation acquisition, they finally wanted to bring the idea to life but had to pause due to the pandemic. Just spit balling here.

Getting back to the facts tho, I did a Whois search of the domain and it looks like it was registered not even 2 months ago. It was registered by a company called C3 Presents; a company that put on Lollapoolza, Austin City Limits and Voodoo Music + Arts Festival. These are festivals that go on every year and are for the most part well respected and safe events.

While LiveNation, the company behind Astroworld Festival, does have a controlling (51%) stake in C3, it's important to note LiveNation owns hundreds of Festival Subsidiaries, puts on thousands of events a year that go off without a hitch.

If you're worried about a repeated Astroworld catastrophe or a Fyre Fest-style scam event, I'd say it's unlikely to happen. The parities involved seem to have a good track record as far as putting on events. I assume people felt it was sketchy because of the lack of information. The only thing I can chalk that up to is it being a rush job to get the promo out before the new year. I imagine as the year goes on, we'll hear more and the blanks will fill themselves in.

If I happened to get something incorrect or missed something, feel free to comment, I'll update the post accordingly.

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i made this New Order - Age of Consent Cover [New Wave]

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video Fiona Apple - Criminal [Alternative Rock]

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discussion Genesis - 'That's all' is my new favourite song


I am absolutely obsessed with this song, every time I hear a Phill Collins Genesis song I haven't before it becomes my new favourite for a while. I think Phill Collins has the coolest sounding singing voice. I'll definitely be listening through all the genesis albums soon.

If anyone has any recommendations of songs that give them a similar feeling let me know.

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video Sleep Party People - I'm Not Human At All [Indie/Alternative]

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video Cracker - Low [Alternitive /Rock] (live 1995)

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discussion Debate with girlfriend on queen


Alright so I was watching the queen live aid performance on YouTube. My girl commented saying “that’s some white people shit”. And because I’m half white I was told of course I would like it because it’s in my culture. Don’t get me wrong I know mainly whites will know of queen, but I just admire Freddie Mercury’s performance for the show. The guys a damn legend from the piano, guitar, dancing, and singing skills obviously. And I loved how he had such great control of the crowd.

I got kinda irritated somewhat because she knows me very well and know me I love music in general. I mainly listen to RnB and some rap. It just bothered me that she jumped to “that’s some white ppl shit” rather than acknowledging my love for music. And saying “I could see why u like that” especially given he started off on the piano which is my favorite instrument.

Basically for those music lovers out there. That aren’t white, if u were to watch the live aid performance for yourself. Would “that’s some white ppl shit” be the first thing you’d say?

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discussion Bands friends would not shut up about you grew to love


So recently I fell in love with Tool after years of a friend of mine not giving up on trying to get me to listen to them. I finally saw a video on the structure of Lateralus using the fibonacci sequence, decided to give them a shot and now I'm hooked. Was wondering who else had this experience and with what band.

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video Jordan Mackampa - Midnight [folk/soul]

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discussion Faith no More: such an underrated band


I've been listening to a lot of FNM recently and they're such an underrated band. They're one of those groups that are only ever known for one song yet have tons of more lesser known decent singles. Really any single after the breakthrough success of 1989s Epic is worthy of radio play yet gets barely any. Angeldust from 1992 should have been more of a success than it was but grunge was dominating this era and it kinda got buried under that. I think because of the lackluster sales of angeldust King for a day (1995) suffered a bit. These 90s albums have aged pretty well I think. They were the band that made me appreciate experimental music more Luckily they have enough of a cult following to be able to headline festivals still.

Anyone else have anything to say on this band?

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music streaming Adam Barrett - God Only Knows [Pop]. Brian Wilson enjoyed this cover so much that he shared it himself on Twitter

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article The song that eventually became A-ha's 'Take On Me'

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video Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn [House]

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video Carla Stokes - Big Bands [Jazz]

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video Silvia Balistreri - We Are Alive [Symphonic Rock] (2022)

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music download My stepdad's music


My stepdad has been writing music for many years and I thought it might be nice to post a selection here for your enjoyment.


I know there is a lot, but he has never been famous nor has he sought fame, he just enjoys writing music and his hope is that one day someone will enjoy it.

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audio Ambient Horror Sounds


I Created a new youtube channel to share Ambient Horror Sounds, i know it's the best because its my first time doing this and I dont have the adequate tools, but i want to do it

I would like that people make a critic about the video, please constructive criticism

This is the video https://youtu.be/DUIibiEXPfw

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music download Faite moi découvrir des musique


Bonjour j’aimerais découvrir de nouvelles music ou des nouveaux genre car j’écoute souvent de la musique pour gérer le stress !