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Politics megathread US Politics Megathread 6/2022


Following a tragic mass shooting, there have been a large number of questions regarding gun control laws, lobbyists, constitutional amendments, and the politics surrounding the issues. Because of this we have decided keep the US Politics Megathread rolling for another month

Post all your US Politics related questions as a top level reply to this post.

This includes, for now, all questions about abortion, Roe v Wade, gun law (even, if you wish to make life easier for yourself and us, gun law in other countries), the second amendment, specific types of weapon. Do not try to circumvent this or lawyer your way out of it.

Top level comments are still subject to the normal NoStupidQuestions rules:

  • We get a lot of repeats - please search before you ask your question (Ctrl-F is your friend!).
  • Be civil to each other - which includes not discriminating against any group of people or using slurs of any kind. Topics like this can be very important to people, so let's not add fuel to the fire.
  • Top level comments must be genuine questions, not disguised rants or loaded questions. This isn't a sub for scoring points, it's about learning.
  • Keep your questions tasteful and legal. Reddit's minimum age is just 13!

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If someone stole a police horse would they be charged with stealing a police vehicle or with kidnapping an officer? For some reason this kept me up for hours last night, because both seem possible.


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Am I the only one who’s mad Reddit keeps putting subs I don’t follow on my homepage


If I wanted to see post from different subs I’d go to the popular page, no reason for it to be on my homepage

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Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of child sex trafficking, why have none of the clients involved in the Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking case been arrested or charged?


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Unanswered Should "of" .....


I am more often than i would expect reading comments containing phrases along the lines of: "he should of said", "they should of done"

I am starting to doubt myself here. I am not a native english speaker. Is that not catastrophically wrong? In my ears it sounds like somebody who is genuinly mentally challenged. Or am I missing something?

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ami I overreacting?


I live with my husband and children in my mother in laws house with them. I understand we have different customs so what they are comfortable with bothers me sometimes. His mother would even slap me on my ass even though I've told her I do not like it. Today I was simply putting clothes to wash and I asked if the washer was free and everything. She said it was free to use so I put my kids blankets to wash. I later go down to put it in the dryer and she put in her clothes and undergarments in with the blankets. I'm upset but I feel like I can't trust my feelings in this house sometimes so I don't know if my feelings are justified

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How do people… move?


I don’t mean the physical process like boxing up/packing, putting it in a truck and going. I’ve done that plenty of times with my family, but as someone who would potentially like to strike out on my own, how do people just move?

How do you move to other states? How do you move to other countries? How much money should I have saved? Is there a minimum amount? Should I find a job prior to moving/only move if I have a job lined up before-hand?

I’ve lived with my family my entire life (primarily Hispanic, but that doesn’t mean it’s always nice and calm - usually very annoying to be honest), so I’ve never been alone outside of when I went to college for awhile and stayed on a small property owned by my parents in another part of the state I live in, and when I rented an apartment and lived with my wife. However, my brother helped me do that. How do I do it on my own?

The idea of trying to find a place to live when you’re not even in another location feels daunting.

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Why do my students call me a goat?


I am a math teacher for 8th graders at the school I teach at.

Throughout this whole past school year there was this running joke where the students would call me the goat.

And I would respond back each time that they are the goats and they would all laugh.

It was pretty funny to be honest, and I never gave it much thought. But I realized that I have been partaking in a joke that I never actually got.

I had a good connection with them, and they are all really good kids, so I don't really think that they were making fun of me.

Can someone (maybe an 8th grader) explain this joke to me?

And how would you respond if someone calls you a goat?

EDIT: omg I am IN TEARS!!! I can't believe they were complimenting me this whole time!!!! Thank you all for answering this question!!!!

EDIT 2: THANK YOU ALL for you responses and the awards this post got!! If those awards cost money, please can you donate that money instead to a charity that helps kids? There are so many good ones, this one in particular is one I personally recommend: Kids In Need Foundation

EDIT 3: the photo that appears on this post is NOT my photo. I think that the photo appears there due to the link I put in the 2nd edit.

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Unanswered Why do animals lick my skin graft?


A few years ago I had a pretty bad injury which required nearly my whole calf to be covered with a skin graft. Ever since then about 95% of the animals I've met have all had a weird fascination with licking my skin graft, even as I'm writing this my puppy will not stop licking it.

Is there any specific reason animals do this?

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is it possible to not have a "type" when it comes to dating, and can fall for anyone?


Thats it.

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Why do most phone chargers emit a high frequency sound that apparently only I can hear?


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Can I bail a random person out of jail?


Not like completely random, I'm not trying to bail out a sex offender or anything. Someone with interesting charges. Maybe someone who's been cited for littering six times and bail is set at like $150. Then I can like ask for an interview when they get out and ask what's their major malfunction

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Why do some cars made specifically for the Japanese market still have English-sounding names, like Skyline, , Soarer, or Fairlady?


For clarification, these are 3 examples of cars that were only ever released in Japan under those names. A couple of them were released for North America, but they got different names.

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Was every "call in the next ten minutes" ad a lie?


Lots of ads for boxed sets or infomercials or whatever for products on TV would say things like "but wait there's more! call in the next ten minutes and we'll throw in some extra bonus!"

Did any of those ads ever track when they were being played and start a ten minute countdown, or was every instance of "call in the next x" all just a lie an entire industry told for decades?

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Why is “on accident” such a popular mistake on Reddit? It’s “by accident”, right? I see it so often I’m even starting to doubt myself!


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Unanswered Can anyone explain this New York magazine cover illustration for the controversial "Canceled at 17" story?


Here's the image: https://pyxis.nymag.com/v1/imgs/361/e5e/a42ca5d23497ce07ef33701bc2e0282279-1322Cov-4x5-Cancel.rvertical.w570.jpg

I can't make any sense of it. Is it supposed to be an old balding man with I guess mad-scientist hair, or a clown, or maybe a cartoon character I don't recognize? It certainly doesn't look like a teenaged kid.

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Did old artists like Da Vinci name their art work? Are the names we call famous pieces the same as what the artist came up with?


For example did Da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa and say “it shall be called, the Mona Lisa” or was the name created by a historian and it stuck?

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How do smokers feel after being diagnosed with lung cancer caused by smoking?


Is it instant regret? Are they hard on themselves? Are they scared and pray to be saved and promise to never smoke again? Or do they take the diagnosis in stride because they knew these were the risks?

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Why's my dog built like this? Normal dog on the right for scale


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Where is the Internet stored?


Like I get that there’s the Internet but where is all of that data located it Has to be stored somewhere right?

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How do multilingual people not forget their languages?


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Unanswered How can I give away a decent amount of money to people without it seeming like a massive scam?


I have recently come upon more than enough money to not only retire, but set myself up with consistent income and a "donation" budget. My goal is to help people with their student and credit card debt, as well as donate to various charities (I have done months worth or research to make sure these orgs are not scams). But I would like to directly give money (potentially thousands) away, no questions asked (except obviously things like taxes of course). But saying to my twitter followers "hey DM me how much your student loans are and it may be in my budget to ease your burden" sounds SUPER scammy and no matter how desperate I've been in life I wouldn't believe someone would do this....

Is there a way I can give away money like this and have it not seem like a massive scam and to actually get that money to people? Me, and my bank account are in the United States, and I have thought this all through and have talked to an accountant to make sure I'm not taking more from my account than will effect my life style and plans for my early retirement, so I'm not concerned about my financial status at all. And though I say "recently came upon" this money, I have thought this through, "recent" in this context means it happened well over a year ago and I have done the math to make sure I've taken care of me and my family first (lol, selfish I know, but I want to pay it forward and take care of others now)

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Unanswered Why do news stations always say "we'll be following this story closely" when they never do?


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Are tattoos tacky? Do any of you regret yours (even if it’s not “embarrassing”)?


I’ve been debating getting a tattoo for years but I’m really worried about regretting my decision if I do get one. The tattoo would honour a family member so I wouldn’t ever feel it’s embarrassing or anything like that, but as someone who’s deeply indecisive, I worry I’ll quickly get tired of something permanently etched on my body. Have any of you regretted a tattoo because you realized you don’t want something permanent on your body?