r/NoStupidQuestions Jan 20 '22

When I look at a dark part of my room long enough, a black darkness begins to form and grow bigger until I break sight or blink.

Ever since I was a youngin I'd look at dark sections of my room and after awhile the darkness would begin to 'grow'. It would disappear after breaking sight with it and I could see that part of the room after doing so.

Whats really happening here exactly? Would it be something to do with the eyes or the brain? Maybe both.

Has anyone had similar experiences or is it all in my head!



u/Buxton_Water Jan 20 '22

That's your eyes getting tired from looking at the same thing for a long period of time.


u/2oocents Jan 20 '22

Yeah, I was thinking it's the same as if you're in a bright room and you let your eyes go blurry, but in the dark it would seem to make darker places grow/blur.


u/Quartz_stone0 Jan 20 '22

All the time for me, don't know what the issue is though


u/AnDrEwlastname374 Jan 20 '22

I think everyone has it, the fan will start spinning and the roof sinks in if I look at it long enough in the dark


u/BedrockScientist Jan 20 '22

Sinking in is a great description for what im trying to say here.


u/gaynazifurry4bernie Jan 20 '22

I don't know what it is called or what causes it but I experience this too.


u/unicorn_345 Jan 20 '22

Reminds me a bit of playing bloody mary as a kid and the brain starts to fill in or do things to what you’re viewing.


u/vieniaida Jan 20 '22

The same thing happens to me at times, though it happens to me when I close my eyes.


u/rustys_shackled_ford Jan 21 '22

The human brain has developed the ability to "fill in spaces" using memories and generational data. It's why we have the uncanny Valley effect... its why we see detailed shapes in clouds.

And it's mostly why we believe in ghosts and demons.