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If internet privacy is such a big issue, how come the dark web hasn't become more mainstream? Unanswered

Admittedly, I have very little knowledge about the backend of the dark web but my understanding is that it's big benefit is that it provides anonymity for its users.

If the average citizen is so concerned about privacy, how come there aren't hoards of developers building out TOR browsing so that it functions similarly to the regular web with the exception of maintaining your privacy?

Edit: got my terminology confused and mixed up "Dark Web" with "TOR browsing."



u/Supernova-remnant Jan 20 '22

The dark-web is pretty great, but most place look like pretty the 90's internet.


u/BeneficentWanderer I am the walrus. Jan 20 '22

The problem is a lack of education surrounding the basics of cyber security, online privacy, and simply using personal computers.

TOR is great, but hell even just Firefox combined with a VPN and some browser extensions like HTTPSEverywhere, NoJS, and ones to disable tracking cookies, can give you a huge level of privacy and security.

The average user doesn’t know that any of these exist or why they’re important, let alone how to properly configure and use them.

There’s also many people who simply don’t care about their online privacy.


u/thunder75 Jan 20 '22

I think you're thinking of TOR browsing. The dark web is just a subsection of the deep web where the shady stuff happens.


u/Atomic_ad Jan 20 '22

The TOR is not regulated in any way, so you gain anonymity, but so does every service you engage with. Many of the services provided on the internet require that you are not anonymous, amazon for example. Because of the anonimity issue, it serves little purpose for the average internet user.


u/Firake Jan 20 '22

Technically, the dark web is just the portion of the web which is unindexed by search engines, I’m pretty sure. Basically by definition, it will never become a big thing.


u/GregorF92 Jan 21 '22

Technically, the dark web is just the portion of the web which is unindexed by search engines

That's the deep web. Dark web requires specialised software/configurations/authorisations to access.


u/quizzeybusy Jan 20 '22

The average person barely has enough tech awareness to safely navigate it nor have any need or reason to use it. Take more knowledge to use than using regular internet and easy is basically always best for humans. This the surface web is more mainstream, however this also means that there are darker areas with illegal content on the surface but it is hidden in plane site. It can be very complicated honestly.