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Why is circumcision so popular in USA?

In most part of the world that are not Muslim being circumcised is rare. So why is America different?



u/Lornedon May 28 '22

It started because some people thought that masturbating was bad and circumcision would prevent it. But they were wrong on both counts.

Nowadays it's mostly "I'm circumcised, so my son will be too".


u/thunder75 May 28 '22

John Harvey Kellogg, inventor of Cornflakes and brother to the founder of the Kellogg Company, thought circumcision would stop boys from masturbating. It became so prevalent that now we have many new fathers who say "I want my son to be like me" or "I don't want him to be made fun of in the lockerroom."


u/MysteryNeighbor May 28 '22

We have a big ass meme of uncircumcised dongs being filthy and prone to infection which is only the case if you don’t clean it properly (which is incredibly easy to do)


u/TheDENN1Ssystem May 29 '22

Because if people acknowledge cutting infant’s genitals is wrong, they’d have to also admit we’ve been basically abusing children for the past 70+ years.

We aren’t known for honest self-reflection. It’s easier for most people to say there’s nothing wrong with it than to admit we made a mistake.


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u/btdahl May 29 '22

Yes, nothing is more attractive than scar tissue..


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It gives it lots of character


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Judaism and some Christians…