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Isn't the generational difference between parents and kids bigger now than it has ever been in the past because of the internet?

Of course people born in the 90s, and people born even later have kids now, but won't there be a lot of families which can't relate to each other in a way, because of this significant change in life style and interests? Now, I am aware that there have always been differences in generations throughout history, but have they ever been this significant?



u/GnosticGnome 29d ago

60s kids vs their parents who'd experienced WWII...


u/KnowsIittle 29d ago

For as much is different there's still a lot that remains the same.

Internet has been around since the 90s and well before but certainly more accessible since. But the parents grew up with internet as well so it's not like a completely foreign concept. I don't think the divide is as great as some may think.


u/TwinLeaf04 29d ago

When I was a kid, I played outside all the time with friends, which I think most young kids still obviously do if they have good parents. I am 17 now, and if I were to spend a whole day inside, which I have done and do on a regular basis, no one would bat an eye. Maybe my parents will tell me to get some fresh air, and I don't mind that, I actually would prefer to be outside for most of the day, but I can't, because I have school and other hobbies, and I also like to, you know, relax with youtube, and play games with friends (that was before I sold almost all of my computer parts, rip). I don't think that would be accepted as much as it is today when my parents were my age (that is to be inside all day long). They would be outside and hang out with friends, physically. My friends and I still do this, because we prefer it, but there are many others I know which don't. Wouldn't this cause a huge difference?


u/KnowsIittle 29d ago

They were saying much the same 20 years ago.


u/Solidsnakeerection 29d ago

I thinknit has more to do with location and people then generations. My kid is friends with people a few neighborhoods over who will be outside as a group from the end of school to bed time with individuals coming and going to eat dinner or do chores. She also has another friend who doesn't like being outside at all