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Why do so many American men like Asian women?


I’ve noticed that American men (especially if they’re white) find Asian women attractive. Is there a reason why so many American men do this?

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If cops can’t protect the US Capitol, and they can’t protect schools, what are they good for?


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Despite getting caught in lies so many times why isn't Amber Heard cancelled yet ?


Why do we still find people supporting her claim, why isn't she berated as badly as Johnny depp was?

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How do you shave without cutting yourself to shreds?


I am trans though not quite out yet. I keep trying to make myself look how I want to be before I come out. I have shaved a couple times and my arms legs and butt have several cuts on them. Is there a good way to shave difficult to reach areas and things like knees and wrists without getting the blade caught?

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Is it inappropriate for me as a white person to call a business owned by a black person a "black owned business" outloud


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is antarctica the next USA?


and greenland? etc

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Unanswered Why are the large groups of lgbtq+ that are Anti Israel


I support Palestine and Israel’s right to exist. I lean towards Israel because as a gay man it’s the only place in the Middle East I feel safe visiting. Both nations have done things I disagree with but I don’t understand why there is groups that support a nation that’s anti lgbt

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This isn’t political. It occurred to me while watching Netflix: what is the difference between democracy and mob rule?


Again. This isn’t about the United States or anything.

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Why is the Johnny Depp/Amber Herd trial such a big deal?


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What is the end goal of religion?


Nobody seems to have an answer. Why go through all these tests and trials in life, when the end is just to either suffer in hell, or be in heaven… like ok now what? It seems absolutely pointless. It seems more realistic to simply be alive, then dead. End of story. Fuck off.

Downvote me more biblethumper freaks

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Unanswered Why don’t broke people just join the military no disrespect of course but isn’t that a way out?


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What pieces of fashion do you have weaknesses for on the gender you're attracted to?


For example, sundresses, suits, baseball caps, yoga pants, etc.

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Does the world want peace and love or dominance ?


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I’ve thoughts of removing & unfollow my ex. He’s nice & mean same time. He probably like me in someway. I kept checking his account & his followers and following. He followed too many girls & girls that I don’t like. I want him to see my pictures. I don’t want him think i want his attention?? Helppp


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Why do the vast majority of women in the middle east seem to have some mild form of anorexia?


I guess it's a bit presumptuous of me to 'diagnose' anorexia, but I've lived here for a little while now and the majority of my experiences (in Georgia and Turkey) has been with women who are loose in 28 inch jeans and talk constantly about how fat they are. Women who are objectively slim and look like they could take the starring role in a superhero movie say "no I'm not slim, I'd need to lose quite a bit of weight to be slim". But if they lost any weight, they'd look desperately unhealthy and skeletal. Meanwhile, as a man who fits nicely into 32 inch jeans, I've been described as "a little bit fat".

I'm all for compassion and understanding but there's no "maybe she feels..." about this - that's a warped and unreal perception of reality. Just curious as to why it's SO pervasive here.

EDIT: The post I wrote: "Why do many thin women in the middle east think they're fat?"
The post people read: "How do women get so thin?" / "Why don't women look the way I want them to look?"

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Gun Insurance


Would a reasonable gun control solution be mandatory gun insurance before you buy a gun, just like when you buy a car or a house?

The insurance is for any misuse of the weapon.

This would force the gun insurance companies to figure out risk factors of people buying and charge them accordingly deny coverage all together.

If they’re deranged psychos, they can’t get/afford insurance. If their responsible adults, they pay low premiums and can have all the guns they want.

This could create a new gun insurance industry, makes it harder for psychos to get guns, oh and also, less kids would die in school.

What is the opposition to something like this?

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Answered How would government respond everyone in America was struck blind at the same time for 3 minutes without explanation?


I was thinking of creative super powers to have and the lows and extremes of them. I thought of the ability to strike people blind and the extreme being able to strike an entire country blind momentarily. Then I thought to myself would they eventually come to a conclusion a person is behind it and try to track them down? Would that even be possible?

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If a street gang found a cache of heavy weapons, would they use them or walk away?


If a street gang found a stockpile of heavy weapons like Javelin missiles, or claymores, Mk 19 grenade launchers, what would they do with them? Would they be tempted to actually use them?

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Is there a term for someone who believes everything they read on the internet?