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Unanswered Why do so many girls believe in astrology?


It is genuinely baffling to me. I don’t think I know a single guy who believes in astrology yet a truly crazy amount of girls do. The thing is some of those are genuinely rational and intelligent human beings, so I can’t understand why they believe in it and more so why is it a girl thing.

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Unanswered my boss just asked for my original resume after Ive been employed there for 10 years


As title says, Ive worked here for 10 years, the last 8 months I've been on compensation after a safety incident where my head was severely injured, I'm doing quite well now, but why would my boss ask for my resume after all this time ?

Edit: thankyou all for advice, Ive told them it's no longer available, they indicated it was to do with the workers compensation, and I'm get to hear anymore, thankyou again for your advice and information.

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Unanswered Why are people collectively pretending COVID just isn't a thing anymore?


It can't just be me who's noticing that people are just...pretending like COVID never happened out in public, right? No masks anywhere to be seen outside of medical facilities, people sneezing and coughing into their hands to spread their germs everywhere, cramming into places like a sardine can. It's like we haven't spent the last three years dealing with this thing.

Why have people just decided to pretend that COVID is over? Have we just collectively given up on trying to protect each other because of how many people refused to do anything related to preventing COVID so they could go out and party instead or because "MASKS PREVENT YOU FROM BREATHING!!!!!!!" nonsense?

Like...I'm legitimately at a loss, going out and seeing people act like this disease which has killed so many already isn't still around killing so many more.

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Unanswered is it actually rude to DM someone?


I was in a book reading server on discord, noticed someone wrote they were from same country as me, so I decided to DM and ask if they could recommend a good book in our language. No responsive given - but 10 minutes later a mod warns me in public chat.

I apologized, but truth be told I don't see how it can be offensive, unless you DM something rude. I think warning me in public like that is more rude.

When I make reddit posts I occasionally receive DMs regarding my post, never once did I consider it to be rude

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Unanswered Why does it seem like 90% of redditor's parents are bad?


It's super common to find people on reddit who say they have dysfunctional families or just generally not good parent(s)

It seems like this happens the most on reddit out of all the social media

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Unanswered Do y’all usually find yourselves lying in bed and/or doing nothing, and then begin thinking about every single decision in your life that led you up to where you are now?


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Unanswered wtf is Netflix doing?


Raising prices, ads, planning a crack down on shared accounts, spamming users who left to convince them to subscribe again. Like I'm not an expert on business but what the f is Netflix trying to achieve?

Edit: thank you all for your comments, tbh I still don't understand where Netflix is trying to go, but time will tell!

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Unanswered I need help naming my wifi


Just moved into my new apartment after couch surfing for a year and I need a funny wifi name to troll my neighbors

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Unanswered Why are shy people told to become more outgoing but outgoing people are never told to be more shy/shut up?


As a shy person, I've been told many times that I need to be more outgoing. However, I overthink conversations and think, "if I say this, where does that lead this person to say". However, outgoing people are never told to be more quieter or just shut up. I've been on the receiving end of many boring stories I can't relate to or just stories that lead nowhere in conversation when it comes to my turn. They just generally end with, "well, you had to be there" type situations.

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Unanswered Do you think the top part of a mermaid also tastes like fish or that it would actually be red meat? Would there be a solid line where the meat changes in their body or would it kind of blend? Could you make a surf and turf platter with one carcass?


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Unanswered Who the actual fuck is keeping black liquorice producers in business?


I have yet to meet another human being that tastes the equivalent of a gangrenous haemorrhoid and is like "this is some serious gourmet shit". It's the Domino's pizza of candy, the most egregious use of the word "food" and yet it's produced worldwide with profits evidently.

There is unholy amount of production, and it's hidden in products like jellybeans to ruin the entire experience. Is the business for producing the flavour just that lucrative? Or is there some secret inner circle of payoffs to let black liquorice be inserted into various products? Or is it just popular despite an almost universal hatred?

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Unanswered Anyone else still having 'school-related' nightmares years after graduating? If so, how do you make it stop lol


It's been 10 years last March since I graduated college, but I still have that occasional nightmare of me coming into class one day totally unprepared for a test, me realizing I've been skipping one particular class all semester and now will have to retake it, or me forgetting about a project that's due today.

For the record, I never had these issues during my time in college. Why am I being haunted by these thoughts years later?

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Unanswered Am I a fraud for saying I’ve read a book when I really listened to it’s audiobook?


Honestly saying “Yeah I’ve listened to that book before” sounds so weird.

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Unanswered If you had to fight every animal to the death in order of size,when would the fights get hard?


No weapons,you are fully clothed,it’s an enclosed area.

Marine animals still require to be beaten

You are at your physical peak (25 give or take a few years)

A fight must end in death

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Unanswered Not being political but am actually curious, how is it that cops seem to detain these mass shooters but so many end up killing someone over smaller crimes?


It’s weird right? I mean, we hear about police abuse so much and over nothing to smaller crimes like drugs that it feels like the majority of them are untrained and scared. However when a mass shooting comes up, so many cops become tactical, patient. Pulling away from big emotional issues or political points of view, why does this seem that cops become more level headed in these situations? Is it because their bosses are usually on the scene? Is it because there are more of them? Are different quality of cops called in for these situations?

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Unanswered If your kidnapper was forcing you to write a "I'm okay i ran away" letter, how can you communicate duress without the kidnapper knowing?


I remember listening to a true crime podcast about a girl that was kidnapped, the police were looking for her.

After she stayed in the news for a while the kidnapper made her write a letter which he would send to her home, she ended up pushing her fingernail into one of the words in attempt to communicate duress for the investigators. But before it could be mailed, the kidnapper saw what she did and tortured her, making her rewrite the letter while looking over her shoulder.

Handwriting experts weren't able to deduce duress from the letter the kidnapper sent, and no one was sure if she was being held against her will or not. So how could one communicate duress secretly in a letter like that? I was thinking, maybe pressing the pencil down a little harder at the end of the letters h-e-l-p, just enough for investigators to notice if they very closely analyzed the letter. But Idk that sounds too obvious. What would you do?

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Unanswered Why does it seem like every reddit live feed is just some guy playing guitar?


Is there not anything else to stream?

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Unanswered How do Americans afford to pay medical bills?


I am from Europe and I could never imagine how I am supposed to pay bills up to 10000€. Do you guys have to take credits for every single bill?

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Unanswered Why are people in the US so obsessed with moving out at 18?


Basically from my experience thru Reddit, I have seen that a lot of people want to move out at 18, before their education is even complete or they even have a decent job.

Here where I stay, most people never move out, but I’m not asking that. Why don’t y’all move our once y’all are independent, and can earn decently.

On the crust, it seems that it would solve a lot of the problems y’all have (read- living paycheque to paycheque, student loans ).

Since rent is a major cost, it can be almost fully eliminated, and in a fraction of a cost, you could even help your parents out in their house.

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Unanswered Can I sue someone for posting a public video making fun of my disability?


Someone posted a TikTok making fun of me and my disability in a very awful way. I asked the person to delete the video and they won’t delete it. I don’t know what to do. It makes me so angry he did this and very depressed. Can I threaten a lawsuit if he doesn’t put it down?

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Unanswered Why are we not supposed to pee in the shower?


I forgot what the rationale was. Can someone please remind me? Otherwise, I won’t stop.

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Unanswered Has the sun gotten much more intense or is my memory tricking me?


I remember that when I was a kid, I was spending all day outside in the blazing sun in Switzerland. I rarely got any sunburn, it was never so hot that I needed to seek shade to rest and overall it felt less "intense".

Nowadays I hide inside during the summer. The sun feels like stinging needles on my skin and the heat is overwhelming. It's not even about the temperature but more about how "intense" the sun feels on the skin and how uncomfortable it is now. It used to be like a warm blanket and now it feels like sandpaper. Is that because of higher UV? Or is my mind playing a trick on me and I am just getting old?

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Unanswered What is the “free speech” that Elon Musk is going to allow on Twitter that isn’t already permitted on the platform?


What is the “free speech” that Elon Musk is going to allow on Twitter that isn’t already permitted on the platform?

I see tweets and comments like this and it has me confused.

What types of free speech are currently being stifled by Twitter?

Can somebody please give me an example of free speech that would return to the platform, that isn’t hate speech, racism, discrimination or similar?

Or does Elon Musk just mean he will allow those types of comments, more openly than they already are allowed?

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Unanswered Why am I required to pay the hospital bill although someone else caused me to end up there?


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Unanswered Why do some african americans pronounce "Ask/Asked" as "Axe/Axed"?


Not a native english speaker and also not living in America, but this always interested me.

Edit: ANSWERED, thanks!