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Answered What are Florida ounces?


I didn't think much of this when I lived in Florida. Many products were labeled in Florida ounces. But now that I live in another state I'm surprised to see products still labeled with Florida ounces.

I looked up 'Florida ounces' but couldn't find much information about them. Google doesn't know how to convert them to regular ounces.

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Does anyone else stay up at night because that’s the only time they can be alone?


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When leaving the house, does anyone tell their pets they will be home later?


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Do any of you ever google a question and add “reddit” after the question because surprisingly reddit will get you straight to the answer rather than having to go through an annoying spammy website?


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Does anybody else watch their pet while they're sleeping for a while, and just think about how grateful you are to have them?


they always look so peaceful and innocent, i just like looking at them


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Does anyone else think Google search quality has gone downhill fast?


I feel like SEO (search engine optimization) has ruined Google. Unless you are looking for something obvious, all the search results are websites that are barely tangential to your search terms.

EDIT: The fact that this thread could be google-able just makes me happy inside.

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Answered Are men really that much stronger than women?


I’m a man, and recently I’ve been seeing post about women being weaker than men exponentially. This post is the one that surprised me a lot. It made it sound like the average guy is much stronger than the strongest woman. This post had comments saying that her deadlift isn’t super heavy. I do lift weights and can deadlift over her weight, but I thought it was just because she doesn’t work out much.

Personally I have never been a situation where I have had to fight a women or pin one down, so I don’t know. I just thought women were slightly less strong if not equal, but I’ve been seeing things that say otherwise.

Edit: To everyone calling me a dumbass, the subreddit is called no stupid questions.

Edit 2: I have gotten so many replies my inbox has literally broke. Please stop.

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Is Russia truly doing such a poor job in the invasion of Ukraine or are we just being fed propaganda?


Propaganda is certainly in full swing on both sides but the narrative, from a western perspective, is that Russia has royally screwed the pooch during this invasion. If we are to believe what is being spoken it seems like they are just throwing meat and materials into the grinder in Ukraine and getting obliterated. Are the Russians truly taking such monumental losses and is their economy soon to be as fucked as people claim?

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Is it a red flag if a guy you just started dating asks you to delete all the guys off your snapchat and delete your Facebook altogether?


I'm trying to convince my friend that right off the bat, this is alarming requests from a man she just started dating a few months ago. It's giving insecure and controlling.

What y'all think?

EDIT: Whoa fuck this got alot more upvotes than I thought. Unfortunately some women can't read the writing on the wall. I wish her luck but she's already knee deep with this guy. She is more attracted to his looks and status than his behavior. Let's all wish her well!

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Why do billionaires and other very rich individuals try so hard to avoid paying taxes when they will still be rich whether they pay the taxes or not?


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Answered How to prepare your house for an active wartime?


I'm Ukrainian and as you might know, shit's about to hit the fan (maybe not? I don't know).

If it gets relatively bad, we may be cut from electricity, water, heat supplies, so how do I prepare for that? Is there some survival lists/kits to look into? Like obviously we'll need water, canned food, maybe some way to start a fire inside if it gets to that, some way to cook (gas camping stove?), but what else?

A place for excrements in case of plumbing issues, some medication? I have no idea how can one prepare to live in a war zone, and I don't want to panic but I'd rather be ready for at least something than just sit here and wait for what's to come.

Thanks. I wish you all a peaceful sky above your heads.

oh and by the way, is there something to do with the apartment itself? I don't know maybe like some sheets or platic over windows etc

edit: oh wow so many great replies, some people even offered me shelter in their country, this community can be so incredible. Thank you all. I hope it won't come to that.

There's so many comments, I'm sorry I can't reply to all of you, but thank you, I will try and do my best.

It's over a thousand replies now so I'm sorry again if I missed anything, but if you want to ask/know something, just DM me and I'll try to answer.

TL;DR: I live in Kyiv. People are split, but no one really wants to aknowledge the fact that we might be on the brink of war with (the better word would probably be 'destruction by') russia. Like, what's the point in talking about it? So we don't. Government just issued a leaflet about what to have in your medkit and how to behace in case of artillery strikes, so there's that. News are bleak, you don't know what to believe, maybe it's propaganda, maybe it's the boy who cried 'wolf', maybe it's a distraction. Fireworks went out yesterday (which are by the way illegal due to veterans with PTSD from war) and I was scared it was a strike. I'm prone to anxiety so maybe I'm not the most objective spectator, but it's fucking hard. You either read the news and realize it gets worse and worse, or you stick your head into the sand and wish it would all go away. Something like this happened before, but never on this scale, they're spending a lot of effort and money bringing all these troops (over 100k) and vehicles (they even had 90 trains with tanks in Belarus out of a sudden) and ships around us. And since the west didn't blink, either putin's bluffing or doesn't care. Fuck.

EDIT on 24th of Feb since people keep messaging me. It happened. Nothing can prepare you to waking up at 5 am from explosions, it was the single most scary experience of my life. People are fleeing kiev. hundred-long lines to pharmacies and food stores. nothing else to say.

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Is it just me or has googles search result quality massively gone down?


Not sure if that's actually the case but it seems like a lot of things and sources , articles, and pages that I used to look up and be able to find, can't find any more now. the search results seemed a lot more diverse, has anything like that occured to you as well?

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Am I weird for thinking my wife’s weird for keeping all our kids fallen off body pieces (teeth, umbilical cord, nail clippings etc.) in a chest in the closet?


Edit: She came out of the bathroom just a moment ago and said “you asked f****** Reddit”? She’s not talking to me now but if you read this Hunny, I told you it was weird.

Edit 2: My wife isn’t mad everyone lol, she’s more upset/surprised that the majority agrees weird . Some on Reddit need to realize not every married couple turns everything into a fight. We both had a great morning of laughs over this. Some on Reddit also need to realize just because something is weird doesn’t mean it requires mental health professionals lol. While I think she’s weird for it, it’s really not a big deal. They’re her kids she carried and she can keep whatever body pieces she wants. I will however of course start storing used baby wipes from changing the newborn in my closet in a chest for her to find.

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Answered What does dying feel like?


I’m 21 years old and I am a terminal cancer patient. I was doing well for awhile but it appears my borrowed time is up. I have Ewing’s sarcoma in my lungs and I was wondering if anyone here could help me understand what’s going to happen as this starts to progress further. I want to know what I’m in for. I’m not looking for a sugar coated “everything’s fine” approach. I know I’m dying, I just want to know what’s coming before the end.

Edit: I’m not looking for the moment of death or afterlife. I’m asking about the physical decline I’m in for.

Edit 2: to anyone that reads this thank you very much for your comments. I got many great answers to my question and many of you shared personal experiences. I can’t thank you all enough.

Edit 3: please stop telling me to turn to religion. Simple as that

Edit 4: With an extremely heavy heart I’m sorry to say that OP lost his battle with cancer today. OP was blown away by all the support and advice he received from this thread. He definitely appreciated all the advice.

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Whats the least awkward way of asking your flatmates name again after having stayed with them for a month already. Have had several conversations up to this point.


Tried attemps 1) Checking mailbox(name not there) 2) Sending link to bullshit online game (put an alias) 3) Checking WhatsApp for nane (Put a - as profile name) 4) Asked other flatmate who has been staying with him for almost 6 months, he also has been addressing him "dude" since their introduction.

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Do you agree with Elon Musk on age restriction for presidents?


His proposition is that nobody over 70 should be allowed to run for the office. Currently you can't be the president if you're too young, but there is no limit for the upper age.

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If gas got too high and electric cars are expensive what’s stopping me from using a horse and carriage?


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Answered Why don’t we federally tie the minimum wage to inflation? That way, the labor force won’t have to worry as much about being to underpaid to afford to live going forward.


Edit: im toast. Reddit never disappoints me. I’ve learned a lot from you all today and I’m sorry, but I just can’t keep up.

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Answered What does it mean when someone works a “925”?


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Answered Is life really just working a 40 hour work week to savor a precious weekend over and over again until you die?


I just turned 18, and from my understanding, being an adult means: working a meaningless and grueling job 5 days a week to have enough money to pay for livable accommodations, while having little to no time for relationships, hobbies, or really anything that makes life worth living. And the weekend is just two days of stress trying to get as much done as possible because you don't have time during the week.

Is it like this for everyone? Is there a way to NOT have to do this? What's the point?

EDIT: I should add that I'm NOT someone that would rather party every day and engage in grossly hedonistic alternatives. I don't want a massive house/s. I don't want a brand-new sports car/s. I don't want 10 wives. I just want to live with someone I love and spend as much time with them as possible while furthering my knowledge and pursuing art. That's all.

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Why are jokes about alopecia for women considered rude but male pattern baldness is just accepted as a common thing to make fun of?


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Is USA as bad as it sound on Reddit ?


For example: ridiculously expensive healthcare, school shooting everyday, very racist polices

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How is Will Smith allowed to stay in the venue where he just assualted someone on live TV.


Like, seriously? And on top of that they let him accept an award?

EDIT: Obligatory I can't spell & 'damn this blew up!'

EDIT 2: Holy shit, this exploded; and to be clear, I am not just jumping on a hate band wagon, I genuinely wanted to know if there was some kind of legal action that COULD have been taken against him. That was answered thankfully.

EDIT 3: Thanks to the edge lord/lass that reported me to the suicide bot. I'm fine, thank you. Clearly you aren't.