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Announcement Best of /r/OnePiece 2021 - Nominations!


Best of /r/OnePiece 2021 Nominations

It's this time of the year where you, as a community, decide what was the best of this subreddit for 2021.

In this thread you can make nominations for the 14 awards categories you want to see in our community's best of 2021 awards. This thread is just for nominations and discussion with no focus on upvotes. We will be posting a thread for voting about everything a week or so after this post goes up.

The winners will receive reddit premium and get to have a special flair of their own choosing (as long as it's not a terrible thing)

For 2021, the following 14 categories have been chosen :

  • Best Nakama of the Year (not your favorite Straw Hat, but the /r/OnePiece subscriber you feel contributed the most to the sub. Please also note that moderators of this subreddit are not eligible for this award.)

  • Best One Piece Character of the Year (Characters who were introduced or extensively featured during the past year).

  • Best One Piece Character Design of the year.

  • Best Manga Chapter of the Year (Eligible chapters: 1000 - 1035).

  • Best Anime Episode of the Year (Eligible episodes: 957 - 1004).

  • Best Manga Panel/Anime screenshot of 2021.

  • Best Animation sequence in the Anime for 2021.

  • Best Fan Created Content of the Year (OC). (Only OC will be accepted, but it can be either fanart, merchandise post, cosplay, animation, coloring, so anything created by a fan and shared by the creator in this subreddit), separated into three subcategories : Best Fanart, Best Fanart (for Funny content), Best OC post that isn't Fanart.

  • Best Theory of the Year. (The theories nominated are part of this list here), so there will be a preselection before to choose 1-2 per months (Maybe more depending on how they are liked.) Here is the link to vote for them : Theory nomination

  • Best Comment of the Year (It can be part of a comment chain, or just a single comment made within 2021 for something related to One Piece and this subreddit).

  • Best Post of the Year (Can be anything).

And now, for the Open Categories :

  • Best Cover page of 2021

  • Best Color spread of 2021

  • Most unexpected moment in the Manga of 2021.

Here are some rules for the Panels/scenes nomination :

  1. Must be a panel/screenshot from chapters 1000 - 1035 or from episodes 957 - 1004 (including the TV Special).
  2. For manga panels, must be a single panel. It has to be a single panel. The panel can be the size of an entire double spread or a tiny corner of a page but, again, one panel. (And be sure to link them)
  3. Manga panels can have dialogue in them.
  4. For episode screenshots, can be from either the main episode or openings (this includes the Episode of Skipiea TV Special).
  5. Panel and Screenshot contests will be separate contests.
  6. The best animation in the anime requires a good quality clip in high definition.

As always, please be sure to include some of your thoughts justifying your nominations for each category.

Warning: the best manga chapter, best OP character, and best panel nominations may contain spoilers for anime watchers. Please view with caution and submitters please use spoiler tags where appropriate!

Tentative Schedule:

January 20th: Nominations Thread.

January 31st: Voting Thread.

February 10th: Announcing the Winners.

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Current Chapter One Piece: Chapter 1037 - Official Release Discussion


Chapter 1037 is out on Mangaplus

Post all discussions, reaction about this release in this thread.


Join us at https://discord.gg/onepiece to discuss One Piece instantly with fellow nakama!

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Media Zoro's statue just gor unveiled! Jinbe should be next this summer.

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Discussion Well close enough

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Media Gear 4 Luffy balloon

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r/OnePiece 13h ago

Discussion Only One Villain Can RETURN To The Main Story. Who Are You Picking ?

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Misc One Piece Toonami 2022 Return Promo

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Analysis Paused One Piece at the wrong moment

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Big News The Zoro Statue has been revealed!

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Fanart My third Strawhat drawing: Usopp in all his glory!

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Media Zoro's statue finally unveiled!

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Theory Rocks D. Xebec Was A Coward And Betrayed Kaido (Manga Spoilers)


What if Kaido was betrayed by Rocks D. Xebec, but not in the typical way? Been sitting on this for a bit, but I believe Rocks died or “lost” as a coward and betrayed everything he stood for (his beliefs, his crew) in his final moments. Now, Kaido has structured his entire crew and goals after what the Rocks pirates once were: a mighty crew based on strength with a strong center (Kaido himself). Evidence is hyperlinked with the official English translation.

Rocks sought to be “King of the World”, a huge title that existed before the Pirate King title, and one that specifically challenged the WG (Ch.957). Rocks allowed that ambition to crumble beneath him when he was defeated, and a young, aspiring Kaido who looked up to his captain’s dreams was crushed when he witnessed his “betrayal” firsthand. Now, Kaido wants to create a great army, find the One Piece, and ravage the world as his former captain sought to do, so that he can die a glorious death on top of the world. Notice he admires Roger and Whitebeard for "doing it right" with their deaths (and we've also seen him admire Oden for his death), but he doesn't think of Rocks, who is dead.

Years after the God Valley incident, Kaido still thinks of Rocks as a great man alongside other legends (Ch.1001), and upon defeating Luffy the second time and throwing him off of Onigashima, makes the following observation “Human beings can't give up hope...that's the problem!”. In this panel, Kaido comments on how Luffy has inspired a lot of faith in his followers who will not believe his defeat unless shown physical proof (Ch. 1014). I believe Kaido is reflecting on his own past hope for Rocks, where he believed his captain would conquer the entire world, never faltering in that belief. When it became apparent that Rocks and his crew would lose? It was a betrayal. A shameful end to the ambitions Rocks upheld and the hope that Kaido had placed in him. I’m sure for a time, Kaido could not accept Rock’s defeat, until he finally decided he would "go through with it" himself, one of the first lines we hear him say in the manga (Ch.795). By this, Kaido means he is going to surpass Rocks and his goal to take over the world.

And Kaido has done very well for himself in the power department. He’s amassed an incredible army through ability users (Ch.689), massive alliances (Ch.954),and has conquered Wano to begin his pirate empire and start “the world of violence” (Ch.997). A large sub-theme for this arc has been submission, specifically how it plays into allegiances and survival. We see dozens of characters who gave up on their dreams (Ch.983), willingly or not, to follow Kaido due to his strength (Ch.1029) where our main characters refuse. The cut-throat meritocratic (Ch.987) environment of Kaido's crew is of his own design, and was likely how Rocks structured his crew with some of the would-be strongest characters in the series. And Kaido was likely the same as his own followers back then…he dedicated himself to the glory that Rocks sought to achieve. Strength is everything, and upon defeat, you have to accept that everything you stood for is over (Ch.1015). Perhaps Rocks wasn’t this person, and could not accept his defeat, or his crew's defeat?

Rocks being a coward is further strengthened by his connection with Blackbeard. Blackbeard is a notorious coward (Ch.576) that would easily beg for his life if the situation demanded it. Rocks’ last name is Xebec, which is the name of Blackbeard’s ship. Rocks was Roger’s powerful nemesis, and we know that there are a ton of parallels between Roger and Luffy. Obviously Luffy is going to be the Pirate King by the end of the story, and Blackbeard is “not the man Roger was waiting for”, according to Whitebeard. With Rocks and Roger, we know that Rocks never went on to achieve his goals because Roger ended up becoming the Pirate King, a further parallel to the eventual Luffy/Blackbeard storyline. Further, Rocks' crew was made up of Big Mom, Whitebeard, and Kaido himself. Strong characters that would only submit to someone stronger than them (proven with the fact that they all went on to form their own legendary crews). This is EXACTLY like Blackbeard's current crew make up. His crew is made up of people who follow him for glory, not because they love or respect him. Shilliew, Catarina Devon...these characters will turn on Blackbeard the minute they see he is weaker than them.

It’s a bit tenuous, but I get the sense Oda is drawing parallels between Rocks and Blackbeard for a reason. Kaido is the complete opposite of someone like Blackbeard, and allegedly Rocks in that his definition of being a pirate means putting your life on the line and accepting defeat as a warrior. For glory, he’s willing to work with rival Big Mom (knowing the obvious outcome that she will likely betray him, Ch.999) and specifically seeks out the strong with the promise that he will never betray them (Ch.1035) and that they will conquer the world together (Ch.986). He repeats that last bit with the Supernova too (Ch.1010). Rocks and Kaido were meant to conquer the world together, but Rocks couldn’t live up to his own ambition, betrayed that ambition, and left Kaido bitter, "Pirates will betray you" (Ch.987). Rocks abandoned Kaido, and we can see similar themes of his potential character in Blackbeard, who would drop his crew the minute it becomes advantageous for him to do so.

TL;DR: Kaido wants to be the man Rocks couldn’t, and he wants to eclipse his former captain by being better in every way and dying a glorious death, just like Whitebeard (who did it "right") and Roger. "Doing it right" means going out like a warrior, which Whitebeard and Roger both did as they smiled and accepted their loss. Rocks' definition of piracy puts his own life over his ambitions and dreams, a contrast to great pirates such as those mentioned (and soon Luffy), but similar to Blackbeard.

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Media Zoro statue in oda's town in kumamoto, japan

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Powerscaling Inspired by u/BerkayKutsal, I put pictures in blender to show the scale as accuratly as posible. (Orange squere in second pic is laboon).

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Fanart " The First Son of the Sea" one of my favorite character from One Piece, Jinbei

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Fanart [OC] Robin

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Fanart Sketch of red hawk luffy

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Big News Revealed to the cry of "Sunacchi" the new bronze statue of Zoro in Kumamoto!

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Fanart One Piece x Star Wars, Vivi in Padme's lake dress. Art from Opalis on twitter for a friend. Link in the comments.

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Discussion List some of your favorite OP youtubers:

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Media The most popular anime from each US state.

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Media Hand drawn Zoro by Oda to celebrate the Zoro Statue in Ozu Town unveiling as i write this post

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Fanart New Ink ROOM!!

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Fanart Got challenged to draw each of the Strawhat Pirates, so here’s my attempt at Sanji.

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Discussion Why is morj throwing a temper tantrum about Jinbe vs who’s who


One person tweeted about liking jinbe vs who’s who and then morj sounded off. Started calling people fake for liking Wano 😂 crazy to see maybe the best one piece YouTuber act like a child. I think the whole community is desperate for a chapter at this point. Honestly didn’t even know liking jinbe vs who’s who was a cold take