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NA 26F/PS4/EST Looking for gaming buddies


Apologies for formatting, on mobile.

Howdy everybody! I'm looking for more 21+ people to game with on PlayStation, do a wee bit of PC gaming too. My gamertag is SukoshiMikan on PS4 and Bacon on Steam, please send a message before adding me. If you have a mic that's a huge plus! I will talk enough for both of us if you don't though.

Currently I'm big into playing Elder Scrolls Online, Ghost of Tsushima, and Red Dead Redemption 2 Online on PS4. I also play Stardew Valley on Steam, it's simple but very relaxing.

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Looking for some chill friends to game with (PC) or watch stuff together!


Helloo everyone! I am 24 F from the UK and a few of my friends started a gaming group at the beginning of lockdown as we were feeling isolated and had no one to game with, we now have grown into a community that can just chat and hang out together, game and watch series and films. We usually play casual multiplayer games on the weekend such as Among Us, Jackbox, Tabletop simulator, Borderlands, Minecraft (our own server and separate pixelmon server), our own DND group, Project Winter, Pummel Party, Monster Hunters Rise, Satisfactory and a whole bunch of other random multiplayer games. We're always open to try/buy new games and everyone is welcome. By welcoming everyone I mean I think its quite easy to feel included from the start, so don't worry if you feel anxious joining a new group of people because we have all been in the same situation! Message me on here or add me on discord Stella#4777 :)

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NA 28/PC/PST Let’s be friends? (:


Hello everyone!

I’ll start off with saying that I am looking for some long term friends who game regularly. I have played FPS games for 16+ years, but I also enjoy MMORPGs. I used to main warzone, but honestly that game has gotten stale to me. With that said, I’ve moved on to different games! Lately I’ve been playing Halo Infinite, Valorant, a little bit of Vanguard, New World, and a little bit of Forza Horizons 5.

These games are not all that I want to play! I’m looking for people to help broaden my gaming mind and show me some awesome hidden gems. I really want to get into Escape from Tarkov, but playing solo doesn’t sound fun, so I’d be down to try it with someone!

I work pretty random hours, I usually will know my weekly schedule in advance!

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NA 29M Anybody still playing PSO2 NGS?


I'm in the CST Timezone & I usually play in the afternoon/evenings. Male or female it doesn't matter. Just want some friends to explore the world with. I'm on Xbox Series S.

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition || LFG


Looking for a few people to start a fresh world with and do challenges and build interesting things

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Monsters Domain playtests starts 03.02.2022 Feel free to join our group and became part of our game. We need your feedback



sign up our game, test it and give us feedback brothers

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UK Gamer Mates, where you at?!


Hey! I'm 25, and from the UK. I do both PC gaming and Xbox One (although I mainly play the 360 CoDs on there). I'm looking for like minded people to play with; I'm usually playing Minecraft, but do have other games such as The Forest, Golf games, GTA5, and the collection of xbox games.

My discord is HalloweenBaby#5438 - Please only add if you're over 21. Preferably UK based people due to timezones, would love to find people to play zombies with on Blops1.

My twitter is Halloweenbaeb.

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Looking for a Battlefield Hazard Zone squad. I’m on PS4.


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Searching for R6S friends


Yo wassup everybody,

I'm searching for some fun friends to play R6S with. I'd like you to have humor such as:

- Smii7y

- The Dooo

- Grizzy

and so on, since that's my humor.

DM me on Discord: MASON#2434


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32M/ US /PC / Halo infinite


Looking for players in the US interested in playing Halo infinite matchmaking. Usually available most weekends and some weekday evenings. I use voip through discord. Add me targetpractice11#7235 on discord. Parthenon18650 is my GT on Xbox.

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22/GMT Looking for vc and gaming buddies lol/csgo/borderlands 3


Life's been busy past couple years so i havent been gaming that much. I'm looking for some gaming buddies to have a few laughs with and possibly a friendship.

My name's Ali im a 22 yo living in tunisia. I speak a few languages and like to box. I don't take myself too seriously and i like people similar to me who just want to have a good laugh.

I would prefer if you're 18+ and have a few games in common w me.

I play lol, csgo, rocket league, stardew valley, borderlands 3, vermintide 2, deep rock gallactic, the forest, hunt showdown, killing floor 2, L4D2, mordhau, speedrunners, viscera cleanup.

add me on steam or send me a msg on here :)

steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/teemo53/

discord SnS#4573

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21, M, I play on Xbox Series and is open to any multiplayer games really. Just bored of playing alone. Hit me up!


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25/Norwegian looking for people with social antennas!


Hello! I just got myself a new pc, so I'm looking to get back into pc gaming. I'd like for someone to join up in don't starve together or perhaps it takes two. Easy games to get a feeling of how one's cooperate before moving to other games.

Open to try most games, though I'm really bad at fps, I do on the other hand love survival and story driven games. (Mostly play on ps5)

20+ please, looking forward to meeting you😊

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Anyone want to play Destiny 2 on PC?


25 M I play warlock, fairly good at healing sometimes. I'm mostly damage focused with passive healing.

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opening a brand new minecraft SMP with the main focus on community and making new friends. Its on JAVA edition the latest version (1.18.1). ages between 15-24. Its ganna be a small community with hand picked players. You dont need to be good to join, just friendly and a quality person. DM me if that intrests you.

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18/M/EET Would like to play Rust/LoL/Minecraft with someone.


Free almost every night. Have Discord.

I have Risk of Rain 2, GMod and we could even play Terraria. CSGO is an option aswell.

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If JFK Jr. was still alive, I'd let him eat my ass


no cap

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GMT 31/M/US-GMT/PC Would like a partner for Grounded, For the King, or Synthetik


Usually free on the weekends or nights. I have a discord.

Also have Risk of Rain 2, Killing Floor 2, Vermintide 2, and Deep Rock Galactic on back rotation


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Looking for Gaming Buddy (PC)


Hey there, M24 Looking for new friends to play games with (Divinity 2, Minecraft, League (tft), BDO, ESO, Halo, Fallout76, etc) If you're interested PM me.

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24m/US(Pst)/Pc & Xbox


Looking for some fellow gamers who'd be down to discord and play some games? I mostly play PC but I'll occasionally play Xbox depending on the game. My list of games -Battlefield 4, 2 and V. -Skyrim and Fallout 4 -Minecraft -League of Legends -Planetside 2 And I'm open to other games if I've purchased them or can play for free. Im usually down to play after 7pst or 8pst Hmu let's play!

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EST M31 Seeking a wingspan partner


Yeah, birds. I like em. Anyone else like birds too and wanna play wingspan occasionally?

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Xbox LAN Players Needed | Birmingham, UK | Saturday


Hi all,

I'm looking for people who live in or near the West Midlands, UK who would be interetesed in joining me and others this Saturday (8th Jan) for some Xbox 360 LAN play: Halo, GoW, L4D2 ;)

Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested. It's gonna be in the city centre from 1:00 til 8:00, easily accessible by train, or 'pay-display' parking right outside.

If you can't do this Saturday, or reading this after the 8th, we meet most weekends, so still feel free to get in touch.


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36M EST Need Help with Far Cry 5


Hey, I'm looking to earn the "1 hour in Co-OP" achievement, as well as someone to help me drive the boat to catch "The Admiral."

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CST 22M CST Gaming Friends?


Hey my psn is @PhantomSNiPS on ps4, im looking for friends to play stuff with. I don't own a lot of typical multiplayer games cause I'm not an avid online gamer like a lot of others. (Don't have the typical COD, Fornite, battlefield, Apex, Overwatch.)

What I do have/interested in getting is monopoly, uno, dead by daylight, minecraft, rocket league, have other stuff from previous ps plus months so it's not just limited I'd also be down to look into getting other games possibly.

Add me and let's chat!

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NA 34/PC/PST (Late Nights) - Phasmo, Tarkov, Hunt: Showdown, Six Siege, or others


First, my availability during the weekdays start at around 12:30 am PST and would last until 2 to 3 am. Weekends are more free starting around 3 pm. If you're unable to play around any of these time slots the majority of the time, then it won't work for us. I tend to dedicate these times to hang out and play or chat with a friend if I'm not studying or doing something necessary.

I'm looking for one or two gaming FRIENDS. Having us get to know each other is one of my top priorities other than finding the games we enjoy playing. I like to have something to look forward to after a long day at work and just have some fun playing whatever games we're in the mood for.

With that said, here's my current list of games I'm looking to play with someone:

  • Phasmophobia
  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Hunt: Showdown
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Red Dead Online
  • No Man's Sky
  • theHunter: Call of The Wild
  • Project Zomboid
  • Barotrauma
  • or other games which we can find out together

I've been playing Phas for a while now and it's been a fun experience. The developers are doing well adding fun new features to keep it interesting. I love how you have to collect evidence to find out which ghost you're dealing with or trying to figure out its identity by behavior.

I'm still fairly new to EFT and it's a tough game to get used to. If we play this, be completely fine with having lots of deaths and losing your items. This goes the same for Hunt and Rainbow Six. Be kind and accept the fact that there will be a lot of losses and we'll be golden. I want to reassure you beforehand that you don't have to be good to play any of these games with me.

DBD always gets me with the jump scares. It's fun in that respect and would appreciate helpful and understanding players to have for this game since I'm noticing some toxicity happening between the survivors and killers.

I just got Red Dead Online so having a partner for this game would make it a better experience.

Overall, I enjoy team-based games and working with one or more players that require communication has been the biggest fun I get from a game. Immersion is a huge plus as well as puzzle solving. So if you have any other game suggestions, let me know and I'll look into it with you.

A few things I'm looking for in a new gaming friend:

  • This had been a major issue so far so I'm going to list it first -- If you're going to message me, I absolutely expect you to actually play a game with me and not just leave me in your list. Also be actively playing one of the games I've listed.
  • I'm looking for an individual gaming friend and partner. Which means I'm not going to immediately jump in a gaming group with you. Not for a long while. I prefer to get to know my gaming friends one at a time until I'm comfortable in being in a bigger group. This has worked for me a lot better so I will be sticking to one person at a time. Don't push the idea of grouping with others early on.
  • I will NOT join your Discord server.
  • No raging or rage quitting. Feeling frustrated is fine but do not go Hulk mode towards your teammates or the game. I no longer have the patience to be around this type of behavior. I just want us to enjoy the game even if we're losing or making mistakes. Take a break if you feel the need to.
  • Be completely fine with using voice chat in Discord. I will not use text-only chat during a game session because it's a pain to do when action is happening. It's better to use voice for communication anyway.

**Rant** Unfortunately, my patience has lessened and will not waste anymore time and energy towards people who I find I'm not comfortable or compatible with. It's been a frustrating experience and I'm careful at this point. If I find that you're not making an effort to contact me to play anything as I've tried with you, then we're done.

A simply "Hi" to get things going can be enough. You don't have to be amazing at starting and keeping conversations going because I sure as hell am not. I'm a simple guy. Just make some effort. I can only hope you've read the whole post since I felt that many who had messaged me don't. **End rant**

That'll be it for now. I hope to hear from you.