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Official This Week on Stadia: New year, new games – and we want to hear from you!

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Community Creator Appreciation/Promotion Megathread


Content creators or consumers, what are you making? Who are you watching? Share with us channels, links and more in the comments below!

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Fluff Every. Single. Day.

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Discussion Stadia makes me feel like my ex-wife


I remember the feeling of being constantly hoping it would get better. I remember thinking "This is not what I want, there is so much better out there, but I invested so much into this relationship, what should I do?"

Well, fast forward a few years, after finally breaking up, I managed to find what I was looking for and I regret not abandoning that boat before.

My guts have been telling me for over a year that something is not right with Stadia, I keep looking around wishing Google would be taking care of its clients like Microsoft and other companies do.

I keep trying to ignore that little voice that is telling me that I'm not happy with Stadia and that sooner or later I will regret not leaving earlier.

Can anyone relate? if so, aren't you afraid that not wanting to ready the signals is going to generate even more frustration? What else do you have to see to at least stop giving them money? I'm obviously not talking about using the free option, why wouldn't you, but investing in Stadia?

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Discussion The big difference between this sub and Stadia Players online


Why is there such a big difference between opinions here and players you meet online on Stadia? I play a lot and get to know a lot of people accordingly. I haven't met any player who was in any way negative about Stadia. The only thing you hear is that someone wants a certain game. But in a nice positive way. Not like many people in this sub that claims Stadia is dead. My guess is that these people aren't active Players at all.

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Speculation Stadia VR anyone?

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Speculation Google is building an AR headset

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Question What happened to the Batman game on the while label service?


That was only a few months ago but only available in the states. Has the promotion ended? Is the game still available to play?

WB Games published MK11 on Stadia at launch but aside from the Batman port on the white label service we've gotten nothing from them. Are they ever bringing another game to Stadia like the Lego games? I have so many questions.

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Review Rainbow Six Extraction is a good port on Stadia


Has High Framrate and quality mode. For a game this fast would definitely recommend High framerate. Graphically it's impressive.


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Discussion I don't know why we are suddenly so frustrated about Stadia


But I am sure irritated and upset. Maybe because it's after the winter holiday we are all back to work, having post holiday blues and we have nothing to look forward to from Stadia.

We need some news from the team. Some roadmap or some hope.

I just got Geforce Now and I am very close to canceling my stadia sub.

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Question How many in this sub have pro-subscription?


Please choose the kind of Stadia subscription you have:

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Discussion This could be a good opportunity for Stadia


With the news of Microsoft obtaining Activision|Blizzard, and the news of Sony mostly confirming that Activision games cannot be exclusive to Xbox at least for a few years. This is a chance for Stadia/Google to take advantage of the noise to share that they're the platform that should be used in the coming years.

Whether it's them:

  • bringing back SG&E (PLEASE!)
  • Making acquisition talks to get Ubisoft since they are the only publisher that's truly had their back (Don't recommend, but if it truly become a publisher acquisition war...)
  • Making acquisition of a bunch of smaller studios/publishers (Giants software, Societe Dotemu Sas, Splash Damage Group, etc.)
  • They've shown they're not about this, but they should look into getting full time exclusives of known games

At the end it all comes down to what's on their roadmap...If they ever plan on being transparent about it again.

What do y'all think?

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Question What is the porting process?


Stadia relies on porting games to its service.

So what specifically is the porting process? How long does it take? Does it vary on the game being ported? What resources would a studio need to port something? Etc...

I'm not really wondering about the legal, publishing side of things, just the porting process itself. Trying to understand why it might be really hard or easier than I thought for Google to get us more games. Any help is appreciated!

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Constructive Criticism First Impressions With RS: Extraction

  1. Voice Record Mode is still limited to Open or Disabled, for some reason Stadia isn't getting Push To Talk (same with Siege). I really don't understand why this is not possible..
  2. No FoV slider yet again (motion sickness and a disadvantage to players from PC, this won't change without a hardware upgrade..)
  3. The first time I started the game and changed the audio settings, I got "Your mic is muted" "your mic is now in use" as a spam and I had to restart the game (and reload the Stadia website) to get rid of it.
  4. Feels more laggy compared to Siege, and Siege wasn't perfect either.
  5. Performance/Quality toggle for res above 1080p, that's nice

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Question One Hand Clapping: v.1.0 on Steam, Stadia v.0.13? When is update? Btw it's a nice game...

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Question Best gaming head-set for Stadia


Hi, Was thinking investing in a gaming headset for Pro Subscription with 51 audio. Which one should you choose?

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Discussion Stadia and PS


I read a Forbes article today about the Microsoft acquisition of Activision. In the article it said that PlayStation doesn’t have the funds to purchase a studio of that size to compete and it doesn’t have the infrastructure to build a cloud gaming platform. Does anyone else see a potential for stadia to offer its platform to PlayStation and form some sort of partnership? Will be interesting to see what PlayStation will do to try level the playing field with Microsoft.

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Positive Note The Game of Life 2 looking at expanding to other platforms and posted a survey where Stadia is listed as a choice. Vote now!

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Review Don't sleep on Bloodstained : Ritual of the Night


I've been surprised by how much I've been enjoying it. Gameplay is A+ and the game has a lot more depth than I thought ( crafting system, side quests). If you have Pro give this game a few hours to really get into it.

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Question Television App


How does the TV APP work for you?

I have used STADIA on my Sony TV and Phillips TV and the APP performance is choppy. Of course I can get Stadia to run great on the Ultra and my phone and my Chromebook but for some reason the Sony and Phillips can't handle it .

Have you used it on the LG or TCL? I'm looking for a new bedroom tv an would like to be able to use the APP over a Dongle.

Thanks in advance

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Question PUBG issue - Mirimar


anyone else having issues with Mirimar specifically? Not had issue before FTP but now at the start of Mirimar matches you can literally count the frames it's so bad. Also if i climb up any mountain the games again get's so choppy and blurry it's unplayable. Only happens on Mirimar.

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Question R6 extraction reading text


That’s one one game that for some unknown to me reason is reading elements of interface like google translator.

Did anyone experience this ?

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Positive Note Only positive things about Stadia


Since there are a lot of posts complaining about Stadia, I would like to try something different here. I want everyone to share their positive experiences with Stadia. Of course everyone has negative things to say, but fortunately there are many other posts for that.

So I'll start. I love Stadia because I can play my two favorite games. I know I will have fun with these for years. Both have crossplay and will be updated with new content for many years to come. (Destiny2 and Elder Scrolls Online).

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Positive Note Recent negativity spike here is a huge turn-off for the community. We need to keep up the positivity if we don't want to scare new-comers.


I get that many people are unhappy, and many here seem to have quit Stadia and moved to other platforms altogether. If you have, why are you still here? We all want Stadia to improve and be the best it can be, but if this community continues to turn off new people with constant whiny negativity, we're shooting our own growth in the foot.

Valid criticisms can be made, 100%, but everyone whining about the same things over and over again isn't helping. I remember being happy seeing that this community wasn't toxic, but in a matter of days it all went downhill.

I've seen comments from people bringing this up, only to be toxicly downvoted into the negatives. It makes me wonder how many others feel this way and are afraid to say anything. We need more good vibes here. We need people to be excited about Stadia again.

Update: Over 40 comments of negativity and proving me right. The only positive comments downvoted to hell or basically ignored. I'm convinced people here will never be happy with anything that comes to Stadia in the future. We could have tons of announcements of great games and everything else people here have been asking for and all we'd get are "Yea, but what about X??" comments. I'll definitely limit or stop my activity in this sub. Going back to play more Stadia. It's a lot more fun than this sub.

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Fluff Which Shooter should stadia bring to us?


Not listed put below! Why I don’t care about Microsoft purchases.

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Positive Note It's the little things that can make us feel happy. Stadia before the big 3!

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Discussion Siege runs better than extraction.


Is this only my feeling or does anyone else feel the same? Playing on CCU with stadia controller, it feels slow, sluggish and reaction time feels of. I tried lower to 720p which helped in Siege actually, but didn’t get better.