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Hey Reddit! It’s Pierre Gasly, F1 driver for Scuderia AlphaTauri. It’s that time of year I answer your questions… AMA! [tomorrow 9/12/2021] AMA

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u/overspeeed Safety Car Dec 20 '21

You can find Pierre's answers here


u/1enox Anthoine Hubert Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 08 '21 Silver Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Giggle Vibing

Would you rather fight one Yuki - sized duck or one hundred duck - sized Yuki's ?

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u/jalmao Dec 08 '21 Silver Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy hehehehe

Pierre, a short view back to the past. Thirty years ago, Niki Lauda told us ‘take a monkey, place him into the cockpit and he is able to drive the car.’ Thirty years later, Sebastian told us ‘I had to start my car like a computer, it’s very complicated.’ And Nico Rosberg said that during the race – I don’t remember what race - he pressed the wrong button on the wheel. Question for you: is Formula One driving today too complicated with twenty and more buttons on the wheel, one hundred million racing rules, are you too much under effort, under pressure? What are your wishes for the future concerning the technical programme during the race? Less buttons, more? Or less and more communication with your engineers and race director?

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u/soniduino Dec 08 '21 Helpful Wholesome

If you could remove one thing from an F1 car, what would it be?

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u/serroel Max Verstappen Dec 08 '21 Gold Wholesome

Hi Pierre, during your warm up before a race i see you always testing your reflexes with that ball catch game. Did you ever drop the balls? Thanks in advance

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u/SunGodnRacer Virgin Dec 08 '21 Silver

Have you seen the G4sly, Ga5ly and 6asly memes?

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u/__Rosso__ Kimi Räikkönen Dec 08 '21

What's your favourite thing about being teammates with Yuki?

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u/cjtrey Sebastian Vettel Dec 08 '21 Silver Wholesome

Hey Pierre! No question here, just here to say amazing job this season and keep it up bro!

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u/iMatthew1990 Sir Lewis Hamilton Dec 08 '21 Helpful Wholesome

How’s your back carrying the team all season?

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u/Redbiertje Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 08 '21 Helpful Wholesome

Hi Pierre,

Thank you very much for this AMA! The FIA has received quite some criticism from the fans (this year, but also in the past) for often confusing and seemingly inconsistent enforcement of the rules. Could you tell us what your view (and perhaps the rest of the grid) is on this?


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u/Maleficent-Remove310 Dec 08 '21

Best race this season?!

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u/pfankuch #WeSayNoToMazepin Dec 08 '21

What is your favourite F1 track, current or historical?

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u/uofc2015 Daniel Ricciardo Dec 08 '21 Wholesome

If you could spend a season racing in any other discipline what would you choose?

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u/TheCeramicLlama George Russell Dec 08 '21

How did you feel about your performance this season? Was it your best so far or was it lacking in any way?

Good luck for next season!

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u/lmaobruh6986 Ferrari Dec 08 '21

Hello Gasly! Is there any new food that Yuki has introduced to you? Thanks!

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u/KaamDeveloper Max Verstappen Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, what were your feelings regarding the new tracks this season: Qatar and Jeddah?

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u/russjd Red Bull Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre, how difficult or different do you think it is to drive a Red Bull car over an Alpha Tauri car? And do you think you can now transition smoothly into a Red Bull car assuming you've driven it before?

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u/Nico_Lurkerberg Nico Hülkenberg Dec 08 '21

What is your favourite piece of F1 commentary ever? And related, do you watch back the races you've participated in?

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u/GDH26 McLaren Dec 08 '21

Is there a different era in Formula One you wish you drove in over the current era?

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u/OldActiveYeast Ferrari Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre, What do you think is the biggest challenge been an F1 Driver?

Thank you!

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u/MoKoNiCo Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre,

I'd like to thank you for Monza 2020, you have been a real inspiration as I too, lost my best friend earlier that year. Your emotional victory gave me strength to move forward again!

Here is my question: If you could chose in the current grid, regardless of any team, who would you like to be teammate with and why ?



u/zacharymc1991 Dec 08 '21

Which F1 car do you think looks the best out of every car in history.

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u/randcoolname Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre! Did you watch Pokemon as a kid?

Which one is your favourite, apart from Gastly of course? 😀

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u/blabbiet Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre! What has been the most difficult moment of the season for you and how did you deal with that?


u/Audigy1 Dec 08 '21

Firstly thank you for doing this every year.

So your engineer's name is also Pierre, are there ever any mix ups when someone calls out Pierre and you both turn around and answer?

Do you hang out with him outside of work time as well?

Good luck at the last race!

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u/Trid12345 Dec 08 '21 Platinum

Hey Pierre, critical question coming up: Pineapple on or off the pizza?

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u/xxsnsam Guanyu Zhou Dec 08 '21

Name the race of the year for AT (so far) and the most regrettable one

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u/a-kiwi-fan Mick Schumacher Dec 08 '21

What's your go-to plan to overtake Hamilton at the start of the final race?

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u/No-Maximum6292 Dec 08 '21

Who do you want to win the championship?

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u/sullybags90 Dec 08 '21

Pierre, how are you so handsome?

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u/Marco_lini Michael Schumacher Dec 08 '21

Do you have time to giggle at things happening during a race, for example when Max and Lewis push each other off at the front?


u/blabbiet Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, Has Yuki already been invited for a sleepover?

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u/sprkwtrd Dec 08 '21

Are you planning to evolve into Haunter and, possibly, Gengar?

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u/sloth_on_meth Dec 08 '21

How did you feel when you were instructed to let max by, even though he is not your teammate?

for the people who don't know

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u/[deleted] Dec 08 '21


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u/emmalouisek Max Verstappen Dec 08 '21

What has been the most memorable moment for you this year?


u/RyukaBuddy Pierre Gasly Dec 08 '21

Who are the people on the grid you have the best relationship with?

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u/Agent_of_Stupid Kimi Räikkönen Dec 08 '21

If Ron Dennis would become your boss and give you the winning car, but in return would require you to cut off your hair and you'd need to visit Woking factory and see his finest grey floor tiles at least once a month. Would you accept the deal?

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u/poopellar Daniel Ricciardo Dec 08 '21

Hi!, Pierre.
What food item would you love to binge on but can't due to your diet?

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u/yurpingcobra Dec 08 '21

If there was one thing you would change about being an F1 driver, what would it be?


u/TheJamer_ Kimi Räikkönen Dec 08 '21

How does it feel every time putting the helmet and going into the car? Are you going to have fun? Are you nervous? Hopeful?


u/Donatellko Red Bull Dec 08 '21

Hello! Random question. Your favorite movies? And what underrated movie do u like?


u/AnyAssistance9 Dec 08 '21

Hi, Pierre. Who will take out Lewis in the final race? You, Yuki, Sergio, or Max? What is the plan? Thanks.

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u/huh_im_on_reddit_ Fernando Alonso Dec 08 '21

In what ways do you feel you've grown as a driver in this current season?


u/JulioCesarSalad Sergio Pérez Dec 08 '21

Hello Pierre,

A friend of mine has a Gasly hat. She loves it, but the hat is cursed.

Whenever she wears it you either get aborted qualifying laps on Saturdays or DNF on Sunday. Obviously this is very bad.

Question: how do we break the curse on the hat?

Thank you

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u/Cheokster Mercedes Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre! Congratulations on an amazing season and some very good races!

What has been the best and worst moment for you this season and do u genuinely enjoy the grill the grid sessions or is it just for publicity?

Edit: love the one where you’re laughing at Yuki barking like a dog in Japanese!

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u/BrianTheBrilliant Alexander Albon Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre!

What job would you have if you weren't a F1 Driver?


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u/SamoSloga Dec 08 '21

F1 is a ruthless sport, with a very limited number of seats in good cars. So many powerful characters, big companies, so much money involved...it's a highly dramatic and surreal world. What is it like behind the scenes being a young driver trying to make it in F1? How stressful is it on a day to day basis, working in that high pressure environment? Do you get tired of the schedule and the politics? How do you keep focused on the racing with so much else going on?

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u/quarterlifecrisis49 Charlie Whiting Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre "Mr. P6" Gasly,

What would you tell Latifi to convince him into giving his #6 to you?

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u/PeepsInThyChilliPot Pierre Gasly Dec 08 '21

Where do you expect AT to be next year compared to other cars? Thanks!


u/HumorousGal #WeRaceAsOne Dec 08 '21

I know that your teammate is new to F1 and he gets to learn so much from you, but what something that Yuki has taught you about Formula 1 or life in general ?


u/le-kai Sir Lewis Hamilton Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre! Are you a fan for more or less races during the season, and with the current calendar expanding quite a lot does this increase strain or decrease energy towards the end for you as a driver at all?


u/ReasonableExplorer Dec 08 '21

Will you be taking verstappens spot once lewis and Max wipe each other out this Sunday?


u/k0enf0rNL Max Verstappen Dec 08 '21

Can you still enjoy rollercoasters if you're used to higher G's in an F1 car? What is your favorite rollercoaster?

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u/callsignomega Dec 08 '21

What are your thoughts about next year's car? Will it help to level the playing field a bit?


u/Dorian-DC Pierre Gasly Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, When is your next stream on Twitch with Charles and Gotaga (Famous French streamer). It was great to watch during lockdown. Keep pushing we really enjoy seeing you performing at this outstanding level.


u/Nadz_85 Dec 08 '21 Silver

Hey Pierre, I would like to congratulate you on an amazing season! Here a few questions from me.

1)Do you feel like you have exceeded expectations for this season?

2)Which race stood out the most for you? And which one left you with a bitter taste?

3)What was your biggest struggle in becoming an F1 driver? If there is one advice you could give your younger self what would it be?

4) I know you can't divulge a lot of info about next years car, but from the limited testing you had so far, do you think you would prefer driving this year's car or the 2022 one?

5) which was your favourite car so far in your career?

Good luck for the final race of the season

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u/throwawaye1654365272 Guanyu Zhou Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre

Thanks for the AMA. Do you know about the "6asly" meme? You have been the most consistently awesome driver this year, a big inspiration for me. Thank you!!

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u/NoTrollGaming Max Verstappen Dec 08 '21

What team would you like to race for in the future?


u/BecomePneuma Dec 08 '21

Hello Pierre! Checking in from the States, just wanted to let you know that you’re my favorite driver!

If you never ended up in Formula 1, which racing series would you want to partake in most?


u/youcefhd Pirelli Hard Dec 08 '21

We hear the schedule for this year was extremely busy. Can you tell us some anecdotes of some of the craziest/most chaotic moments for you this year?


u/Egg_Popovich Love Is Love Dec 08 '21

What is Yuki like as a team mate? And if you had to choose another series to race in which one you choose?


u/crabgout Dec 08 '21

what happened with ocon in karting? why did it end your friendship?


u/RedLMR56 McLaren Dec 08 '21

You've gone on record in your admiration for Lewis and the positive influence he's had on you when you would play COD together. What's the greatest piece of advice he's given you?

Also I could be wrong but I seem to recall him telling the likes of you, Charles and Lando that if you guys stream, he can't play with you. Can you empathise with him? Knowing that he can't afford the luxury of having a moment of even slight emotion when getting frustrated at the game being broadcast to all the millions out there ready to get on his back.


u/HerpDerpSquadron McLaren Dec 08 '21

Bonjour Pierre,

As it's very topical at the moment, if you could change one rule for next year, which one would you change and why is it about tyre changes under red flag conditions?

Besides that, you're impressing me at every race weekend and you're a joy to watch, keep up the great work, you've definitely made a fan out of me!



u/kamome_ni_tou Ferrari Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre! Do you follow some kind of geeky stuff like anime, gaming, or tabletop RPG?

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u/Zeju Sebastian Vettel Dec 08 '21

Hey mate,

Just curious, what’s your fitness routine like. Do you take supplements and what kind of goals do you aim for heading into a race weekend? I think racing in particular is extremely physical but in a very different way to most sports so I’m interested in how you prepare your body / what you use to fuel it.

Best regards, well done this season and good luck for the future.

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u/bwoahful___ Mike Krack Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 08 '21

Are you surprised by / enjoy the amount of fan support and fan accounts that cheer for you? Cheers!



How does it feel to go really fast? Like really really fast, and then you look around and notice all the other cars are also really really fast. If you could rate that out of 10, I would appreciate that.

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u/rtgconde Dec 08 '21

How much does training on your simulator at home affect your performance on the track? How close is your home simulator to the real thing?


u/IamNotHereNowIjustAm Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 08 '21

Hello, first off I think you're an amazing driver, I really enjoyed watching your well deserved win at Monza last year. Now for my question, if Horner doesn't let you back into Red Bull and if the opportunity presents its self, would you consider joining another team, if so, which team would you want to join?


u/kroket_speciaal Dec 08 '21

What car did you have on your bedroom poster as a child?


u/noctus5 Dec 18 '21

u/AlphaTauriF1 where's the video??


u/Particular-Ad3237 Ferrari Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre. Great season you are having and good luck for last 2021 race this weekend.

How do you and f1 driver maintain the fitness level during the winter break? And will you visit the factory more often during winter break?


u/shmakn Carlos Sainz Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, in one of the post race interviews you said getting 100 points was a high target this year. What number were you looking at after the first few races?


u/gomurifle Sir Lewis Hamilton Dec 08 '21

Hello, Gasman.

Was the RedBull hard to drive for you and why?

Would you get on top of that issue and challenge Max the next time you two are teammates again?


u/Supergamerpep Fernando Alonso Dec 08 '21

If you could change one thing about F1, what would it be?


u/michelbarnich Max Verstappen Dec 08 '21

How are you? :D


u/AverageAUT_Engineer Honda Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre!

First of all, thank you for doing this AMA! Amazing performances from you throughout this whole season!

I always wondered, how deep and early are you involved as a driver in the construction/development of a new car?

Is it merely giving feedback on Simulation Data or do you actually give inputs like how long the wheelbase should be/steering angle/mechanical balance of the car - and to what degree does your feedback influence the development?

Really curious to see your answer to this, thank you so much in Advance!

All the Best from Austria


u/tradhead Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre!! What’s your favourite track for this season and do you have a favourite track for next season? How do you manage to recover from the travelling - especially with double and triple headers?


u/Brooks41W Haas Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre! What was your post-victory meal after your win in Monza last year? Anything special?


u/LtCarrot Dec 08 '21

What do you look forward to with the new cars the most?


u/piesmeeredface Ferrari Dec 10 '21

Are you actually gonna answer anything in this AMA?


u/CarpFlakes420 Formula 1 Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre!

Earlier this year, I graduated with my English degree in creative writing, and after reading your story in The Player Tribune, about Anthoine, Red Bull, and your growth with Alpha Tauri, I became emotional and had to share it with my class during workshop. Everyone loved it, my professor included, and my question for you is: How did it feel to finally be able to tell your story? My personal story is in no way comparable to your own, but I can relate to the struggle, the fight, the pain, that can come with putting such an emotional and personal story into words on paper. And, for me, it was cathartic. It still hurts, the heartache remains, but it allowed me to gain perspective and, from there, take the steps towards healing. What was it similar for you? Different?


u/nta1646 Pierre Gasly Dec 08 '21

Woah! Pierre!

You’re my favorite driver on the grid because of your story and sheer ability to maximize the tools you are given.

Normally, seeing a “junior” car (and calling it junior is unfair after these last two seasons) beat the likes of Ferrari/McLaren regularly would be noteworthy but you have shown that the AT car can quali/race with anyone.

What ability sets you apart from the grid? It can be related to racing or not related to racing.

And I had a Honda related question (since I work with the Honda of America Racing team in the US). What is it like working with the Honda engineers (with them being independent of your actual team)?


u/4GamingLinkAot Dec 08 '21

I just wanna say I'm a huge fan of you and Yuki tsunoda (gotta support my Japanese brethren) and I'm rlly proud of the both of you this season

This might be a weird question but:

how much more room do U believe u have to grow as a driver, and how much potential do U think Yuki has in his future.

and if I may have another question, what's ur favourite song right now?

Again just wanna say how big of a fan I am, keep doing what you're doing cause it's absolutely amazing


u/777bella Dec 08 '21

Ciao Pierre 😎

Obviously to get where you are as one of the best drivers in the world has taken a lot of determination, hard work and discipline.

I am in my early 20s and just starting in my chosen career path. I often struggle with keeping focused and getting distracted from my goals.

What advice do you have for me to stay disciplined and to become the best version of myself?

Much love from Australia! 🤍✨


u/ridingstone Dec 08 '21

Hello Pierre! What's the first thing you do to reward yourself after a grand prix weekends? It was great to follow you this year. J'ai hate de voir la suite!


u/geographypog George Russell Dec 08 '21

How do you expect the team to perform in 2022 and how big will the gap to red bull be? Will the two teams be sharing information?


u/randcoolname Dec 08 '21

If you could choose anyone else apart from Yuki (from the 2021 grid) to be your team mate, who would you choose?


u/YZFScripted Sebastian Vettel Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre, What is your favorite moment in relation to your career in motorsports? Good luck for next season!


u/RageChilliBurger Max Verstappen Dec 08 '21

Not a question but you have been performing incredible and I hope 2022 brings you even more success!


u/PeepsInThyChilliPot Pierre Gasly Dec 08 '21

What do you think the best quality of Yuki is as a driver? How about yourself?


u/ethankostabi Dec 08 '21

What’s the most ridiculous PR event that Red Bull has suggested for you?


u/feralmug Dec 08 '21

Would you rather rally a F1 car or drive a wrc in the middle of a F1 GP?

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u/Sizemore24 Dec 08 '21

Quelle est la chanson et le repas qu'il te faut avant hn départ


u/Honourstly El Plan Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre what's your favourite piece of AlphaTauri clothing?


u/miloradigic Dec 08 '21

Is it boring for a F1 driver to drive a regular car?


u/eaglefucker Dec 08 '21

Have you ever shit your pants while racing?


u/Rinhoc McLaren Dec 08 '21

Bonjour Pierre,

From what I understood, when you were promoted to RB, Mike Lugg was assigned to you as your race engineer (a rookie race engineer I think) and your relationship with him was not the best (and he was eventually replaced by Simon Rennie, former RE of Webber and Ricciardo, when you switched seats with Albon iirc). How much weight did that had in your not so great performances in the RedBull ?

You seems to have a great relationship with Pierre Hamelin (I guess both of you being french helps a lot), so same question, how important is Pierre in your performances with the TR/AT ?

PS : Bravo et merci pour ta victoire l'an dernier, j'ai commencé à suivre la F1 en 1998 quand j'avais 10 ans et j'attendais depuis tout ce temps une victoire française. Entre la tienne et celle d'Esteban cette année, on est gâté et on espère tous qu'il y en aura encore beaucoup d'autres !


u/__just_a_boi__ Daniel Ricciardo Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, thanks for this AMA session.

My question: Which time would you personally like to drive for besides Alpha Tauri/Red Bull and who would be your ideal teammate?

Edit: Another follow up question - What would you do for a living if you were not an F1 driver?


u/PhilipWaterford Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre.

What are you most excited for in 2022?

Who is most exhausted by the end of season? The engineers, the management, the factory workers or the drivers?


u/Impressive_Doughnut3 Dec 08 '21

Do you have any pre-race lucky charms that you have? Like Antonio always wears his socks all weekend etc.

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u/Ninjahkin Sebastian Vettel Dec 08 '21

Morning Pierre! Have you ever considered adding the Pokémon Gastly to your race livery?


u/grmncarlvr Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre. Who of all the drivers would you let them stick their fingers in your mouth?


u/DecMax Jarno Trulli Dec 08 '21

During a race/qualifying what would you say is your biggest strength and weakness?


u/Whiterossy Sebastian Vettel Dec 08 '21

Would you rather fight 100 yuki sized horses or 1 horse sized yuki?


u/Ki_Andi_Mundi Oscar Piastri Dec 08 '21

What was your best race of your junior career?


u/UncivilSum McLaren Dec 08 '21

What are your favorite holiday destinations?


u/hahaha9991 Esteban Ocon Dec 08 '21

Namaste Pierre. This is my first season watching F1 and I must say I have been your fan right away. The comeback story with podium in Brazil and win in Monza is nothing short of a fairy tale.

My question is, what was your first reaction / feeling that came to you when you got to know that you will be racing in Formula 1? Did you have sleepless nights going into your first season or were you content of finally making it into Formula 1?

Hope to see on the podiums more often and fight for championships in the future. Thanks and all the best!!

One last thing .... And I must really do this.....



u/Alfus My Worst Nightmare Dec 08 '21

Hello there, likely this comment wouldn't made it in the top comments but first of all I want to admit that you are one of those people who inspire me to never give up and overcome some (personal) struggles. I keep up an eye on you since 2015 and when moved to (full time) F1 in 2018 I was basically a fan since day one.

Anyway, I like to ask you two non related F1 question: What is basically you most favorite food to cook? And given you wanted a sausage so badly during the Spa "race" this season, did you ever try a Frikandel when you was some days later in the Netherlands? So no, would you try one?


u/vouwrfract Charles LeFlair Dec 08 '21


  1. How are you doing in life outside Formula 1 (family, friends, health, etc.)? Are you in a generally peaceful and/or happy place now?
  2. Coming to Formula 1, if the race direction and FIA were to issue a blanket statement that 'white lines are track limits it won't be changed according to track' and asked you to deal with it, would your race weekend change at all, and do you think this is overall a good solution rather than defining how far over the kerbs you can go on certain corners in certain tracks?

Thank you 👍🏽


u/jas656 Max Verstappen Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre, how big of a part does confidence play in your performances? Do you feel like you can separate one race week from the next and go in with a clear head, or do find that you naturally either spiral up or spiral down in confidence based on the previous events and need to actively manage your mindset?

Bonus question: My daughter was born this week, have you considered making Pierre Gasly baby merch? I'd absolutely have her rocking some Alpha Tauri onesies. She's going to be F1s first female world Champ. Believe it.


u/Jozjoz2 AlphaTauri Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, big fan of you here :)
You are having a great year and I am really enjoying your racecraft this season!
I once wished you luck irl in Budapest 2019 (just before you went to AT), would you say you are happier now at Alpha Tauri than you were at RBR? Do you think the team can develop the car to a top-3 team in the next years?

Also, how do you get along with Esteban as the only other French driver in Formula 1 at the moment? Would you like to be teammates with him someday?

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u/robogo Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre!

An age old question for a racing driver: what is the purest form of automotive racing? Senna claimed it is karting, would you agree?

Now that the question is out of the way, I just wanted to say I admire your mental strength and perseverance after you were let go from RB. The fact that you bounced back from that faster and stronger is truly inspirational, and it made me a lifelong fan of Pierre Gasly :)

Greetings from Croatia!


u/pratikp26 Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre, apologies if you’ve answered this before. You’ve been, in a lot of people’s opinion, the best driver on the grid of the last 2 years. Has something changed since your time at Red Bull in 2019 or was there something that you can pinpoint that was keeping you from showing your true quality back then - like maybe the car, some bad luck or something else?

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work. All of us are rooting for you.


u/faoirwulf Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre! I’d love to get my son into racing as he gets older. How did your parents help you navigate racing + school?

Listening to podcast of some other drivers, it seems school was almost nonexistent for some; while others made huge efforts to be home schooled or attend classes. How did schooling go for you, and what would you tell you a younger “primary school Pierre” to focus on?


u/MikuBe5toubin #WeSayNoToMazepin Dec 08 '21


If you were forced to spend a weekend alone camping/otherwise stranded in the middle of nowhere with an F1 team principal not affiliated with Red Bull, which one would you choose to keep you company and why?

Also, I just want to say that I wish you the best of luck for 2022 and beyond; I have you pegged for a WDC at some point, and I know that you'll be able to prove me right.


u/b0tch7 Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre! Thanks so much for doing this. I have a few if you don't mind:

  1. What do you think is the most mis-understood aspect of being a Formula 1 driver?

  2. What are some details of your fitness & wellness routine that we don't typically hear about?

  3. What is a typical Sunday night for you after a race?

Thanks again and best wishes for an amazing last race and off season.


u/ninjadude4535 Dec 08 '21

What's the off-camera relationships between all the drivers? I know a couple of the guys are obviously friends, but what about outside of that? Do you all talk occasionally or do things together? Do you all mostly keep to yourselves? Anyone just straight up hate each other and avoid any interaction?

How often do you wear AlphaTauri clothes by your own choice?


u/IntoAMuteCrypt Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, you've mentioned how difficult it was having this F1 dream for you growing up, thinking that there was "this acceptance that French boys just don’t make it" and so on. Do you feel that your career has helped to change that at all? Have you given any thought to trying to boost and cultivate other young drivers once you retire?


u/bidahtibull Honda Dec 09 '21

Pierre, how does it make you feel when you're being told 'X' driver is not your race? For example Perez or Verstappen.

Obviously, as a racer you want to try your best and hold on to the highest position but your team has given you contradictory orders.

Edit: Also just wanted to say you've been incredible this season!


u/lhomme21 Niki Lauda Dec 08 '21

A wizard comes up to you when you’re a kid. Says you have 2 choices , become a football player and you can win the Ballon D’Or and the Champions League when you’re older and the other choice is that you can become an F1 driver for 10 years but you cannot win the Drivers Championship ever . What would you choose ?

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u/No_Tradition_1827 Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre, I met you in an event in Bangkok with my girlfriend ( I was French ) I remembering cheering you up after all the bad stuff that happened and I saw you do amazing stuff just after and I just wanna say I’m really proud to see you showcase such a good racing ! Hope you are happy now


u/jithu7 Toto Wolff Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre! Thank you for doing this!

What do you like to do in your free time? What's your favourite hobby? What hair care products would you recommend?

Hope you're doing well and looking forward to the off-season and the new regulations! Good luck for the final race!


u/First-Complaint-620 Dec 08 '21

Hi, Pierre, my wife (Whom You got into F1 by Your Monza win by the way, thanks for that) would like to know, what do You expect next year, team-wise? Yuki getting more points, perhaps a win for You again, AT making Mclaren or Ferrari run for their money?

Thanks :)


u/GraphomaniaLogorrhea Dec 08 '21

A while ago I was watching a video where an ordinary guy talked about driving an F1 car, and he said he was only able to apply 40% brake pressure even though he was standing on it as hard as he could. So how do F1 drivers lock them up? Do you have legs like hams?


u/BLVCKSCVLE Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre!

Thanks for doing this again. Could you let us know what goes on in an F1 driver's head during a race? Are you basically on autopilot or are you constantly monitoring your surroundings and making changes a few steps ahead? Thanks in advance!


u/jaybird9621 Dec 08 '21

Not a question and I generally don't do this, but I had a dream last night where we were dating and you were just the nicest boyfriend ever. And I told my boyfriend about it and he laughed and with joke-jealousy said 'French hotties not allowed'.

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u/_Tundr_ Valtteri Bottas Dec 08 '21

Thanks for doing this! How do you rate your performance this year compared to previous in your career? Best of luck, want to see you fighting for wins and podiums asap!!


u/Electrical_Dinner773 Fernando Alonso Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre. What team do you see your future self in? Do you hope for another chance at RedBull or are you interested in other top teams? Good luck at Abu Dhabi!


u/stupidkid_ Ferrari Dec 08 '21

What do you think about the new jeddah circuit, do think it is dangerous track for the drivers?

How was the track when you were in the race?


u/aGuyFromReddit Ferrari Dec 08 '21

What would you say is the reason behind your great performance this year? Where did you improve the most compared to previous years?


u/Vishy-21 Toro Rosso Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre, did you ever feel pressure while competing in junior racing series, and how has that experience made you stronger?


u/Skynzor Dec 08 '21

If you could choose the 2022 cars, what era cars would be in 2022, which would you pick? For example 1995 - 2005 [V10 Era]

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u/FlameFoxx Pierre Gasly Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, do you still have a good relationship with the Redbull guys like Christian and Max?


u/123_alex Spa 2021 Survivor Dec 08 '21

Are you nervous after a race? What do you feel when you get in the car before the warm-up lap?


u/jianh1989 Formula 1 Dec 11 '21

Hi Pierre, what software/program does Alpha Tauri's simulator run on? Is it rFactor Pro or?


u/koenigsaurus Dec 08 '21

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?


u/MrBlackMaze Dec 08 '21

Can you name something that you do differently than the other F1 racing drivers?


u/maple-cake-horse Dec 08 '21

Salut Pierre, will you start to train your Dart’s skills with Tsunoda? 🎯


u/Salty_Dornishman #WeRaceAsOne Dec 08 '21

Marry/fuck/kill: Toto wolf, Christian Horner, Gunther Steiner?


u/Darren399 Dec 08 '21

Do you think f1 needs more teams? 11/12 teams is perfect imo


u/pluginmatty Dec 08 '21

What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve ever been given?


u/djilas123 Dec 08 '21

Which livery you like more, this or last year?


u/ASHTHEJUAN Red Bull Dec 08 '21

do you feel like a snail in a normal road car?


u/zacharymc1991 Dec 08 '21

Who do you think will win the championship

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u/Infinity_tk Dec 08 '21

Who's the funniest driver on the grid?

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u/dufftavas Dec 08 '21

Would you go back to RedBull Racing?


u/SiliconRain McLaren Dec 08 '21

Pain au chocolat or Chocolatine?


u/Pigeon445 Formula 1 Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, here is a question I have wanted to ask a driver since Charles Leclerc's crash in Monaco this season, and was reminded of again when Max Verstappen hit the wall in Jeddah:

Qualifying laps in Formula 1 are always considerably faster than race laps. Obviously almost all of this is down to having less fuel in the car, and also some from other factors like not having to save tyres, but is any part of the difference down to you as a driver knowing that a mistake in a qualifying lap would be far less costly than a mistake in a race, so you are prepared to take more risks in qualifying than in the race? Or is not something you think about when driving the car? So my question is, how much of the time difference from a qualifying lap to a race lap, if any, do you think is down to taking more risks because a mistake would be less costly? And related to this, how much does this vary from corner-to-corner, track-to-track (for example, if you mess up a chicane you can just go straight across and lose less time than on a hairpin)?

Sorry if that question was a bit Walter Koster, but I would be very grateful if you could answer it. Thank you.


u/cjmerkle Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, what is your opinion on how the Saudi Arabia GP played out, specifically regarding the free red flag tire changes resulting in severe advantages/disadvantages for some drivers, as well as the Max’s penalties and the collision between Max and Lewis? Do you think in general the FIA is fair with their distribution of penalties or do you think there may be some bias?

In addition, do you think the number and complexity of the rules and regulations in F1 take away from the purity of the sport, i.e. has it become too much about rules and politics than just pure racing? Thank you!


u/boketto__ Esteban Ocon Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, sort of a long question incoming.

How does the excitement, enjoyment, and love of racing outweigh the risks (although I am aware that things are much safer nowadays than ever) of it? Especially since I am sure you have a loving family that watches you every weekend. Do you/did you ever have doubts about continuing racing because you want to be safe for your loved ones?

Of course I am not criticizing you for racing, I love watching you every Sunday! Thanks for taking the time to do this!


u/vinayg1999 Dec 08 '21

Hey everyone! Would anyone be interested in knowing about the f1 travel squad? Group of likeminded people enjoying the love of F1, race meets & much more. The group are currently on their way to Silverstone & Budapest and more in the future! There’s also non f1 related events such as go karting & track days! Our group is currently at 200 members and open to anyone! For more info, please contact me 🙂


u/Lumi_rimu Dec 08 '21

I got a few

First: if you could have ANY driver(alive or dead. This question is talking about them when they were in their prime) as a teammate, who would it be?

Second: Favourite moment?

Third: What was a time you felt like nothing was going to hold you back only to not get the intended result?

Fourth: Opinions on Yuki, not just as a teammate?

Fifth: Most Emotional Moment?


u/termmonkey Pierre Gasly Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, big fan (my flair speaks for itself). We have seen through the season that you have been qualifying well ahead of other midfield cars, often ending up as the 3rd best car - while the race results haven't resulted in podiums.

what's been the biggest disappointment in terms of results this year and what is that 1 thing you want to see improve with the team for next year?


u/Collectable6 Dec 08 '21

Hello Pierre, first of all I just wanna say you've been awesome for a while now, I've been a fan for some time and you've become a personal favorite for a friend who only recently got into F1!

My question is are there any tracks you've raced on while making your way to F1 that you would like to see on the F1 calendar?

Best of luck to you in the final race!


u/dom_pom Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre, Awesome that you are doing this AMA.

One thing I always wonder: is there any special training you guys as drivers do to better cope with the mental challenges arising when you have to perform in these high pressure environments for extended periods of time? How do you personally handle this and relax after a challenging weekend on the track?


u/rooood Felipe Massa Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, when you socialise or go out with other drivers, and other team's personnel maybe, does your own team (either RB or AT) ever worry about you accidentally saying confidential stuff, or stuff that shouldn't be shared in some form? Or is there 100% trust from all parties involved? Have you heard of this happening to other drivers/team personnel?


u/Yompiejj Red Bull Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, thanks for the AMA and for the great season you’re driving!

The seasons are getting longer and it looks like you’re always working in between raceweekends (socials, interviews etc). Is there any time left to actually live live your life while being a F1 driver? And if so; what do you like to do most that has nothing to do with your job?


u/_ancalagon_the_black Lando Norris Dec 08 '21

As a first-year fan I’ve had a lot of fun watching the races and following all the action this season, and I’ve been really interested in diving into the incredible behind-the-scenes work that goes into each of these cars and races.

On that note, is there anything that you feel is a key aspect of F1 that is often overlooked by the viewers at home?


u/brunonicocam Dec 09 '21

I must say it's amazing that he actually answers through a video. I saw some AMAs by politicians and first the just pick whatever they want to answer and they also answer in writing so you're never sure if it's actually them or someone writing for them, and you also miss the emotions when talking.

So, well done! Thanks Pierre and Alpha Tauri!


u/Christinachu Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to interact with your fans and the Reddit community!

I have a 2 part question: Have you ever met someone (outside of F1!) that has simply left you starstruck? If so, did they live up to the expectation you had of them, or impress or disappoint you?


u/Vidderz Sir Lewis Hamilton Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre! Firstly, I introduced my Sister to F1 last year, and she now has an Alpha Tauri shirt and supports yours truly. My Question, when you're driving the car, do you think in French or English? And does that change depending on if its a stressful wheel to wheel battle or just plodding along in 5th?


u/Terkoyzsaphire Pierre Gasly Dec 08 '21

I got two questions :

1) Do you get to be in contact with the engineers who develop the car back at the factory? (As in share your feelings about the car directly with them, and maybe do some team building with them?)

2) During a typical race season week, how much free time do you have?


u/Simon_the_Great Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre

What do you think of the new aero regs coming next year? Will they work to let cars follow closer and thus more overtaking?

Bonus question: Have you ever had to pee so bad in a race you just let it go? or maybe you use the pee a little, let it dry and repeat tactic?


u/deathclient Ferrari / Sebastian Vettel Dec 08 '21

Good job Pierre. Good job. Now mode 8, switch off the car - in your engineer's voice.

Now to the question, how much difference does a race engineer make to a driver's mindset. I kind of feel the way they talk to a driver might play a huge role in motivating or demotivating a driver.

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u/----Dongers Dec 08 '21

Hey man glad to see you’re having a resurgence this season! It’s been great watching you.

My question for you would be: what’s one of the biggest downsides to being an F1 pilot? I’m sure the perks are amazing but what’s one thing people might not know about that isn’t as fun?


u/frenchfriesdestroyer Mick Schumacher Dec 08 '21
  1. Who is the first person you called after your win in Monza?
  2. Which track is your most favorite to drive on?
  3. If someday you become a team principal, which two drivers from 2021/2022 lineup would be your drivers? (Bonus: What would be the team name?)


u/Imthecoolestdudeever Ferrari Dec 08 '21

What's the best thing about being an F1 driver? And what's the worst thing about being an F1 driver?

Also, if you weren't an F1 driver. What would you want to do as a career?

Thanks for doing this, good luck this season, and all the best in the future!


u/Sunny_Hummingbird Pierre Gasly Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 09 '21

Bonjour, Pierre! I recently read an awesome article where Egginton, in part, credited you with helping to create a supportive, equal atmosphere across both sides of the garage. Can you talk a bit about your efforts to create this positive team dynamic?


u/jykyksiks Netflix Newbie Dec 08 '21

Isn’t it a bit ”boring” to drive in regular traffic once you have raced in F1? Like, do you ever experience road-rage in regular traffic?

Bonus-question: Have you played any Mario Kart games? :D

Thanks for doing this, i am a fan of you in F1!


u/suzakurenzan Toro Rosso Dec 09 '21

Hello Pierre, Just wondering which track that you interested F1 racing in, but in reverse track...

I know theres safety factor in it,
but just an what if they can remade the offtrack area more safely...

also wish you best luck for you


u/dremzo Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre,

Introduced the misses to F1 this year and she cannot stop watching the clips of Danny Ric hollering “Pierrrrrrre Gaslyyyyyyyy” when you are in an interview and the smile it brings. Who is the prankster of the grid?



u/Skullboyproduction Dec 08 '21

I don’t have a question, I just wanted to say I’m really glad you’re doing so well in Alpha Tauri and I hope Red Bull realizes what they missed out on. Please keep being a good egg, and be nice to your baby brother Yuki. <3


u/oneseventy06 Sir Lewis Hamilton Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre. What muscles do you train regularly, and which do you try to lose mass from. I believe it would be beneficial to have strong neck muscles, but extra weight from biceps may not be beneficial. How does that work?


u/saberplane Pirelli Wet Dec 08 '21

Pierre- thanks for doing this.

If you had the opportunity to make a car show like Top Gear or the Grand Tour - what two drivers would be your co-hosts and what would their special contribution or skill be to the show?


u/MemeManDanInAClan Jenson Button Dec 08 '21

Since Kimi Raikkonen is going into his last race, and he’s one of the most legendary drivers of the 2000s and 2010s. What’s your favorite Kimi Raikkonen memory? (Whether it was while watching him or racing him)


u/L_Preecey Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre,

We’ve all seen your victory in Monza, and some amazing performances over the years. However, what would be your greatest ever mental victory, the moment where you proved someone wrong.


u/DraftImpressive9087 Dec 08 '21

What do you think about Piki Ganoda? Is he good guy?

Piki Ganoda photo


u/karreerose Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre! Do you expect the promises we got for the 2022 cars to be realistic (closer racing, less dirty air) or will the teams find so many loopholes that we see a dominant team again?


u/cassialater Dec 08 '21

Pierre, I just want to say that I loved your piece for the Player's Tribune (You Want to Know the Real Pierre?), and I would love to see you write more. Thanks and good luck on Sunday!


u/obi-vago Dec 09 '21

HI Pierre. How is living in Italy?, I live near faenza, if give you my cv can you slide it into your boss office? Ahahahah. Jokes aside wish you luck for the last race of the season.


u/lemoncake33 Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre! On days you aren’t racing and are just driving to different destinations, do you always like to be the one to drive? Or do you like to have a break and be a passenger?


u/Werkbveso Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre!

How much are you looking forward to the new regulations next year? Any predictions on how some teams will do?(Ferrari, Alpine and of course Alpha Tauri come to mind)


u/mathieudeb Dec 08 '21

Salut Pierre,

What do you think about the next generation of cars that will be introduced next season? Have you tried one in the simulator already?

Merci pour ce nouvel AMA !


u/Illen1 Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre, no question but just wanted to say I'm so proud of you and everything you've done! Keep striving for the best, I'm here rooting for you!!! You got this!!!!


u/ipis-lang-malakas Dec 09 '21

Yuki is at the door of your house, ringing the doorbell to get in. What would you do?

a) Call the police

b) Block the door closed

c) Open the door and let him in


u/Icy-Western-405 Dec 08 '21

What did you really do to piss off Helmut/Christian/Adrian? The way you are driving, you should be in a redbull next year. Clearly you pissed one of them off.


u/silkymitts94 Dec 08 '21

Pierre, big fan of yours. How do you feel driving regulars cars on streets compared to f1 racing? How different is your eyesight focus, inputs, etc?


u/ThatOneMark Max Verstappen Dec 08 '21

Hey Pierre! Has there ever been a moment in your F1 career where you thought to yourself "I can't do this anymore" and wanted to quit on the spot?


u/AirportCarpet Dec 08 '21

When I have to sneeze while driving, I always freak out a bit. Have you sneezed while racing? Do you try to fight it until you’re on a straight?


u/peppassecret #WeRaceAsOne Dec 08 '21

Hello Pierre! Big supporter of you. As a female fan I was wondering, do you think there could be any female drivers in the future?


u/carbon_candy27 George Russell Dec 08 '21

If you were allowed to do whatever you wanted after a race (no debriefs, etc.) what would be the first thing you would do?


u/M4TR1X_21 Aston Martin Dec 08 '21

Hi Pierre! How often do you train and what does your diet look like? Thanks for this AMA, all the best for Abu Dhabi!