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News China conditionally approves AMD's $35 bln deal for Xilinx

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Info GeForce RTX 3050's just dropped in Poland... for 550 euros

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News President Biden Formally Backs Right-to-Repair Movement

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News G.SKILL releases DDR5-6400 CL32 (2x16GB) low latency memory kit

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News "Steam Deck Deposit - Steam Deck Launching February 25th"

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News TeamGroup announces T-Force Cardea PCIe Gen5 SSD is coming in Q3 2022, up to 13,000 MB/s read speeds

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Rumor NVIDIA GA103 graphics processor pictured, features 496 mm² die area - VideoCardz.com

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News XMG announces Intel Arc based XMG Fusion laptop is coming in late Q2 2022

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News The Register: "Texas Instruments focuses on lucrative 45nm+ analog chips"

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Discussion EVGA E1 Announced

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News "Rambus Delivers PCIe 6.0 Controller for Next-Generation Data Centers"

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Info Imagination Technologies: "White Paper: Rays Your Game: Introduction to the PowerVR Photon Architecture"

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News Intel scores major win as court scraps $1.2 bln EU antitrust fine

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Video Review [HUB] Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Review, The Bare Minimum Edition

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News US warns of fragile chip supply as inventory falls to just five days

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Discussion Why don't legitimate manufacturers put unique QR codes on their products to prove they are legit.


So I was reading the post another r/hardware user made about cheap fake SD cards. Having been in that situation myself where I started to doubt even brand names. I thought to myself.

Why don't manufacturers print a unique QR-code on their products together with a serial code. The QR-code would lead you to a specific section of their site like legitcomp.com/123863523645355sqfsdgq

That link would have a description of the product and the unique serial number of only that single one sd card. This way consumers could instantly verify a product insteead of having to do something like a memory test in case of a SD card.

This would save you alot of time for online returns and you would abstain from a purchase in physical stores.

Obviously scammers could go to a local walmart and copy the Qr code and serial of a legit product and print it on theirs. They can however do this only in limited quantities as the specific qr code could be blacklisted. So the sacmmers would have to do alot more work than they do now.

EDIT: To prevent phishing. This could be done with an app that reads the QR-code and instead of going to a site the app just tells you if it's legit or not. Manufacturers don't even have to work together. All the app has to dos only work for known domains so for example it only allows lexar.com to be read and not lexaarr.com

EDIT2: As u/flaotte pointed out you could include this link inside sd card, in a file.

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News Security feature required to run Windows 11 is causing performance issues

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Discussion How E Ink Developed Full-Color e-Paper

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Review [GN] - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 GPU Review & Benchmarks

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Info Semiconductor Engineering: "Photomask Challenges At 3nm And Beyond"

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News The Register: "RISC-V-compatible Imagination GPU licensed to chip designers"

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News Dutch webshop lists MSI Alder Lake notebooks with i7-12700H CPUs


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Review Counterfeit SD Cards


Not sure if this belongs here exactly, but it is a hardware review on a broad range of products. Really more a product warning.

I had an experience with purchasing a counterfeit MicroSD on Amazon recently. I purchased 1TB MicroSD Card, but realized there was something wrong with it once I started transferring files. It showed there was a about 999GB storage, but It kept stopping writing data and erroring out around 50GB. I reformatted and retried several times with no success. I ran it through a memory validation application and it revealed there was about 48 GB of writable storage and 976GB of Corrupt Data.

After looking into it, I noticed it was a common issue with specific brands, manufacturers and sellers on Amazon. There are dozens of listings for MicroSD cards that appear to be a scam. Many of them don't show up on a google search because they delete the listings periodically, I assume after a certain amount of negative reviews. I went through Amazon and compiled a list of things to look out for when purchasing an SD Card.

My main goal is to ensure people will see at least one red flag appear when googling info before purchasing SD cards, Memory cards or other electronics.

Fake/Sketchy SD Card Manufacturers and Brands to look out for:

Astore , Binhelu , BROSKY , Byseavoa , CAFUNHE , Gathere , Generas , Genericc , Genericca , Genericer , Gensen , Gensis , Genser , Genten , Gesign , Grandee , Granshe , HUNYEIZ , KAIWELL , Latyben , MORIC , NASART , nuilaks , RTWAMS , SOONAK , Termank , TRAMES , WISTON , YAURIEE , YUMOKAS

Many of these brands are obviously meant to mimic well known brand names in order to deceive potential buyers. Some might be legitimate brands that are having their logos/names used and sold by scammers. Others could be legitimate brands that just make cheap products that routinely malfunction. Factors I considered were items with a high number of bad reviews, items with a low number of reviews being sold by sellers with bad reviews, items that have vague/odd descriptions and specs, and items that appear identical to other sketchy listings.

Fake/Sketchy SD Card Amazon Sellers to look out for:














Some of these sellers appear to be flat-out scammers. Some seem like they're basically middlemen for sketchy distributors. Factors I considered were the amount of obviously counterfeit SD cards on the seller profile, the amount of negative reviews they have and how they have responded to those reviews, if they've continued to keep listings for the same product up after several negative reviews, and how many reviews their profile has that appear to be illegitimate / ingenuine.

If you suspect your SD card is counterfeit, I suggest reading this article . It has several free applications you can use to test your card.

EDIT: Again, this post is not meant to inform r/hardware users about this issue. Most people on here already know that if a product like an SD card is significantly cheaper than name brands, it probably isn't going to work properly. This post is intended for non-tech savvy people who want to do a quick google search before buying one of these products. Many non-electronic products have generic versions that are much cheaper and work just as well, so it’s not obvious to everyone things like this are a scam. There aren't apparent red flags when searching many of these brands. My goal is to help non-tech savvy people determine if they're about to purchase/already purchased a counterfeit card. I posted in this sub so that other users could contribute to the list and shed more light on the topic.

My boyfriend wanted more storage on his Nintendo Switch, so I got him two Micro SD Cards for Christmas. One was a SanDisk Card I got from BestBuy. The other was the one I described in this post. I was skeptical that it was legit, but wanted to try it on the off chance it actually worked. I was surprised when I tested it and it appeared to be functional with the storage it advertised. It was obvious once my boyfriend started putting games on it that it was not fully functional. We realized this before our return by date had ended, so it wasn't a big deal. I decided to make this list when I looked further into it and saw how many different counterfeit brands were out there, and how few resources there were to verify some of these brands. Some people might even be suspicious of a low price and still try it like I did. However, they may not put enough data on the card to find out it's counterfeit in time to get their money back.

r/hardware 21h ago

Discussion How do you evaluate the performance of a GPU's memory configuration from the specs alone?


A lot of terms are confusing me, so if someone could tell me what each part of the GPU board does and how it works with the other parts, that would help me a lot!

  • What's the difference between the memory bus and PCIe lanes? Is it that the memory bus transports information between the GPU and VRAM while the PCIe lanes transport information between the CPU and GPU?

  • Why is VRAM speed in data/s instead of clock frequency? Does clock frequency matter? Does VRAM have timings (latency) like system memory?

  • What are the possible bottlenecks in a specific VRAM configuration? Heard a lot of complaints about the 6500 XT's VRAM configuration. What are the issues with it except the low 4 GB capacity?

  • What does memory bandwidth relate to (usually listed in GB/s)? What does memory speed relate to (usually listed in Gbps)?

Thanks in advance!

r/hardware 1d ago

Review RTX 3050 reviews /models


Reference specs:

  • Standard/Boost: 1.55/1.78 GHz
  • 8GB GDDR6 1.75 GHz

Review links: https://videocardz.com/123536/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3050-review-roundup (no reviews for Colorful yet)


  • Phoenix (single fan, backplate, 17.7cm x 5.1cm, 1 x HDMI, 3 x DP)
  • Dual (double fan, backplate, 20.0cm x 3.8cm, 1 x HDMI, 3 x DP)
  • Dual OC
  • ROG STRIX (triple fan, backplate, 30cm x 5.35cm 2 x HDMI, 3 x DP)
  • ROG STRIX OC (1.86 GHz)


  • XC Black (double fan, 3x DP, 1 x HDMI)
  • XC - adds backplate


  • StormX (17cm x 4cm, no backplate, HDMI x 1, DP x 3, single fan)
  • StormX OC (1.81 GHz)
  • Dual (24.5cm x 4cm, backplate, HDMI x 1, DP x3, dual fan)
  • Dual OC (1.82 GHz)


  • Eagle (dual fan, plastic backplate, 21.3 x 4.1cm, HDMI x 2, DP x2)
  • Eagle OC (1.79 GHz)
  • Gaming OC (triple fan, backplate, 1.82 GHz, 28.2 x 4.1cm, HDMI x 2, DP x 2)

MSI (all 3DP, 1HDMI):

  • Aero ITX (17.2x4.3cm, single fan, back plate)
  • Aero ITX OC (TBD GHz)
  • Ventus 2X (backplate, double fan, 23.5x4.2cm)
  • Ventus 2X OC (TBD GHz)
  • Gaming (27.8 x 4.9cm, double fan)
  • Gaming X (1.845 GHz)

Colorful (all 3 DP + 1HDMI):

  • NB Duo (double fan, 25.3 x 4.1cm)
  • NB (triple fan, 31.7 x 5.3cm)
  • IGame Ultra W Duo OC (1.82 GHz, double fan, 25.3 x 4.6cm)
  • IGame Ultra W OC (1.86 GHz, triple fan, 31 cm x 5.6cm)


  • Twin X (24cm x '2-slot', 1 x hdmi, 3 xDP)
  • Twin X OC (1.82 GHz)

Note: the factory OCs add almost no value (2-3%) https://www.hardwareluxx.de/index.php/artikel/hardware/grafikkarten/57981-rtx-fuer-die-masse-die-nvidia-geforce-rtx-3050-im-test.html?start=6 however manual overclocking can be slightly more worthwhile (maybe 10%): https://www.techpowerup.com/review/asus-geforce-rtx-3050-strix-oc/39.html