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Motorcyclist chases after POS driver who fled from a Hit and Run /r/ALL

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u/jackalisland May 27 '22 Wholesome

Everytime I see this I end up watching it. I've seen it about a dozen times now and it doesn't get old.


u/ChubbyNinja456 May 27 '22

It’s spectacular


u/smc642 May 28 '22

It’s my first time seeing it in nearly 7 years on Reddit. Thank you for sharing it for me!

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u/PS4Dreams May 28 '22

I've never seen it and had to watch it twice.


u/smc642 May 28 '22

It’s so good! I’ve saved it so I can come back and watch it whenever I want! Ain’t life just peachy?! 😂♥️

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u/FredRogersAMA May 28 '22

Everyone except for the guilty driver seems so decent


u/General-Gur2053 29d ago

Came to say something similiar. Imagine a country that cares so much about their society that everyone chips in to stop it


u/willengineer4beer 29d ago

It really was awesome to see so many folks trying to help out and even better to see the police respond calmly and decisively (compared to what I’d expect here in the states —> more likely the guy on the motorcycle would be messed with for rolling up on the cops like that and/or for breaking traffic rules while chasing her).
The motorcycle hero seemingly being dressed as Santa Claus is just magnificent icing on the cake.

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u/James-the-Bond-one May 27 '22 Silver

That was better than some action movies!

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u/followedbyferrets May 27 '22 Gold Helpful Wholesome hehehehe Brighten My Day

Didn’t realize Santa had an off-season job chasing crime in Paris. Times are tough.


u/TheWayNorth May 28 '22 Silver

Mrs. Claus thought it’d get him out of the house more.


u/WeimSean May 28 '22

Nothing burns fat like fighting crime.

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u/cocomooose May 28 '22

Rewatched the video imagining him as actual Santa who is forced to go outside and fight crime to make his wife happy. Dying rn


u/Blaith7 May 28 '22

Sounds like you need to flesh out this idea and pitch it to producers. It'd make for a completely different type of Hallmark Christmas movie lol


u/cocomooose May 28 '22

Can you imagine?! Christmas Batman? I'd watch that.

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u/CallMeDrLuv May 28 '22 Silver Gold Platinum Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy Bravo Grande! Table Slap Doot 🎵 Doot

🎶 You better not run,

You better not hide,

You better just stop,

I'm telling you why,

Santa Claus is running,

You down 🎶



u/pandadanda1999 May 28 '22

Haha I'd give you an award if I had one, take my uproot and go

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u/texas-playdohs May 28 '22

He doesn’t play by the rules, but he gets results.

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u/Pd245 May 28 '22

Fuel ain’t cheap… gotta get ahead in the off season


u/dooms25 May 28 '22 edited May 28 '22

But he has medical reindeer that fly for free


I'm leaving it because it's funny


u/BigLin97 May 28 '22

Dr. Rudolph


u/dooms25 May 28 '22

Lmfao damn auto correct

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u/OccludedFug May 27 '22 Wholesome

It's gotta suck to be chased down by Santa on a motorcycle.

Also those cops (along with everyone else) had a cool story to tell for the rest of their lives.
"Yeah, we were on patrol, and Santa rides up on a motorcycle and points out a hit and run."


u/Belias9x1 May 27 '22

“So Santa came up and he was like “Mister, mister, this chick ran someone over and drove away!”

And I was like “oh shit!”

And when she didn’t get out of the car Jean pulled out a gun


u/ProfBacterio May 28 '22

And when she didn’t get out of the car Jean pulled out a gun

Yeah, Gendarmerie doesn't fuck around.


u/Lord_Moa May 28 '22

But just the right amount of still fucking around so they don't shoot unnecessarily, I hope


u/RaccoonsPlease May 28 '22

No, European police generally use the appropriate amount of violence. When pulling over a vehicle, if the driver complies, there will never be weapons drawn. But if the driver is known to be violent or does not comply with the order, a service weapon can be drawn as a threat.

Most Europeans never see a gun in real life, so the threat is enough to convince just about anyone.


u/Prelsidio May 28 '22

Can confirm... I'm European. Only time I saw and shot a gun was in a shooting range in the US

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u/buckulus May 28 '22

We definitely see them in real life as a lot of police officers carry them. But generally they're on someones hip and we rarely see them in someone's hands.

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u/Pufflekun May 28 '22 edited 29d ago

"So this fuckin' asshole in a fuckin' Santa suit comes barrelin' down the street on a red motorcycle. And I'm thinkin', what the fuck is this guy doin'? Just because you're dressed as Santa, you don't get to go ridin' around like you've bein' uncontrollably pulled by twelve magic reindeer! But then right as I'm about to start yellin' at Santa, he points out a car that did a hit and run, and now we're all in hot pursuit! And I'm thinkin', why the fuck didn't I trust Santa‽ Santa is the opposite of an asshole! And from that day forward, I was always more trustin' of Santas. Until I arrested Santa for robbin' a bank."

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u/jimmiec907 May 27 '22 Take My Energy

Worth noting that the motorcyclist is Santa Claus.


u/Intelligent-Twist203 May 27 '22 Wholesome

Imagine driving in a car and seeing Santa chasing you riding a motorcycle


u/ConclusionMiddle425 May 27 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy hehehehe Wholesome Seal of Approval Table Slap Bless Up

He sees you when you're sleeping

He knows when you're awake

He knows when you've run over some bloke

He's got a bike now, so there's no escape


u/Leovinus42 May 27 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome hehehehe

You better watch out

You better not stop

You better speed up he’s calling the cops

Santa Claus is hunting you down


u/Segesaurous May 28 '22

Santa Claus is hunting you down, what a movie title.

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u/Intelligent-Twist203 May 28 '22

you can't speed up, too many cars are in your way

you try to hide but now its too late

you know hitting someone is not okay

but you still did it anyway


u/Reddit_Crab May 28 '22 Wholesome

You better speed up

You better hit the gas

You better drive fast cause

Santa Claus is hunting your ass


u/MewlingRothbart May 28 '22

I fucking love reddit.


u/reversejoerogan May 28 '22 Helpful

And, I love fucking Reddit.

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u/American_Rice May 28 '22

you may have a car

that weighs roughly 1 ton

but santa got a bike and the cops got a gun

santa claus is coming for you


u/kickkickpatootie May 28 '22 Wholesome

You know your driving decisions are poor when Santa Claus calls you a whore!


u/me_to_you2 May 28 '22

Amazing ppl of reddit

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u/SilverDad-o May 27 '22

OH! You better not flee,

from the accident scene

'Cuz Santa's crotch-rocket

is a high-speed machine.

Pere Nöel gets the Gendarmes on scene!


u/smoxie-chan May 28 '22

I learned french words thanks lol

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u/shewholaughslasts May 28 '22

Double bonus for a song with both crotch-rocket and pere noel.


u/wizard_of_awesome62 May 27 '22

MotorClause is coming to town.


u/DaggerMoth May 28 '22

Santa Claus is an actually super powerful mutant in Marvel. If he got the powers of ghost rider MotorClaus could be a thing. He'd be way over powered though. Though, he'd probably just end up with a hell sled instead of a motorcycle.

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u/microwaffles May 27 '22

Um you mean MOTOClause.

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u/Commercial-Health-78 May 28 '22

The Kwik-e-mart is- D’oh

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u/BobanMarjonGo May 28 '22

Took me a good 1:30 to notice it was Santa trying to save the day


u/jimmiec907 May 27 '22

Imagine not immediately halting at Santa’s command.


u/Cheapest_ May 28 '22

She on the naughty list definitely. No gifts this Christmas.

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Santa stopped altogether with the coal bullshit, now the naughty kids are pursued


u/artvarnsen May 27 '22

Christmas came early this year!


u/wizard_of_awesome62 May 27 '22

But you don’t want to see what happens when you’re on the naughty list…


u/broberds May 28 '22

Your mistletoe is no match for my TOW missile!


u/twist3d7 May 28 '22

Better than seeing Santa with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph?

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u/ANGRYlalocSOLDIE May 28 '22

Imagine how this must have look for other people. Santa on red motorcycle. Chasing a car. Doing weird things.

And those cops? When Santa approached them? And for other people when they were arresting?

2 cops pointing guns at young girl when Santa stands right behind them.

This must have looked hilarious as fuck! lol


u/i_am_icarus_falling May 28 '22

they immediately believed him, too. no questioning santa, just guns and handcuffs on his word.


u/[deleted] May 28 '22 edited 1d ago


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u/[deleted] May 28 '22 edited 29d ago



u/Ogard May 28 '22

When I saw this video some time ago someone said the guns were because of the recent terror attacks.

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u/scylus May 28 '22

Spectators to the incident when they get home: "You're not going to believe what I saw today! Santa, on a bike, chasing a very naughty girl..."

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u/thelordmallard May 28 '22

There used to be an event every year around Christmas, with loads of bikes decorated. I've been there with countless other Santas, driving my bike on the Champs Elysées. Not sure they do it still, but it's a good memory. :D

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u/caesar_7 May 28 '22

It's a French version of Batman. No less.

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u/Sense-O-Yuma May 28 '22

French Santa Claus , Oui la la la la, la la la la!

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u/Guitar_nerd9 May 28 '22 Silver

Dkd anybody noticed how the grey car driver kept with everything. Now that's impressive


u/iArabb May 28 '22

Yeah, in fucking Paris.


u/Sietemadrid May 28 '22

This was like something out of a MI or 007 movie


u/LightRefrac May 28 '22 edited May 28 '22

Is it was because the last MI was shot in Paris with a motorcycle chase in pretty much the same or similar looking location?


u/StygianWolf4 May 28 '22

Shout out to the chase scene in Ratatouille

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u/Akronica May 28 '22

Check out Ronin with Robert De Niro

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u/SWEET_BUS_MAN May 28 '22

He also had jumped out of the car at some point, got back in, and somehow got further than Santa in the end.

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u/Former-Cat015 May 28 '22

Ya that guy also worked hard to do the right thing. He wasn't as maneuverable but still a gangster.

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u/ScrewThisIQuit May 28 '22

I rewatched trying to track grey car and have no idea how he kept up


u/Revelle_ May 28 '22

He had a pretty recognizable figure to follow I suppose


u/Eretho May 28 '22

I didn't even think of that! Just looking for Santa haha


u/ShortDemonsArePeople May 28 '22

Oh damn! Yeah I guess that would make it muuuuch easier. Still had quite a large car for the region!

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u/PizzaPlanetPizzaGuy May 28 '22

I'm sure grey car was riding in Santa's wake, honking up a storm.

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u/MattsAwesomeStuff May 28 '22

Dkd anybody noticed how the grey car driver kept with everything. Now that's impressive

This was posted a few years ago when it happened, and that was one of the top comments.

Like, yeah, okay, a highly visibly Santa on a motorbike can weave through traffic. But then, dude in a car is right on her tail too, after getting out of his vehicle at one point too.


u/BFIT232323 May 28 '22

Yeah, watched it 3 times and was surprised af that he was seconds behind. Must have been flying or sth like that. I would hire him as my escape driver for a heist

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u/Minerva000 May 27 '22

What an idiot who tries to hit and RUN in Paris. Our roads are so packed it has practically become a joke by now… anyway that person is a jerk glad santa claus was there to catch her ! Merci mon cher compatriote !!🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷


u/DonHedger May 28 '22

I've never actually.been able to find out how this all concluded. Probably a good thing I can't figure it out; crime shouldn't be entertainment, but I am curious.


u/DeedsF1 May 28 '22


u/asforus May 28 '22

I can’t read French. Can you please tell me what happened to her and the pedestrian she hit?


u/Rtrnofdmax May 28 '22

We know the aggressiveness of Parisian motorists towards cyclists and pedestrians. A singular video still proves it to us.

On December 15, Youtuber Chris RS, disguised as Santa Claus on a motorcycle for the purposes of making a video, arrived on Rue de Rivoli. He then witnesses an accident he films with the camera fixed on his helmet: a person is knocked down on a pedestrian crossing by a woman in a car who runs away. Still disguised as Santa Claus, he pursues her for long minutes through the streets of Paris and manages to warn the police. Two police officers finally managed to arrest the driver in the Place de la Madeleine district. The video is impressive.

We learn today that the overturned person is doing well. Santa's video has gone viral and could reach 1 million views.


u/savage_mallard May 28 '22

I like how the literal translation is saying he is disguised as Santa, rather than just dressed as. As if people might not see through the disguise and believe he is really Santa Claus


u/Twoflappylips May 28 '22

and how the person knocked over was “overturned”


u/dosabanget May 28 '22

I remember someone in France said to me she wants to liquidify money when she actually just grabbing some cash in an ATM. Gotta love the language.


u/yumirow May 28 '22

Actually, it's just that we use liquidity as another name for cash. After all it's the asset which has the most liquidity of them all. So even tho it might seems weird it does make sense x).

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u/RichardMcNixon May 28 '22

Ah yes, liquidify money. Perfect. I'll get my smelter.

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u/zawaga May 28 '22

It's mostly a translation issue. Saying someone is "déguisé" in french can mean both wearing a disguise or a costume.

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u/itheraeld May 28 '22

A man PRETENDING to be Santa Claus assisted police in the arrest of the perpetrator of a nasty hit and run on Rue deRivoli; all captured and live tonight at five

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u/2019mvp May 28 '22

Just mentions what happens in the video and not much else.


u/Gooja May 28 '22

According to Chromes translate feature, the person hit is ok but it doesn't say anything about the driver. I'm assuming she was charged with something considering it's literally on camera, but I'm not french and don't know their laws

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u/zxc123zxc123 May 28 '22 edited May 28 '22

Hit and run in Paris


Hit and run away from Parisian 'French "Bat Monsieur" Santa' Motorcyclist

Stupid beyond redemption. She never had a chance.

Might as well play the Dark Knight theme in your head while watching that video because I did.


u/SpaghettiNYeetballs May 28 '22

I guess there was something in the way when the driver drove through the pedestrian crossing

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u/smokedspirit May 28 '22

Years ago I went on a driving holiday to Italy. On the way back we decided to drive through Paris since none of us had been there before.

Tge morning rush hour was something else. The motorbikes flying past was amazing to watch

I forever have my friends eternal praise that I was able to drive in and out of Paris and not get hit lol. Rome and Paris I've heard are the ultimate driving test


u/Spore_Flower May 28 '22

There are a lot of cities in a lot of countries that definitely raises the blood pressure. Random cities in India, Hanoi, Cairo, and so on.


u/Y0u_Kn0w_Wh0 May 28 '22

Exactly I come from a tier 2 city in India and when people say NY traffic is bad I think to myself no it's not.

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u/Illmattic May 28 '22

I’ve never been but I’m from the country man, city driving raises my anxiety to levels previously unknown. Seeing them dip through the city was incredible.

Stupid for sure, but the fact that she got as far as she did blows my mind


u/Maximillien May 28 '22

the fact that she got as far as she did blows my mind

It's amazing what you can do when you are a sociopath and don't care about endangering or hurting others. Doubly so if you're armed with a car.

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u/Much_Cellist797 May 28 '22 Gold Helpful Wholesome

You know you fucked up when Santa calls you a whore


u/Almost_Ascended May 28 '22 Helpful Coin Gift Take My Energy

But doesn't Santa go "ho ho ho" all the time?

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u/chabanny May 28 '22

You just made the naughty list

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u/The_Broomflinger May 27 '22

Santa Claus just called that lady a whore!


u/boss53kaiden May 27 '22 Silver

What, have you never heard of the 3 lists?

There is the Naughtly list, the Nice list and the "What a fucking whore" list


u/The_Broomflinger May 27 '22

I bet he checks that third list way more than twice!

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u/KuhLealKhaos May 27 '22

Woah that was super fuckin cool Santa!!! This is one of the best videos I've seen in a while.

Does anyone know how recent this was? Was there ever follow up?


u/blipblop34 May 27 '22

After doing a quick Google search it says this video is from 2017. The rider mentioned that the victim was recovering well


u/Beachdaddybravo May 28 '22

I had to scroll way too far for someone to mention the actual victim.


u/Firstnamecody May 28 '22

I just wanna know what kind of bike that is damnit.


u/Et_merde May 28 '22

Kawasaki Z750 or maybe Z1000, very nicely customized !


u/aimgorge May 28 '22

Close, it's a Z800

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u/Warzak77 May 27 '22

no one talk about the guy in the car that suceedeed following & blocking her


u/SightUnseen1337 May 28 '22

Yeah when he appeared again at the end it was hard to believe it was the same guy

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u/flibble24 May 28 '22

Impressive that the motorcycle managed to keep up with her.

Insane that the grey car managed to do the same through the packed streets of Paris. Well played monsieur

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u/3lectric-5heep May 27 '22

"oh la la la la laaaa!!"

Go Santa! 🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵


u/concretebeats May 28 '22 edited May 28 '22

*french police sirens*


Best subtitles.


u/FoofaFighters May 28 '22

"What a whore!"


u/mistere213 May 28 '22

This is where I lost it.

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u/OGPunkr May 28 '22

His calm ooh la la's were the best. I will try it to curb my temper in the car lol

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u/Agreeable-Yams8972 May 27 '22

Santa does this on his free time

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u/SuperSmashedBurger May 27 '22

This really is the most interesting thing I've seen today. That guy should be a motorcycle police officer. He's so calm and collected and a great rider. What a cool dude.

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u/RobnGG May 28 '22

“I dropped it to arrest her” nah brah we saw you accidentally drop that shit lmao


u/OuchCharlieOw May 28 '22

I was gonna say; poor guy dropped his own motorcycle in excitement to have to do his job lmao

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u/marls69420 May 27 '22

Santa knows when you're naughty or nice

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u/dick-nipples May 27 '22

Ho Ho Holy shit that was intense

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u/255001434 May 27 '22 edited May 27 '22

Never try to evade a motorcycle if you're in a car. You will lose. This video demonstrates that very well. Every time she got away, he caught up to her again easily.

Also: The title doesn't mention that Santa is on the motorcycle. :D


u/OccludedFug May 27 '22

Also, chasing a car is dangerous on a motorcycle. Yeah, you can get around a little better but damn you're invisible on a bike. Unless you're Santa, of course. He's visible.


u/B4sorC4s May 27 '22

Always wear neon and install underglow for emergencies

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u/snubda May 27 '22

She could have side smashed him several times.


u/BagOfFlies May 28 '22

When he thought he had her calmed down and got off his bike I was sure she was gonna run it over.


u/snubda May 28 '22

It was when they passed a couple box trucks I was sure he was getting pancaked


u/ramblinroger May 28 '22

Yea it did feel a bit uneasy. Own safety always goes first

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u/BangingABigTheory May 28 '22

That other dude in the car did do a great job though. Have no idea he ended up right behind her at the end. It also seemed like he did a pretty good job letting Santa take the lead to stay out of his way bc it could’ve gotten dangerous with both of them.


u/stephenisthebest May 28 '22

My pop (who was a New Zealand farmer) always said if you want to rob a bank, make your getaway vehicle a motorcycle. They are cheap, nothing is faster in town, and you can quickly disassemble it and sell it off or send it to the scrap yard.

He must've met some creative individuals during the war.

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u/mcru2030 May 27 '22

how many chances did she have to do the right thing? hope French juatice system is stronger than UK


u/ThaManaconda May 28 '22

Given the recording of the ENTIRE incident which was no doubt given to police, I suspect she lost her license indefinitely or maybe even sent to prison, I hope. People like this shouldn't be allowed to drive. If you can't respect that fact you're piloting a 2 ton death machine through populated areas you shouldn't be piloting a 2 ton death machine.


u/KingOfTheNorth91 May 28 '22

"maybe even prison"

My god I'd hope so... between hitting the person, not stopping, and then causing dangerous conditions to other drivers by weaving and running lights, this woman should go away for a good chunk of time


u/Mr_Bluebird_VA May 28 '22

Also almost hit two other pedestrians at one point that had to jump out of the way of her car.


u/KingOfTheNorth91 May 28 '22

Exactly! It's egregious! I thought she was even going to drive through the police when they stopped her.

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u/jipijipijipi May 28 '22

She did get sentenced but her lawyer argued that she was only fleeing Santa Claus, not the scene of the incident. She got sent to the psych ward. None of this is a joke.


u/notshortenough May 28 '22 edited May 28 '22

But she initially fled the scene lol? How is that even an argument. She weaseled away before Santa ever giddy upped.

Edit - spelling

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u/SayItAgainJabroni May 28 '22 edited May 28 '22

Bet she's not scared of Santa come December. He wasn't threatening at all.


u/James-the-Bond-one May 28 '22

Fiction is serious business.

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u/Hung4Denver34 May 27 '22

Good vs evil 🤘love it when good wins


u/LuckyAlways May 27 '22

I had no idea Santa Claus was such a badass. I'm leaving out extra cookies and milk this year.


u/stronggebaser May 28 '22

i had no idea he spoke French fluently


u/forcepowers May 28 '22

He speaks all the languages of those who believe in him.

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u/chrissyB95 May 27 '22

This was fucking awesome


u/survivalguyledeuce May 27 '22

Agreed. I really enjoyed the whole thing spectacle

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u/crom5805 May 27 '22

Nice to know Braaaaaap in french translates to Braaaaaap in english

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u/igotabridgetosell May 27 '22

Wow she really committed to running after everybody saw her plates. Opportunists shitbags really ruins it for everybody in our society.

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u/ColonyofHermits May 28 '22

Fair play to the other guy (in the car ) who followed to the end!


u/evolutionisttt May 28 '22

Thats what i found amazing, what a beast.. Full rush, and he still managed to catch up


u/lovelylesbian1995 May 27 '22

People who hit and run someone over should have their drivers license revoked.


u/JimJalinsky May 27 '22

And be talked to in a stern voice.


u/wizard_of_awesome62 May 27 '22

By at least two adults, that’ll show em!


u/TossPowerTrap May 28 '22

Make them express concern about the consequences of their actions.

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u/geeoff90 May 27 '22


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u/ThadTheImpalzord May 28 '22

What a shitty human being. You fucking hit someone with your car and you run? Props to the people who chased her down! Best video I've seen in sometime


u/dm319 May 28 '22

Crazy, not even check they're ok after a hit hard enough to break her windscreen.

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u/Arr_Ess_Tee May 28 '22

Dude in the gray car stayed right with her too.


u/yarishatchback May 27 '22

Santa Claus to the rescue

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u/Apache_Cox May 28 '22
  • french police sirens * hahahah
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u/fastrthnu May 27 '22


u/HR_Giger_Figure May 28 '22

Phew, the victim suffered only bruises. There was an audible thud and I feared she hit her head.


u/LFTMRE May 28 '22

The French article posted elsewhere in the thread said they injured their head and hip but they were doing okay.

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u/Charlielx May 28 '22

Do we know what her sentence ended up being?

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u/bonobomaster May 28 '22

Nice bonus from the cops to give him a high speed police escort through the city.

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u/pkg4u May 27 '22

Someone just made Santa’s list.


u/Zonerdrone May 27 '22

I'm so glad they caught that piece of shit. He tried so many times to be cool about it.


u/Prize-Spread2062 May 28 '22

imagine getting chased by a guy dressed as santa at 50 mph

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u/hewhohasenormousnuts May 28 '22

Somewhere in France

Motorcyclist: it's a Clio

Cop: do you have the slightest idea how much this narrows it down?

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u/LagoReal May 27 '22

Well we all saw that Bad Santa movie. This my friends is the Good Santa movie. Less drugs and a tad bit less cursing.

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u/Cosmic-Cranberry May 27 '22

The odds of this specific series of events happening.

Santa Claus just put you on his naughty list, buddy.


u/DRIPS666 May 28 '22

Well done, at trying to deescalate. Though, the calling her a whore after was funny as hell.

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u/ThatAnimatedCatto May 28 '22

Side quest unlocked


u/Terryfolded May 28 '22

Having just gotten My motorcycle license and buying my first bike, this guy has some huge fucking balls and skills to drive in traffic that well. It was very unsafe but very impressive

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u/ejholka May 28 '22

Yo, is that guy dressed like Santa? Doesn't she know he knows when you are naughty and when you are nice, AND he has a bitching motorcycle.


u/Arealentleman May 27 '22

Luck they didn’t run over 6 more people while being chased.


u/Blueroflmao May 28 '22

Thats exactly why they tried to calm them down instead of being angry and screamy. She was clearly in shock while running away from it.

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u/TheDefected May 27 '22

Nice to see he keeps himself busy out of the holiday season.


u/ofri12347 May 27 '22

Are they.... Wearing a Santa suit?

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u/carkin May 27 '22

The motorcyclist took a lot of risks. It could have ended very bad

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u/sabrefudge May 28 '22

Those cops REALLY put a lot of trust in Santa’s word.

He just rolls up, says that random car hit someone somewhere, and they pull out their guns and drag her out of her car.

Like damn, Santa has a lot of power.

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u/sacdecorsair May 28 '22

He's not the only one who chased. Guy in gray car at the end was the same as the start. I wonder how he made it with a his huge car!!

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