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2021 LCS and LEC Roster Rumors/Changes Megathread


Live thread is, well, live: https://www.reddit.com/live/17zgfe4sd0pkg/

Ladies and Gentlemen...welcome...to Roster-mania!

Here is a resource for all the teams, their rosters, and their coaches. I will update this continually throughout the next few days/weeks/whatever. Please feel free to correct the information in this post if you see something wrong and if I miss any updates.

READ THIS FIRST: This megathread is meant to be a central hub for roster change news as well as general discussion surrounding roster changes.


  • Rumors from "journalistic" sources and industry insiders are allowed to be submitted. Random sources from twitter, reddit, etc. are not allowed.
  • Rumors that are proven or dis-proven while still on the front page will be removed.
  • If a rumor is confirmed while on the front page, it will be removed and stickied on the confirmation post.
  • Any general off-season roster moves discussion will be redirected to this megathread.

You can also discuss all of these things over in /r/lolesports or #esports on our discord server.

I will only include information from journalists, teams themselves, and information within Riot's contract database. Click on the name for link confirmation. Players with no link have a contract according to the Riot Global Contract Database, and have no outstanding rumors/confirmations at this time.

I will also be removing players confirmed not to be in the LCS/LEC/NA Academy next split.

★ = Confirmed

Italics = Inactive

TSM Huni★ / V1per★ Spica★ / Hyper★ Creme / Takeover★ Tactical★ / Instinct★ Shenyi / Yursan★ Chawy / Peter Zhang / Kayys★ / Curry
C9 Summit★ / Darshan★ Blaber★ / Malice★ / Shernfire★ Fudge★ / Copy★ Berserker★ / Zven★ / K1ng★ Isles★ / Winsome★ LS★ / Tails★
TL Bwipo★ Santorin★ / Armao Bjergsen★ / Haeri / Jensen Hans Sama★ / Yeon CoreJJ★ / Eyla Guilhoto★ / Kold★ / Spawn
100 Ssumday★ / Tenacity★ / Gamsu★ Closer★ / Kenvi★ Abbedagge★ / JimieN★ FBI★ / Wixxi★ Huhi★ / Busio★ Reapered★ / Mithy★ / Freeze★ / Goldenglue
EG Impact / Srtty★ Inspired★ / Tomio★ Jojopyun★ / Soligo★ Danny / Kaori★ Vulcan★ / SkyTec★ / IgNar Peter Dun / Artemis
GGS Licorice★ / Tony Top★ Pridestalker★ / Iconic★ Ablazeolive★ / Ryoma★ Lost★ / Violet★ Olleh★ / Chime★ Inero★ / Akaadian★
FLY Kumo★ / Philip★ Josedeodo★ / Yuuji★ Toucouille★ / Spirax★ Johnsun★ / Tomo★ Aphromoo★ / Diamond★ Sharkz★ / Phantiks★ / SoulStrikes★
CLG Jenkins★ / Dhokla★ Contractz★ / RoseThorn★ Palafox★ / Triple★ Luger★ / Prismal★ Poome★ / Breezy★ Thinkcard★ / Croissant★
IMT Revenge★ / Concept★ Xerxe★ / Chad★ / AnDa PowerOfEvil★ / Pretty★ Wildturtle★ / Arrow★ Destiny★ / Joey★ Invert★ / Dardoch★ / Nightshare★
DIG FakeGod★ River★ Blue Neo★ / Spawn Biofrost★ Enatron★

G2 Broken Blade★ Jankos★ / Alexx Caps★ Flakked★ Targamas★ / Efias / Mikyx Dylan Falco / Nelson / Melzhet
FNC Wunder Razork / Maxi Humanoid / Nisqy Upset / Bean Hylissang / Rhuckz YamatoCannon / Delord
VIT Alphari★ / Szygenda Selfmade★ / Skeanz Perkz★ / LIDER / Diplex Carzzy★ / Jeskla Labrov★ / Jactroll Tasz / Mephisto
MAD Armut / Gaëthan Elyoya / Hades Reeker★ / Knighter UNF0RGIVEN★ / DenVoksne Kaiser / Lilipp Mac / Pad / Karakal Jr
MSF HiRit / Irrelevant Shlatan / TynX Vetheo / Czajek Neon / Woolite Vander / Mersa Carter / Xani / Hiiva
RGE Odoamne / Sinmivak Malrang / Rabble / Lurox Larssen / Nite Comp / Lucker Trymbi / Leon / Pyrka Klaj / SeeEl
BDS Adam / Agresivoo Cinkrof / Sheo NUCLEARINT / Xico★ xMatty / Crownshot Limit / Erdote Grabbz★
XL Finn★ / Kryze / Orome Markoon★ / Dan Nukeduck★ / EMENES Patrik★ Advienne★ Youngbuck★ / Torok
SK Jenax / Alois Gilius / Eckas Sertuss / Dehaste Jezu / Gadget Treatz / Mystiques Swiffer
AST WhiteKnight / Carlsen Zanzarah / Taxer Dajor★ / Chres Kobbe★ / Chrisberg promisq / Wendelbo AoD / Hansen / Donby


Includes players looking for opportunities or expiring contracts


Solo Damonte Cody Sun SwordArt
Hauntzer Sword Katsurii Hooks
Lourlo KatEvolved Raes Dreams
Thien Nxi Yusui Keith Smoothie
Broxah Yunbee Sneaky Newbie
Keel rjs Doublelift Zeyzal
Will JayJ


iBo Kirei Zwyroo Hjarnan YellOwStaR
Pride Bluerzor Milica P1noy Steeelback
Miniduke Deadly Visdom
Maxlore Woolite Jesiz
sOAZ MagiFelix Venzer Denyk
Vizicsaci Gilus Tore
Obsess Kasing



Destroy Clid Yaharong Prince Garvey H4cker Knight Baolan
Chasy Mireu Zzus TheShy Youxin FoFo Kramer Southwind
yoHan Mask Ale Tian Twila Smlz ppgod
SoHwan YoungJae Gori Wayne Aliez Clearlove Mole Viper Mark
Hoya Fly New Haro Xiye Eric Ming
Rich 369 Kui Forge Snow Maestro
Chieftain Ucal Nuguri Ning Yuekai Puff
bonO HyBriD Langx Xiaopeng Doinb Uzi
JunJia Ye Betty
Blank Cryin Wink
SeongHwan Keine Rookie

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Patch 11.24 Bug Megathread


Greetings Summoners!

With every new patch Riot introduces to balance out champions and items there are some unforeseen issues that creep up and cause disruption during gameplay. We have noticed that these issues which eventually get fixed clutter up the subreddit immediately following the patch.

We want to avoid this by having a single Megathread which will be posted after every patch so that you guys can report the various issues in one place. This allows Riot to easily keep track of the bugs by providing a central hub and also allows other users to confirm that they might have encountered.

Note only bugs caused by the 11.24 Patch should be reported below.

Prerequisites to be noted before reporting a bug

  1. A bug will ideally be accompanied with a screenshot or a video. This provides credibility to your report.
  2. Steps to recreate the bugs should be submitted if possible. This helps Rioters recreate the bug and helps them find the cause behind it.
  3. The bug must have been caused by the latest patch.

Format when reporting a bug: When reporting a bug, please provide as much information as you can about your computer.

Server: The server you encountered the bug (NA, EUW, EUNE, TR, RU, BR, LAS, LAN etc)

Type of Bug: Client Bug, In Game Bug etc

Description: Describe what was the bug that occurred.

Video / Screenshot: Insert screenshot (F12 in game) or Video of the bug occurring.

Steps to reproduce: Provide the steps necessary if someone else had to reproduce the bug.

Expected result: What should have been the result when you follow the steps mentioned above.

Observed result: What was the result you obtained when you followed the steps mentioned above?

Reproduction rate: If you try to recreate the bug how successful are you in causing it to occur? (1/10 : Occurs once every 10 tries, 5/10 : Occurs 5 times out of 10, 10/10 : Happens every single time)

System specs: Processor, Video card, Ram, HDD/SSD, everything you can provide, even drivers.

Example Bug:

• Server: EUW

• Type of Bug: In-Game Bug etc

• Description: Zed's R(Death Mark) does not apply secondary damage

• Insert Video / Screenshot of the incident

• Reproduction rate: 2/10 (happened 2 out of 10 times)

• Steps to reproduce:

Launch a game after selecting Zed as your champion. Attempt to use Death Mark. Observe the result.

• Expected result: The damage should apply after a short delay, amplified by damage dealt during the effect.

• Observed result: The damage will not apply properly.

• System Specs: Intel i5 Processor, Windows 7, Nvidia Graphics card (insert model number) etc.

If you don't know how to format comments on Reddit click here

- **Server:**   
- **Type of Bug:**   
- **Description:**   
- **Video / Screenshot:**   
- **Steps to reproduce:**   
- **Expected result:**   
- **Observed result:**   
- **Reproduction rate:**   
- **System specs:**  

Copy paste the above code and fill in your details.

From this Megathread the list of bugs will not be summarized and put up in the main body of the thread, however note that many Rioters are going through every single comment so don't worry if you post the 1500th or 3000th comment, every reply will be read over the next few days.

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2022 Vitality roster


Top: Alphari

Jungle: Selfmade

Mid: Perkz

Adc: Carzzy

Support: Labrov

It wasn't a secret for anyone following leaks.

The biggest LEC roster ever seen, we gathered the best EU players.

Here comes the Titans #WatchUsFollowUs

This super team is expected to win the LEC and even perform internationally. What do you think?


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Teleport change in PBE


Bye bye tele

New: - Can only teleport to turrets, after 14 minutes it will be back to normal.

Casting time reduced from 4.5s to 4s.

it a really big change consider affect many strategy early game


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Perkz about his time in C9: "What I saw and wanted to do was not the same in my team, and that was paining me from the inside out. Even though I was trying to hide it and lie to myself that it's gonna be alright, it was still just a lie" [Source in German]

Thumbnail zeit.de

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Team Vitality’s New ‘League Of Legends’ Star Perkz Considered Retiring Last Year

Thumbnail forbes.com

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Mid stereotypes


Yone and Yasuo

-Usually a teen or a young adult

-“Stay hardstuck” to silvers they’re smurfing on while hardstuck 2000 games gold on main

-If they’re not toxic they’re just trying the champ out


-Either Korean or Kadeem

-Probably has 1m+ points sweating their balls off in norms

-Leading cause of your mid laner getting flamed for not pinging MIA/following


-Enemy akali makes her look OP, while your akali is why she has a 46% winrate

-Worships ProfessorAkali

-Somehow always losing lane


-Either “never FF I scale” or “FF15 jg wont gank me”

-For some reason running electrocute into horrible matchups

-“Nice ks bro now I’ll never scale”

Twisted Fate

-Aspires to be like daddy Dopa

-Either god tier second jungler or tries to R away while getting cc’d by three people

-Deceptive amount of damage


-Not bad, not good, usually just mediocre

-Pretty chill

-They kind of just exist there idk


-Usually 40+ year old dilfs with joint problems

-Chill and offer good life advice

-Ulting the tank while they get killed by assassins


-Your support with relic has more cs than her

-Probably Asian and will carry 1v9

-Somehow always fed, a bit of a KDA player


-Usually played by skinny and pasty young males

-Probably ganked more than the jungler tbh

-Reported for racial slurs despite carrying team


-Arcane fan or thirsty for LP/wins

-Either getting one shot or one shotting, no in between

-A little on the pessimistic side



-Will carry you

-Probably sociopath irl


-Lives to see others suffer

-Usually very jolly chaps, especially when causing suffering

-War criminal

-You always lose even if you win, because the win cost you everything


-They just want their LP.

-Alternately, they like lolis and anime

-On a watchlist


-A rare and dying breed

-Tend to be pretty respectable people IRL, doctors, dentists, accomplished students, etc.

-Don’t talk much, probably playing with mute all on


-Can’t CS for shit

-Would rather pick up a sum than help their teammate

-Usually pretty solid macro


-Probably an LCS fan

-Imagines themselves to be a genius because their champ is difficult and obsolete

-Hates Riot balancing team more than anyone


-You’re gonna lose the game

-Somehow never actually scales


Aurelion Sol

-Never seen him except for in patch nerf notes


-Probably hates their life


-The non-toxic ones are usually bad


-No one knows what she does

-Dummy thicc

-Has telepathy powers to mind control your carries into hugging walls


-Capitalist IRL

-Probably will use your R better than you

-“I don’t farm minions, I farm people”


-Either “UwU?” Or salt god

-For the love of god riot stop buffing this champion

-Spends more money on skins than food


-Sit back and get carried

-Spam pings your TP if she died in egg form

-Probably also plays Ryze or Azir


-LCS player in disguise

-Rare and elusive creature (there are only so many LCS players after all)

-1v9, leaves before they drown in all the roses and applause from their grateful team, refuses to elaborate further


-Purposefully lets entire team die for juicy revive

-Average looking, mediocre at everything they do

-Has fun swinging around but might accidentally kill themselves swinging into a skill shot


-Installed scripts into brain to cope with low mobility champ in S11

-Killed you from downtown

-Overachiever and perfectionist


-Actually not that short IRL

-“bro I’m veigar i can’t do anything early game”

-Doesn’t use cage properly but it doesn’t matter because their R is the best CC


-Worst Rs possible

-Falls off like a dump truck

-Somehow still wins game


-Plays with character audio off

-Always out of mana

-Plays waveclear rotation champ minus the rotation part


-Either one-shots you 20 minutes in or has 2 items 40 minutes in

-Max HP pool to poke the enemy laner/establish dominance right before they get ganked

-The Nasus of midlane


-Surprisingly not actually depressed, definitely doesn’t give a shit about anything though

-Makes 14 year olds cry

-Has a cool PC


-Doesn’t speak English/as a second language

-Always diving

-Better than Irelia tops


-High elo

-Has pretty long hair

-“it’s not inting, it’s called using my kit to the fullest” but they’re actually right


-You probably lost if he’s on your team

-God damn it Arcane

-Doesn’t know what he’s doing


-Always fed, even if his team is not

-Bane of ADCs

-Good-hearted IRL, toxic in-game


-On no-fly list, wanted for crimes committed in several countries, playing from their temporary shelter/hotel room but might AFK because the cops caught up to them

-Angry and BMs a lot

-Steals the support from the ADC


-Not actually dumb but plays a dumb champion

-Sits under turret to wait out your anti-heal and for his passive

-Enjoys the tears of children


-Lots of chest hair

-Doesn’t actually work out

-Chad daddy and peels for the ADC better than the support does


-Really good at math, probably studying STEM or in math-related work field

-Book smart, but probably gets robbed and bullied by middle schoolers

-Married or in relationship


-Welcome to iron

-Dies before getting full combo off

-Never wards


-So far beyond redemption even Jesus can’t save them

-Bane of all mages

-No one wants to associate with them but that’s ok because they’re happy by themselves


-Annoying but at least they’re pretty good at the game

-“There’s a 50/50 chance of killing the real shaco, but you’ll always kill the clone” - some redditor

-Escaped from a mental asylum and in cahoots with Tristana mid players


-Win lane lose game

-D4 hardstuck but likes to hang around in lower ranks to boost self-esteem

-Still doesn’t know what a dragon is


-Everyone just instinctively trusts him

-0/11 but still having game impact somehow

-No one knows what he’s doing but he’s doing great


-Loves his team, protects his team

-Good guy

-Usually very nice and altruistic


-Challenger with scripts, wall hacks and fog of war sonar radar

-Or just some pleb trying her out for the first time

-Competing with Corki players for last LCS rookie spot


-Middle aged guys

-Non-toxic and friendly, you might hate him in-game but they’re very nice IRL

-Has dad bod/a gym bro


-Beta, but quiet

-Has mini map disabled

-They never hit level 16


-Testosterone levels through the roof

-Really good, bot laners love him

-Jg diffing from mid


-Likes weed

-Surprisingly not that toxic, or doesn’t mean the stuff he says

-Probably a high school fuckboy or frat boy


-Foaming at the mouth

-Ziggs who run TP are not to be messed with

-Carries a broken bottle around to mug Vel’Koz mains


-Has at least one really weird fetish

-Was the quiet kid in high school

-Less toxic than Riven top


-Definitely a bottom

-Vibes with everyone

-A morning person and likes cats more than dogs

Master Yi

-Fingers and eyes twitch if he hasn’t typed a slur in awhile

-Dives and dies then spins a wheel to pick who he will flame for it (his own name is not on the wheel)

-People are scared to tell him to STFU because he’s probably carrying, but also is a massive dick


-Just exists to push lane and miss Qs

-Feels extreme apathy towards everything

-Hardstuck player trying new things


-Faker’s secret love child with an iron player, inherited her dad’s skills but they only work half the time, the other half her iron parent’s powers take over

-But it’s ok when her iron powers activate because her R still one shots you

-Stands still to cast abilities


-Doesn’t want to shield you

-Short man syndrome

-Falls off then complains about team


-A model, epitome of sex appeal, has simps lined around the block

-Friendly and easy-going

-Very reliable and team player


-Rage quits a lot

-Unites team by giving them a common enemy by being really toxic

-People are scared or wary of them IRL


-Pure testosterone until they get matched against mages who can space

-Can’t carry but does their best

-Dad friend and responsible


-Why are you so toxic?

-Beta male who just happens to be good at league, toxicity scales with how hard they carry

-Big egos, tend to (rightfully sometimes) blame team, will always voice their displeasure


-4fun casual

-A little bit of BM but it’s all for fun, sometimes accidentally aggravates enemy though

-Severely lacking sleep


-Somehow stat checks everyone by tiny aggravating margins

-Aggravating. Both in game and IRL.

-Chaotic neutral crackheads


-Either autofilled or trying to get boosted, or very small chance of nutjob who actually enjoys the champion

-Sense of power from one shotting the ADC and ruining their life

-Surprisingly normal person aside from their powertrips, would make great Reddit mod


-Toxic toxic but still not as bad as the wind brothers

-Prides himself on knowing all the complex and intricate Renekton combos by muscle memory

-Orgasms when people try to fight him early game


-Sweethearts just trying to do their best

-“my champion is not broken because low winrate”

-AFK split pushes after mentalboom


-Allegedly played by some rare and depressed animals

-Probably not having a good time

-It’s like playing top but all your matchups are ranged

-A masochist


-Ass virginity taken by Riot balancing team

-The friendly friend who gets taken advantage of

-Scarred league veteran

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Firelight Ekko Needs New SFX To Be a 1350 RP Skin (or, Don't Let Riot Reduce the Value of 1350 RP Skins But Still Charge the Same)


Hi there. I think the new Firelight Ekko skin looks really nice. Here's the spotlight:


Great visual effects. However there are no new sound effects on his basic attacks or abilities. All 1350 RP skins currently have new SFX except for, I think, Full Metal Jayce. But that's a really old skin, made when Riot was still figuring out what they wanted 1350 RP skins to be. And at least that skin has a voice filter, which this skin does not.

Based on our current guidelines and precedents on skin prices, this skin should have new SFX added (which I think Ekko mains would appreciate). Or it should simply be a 975 RP skin.

People complained that the 2017 SKT skins (of which Ekko was also a part of!) were not worth 1350 RP because they didn't have sound effects, and in response Riot added new sound effects to all of them! So this is something that can be done. It should be done.

I know missing SFX on one skin might not seem like a big deal for you. But this is coming in the midst of a community realization that Riot is trying to see how much value they can pull out of their systems and still charge us full price for.

Our new battle pass sucks. Our new prestige point shop sucks. I do not think it is an acceptable precedent for Riot to set to charge "full price" (i.e. 1350 RP) for a skin that does not have full value. If our 1350 RP skins do not get new SFX any more, then they are also going to suck.

This skin would have been 975 RP if released a few years ago. It should either be upgraded to be a 1350 RP skin or it should be 975 RP now. Thank you for reading.

edit: To really see the difference in what you are losing with this skin, look at Ekko's other skins for reference as to how we are being over-charged here:

  • Academy = new model but NO new VFX and NO new SFX; 750RP
  • Sandstorm = new model, new VFX, and new SFX on recall and every ability; 975 RP
  • Firelight = new model, new VFX, but NO new SFX except on recall; 1350 RP

It just doesn't make sense.

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Rengar's healing on ARAM got buffed by 20% this patch so I had to play him with Full Healing build and damn it was fun!

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


r/leagueoflegends 5h ago

It's almost season 12 and Maw of Malmortius is still a garbage item.


Maw of Malmortius used to be the niche mr item for ADCs, AD assassins and AD champions in general, and was used as counterplay to AP burst.

With the Season 11 preseason changes the item just became garbage (it wasn't that much better before anyway) and as a result it is completely underplayed, becoming the 5th most underplayed item, according to league of items. ( https://leagueofitems.com/tierlist )

It doesn't really need much thinking :

The main issue with the item is that the shield scales off of HP, and the item gives none.

Either replace the AH with HP and call it a day, or just change the shield's scaling and make it much more stronger.

Currently there's absolutely no reason to build Maw over Sterak's on bruisers unless you're going vs a full AP comp, since sterak's shield is much larger and blocks both physical and magic damage, not to mention Sterak's Bloodlust passive.

And on ADCs, it's not worth it yet again since you have other options and there's better items to build.

I think it's time to change Maw and all other MR items since (burst) mages are slowly taking over the meta.

r/leagueoflegends 5h ago

I made this 4K wallpaper for Arcane fans


Firelight Gang mural, without characters, combined multiple images to form the highest resolution on every detail. Enjoy!

Firelight Gang mural

r/leagueoflegends 11h ago

With Kayle and Urgot getting their on attack effects scaled with aa range, we really should look at Shyvana and the QoL bugfixes she deserves


So i've made a decently annoyed comment in the patch notes post about shyvana bugs, and i was told to make a full post, so here we are, please excuse me for bad formatting, i'm not used to this.

Why am i relating this to Kayle and Urgot? Well since the release of the new lethal tempo keystone (which sounds really synergistic on a champion that has so much onhit and an aa reset double attack) plenty of champions have tried it and realized that some parts of their kit doesn't work as you would think, examples here are kayle waves and urgot shotgun knees. but these are not the only ones, shyvana W does additional onhit damage to people closeby her. During Dragonform and with lethal tempo fully stacked, you can attack enemies without them taking the w onhit damage. Add to this a rapidfire cannon, and enemies can even be out of your Dragonform q 2nd hit range

Speaking of lethal tempo, did you know humanform Q gives 2 stacks while Dragonform always only gives 1 no matter how many opponents get hit?

At least the w onhit still works vs secondary targets

While we're already here, let's talk about Shyvana Q which might be intended to work this way, but if that is truly the case, then she needs a qol fix

Shyvana Q interactions Humanform Dragonform
Pets 2 hits 1 hit
Escaping Champions 2 hits 1 hit
Wards 2 hits 2 hits
Still standing champions 2 hits usually 2 hits

This works on all "pets that don't count dmg, but number of aa's" like teemo shrooms, gp barrels, nidalee and jhin traps and so on...

as a person who has ~1200 shyvana games over the past couple seasons and someone who has hit masters on Euw playing her toplane, i really don't understand why her Dragonfrom Q has to be a downgrade from her humanform Q most of the time when her ulti states that the ability would be empowered. at least make dragonform Q functionally similar to humanform Q on the main target.

Oh also a special treat for those who survived my post this long, Shyvana Dragonform Q not consumed on missed lasthit with no other aa targets nearby, the empowered attack does 0 damage afterwards.

Shyv has also a serverdependent bug, where casting Dragonform E right when she transforms back to human form on a server tick has her humanform E cooldown reset.

All the Clips in 1 Imgur link

Also if there are any redditors with all mordekaiser skins on EUW, i wanna figure out what skin combinations of Shyvana /Morde skins produce visual vomit when dragonform shyvana presses w in mordekaiser r, i wanna get some footage from that to the masses.

Edit1: thanks to /u/Ronizu we also have the following:
You can recover up to like 80 fury instantly if you recall after ulting
Your ult can fail to either not deal damage, not knockback, or both (Neither on Xerath, damage only on Cait)
Q is also is bugged with Hail of Blades
the E cooldown reset bug

Edit2: Krakenslayer appears to be the one on-attack effect, that for some reason does work with her Dragonform Q
i also tested rageblade, Kircheis shard and Phantom Dancer

Edit3: Krakenslayer interaction seems to be intentional as it is supposed to be an on-hit effect excluded by rageblade for melee. also only bug from the Edits that has any connection with the Q & W interactions i deem to be problematic is the Hail of Blades bug.

r/leagueoflegends 9h ago

Sejuani Road Warrior Skin Fanart


Hello guy! I've developed this fanart skin where I imagined Sejuani in the Road Warrior universe. I had a blast coming up with this idea, would love to know what you guys think! the whole project(idea exploration to final design): https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kll3Lx

my socials: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zacarovs Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zacarovs/

r/leagueoflegends 8h ago

Pets should be Camouflaged when they are inside the chemtech zone


Basically the title

But i find no reason not to be an actuall thing

What's the point of a champion Been Camouflaged when his pets are following him and they are visible?

Basically it throws out of window the advantage of ambushing the enemy or try to escape from it when Camouflaged

(Pretty much like you are hiding in a bush)

If you not convinced ,here:

The best example is yorick

While try to roam or back door the enemy nexus through the chemtech Zone, an enemy might left a ward and can easily see Yorick's pets because they aren't Camouflaged

(standard wards cannot detect camouflaged champion only Control wards)

When Yorick is hiding in a bush his pets are hiding with him (champion special interaction)

If you think this is O.P. ,Trust me , facechecking a bush is way more deadlier than try to detect an enemy in chemtech zone.

r/leagueoflegends 8h ago

Circlejerk Instalment Nº3: The real issue with ADCs is not their stats, is their lack of AGENCY, aka outputs for their creativity.


This post is about the key word in league that actually matters more than anything else: AGENCY.

Every other role but "bot carry" ("ADC" here for simplicity) has moderate to high amounts of agency, which I define as opportunities to be really creative and let your intelligence and decision-making shine. Junglers, roaming midlaners (90% of midlaners) and support, are roles completely overflowing with agency.

But the kits of ADCs just don't allow for good decision-making and creativity to shine through. There's some slight exceptions like Ashe R and Tristana jump, but other than that ADC is an uncreative role. A good ADC is literally a robot that plays like a KDA whore, farms up and if the game gets to minute 30, dominates front-to-back teamfights with undodgeable ranged damage, which feels crappy for the enemy team. But if the game is lost before that, it's crappy for the ADC, who didn't get to play.

The role is all about consistency and discipline. There is little room for creativity and no agency. This is an issue for people that could be smart about the game; they might see lots of opportunities but they can't execute on them if they're trapped inside an ADC.

But can we give ADCs more agency without giving them engage/CC/roaming tools? Yes, the answer is in the past.

Story time: Back in the day, before season 6-7, supports were weak ward bots, and except for hook supports, botlane was dominated by two ADCs dueling eachother. This provided a type of agency similar to toplane, out-dueling the enemy to gain advantages earlygame. However this meant that support was a shitty role played by no one, which affected queue times and lead to constant tilted offroles. So Riot then started buffing supports, nerfing ADC resistances and crippling duo XP to the point of today where most supports can assassinate the ADC and are basically second junglers that don't need farm, don't need XP after lv6 and can impact the whole map.

How can we give ADCs their only chance at having agency –more power in lane– without turning support into a shitty role again? How can we buff one without throwing the other under the bus?

Well, I actually don't know. That's why I made this post.

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HANS SAMA: "I'm excited about NA, but also sad to leave Europe where everything started"

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With all this talk about ADC, it's super disappointing that no one is bringing up the XP issues


So, there's been a lot of discussion about the subpar state adc feels like in preseason what with every champion one shotting adcs and the playstyle in general just feeling real rough with the pace of soloq. I'd like to call attention back to the change that made the role feel awful for me and has not felt good since, and I think if Riot reverted this change for botlane there would be a MASSIVE shift in how it feels without changing anything else.

I'm talking about the duo XP nerf from the previous preseason which was said to target funneling but in reality was far more impactful to bot lane. With all XP down, ADCs have been 2-3 levels behind solo laners at really every stage of the game with surprising consistency, and if one of your solo lanes starts dying that can turn into 3-4 level gap quite easily. This disparity in levels has made the role feel awful and I feel like if that change gets fixed in any way then the role would start to feel so much better. Games where I get stupid ahead in XP and I'm actually more in line with levels of solo laners make the role feel actually balanced, like I can still be one shot, but I have more to play around and can answer well, or my damage is actually threatening enough. With the pace of the game constantly increasing, can we do one thing to help adcs come online faster and match the pace of the game everyone else is playing on?

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What my teammates think I’m doing all game long

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Jankos experiencing how well made this game is (SOUND WARNING)

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LCK Con from December 22 - 26 featuring matchup between old Rox Tigers and SKT



From December 22 - 26 lasting five days, an event called LCK Con will begin. This competition features main matchups with all 10 LCK teams, as well as an event matchup between old school Rox Tigers and SKT T1. This seems like a really fun new event that will scratch the league itch since Kespa Cup is essentially academy only now. Can’t wait to see the new rosters in action (as well as old!)

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DRX Solka Retires



We announce the retirement of Song 'SOLKA' Su Hyeong from LoL esports. We sincerely appreciate his contribution and will keep all the moments he has played as DRX Quad and DRX SOLKA. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Does anyone know why?

I remember him being pretty promising

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If ADCs are going to be near useless when behind, assassins should be too.


Before you start your thesis in the comments, I main mid and secondary jungle, but I have a couple friends who have quit the game because of how stacked the state of league is against ADCs.

I get it, they were the golden child, could do no wrong for like 9 seasons and I am 100% with you that they should be garbage when behind. But at the same time, being even or slightly ahead as an ADC and having to run away from the 1/6 Zed who can one shot you with just Ult + Duskblade and one or two more autos, while missing every Q/E is kind of absurd.

Lethality scaling with levels means that no matter what, they will always be able to kill the ADC because of how shared XP works in bot lane.

I have watched it happen to just about every pro/challenger ADC I can find, and I know its also an issue in lower elo but something has to change.

I think that Riot either needs to adjust the way XP works for bot, or adjust the lethality values so we don't have another season of AD bruiser/assassin mids that leave lane 0/0/0 and one shot my ADC because they left nexus.

I am open to other solutions but I think ADC is arguably not in a great spot right now, supports have all the agency in lane, and if you don't get giga-fed from them spoon-feeding you kills during laning phase, you can't really walk up at all during teamfights.

Shieldbow helps alleviate the issue a little bit, but the cooldown is far too long compared to the average rotation assassins have at their disposal.

Just some food for thought, I would be curious to see if Riot has noticed something that either supports my claims or completely undermines them.

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A short survey about your favourite Champions


I'm conducting a small research on LoL champion design and player preferences.
I made this super short survey (5 minutes, I swear), and it would be great if you could share your opinion with me! Of course it's all completely anonymous.

LINK (Google Forms): https://forms.gle/tZX5SainEcrDhdgL7

Also, if you have any thoughts you can spark a conversation directly here!

Thanks a lot :D

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Firelight Ekko PBE Preview


Preview Video: https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/1468251543346446336

Splash Art: https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/1468252261298016259

I wonder if it will be free like the other Arcane skins. Looks much better than the others though so I kind of doubt it.

Elderwood Gnar/Rek'Sai: https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/1468249735651725313

Elderwood Gnar/Rek'Sai Splashes: https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/1468250519760035842

Goth Annie Splash Update: https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/1468253332951035910

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Who has gone the longest without a skin


Ive been playing league for almost exactly a year and ive been seeing lots of new skins throughout this year and my main (zac) hasnt gotten anything new since i started playing. Are there any other champions this is happening to or did i just choose an unlucky champ?

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Can NA super rookies Danny and Jojopyun carry Evil Geniuses to Worlds next year? A breakdown of their stats with beautiful graphics (Travis and Tim)

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Dajor about promisq: He's a great shotcaller, I like his playstyle [interview]

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