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guide Getting Started with Linux

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tech support Tech support thread for January, 2022 -- ask your tech support questions in this thread, please


When asking for help, include as much information as you can. Give us details to work with. Your specs, distro, drivers and software versions, logs and terminal output. The more you give us, the easier it is to help.

Please sort comments by 'new' to find questions that would otherwise be buried.

If you see a new tech-support related question posted in this subreddit, then please politely link them to this thread.

Ask away!

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A whole bunch of games just got Steam Deck Verified

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hardware Linux Gaming brought back my 10 year old gaming Laptop, and it's awesome.


Feel free to nuke this post as it's just exuberance...

Story time: My trusty gaming laptop of almost 10 years has combination of a weak Intel HD 3000 + a ‘powerful’ Radeon GPU. However, it's the very old FIXED mode switchable graphics setup which is not supported on Windows 10, and I can only get working with Windows 7 (which the laptop came with and had installed).

But, even continuing to use Windows 7 was too much for me, so I blew it away and installed Kubuntu 22.10 on it.

Holy Crap. Not only is KDE awesome (The last time I used it was back the '00s), but Steam works well, the games I care about are there to play, and I can get the ‘fixed’ mode GPU to be used easily with the DRI_PRIME=1 command line thing – which is better than Windows 10 where the dedicated GPU doesn't work at all (and trying to use older Win7 drivers caused a BSOD, even the Leshcat ones that are discontinued don't work).

So thanks to Linux and AMD obviously creating decent open source drivers for the old ATI Radeon HD series GPUs from 2013!

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I released a free demo for our linux-first point&click adventure game


About a year ago my wife and I started working on our first full-length adventure game, Intruder in Antiquonia. We both use Linux as our only operating system since many years ago, and I admit it was a bit of a challenge to get it ported to other platforms (Windows because of the back slashes and Mac because it's almost impossible to run it on a VM and had to resort to remote machines).

Today we finally released the free demo on Steam. As you can imagine, Linux works great. Particularly Ubuntu, since we develop on that OS.

Here is our current trailer:


And here is a link to the store in case you want to try our demo.

There is a scene with console commands. If you see that scene, I'll be curious to see if you found it accurate ;)

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I wrote a guide on Lutris for the new Linux Gaming wiki!


Here's a link to the guide!

I spent a couple hours working on this, and it's in a somewhat okay state now. It could still become a lot more readable and more comprehensive, so feel free to improve on it!

I'm really hope this wiki can be a boon for beginners in general, with everything they'd want to know laid out in a really understandable way. The embedded images are a huge plus over making a Reddit guide, too.

If you're interested in contributing to the wiki, consider making a template for game pages (similar to the PCGamingWiki), working on an updated and streamlined Getting Started guide, or pages/guides for apps like Steam, Heroic, Goverlay, Mangohud, CoreCtrl, GreenWithEnvy, etc.

We have a collaborative groupchat for the Linux Gaming wiki on the FOSS Discord alternative Revolt - click here to join!

(By the way mods, I think any link I submit here is automatically blocked by Reddit for spam. If I could be whitelisted, I'd appreciate it!)

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advice wanted Is it just me or does the Steam app suck on Linux?


Whenever I use Steam on Linux, it feels glitchy and unreliable.

Some examples include the Steam window going out of focus whenever I hover the mouse over things like Community, Library. Then when selecting games in the library, the selection tends to glitch out and act as if I’m trying to select multiple games at once, making selecting any other game than the one I have right now impossible. Then comes the chat, whenever I type something to my friends, the chat box is visibly struggling to catch up and feels laggy. On Discord however, this doesn’t happen.

I’m confused here, isn’t the Steam app supposed to be great on Linux considering how much effort Valve puts into Linux gaming? I’d expect so, but right now it just feels like an unresponsive mess on my machine across multiple distros, to the point where I have resorted to just isolating all Steam windows in their own workspace.

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I'm trying to load some games onto an older Linux laptop for my autistic nephew. Help.


We have an older (2006?) E6400 running Mint XFCE. So far, so good. I gave it to my nephew for Christmas. A newer PC isn't an option right now due to price and what's likely to happen to it, eventually.

He is severely autistic and deaf. He keys on strategy-type or tactical games, like Age of Empires, Command and Conquer, etc. He has a lot of anger management issues that manifest in throwing, usually. Credit to the E6400 - it can take a punch.

He pitched a fit when he took the laptop home and was unable to install the Windows games he's used to on it. I know that WINE and other things are an option for someone more experienced, but he needs a plug-and-play solution that requires zero effort at all to get working. Robust, simple, and easy to explain. He cannot google solutions or use the terminal, and one little hitch will make him toss this laptop at one of his coordinators again. I could get it working on my computer...but he's got to have a completely out-of-the-box, flawless solution that only involved clicking on the icon and playing. He doesn't live with us, so I can't load it up for him whenever he wants to play.

What are my best options here? I tried to get him to play 0 AD and others like it, and that seemed to be pretty good for a while. Anything else I can do to make this easier on him?

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Anyone think the Microsoft Actqisition is more about Valve and less about Sony?


The Sony Ponies (and I guess the XBox fanboys) are out in force talking about the latest acquisition of Activision Blizzard By Microsoft, and as usual they're thinking it's about MS competing against Sony. But I feel like their real play is to head off Valve. At some point they can just take all of their games and move them to the Microsoft store, closing the garden and going full app store.


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New 0.7.0 Oversteer version. The Steering Wheel configuration utility for Linux has some interesting new features.


If you have a driving wheel and you use GNU/Linux, you must install it:


Thanks u/berarma for your work

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KDE Enjoys Improvement For Much Better NVIDIA Wayland GBM Experience

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Games go blackscreen on external display whet it's set to primary in GNOME


I have a laptop with both integrated (AMD) and dedicated (NVIDIA) GPUs. I use optimus-manager to easily setup hybrid graphics.

I've noticed this strange issue when I switched to GNOME. When I launch any game on NVIDIA GPU then the game goes to blackscreen on my external monitor. When I move game's window to my laptop screen it works fine. The game is also displayed properly in gnome's activities view on both monitors. it's just when I switch focus to it it goes black.

So I thought, "well I must have configured something wrong". But here's the catch. When I switch primary display to be my laptop's screen the issue is resolved and game is not blackscreen on any of the displays.

Have anyone encountered something like that? This occurs only with games so changing my primary display is a bit of a pain in the ass because GNOME has one toolbar and I would like to have it on the screen I use the most which in my case is external monitor.

EDIT: Is there at least a way to change primary display from command line so I can write a script that will launch on key shortcut or something like that?

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wine/proton Kernels and esync/fsync


I was wondering how I go about verifying my kernels are esync or fsync compatible. I am currently running the standard arch linux kernel or hardened kernel. From what I've read neither should be fsync compatible but to use the zen kernel. I did see this command, and when I ran it it returned nothing:

cat /proc/kallsyms | grep futex_wait_multiple

Is this just to verify fsync? what about esync? Thanks

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Wine-wayland is updated to v7.0.2 (Wine 7.0, updated FSYNC for 5.16 kernel, Esync removed, updated FSR, DXVK)

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Retroarch v1.10.0 is out

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All Roads Lead to Arch: The Evolution of Linux Distros Used for Gaming Over Time (using ProtonDB data)

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hardware Looking for the best and lightest laptop that can also do some Linux gaming?


(I hope this post isn’t against forum rules. If so, please let me know a better location to post and I will be happy to move it)

I don’t know if what I am looking for exists, but I figured I would throw this out there and see what the community can help with.

(Like many others, I have reserved a SteamDeck, and am anxiously awaiting mine. However, it is going to be a while. Additionally, I also use my laptop for work, so the lighter I can keep my backpack with fewer and/or smaller devices, the better. As such, I need a laptop)

For background, I had the ASUS GA502DU. It definitely fit the bill for size and performance, but its Linux support was absolutely terrible, and caused so much headache I went back to windows, and ultimately sold it.

I looked at the ASUS G14, and saw the same issues surrounding Linux support, in that the best case scenario is going to come with a massive headache.

I then bought an MSI Bravo 17. This one works well, and has decent Linux support, but is too bulky for my tastes. Between the size of the laptop and the power brick it comes with, it isn’t as “portable” as I would like.

I entertained the idea of trying out a Razer Blade, but their quality control is questionable based on the volume of reports I see about failed products and poor customer service that I am hesitant to give them a shot.

I would prefer Ryzen based. I don’t do any heavy gaming. Dedicated GPU is nice, but a good Ryzen APU would also do the trick. Most games I play are JRPG’s, with the occasional ARPG (Torchlight, Diablo, Grim Dawn, etc)

Any recommendations would be helpful, and thank you all in advance!

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Iris 1.2.0 for Minecraft is out with the Shader Configuration GUI!

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Why cant I launch Hollow Knight?


So I installed Hollow Knight through Lutris, but when I try to launch it, it crashes almost immidiately, and It's supposed to be runningnatively on Linux!

Specs are: Pop Os! 20.04 LTS, nvidia geforce gtx 650, intel i5-2500

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Yuzu only shows transparent window on Wayland


Just switched from Xorg to Wayland on Manjaro and I noticed that the yuzu window turns transparent when I start a game. Switching back to Xorg fixes this issue.
I found this post where someone apparently was able to fix it, but I don't really get it, I assume it makes yuzu run on xwayland. transparent window
Could anyone explain how to fix this issue in noobish language for me please?

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Has anyone managed to get decent performance with Fallen Order on linux ?


For me it is much worse than on Windows so far, I can barely run it at 7 FPS on a GTX670 720p medium settings. Is it an issue specific to my setup, or is this game just badly supported ?

Edit: I think it is an issue with Origin/Lutris since I downloaded Hot Pursuit which used to run fine, and was also capped at 7 FPS...

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XWayland 22.1 RC1 Released With DRM Leasing, Other Improvements

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Nvidia X Server settings - Is there any way automatically change the "ViewPortIn" upon application launch?


So here's the deal. Linux doesn't have DSR, but it does have an option to change the "ViewPortIn" setting on Nvidia X Server settings.

I was wondering if I can automate the process of changing the ViewPortIn resolution when I launch a game on, say, Steam or Lutris and then change it back again when the game is closed?

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wine/proton Look at how far wine has come on comparison to Mac OS


We have really come so far in terms of wine improvements day 1 god of war working in proton .

Just looking at the hacks and stepsw you need to do to get this running on M1 macs I'm really glad wine and gaming is much easier in recent years .

It's amazing how much easier it is to game on Linux than Mac OS. I consider basically every game native as all the games I want to run work with proton.

Windows users always bash Linux saying "but you can't play everything " ignoring how seamless the experience is .

Thanks to dxvk all the gaming improvements are slowly trickling down to Mac OS to crossover. https://youtu.be/VD3v9NYllHo

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Control case fans based on GPU temperature (nvidia)

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wine/proton [Final Fantasy VII R] Unimplemented function POWRPROF.dll.PowerUnregisterSuspendResumeNotification


Anyone else get the following error after closing Final Fantasy VII R? The game runs fine and everything, it's just when I close it a WINE error window pops up saying:

wine: Call from 000000017002D620 to unimplemented function POWRPROF.dll.PowerUnregisterSuspendResumeNotification, aborting

wine: Unimplemented function POWRPROF.dll.PowerUnregisterSuspendResumeNotification called at address 000000017002D620 (thread 0160), starting debugger...

I'm not complaining or anything. Game runs great. Just wondering if anyone has had this pop up error and how to get rid of it. Or if I need to file a ticket. Even then, who would I file it too? WINE? FFVII-R isn't on Steam so I don't think Proton github. Thanks!

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Is badlion Client safe?


Is badlion Client (for minecraft) safe to install and use?