r/millionairemakers Mod Jan 15 '22

[Status Report 2021] We’re looking for moderators and feedback to run the subreddit, come in and see! Important


If you’re interested in [Entry Thread #74], we’re a bit too early for it. Set your calendar to January 21, 2021 2022 at 23:00 UTC (click for your preferred time zone), or click here for the RemindMe! In addition, all 2022 dates are available on the stickied meta post here or the subreddit's sidebar! There’s also a Discord hyperlinked, if that’s more your style.

I’ve been planning to make this post for a while, but procrastination got the best of me. If you haven’t heard, last thread went less than ideal, with two disqualifications taking place. That said, things are now operating back to normal, and there are a lot of comments with people satisfied with the recent victor.

As for the main reasons I’m here…

Moderation Station

We’re looking for moderators! Given what happened last time and making sure it doesn’t happen again, I would like to ask for volunteers here who would like to share their time with the subreddit. You don’t necessarily need to have experience moderating a subreddit, as this is, by design, a much different subreddit to organize, being so focused on random draws and donations to the winner. If you are interested, here are my goals for the subreddit and requirements for applying.

Goals for 2022:

  • The subreddit should be much more streamlined between making the post and selecting the winner.
  • There should be a higher participation rate between subscribers and commenters.
  • Statistics should be collected, including the winner’s earnings, subreddit posts, and performance.
  • There should be a small group that reviews a tentative winning account.
  • Users should demonstrate if they’ve been involved or not, such as a “Donator” flair.
  • There should be a minimum karma requirement that automatically disqualifies users if not reached, much like account age.


  • You must have a legitimate Reddit account.
  • You must use Discord.
  • You must have a device that can run Python.
  • You must understand you will be unable to enter [Entry Threads] following your moderatorship.
  • This subreddit is primarily a four-day commitment per month. It is expected that this commitment be honored.

If you are interested, fill out the moderator interest form here, as we prepare the actual application. It should be ready at, by the latest, the beginning of February. Best case scenario, mods will be added by the thread for February, worst by April to give everyone a realistic timeline. As of now, the form is just so you can put in your username, and later we will send you the actual moderator application by PM.

Google Forms Moderator Interest: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe0vG8cu_yC1kIIr-Df58pZuKcvglEd71leUWdf5GZ1gOZ2pw/viewform?usp=sf_link


The other reason we’re here is for feedback. This is also the time where I plug in /r/millionairemakersmeta as a quick and easy way to get the moderators’ attention, though it pales in comparison to posting on the main subreddit. Give us your thoughts on how this train is going. Leave a comment or two, or if you want to be professional, here’s another form you can post your thoughts in.

Google Forms Feedback: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejRv68JSYAXFr86vnDhJ1jMKdiXwrkjjuPUllUPAEdg9lyUQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Other than that, it’s been a solid year. Participation has risen since the last year the subreddit started, we made several thousandaires, and some quality-of-life changes to the operation of this subreddit. If you don’t really care about this, then in one more week the thread for January will be up, so go to that and click on it! Thank you.


u/lilfruini Mod Feb 18 '22

This is not an [Entry Thread]!

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u/Whyme666-_- Jan 15 '22

You could check with previous winners, they might want to be moderators.


u/eye_no_nuttin Jan 15 '22

Set your calendar to Jan 2021??? Should it say 2022?


u/lilfruini Mod Jan 15 '22

That’s correct, you just need a time machine.

Fixed it.


u/DeepPerspective702 Jan 15 '22

Have you thought about seeing if previous winners would want to moderate?


u/shredtilldeth Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

That last drawing was fucky and shouldn't have ever been a problem or concern. There are rules in place, and the discussion should've been an instant "sorry but you've missed out", and there should've never even been a poll or questions about how to proceed. We should've only seen "The initial winner missed the qualifications, next winner please".

Transparency is good, but moderation also needs to know where it stands within the rules set in place. This is what the current, and forthcoming moderation team needs to understand. Shaky decision making only serves to remove faith in the whole operation. That last problem honestly had me wondering if this sub was bogus. The right decision was ultimately made, but if it had gone the other way I would've suspected unfair play.

Good luck to all current and future mods. I understand that regardless, it wasn't an easy situation to deal with.


u/xtracto Jan 21 '22

I love this subreddit, I saw it a couple of years ago and then forgot about it until about a month ago. I gave $2 USD in NANO to the last winner because I would LOVE to feel the feeling that he felt.

The one thing that I found sad is the number of people that actually give. There's 5000 people commenting on the entry thread but only $1,648.99 USD given to the winner WTF people, the idea of this subreddit is that $1 a month doesn't take anything from you. I live in Mexico and earn in Mexican Pesos, and I can do a monthly $1 (or more if I feel good)

So, I was thinking that it would be really cool if r/millionairemakers was backed up by some sort of Smart Contract process, where only people that deposited [at least] $1 into the Smart Contract could be elegible fro winning... the thing that I still haven't solved is how to tie those with Reddit posts (maybe, each entry should include a public wallet key, which should have sent at least $1 to the Smart Contract to be elegible for participation?).

I'll keep participating and donating. It's $1 fucking dollar $20 Mexican pesos, $0.88 EUR people... Also ideally we could try to make some campaign to add more people. Right now even if everyone subscribed participated, it would be $225,545 which is a long shot from 1 million.

Maybe if someone has some connections with mods/owners of some popular subreddits (r/pics has 28 million people, r/funny has 38 million).


u/underthebug Twenty-Eighth Winner Jan 15 '22

I am willing but don't have the skill set to be of much help. I had to edit this because I forgot some words.


u/Entebe Jan 15 '22

What did happen last time?


u/Alisoe Jan 15 '22

If I remember correctly, the first 'winner' got disqualified because it was kinda a throwaway account used just for entring (Also he deleted the account shortly afterwards). Then the second 'Winner' lost his access to his account and then DM'd the Moderator with another account to explain what happened.

Afterwards a poll was held where it was decidied on what to do. Decicion was made to select another, final, Winner.


u/audible_narrator Jan 15 '22 edited Jan 15 '22

Yep, exactly. I remember voting in that poll. This sub has great transparency and modding, IMHO.


u/Alisoe Jan 15 '22

It truly has. On top of that the rules are fairly easy, you see the whole 'selecting the winner'-process and the Mod's doing a great job (altough I can imagine how taxing it can be sometimes).


u/Bonepanther Jan 15 '22



u/clemfairie Jan 15 '22

I was really interested in applying until I saw that I wouldn't be able to enter. Bummer.


u/MsRandom86 Jan 23 '22

I can't enter either as I think I missed it yesterday but I still gave to the last winner because I'm a HUGE believer in KARMA. If you put good karma in the world it will come back for you!! If you put bad karma in the world it wi come back for you too.. so I always try and put as much good karma in the world as I can. Although that may not always be monitarily there are plenty of other things you can do for people to help one another. My life has fallen apart since COVID has literally crushed my families life and finances. No savings left and no income currently coming in with a child who has a rare immune condition called STAT3 GAIN OF FUNCTION that causes a slew of health issues as well. But in my heart I know how much trauma and abuse I have been Through in my life and I like to channel that pain and anguish and hurt into helping others avoid or get them out of the situations I was forced into as a kid and young adult and if I help one single person avoid what I went through it's worth it for me. So I may not be able to enter now because I missed yesterday's post but I can still do my part to help out. ❤️


u/greenbot131 Jan 15 '22

It seems fake. I know a bunch of people that supposedly participate but they can never even find their entry comments seems fake


u/ME_Comp Jan 19 '22

Can you elaborate why it seems fake to you? Apart from finding the entry comment which I don't quite understand.


u/greenbot131 Jan 19 '22

I know dozens of people who post comments to enroll... as we await a winner and scroll comments no one can find their comments, no one can find each others comments. It seems most people on the thread feel the same and that why participation is ultimately so low.

Are the comments hidden or curated in some type of way that is unique to this sub? That might explain the situation.


u/ME_Comp Jan 19 '22

This is the first time I have heard about this but all the information is uploaded to github so you verify and check for yourself. Every Draw Entry there is a section "Information Used For Draw #XX"

There is a link to GitHub like this: https://github.com/lilfruini/CommentGathering-MillionaireMakers/tree/master/Draws/MM72 where you'll find the list of participants.

Have a look here and check with the people you have talked to and see if they appear here.


u/ecker00 Jan 15 '22

I think moderators should be allowed to enter!

I'm not interested in becoming a mod, but these are people who put in extra effort for the rest of us. As long as they follow the rules, donate and participate I don't see a problem including moderators.


u/DustinoHeat Jan 15 '22

Remind me in 3 days!


u/bahblack Jan 15 '22

Remindme! 3 days


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u/[deleted] Jan 16 '22



u/Dekras Jan 22 '22

Good luck to everyone!


u/greyteal Jan 29 '22

I would be honored to join the mod team.


u/ned4spd8874 Feb 18 '22

Still not sure I'm doing this right.


u/kennedyz Feb 18 '22

Good luck!


u/RockinLadyK Feb 18 '22

WOOT!! Happy days everyone!! And best of luck to you all!!!


u/MsRandom86 Feb 19 '22

I can comment this time! So exciting I can enter.. I'm glad I gave the few dollars I had in my cash app to the last person. This would be an absolute godsend for our struggling family. Good luck everyone! This is such a cool concept.


u/pandas795 Feb 19 '22

Man, the last few winners haven't even broken 10k :/


u/LessAd3501 Feb 19 '22

99w set so


u/Fog_ Feb 19 '22

Is there a way to implement a rule where first entry is open, but if you don’t donate to the winner you can’t enter subsequent drawings?

Seems as though there needs to be some sort of incentive to require donating and/or discourage free-ride entries.


u/fuglysack14 Mar 18 '22

Hoping we all have better luck from here on out.


u/MsRandom86 Mar 19 '22

Fingers crossed 🤞 I get picked this time, it would raise the money I need to bring my daughter to Texas to see the Dr who studies her rare disease.


u/Simple-Ad791 Mar 19 '22

Long live Ukraine


u/Intellectual_Dreamer Apr 15 '22

Hi everyone, Goodluck to you all.


u/MsRandom86 Apr 15 '22

Well here I go again! Fingers crossed and good luck again everyone! 💓


u/theirritant Apr 15 '22

Good luck to the future winner!


u/kennedyz Apr 15 '22

Happy Easter, everyone!


u/sdubd Apr 16 '22

Woo hoo let's go


u/sslowswimmer Apr 16 '22

Happy Easter and good luck everyone!!


u/Xy13 Jan 15 '22

Here's some feedback I've given since the AskReddit thread that inspired this subreddit.

Actually wait for the pool to get to $1m before doing the drawing

I realize looking at the past wins it probably would take a few years to actually reach that amount, but it would make it that much more interesting.


u/tritter211 Jan 15 '22

We are not lottery bro

Pooling money means you are running gambling business which requies following strict rules and regulations state and federal.

But running this subreddit monthly where random groups of people voluntarily send a few bucks to the winner means we are in the clear (for now)


u/eleven_eighteen Jan 15 '22

Do the drawings weekly instead of monthly to attract more attention.


u/OneTrickPonypower Jan 15 '22

Yea, are you gonna contribute money to some random drawing every week? I know I won't.


u/vanilla_hedgehog Jan 16 '22

I agree. I try and contribute to each winner when I don't forget. I wouldn't be able to do that weekly.