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Discussion Thread for /r/MillionaireMakers [Discussion for Fall and Winter 2020-2021]

Discussion Thread

This thread covers discussion from the threads listed below! In case you didn’t know, [Drawing Thread] posts are held once a month on every 3rd Friday. The entry threads are posted at the following times, and are open for 24 hours.

2020 Drawing Threads

2021 Drawing Threads

This thread is for the sole purpose of discussion. Any comments here will not count towards your entry at /r/MillionaireMakers.



u/Simply_Speaking Dec 19 '20

I have lukema and want to make sure my family is ok .


u/Cerestes123 Jan 16 '21

Well that would be one nice thing happening this year


u/Yomieda Jan 17 '21

Can we have a remindme date table for 2021?


u/gotforced Jan 18 '21

The r/MillionaireMakers drawings happen on every third Friday. It goes live at 23:00 UTC.

You can find pre-made message links to u/RemindMeBot in the sidebar of r/MillionaireMakers. They currently go up to July 2021 but can easily be adjusted as needed.

You can also subscribe to our e-mail newsletter through https://send.redditmm.com/.


u/Yomieda Jan 18 '21

Thanks! Always thought it was a random day and I always end up missing a few.


u/OneTrickPonypower Feb 24 '21

recently had some trouble sending money via paypal. the last two payments to the dec. and jan. winners came back quite some time after sending it. what's the best way to avoid that happening?


u/heathwhohathnoname Dec 18 '21

May this year be the year and this month Bethe month. Cheers mates


u/AlienSurferCookie420 Feb 19 '22

Bro is in a wheelchair 🤞


u/HPP230 Feb 19 '22

Love this initiative. But has anybody considered setting up a smart contract to facilitate this? So if you wanted to participate you’d have to chip in and if you win, you automagically get paid? It would streamline a lot of the payment process I would imagine. And you’d be able to sure to make sure that everybody has skin in the game.


u/lilfruini Feb 19 '22

We’ve once poll the subreddit on removing PayPal (due to rising fees and privacy concerns) and found out that by removing it, there would be many people, not as savvy into crypto or other payment means, that would no longer be able to donate to the winner had that been done.

Additionally, when posts get popular to reach Reddit’s /r/popular or /r/all page, the fact that all someone has to do is to comment is very enticing and will continuously get them involved.


u/crispy_quesadilla Mar 19 '22

is there a way to see how much money has been donated for each winner?