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Discussion PG279QM Quality control

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Troubleshooting Korean DVI only adapter help


Hey gang. I have a QNIX 2710 1440p that i've been using very happily for many years with my gtx970 desktop. I recently bought a laptop for uni work and it's basically become my do everything computer, but it only has 1 hdmi port. Is any adapter out there gonna be worth it? I have looked at a few adapters meant to work with the qnix but they are all dvi-d to displayport, and that would need a hdmi to DP too. Is this not worth trying?

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Discussion People who have tried both 4k and 1440p for consuming movies, is there a huge difference?


Is there a huge difference between 4k content on 4k display and 4k content on a 1440p one or is the difference not that huge. What about 1080p on 1440p.

Edit: The comparison I'm most interested in is between 27 to 28–inch screens.

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Discussion Clarification on warranty length


I'm confused right now. I've read several reports of people getting a 3 year warranty on their Samsung Odyssey G7 (2020 model) by registering it. The official page says 1 year but that could be misleading or a template. Please chime in. One person said it's 1 year parts and labor, 3 years labor.

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Discussion Monitor lamp for Samsung Odyssey G9


I live in a basement apartment and therefor don't get a lot of natural light in while working from home or studying, which especially during the pandemic has had some effect on my productivity.
I've been trying to find a monitor lamp (or desk lamp tall enough to go over the monitor) for my new Odyssey G9 for a while now, but most lamps seem to either be too short, or not supporting curved monitors. It needs good lighting options and a somewhat stable stand, if any.

The G9 doesn't have a "lip" on top where most monitor lamps would be able to rest, and the back of the monitor isn't flat which I believe would make it hard for most monitor lamps to get a good grip.
It also has a very aggressive curve at 1000R.

I've also been looking at some desk lamps, preferrably with some form of smart technology as I think not having to reach for the lamp would be a big plus due to the size of the monitor.

Any suggestions that might work would be greatly appreciated.

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Discussion Monitor under $500 with clear text and decent colors?


Title. I read quite a lot of stuff so yeah the clearer the text is the better, plus I reaaaally enjoy having super crisp UI elements

I have an acer xg270hu and oh god it sucks. I bought it for gaming initially but yeah in the end I'm only playing light games, and only once a week at that. Should've never bought a TN monitor lol

Thanks for the help! :)

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Troubleshooting I'm having trouble with my graphics drivers help me bois :/


I installed drivers from a website, everything worked perfectly except my screen was refreshing when i started my pc all the time. After a few weeks i installed video drivers specifically for my nvidia geforce gtx 1650 from the nvidia site and after that i would get the "out of range" message. I went into safe mode and uninstalled the display adapters, then installed them again as the yt tutorials told me but it didn't help. I still get that message when i try to launch larger games. please help

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Discussion What are ALL the benefits of all AMD Freesync (Premium, Premium Pro) and G-Sync (G-sync compatible, G-sync, G-sync Ultimate) tiers? (Discussion)


The title basically says it all. I don't consider this a technical issue that I am running into. Rather, I hope that this post can act as a discussion and FAQ to clear the air, not only for me, but to the many other people who are just as confused as I am since I can't seem to get a definitive answer from any forum, discussion page, article, official pages, etc. regarding AMD Freesync or NVIDIA G-Sync. And even if by the slightest sliver of a dick hair's length chance I do get an answer, they are so vague that I might as well get bludgeoned to death by a rabid group of Neolithic caveman exclaiming "VARIABLE REFRESH RATE GOOD, NO BAD.. BUT... GOOOD?"

For further context, I recently upgraded to an RTX 2070 Super from my aging RX 480 and with the new card, I bought myself a 165Hz LG UltraGear 32GN550 (link to LG's page included) which happens to be my first Variable Refresh Rate monitor. It's marketed on LG's website as G-Sync compatible (not G-Sync or G-Sync Ultimate) as well as supporting AMD Freesync Premium with three options: Extended, Basic, and Off. The manual that came with the monitor has three settings for Adaptive-Sync (Off, Basic, and Extended):

  • Off (obviously) disables Adaptive-Sync
  • Basic syncs frames from 60 Hz - 165 Hz
  • Extended syncs frames from 48 Hz - 165 Hz.

As stated above, I've been left scratching my head after scrolling through forum page to forum page because it seems like there are so many contradicting statements being told from opposite ends of the spectrums and I just want to clear the air for myself and maybe for someone else who's also wondering why the actual fuck is this so confusing?

Before I ask for some clarity, let me preface that I've gone through the whole G-Sync setup:

Enabled Adaptive-Sync through my monitor's settings, enabled G-Sync to run on Full-Screen applications through NVIDIA Control Panel, and set a frame rate limiter to 162 Hz to prevent my monitor from exceeding it's refresh rate.

Anyways here are some questions I have regarding G-Sync and Freesync:

1) One of my biggest and most frustrating questions that I hope to be answered, especially since this is the WHOLE POINT of VRR, is whether to leave V-sync On or Off. I would assume that turning on V-sync would be counter productive since V-sync increases input latency so you'd leave it Off so you're not wasting the performance gains that come with buying a monitor that supports VRR, right? Wouldn't turning V-Sync On make VRR useless then? I find this one of the most infuriating "debates" because I swear I've seen just as many people and journalists who recommend turning it On when to me, it just doesn't make sense when considering what VRR does. So V-sync On? Or Off?

2) What are the specific benefits of VRR? I know that it theoretically reduces screen tearing while also decreasing input latency and stutter. I don't know if I'm dumb or overthinking things, but that's so vague. With the way VRR syncs up your GPU's FPS to the display's refresh rate, does that mean that if you're running a game that often fluctuates between 50-165 fps; VRR will virtually remove all perceivable lag as if it's running at a stable frame rate? I've heard some people say this is the case but then others just say the complete opposite.

3) What are the differences between a G-sync and Freesync compatible monitor? Is one much better at removing perceivable lag or screen tearing over the other?

4) I am also so confused with the whole G-Sync tiers. As stated before, my monitor is G-Sync compatible not G-Sync nor G-Sync Ultimate. What even makes something a G-sync display? Are G-Sync and G-Sync Ultimate monitors the only monitors with NVIDIA's proprietary VRR chip? While, G-Sync compatible monitors have non-proprietary tech that closely compares to NVIDIA's tech?


Let's clear up some of the confusion centered around VRR monitors and how to set them up.

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Troubleshooting samsung oddysey g5 c34g55twwr no signal


I have bought new monitor (samsung oddysey g5 c34g55twwr) and i can not get it to work on my pc i use hdmi cable. I have succesfully connected it to my laptop (so thats not cable or monitor issue) i have connected my pc to other monitor and everything works fine (so thats not hdmi port issue) when i connect my pc to new monitor the monitor turns on and then turns off as soon as windows starts working

how do i fix it

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Troubleshooting When I text my resolution it isn’t displaying 1440p


I have a 32gp850 which is 1440p and I have 1440p selected on my console but when I go online it’s says my res is 1280x720, is this because it’s downgraded when I go on the internet browser?

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Discussion Does reproducing 4k films on 1080p monitor make any difference?


First of all, I obviously know pixels wont magically appear when playing 4k vids, but ive downloaded a couple 4k films, and they actually seem sharper than 1080p films.

The thing is idk if this is just placebo, or if It really does help the image quality a bit.

I think this might be as the vid its downscanling and not upscaling that might help with picture quality I guess?

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Discussion 27" 1440p gaming monitor


I'm looking to upgrade to a 27 inch 1440p panel for gaming, I'm hoping you guys can help me decide which one?

I've got an old 24 inch VG248QE, which is a great monitor and it has served me well. But with an i5-12600k and a 2070 super I'm thinking a 1440p upgrade is a good idea.

I really like the features on the 8QE which let you change the display/backlight at the touch of a button between gaming, movies etc.

Any help will be appreciated!

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Troubleshooting ASUS TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B aspect Control Greyed Out



As Aspect Control is greyed out games are playing with black bars so I understand playing around with Aspect Control will fix this. The problem it is greyed out in the controls of the Asus so I am a bit stuck. I’ve turned HDR on and off but no luck.

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Troubleshooting Second monitor should be able to play HQ videos but the quality is even worse than my main screen


Just got a second monitor that should be able to display high quality videos - the quality of the monitor looks great when it's just web pages, but when I try to stream a video it's super low quality and choppy. If I play the same video it runs well and looks great on my main laptop screen, so I'm sure my laptop can handle the graphics. It seems like it might just be an issue of the data passing between the two, but I bought a high quality HDMI cable and that didn't fix anything. Any advice would be super appreciated, it feels like my nice monitor is going to waste!

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Troubleshooting Using Monitor as TV (satellite / DTH)


Is it possible to watch satellite TV on monitor ? I don't want to buy a TV right now. My monitor (Gigabyte G24F) has a HDMI port and a 3.5 mm audio out port. The local provider will provide an antenna, a set-top box and a remote controller. The set-top box has a 'HDMI out' port. If I connect a HDMI cable from the set-top box to the HDMI port of my monitor and also connect a 3.5 mm audio cable from the 'audio out' port of my monitor to the external speakers, will this setup work? I have three confusions mainly -

  1. I assume the set-top box should work as a TV tuner. Am I right ?
  2. Will I be able to get audio output in the above mentioned way ? My monitor doesn't have any built-in speakers.
  3. Will the remote controller work with monitor ? I guess the IR signal sent by the remote should be picked up by the set-top box, not the monitor. But I am not sure.

I am sorry for my ignorance if any of these questions don't seem appropriate. I will really appreciate if you guys kindly help me with your knowledge.

r/Monitors 5h ago

Troubleshooting I'm having trouble with my graphics drivers :/


I installed drivers from a website, everything worked perfectly except my screen was refreshing when i started my pc all the time. After a few weeks i installed video drivers specifically for my nvidia geforce gtx 1650 from the nvidia site and after that i would get the "out of range" message. I went into safe mode and uninstalled the display adapters, then installed them again as the yt tutorials told me but it didn't help. I still get that message when i try to launch larger games. please help

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Discussion Does the 27 inch Samsung G7 have black smearing?


I’ve heard it does and doesn’t, so..

r/Monitors 6h ago

Troubleshooting Gigabyte M28U screen issues


Hello I just received the the M28U from Gigabyte.

Unfortunately the screen is sometimes flickering and sometimes I have artifacts. I saw the following post in this sub but applying the recommended settings did not fix the issue for me. I tried a several DP cable, several HDMI 2.1 cable, a premium DP to USB-C cable still happening. I want to replace this screen with a WQHD 144HZ panel that had no such issues so far.

I also conntected the screen to my laptop that has a 3080 and I get the same issue as in the videos below.


I created a video of the issue. Maybe its not the same problem the other user have and I just received a faulty unit.


another video:


My specs: 12600kf, Z690, DDR4, and a RTX 3080TI.

r/Monitors 6h ago

Discussion Two monitors but only one HDMI port


Hi all,
I just purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop from Costco:  https://www.costco.com/dell-inspiron-15.6%22-laptop---11th-generation-intel-core-i5-1135g7-processor---1080p---windows-11.product.100809537.htmlThe new laptop has one HDMI connection and like 3 USB ports only. I plugged in my wireless mouse, keyboard and a CAC reader which took up all the available USB ports. I have two ViewSonic VX2452MH monitors which I would like to connect to my laptop  (would like each to be able to display a different thing not mirror only). But  I was able to plug in one of the monitors only due to the fact that the monitor has only one HDMI connection.
 I tried a HDMI switch but I guess these are designed to be used with one device at a time! it wouldn't let both monitors to be on at the same time: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06VX1PKQ7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Can someone please recommend a solution so I can have both monitors connected?

Thank you in advance

r/Monitors 6h ago

Discussion How do you measure contrast ?


I’m planning to upgrade my old 24” 1920x1200 to something better. A work colleague advised me to get one with good contrast for ease on the eyes. Is there a spec for that?

This monitor is going to be used primarily for data science, so comfortable text viewing is probably my biggest need. Thanks for any advice.

r/Monitors 8h ago

Discussion LG 27850 BB buttun dosnt respones


i have it for 11 month and in the last two month unbearable exp please if someone have the answer from my research i need to update frimwere if you did that and solve it let me know

and i cant beleive that a company in the size and repiotion like LG have the nerve set un finished prodact like this SHAME ON YOU LG

r/Monitors 8h ago

Discussion Why optimal sharpness of my monitor is changing whlist I am playing on xbox and pc?


I mean, I increase my sharpness between 80-100 to get better visual experience when I played games on xbox otherwise it would be blurry.

On pc, the optimal sharpness is 50 and 60, if I enhanced 100 as I did on xbox, it makes images/games oversharp. I thought the difference is between viewing distance but it wasnt.

I have two monitors and they have exactly the same dynamical change depending on pc and xbox.

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Discussion What is the need for Multi Stream Transport?

  1. I wonder what is the need of MST while you can just plug external monitors to your graphic cards?

  1. Assuming my graphic card can hold 4 DP port, is there a use for MST? Will MST decrease the workload of a GPU?

  1. Also, when people want to connect a TV to a computer (security cameras for example), what is the best way to connect them over 20, 50, .. feets with and without losing quality?

  2. Does motherboard graphic card (i7 7700) supports MST or it's only in discrete video card?

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Discussion ReShade or Nvidia freestyle settings for HDR400 monitor :P



I know that HDR 400 have nothing to do with HDR... But i miss my TV HDR and i was wondering if there are any settings reshade or NVidia freestyle that could make the screen look better with HDR400. I got iiyama g-master gb3466wqsu-b1 and HDR400 issue is black level, it just turn on backlight on maximum so black, shadows are washed... I was playing a bit with nvidia freestyle and hmm i was able to make get better contrast sort of... I know that proper HDR need FLAD, dimming etc i know... I just woder if i can use HDR with some tweaking to look little better then SDR.... Here are some Example what i did:

SDR watch dog Legion:


HDR after some tweak in freestyle nvidia (shadow and gamma):


Is it look better or i'm totally fooling myself?

Pcs taken in RAW mode in PRO on phone to manually have constant pic quality and light on both pics...

Any suggestions?

If this should go to other subreddit show me where if you know...