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How to detach a street sign with six bolts?


This is the kind I'm talking about. How do you detach these kinds of signs? I don't see any way to remove the bolt. I'm assuming you have to do something to remove the center bolts and then slide the whole thing off?

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MFWTK what’s the difference between calling someone “a dumb ass and a retarded ass” and saying they’re asking “dumb ass and retarded ass questions”?


My friend got into an argument with his wife last night, and he was being genuine but she kept saying he was asking “dumb ass questions” and “retarded ass questions”

Later on in the discussion my friend said “please stop calling me a dumb ass and retarded, don’t talk to me like that”

And his wife said “I never called you a dumb ass or retarded, I just said you were asking dumb ass questions and retarded ass questions — because you were — and I’ll say that whenever that’s what you’re doing”

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MFWTK if they can be charged for pirating if they move to another country


My friend lives in a country where pirating is very common place. Games, movies, music, shows, what-have-you. He's pretty sure that it's illegal where he is but it isn't force. It is common knowledge that people can go to this store for cracked Windows or programs or to this website to torrent etc. MFWTK, if they move to the US or some other country where they take such things seriously, will they face consequences for the pirating in the other country?

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Whats to stop you from pretending to " rob " yourself and then spending loads of money on your credit card and getting written off?


you could just say you got robbed near your house make yourself fall on the floor, say you were pushed from behind and they took your wallet from your back pocket so no other injuries - give some shit description of someone with different colour hair - ideally hair colour of a wig you have.

then wearing your wig/robbers disguise.

go buy tons of shit

get a taxi near to your house

go home


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MFWTK how you prevent yourself from gagging on your wife's scat?


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MFWTK what it’s like being a lawyer for an obviously guilty person on trial?


He is wondering what they even do in that situation?

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MFWTK how can terrorists manage to sneak a bomb on a plane so easily


How can they go through all the security without anyone noticing a bomb or guns?

My friend is nothing but a very curious person ;)

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MFWTK can they use sofa/carpet cleaner on their canvas shoes to clean them? if not, how do they clean them?


my friend bought some canvas shoes and never bought any shoe protector for them. Now they are extremely stained (dust, dirt and even a coffee stain) and they don’t know how to clean them. They’ve tried wet wipes that do nothing and don’t want to risk them by putting them in the washing machine.

Would other canvas cleaning products (e.g. for sofas) work, or are there other methods that won’t ruin the white canvas further?

(also if anyone can tell me how to add photos here i’ll share how bad the shoes are to see how dire of a cleaning job they are in need of)

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MFWTK if he already has a bunch of points on his license and gets a ticket from a speeding cam in a different state, will they take his license away?


My friend is right at the limit, but doesn’t know if they’ll take his license since it wasn’t an officer. Also, can you fight tickets if they’re given from a speed cam, or is it an automatic guilty? And does it happening in another state matter at all?

Sorry if it’s a lot, my friend is a worry wart. lol

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Possible to travel from France to Vietnam by any transport (bus, train, boat) but no airplane (flying)?


Hello people I got a question,

Is it possible to travel from France to Vietnam without taking an airplane? Any other transport is possible. And how safe would it be?

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MFWTK how celebrities communicate with each other


Do they all just text? The fame would make it hard to have a consistent phone number or email without it getting flooding by random people.

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MFWTK where to get a nice lock pick set, and if you can get in trouble for having one?


My friend has always wanted to learn to pick locks, not for any malicious purposes, just because it would be a really cool skill to have.

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MFWTK can US custom track if you’ve claimed duties on an item?


My friend is flying back from Australia and she bought a $8k bag.. if she claims the duty refund, can it be tracked in the US on scanning her entry?

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Can I lease residential IP addresses or mobile proxies to increase watch time on YouTube?


I see there are many websites and platforms advertising online about how people, enterprises, and organizations can purchase, sell or lease IP addresses, or proxies from data centers or server farms.

Is it possible to use this to my advantage to increase engagement on YouTube and get rich?

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MFWTK if scriptwriters extensively research topics they want to write about?


Or are they going in with their base level understanding and hope everything turns out ok? Not trying to call anyone out with the wording. Genuinely curious.

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MFWTK if they purchased a $2000 suit in Europe can they ship it to themself in California after picking it up from the store to avoid US customs tax?


They will have already gotten the EU VAT tax refund locally in the European country which they purchased the suit. Is my friend playing with fire?

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MFWTK how would an 18yo pull someone in there late twenties.


After most comments I get my friend should probably not go for that person, however my friend would like to know how large an age gap the 18yo should go for.

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MFWTK if it's possible to get antidepressants without a prescription?


Friend has no insurance right now and cannot see the doctor. They have been struggling with depression for years and went to therapy but never were on any antidepressants. They would like know if and where they can buy meds for depression without a prescription?

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mfwtk if water that has come into contact with polyfilla is safe to shoot up his butt?


Ya see. He wants to make an attachable bidet by attaching a lawn sprayer with 8 modes of spray to a wierdly shaped faucet,to use for butt stuff and toilet stuff, and the polyfilla is used to close up the empty space when the sprayer is attached. Also don't want a normal bidet

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MFWTK if his firecracker will work


https://imgur.com/a/rO0JJau im gonna explain how his firecracker works. the match at the bottom ignites black powder at the middle launching even more but smaller firecrackers

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My friend wants to know if they were to apply for a job through the jobs official website while using a VPN if the job would know it’s them if they were to apply for a second time without the VPN.


My friend is interested in applying for a job at a Bank, he said one can only apply for this position once every six months.

He’s asking this because the first time he didn’t get the job because of some of the questions asked. This time he wants to try to apply using a VPN just to get the questions and “study” them and then apply with his real information later on.

Would this be possible or would they detect that it’s the same person?

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My friend wants to know, how would someone called “Sarah Whalen” sign their name?


Like, a really professional signature, not standard cursive and maybe she has a big ego and likes to make it clear, maybe she takes only the initial from the first name and finishes off with the last name. That’s my friend’s name, i just described her, she said she wants an example of how her signature could look like.

`Bob does not intend to use this signature for any fraudulent purposes, it is purely personal, and a maximum of 3 people will see the signature outside of this reddit post

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MFWTK if he could've gotten free gas from his car insurance


My friend was in a car accident and his insurance covered a car rental while his was being repaired. He filled the tank before returning the rental. However, the rental car company simply sent the bill to his insurance company, my friend didn't have to pay anything. Now he's wondering if he could've saved money by not refueling before returning the rental, since his insurance company is the one getting the bill.