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What Are You Playing Thread - September 14, 2021

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Use this thread to discuss whatever you've been playing lately (old or new, AAA or indie). Don't just list the names of games as your entire post, make sure to elaborate with your thoughts on the games.

Make sure to use spoiler tags if you're posting anything about a game's plot that might significantly hurt the experience of others that haven't played the game yet (no matter how old or new the game is).

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u/[deleted] Sep 14 '21

A bunch of multiplayer fps games that have a ton of cheaters. Nothing else new.

Genre is getting really annoying to enjoy.


u/Wh1teCr0w Sep 14 '21

Gave up on the genre years ago. Tech, game design, graphical fidelity has all improved but anticheat is still archaic, and likely always will be. Effective anticheat needs access into systems people aren't comfortable with, and rightly so.

I remember the big fuss over Valorant, and thought about giving it a shot, but I have no idea how actually effective it is.


u/international-shoop Sep 16 '21

I've been MnK FPS gaming for 25 years. I have a PC with a 5800x/3080. Over the last 18 months or so I've been playing more on console and getting better playing with controller, even more so since I grabbed an Xbox Series X. I disable cross play when possible.

Sure on console there's still strike packs and what not to control recoil for you but it nothing like the level of cheats available on PC. I'm a fed up with asshole cheaters. I've suffered through cheaters on Quake (1/2/3), Counter strike since it as an HL mod, TF2, Unreal Tournament, etc. It's never been more annoying than it is now. We used to be able to just message a server admin and have someone kick banned. Now with matchmaking and F2P games it's almost impossible to enjoy it. Even when dying to a player better you'll still question it and never truly know.

Before it was just wallhacks and blatant aimbot. Now there's soft cheats to toggle adjust strength or switch on/off at will.

Honestly if more console games allowed mouse and keyboard and could hit 120fps with decent graphics settings I might never touch PC gaming again.


u/[deleted] Sep 16 '21

Yep same experience. Played fps since doom in 1994. 5950x and 3090. Basically same person except the console bits - pcmr for sure here and that will not change.

CS got bad, especially with the release of CS:GO. 10% of all players I played against at global elite level got VAC banned. Thats an average of one per match, in a 5v5. Since csgo its just gotten worse.

Cheating is rampant in FPS Games. Honestly it's not a genre to put effort into any more. I just have fun. Its annoying to play some times though.

People are trying too hard. They want to be content creators. They want to be like the best players. So they turn to cheats to gain fame, increase their stats on the leader board to get recognized. Its really, really sad.


u/aurumae Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 2070 Super | 32 GB RAM Sep 14 '21

I’ve been playing Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous since it launched 2 weeks ago. I’ve been a fan of isometric RPGs since the Infinity Engine days and I really liked the previous entry from Owlcat - Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

The latest entry is very good. The characters can seem a bit bland at first but all get fleshed out in interesting ways as the story progresses. The gameplay is real-time with pause, which you’re either a fan of or not (I enjoy it), though you can switch to a turn based mode to make it more similar to games like Divinity: Original Sin.

The game has a huge depth of character customization. It isn’t everything from the Pathfinder role playing game and its supplements (that would be too much and introduce many broken builds) but it is everything from the core and a wide range of material from many of the main supplements like the Advanced Player’s Guide and Ultimate Magic.

There are so many classes and builds that you could replay this game for years and never see them all (Kingmaker was the same). The only issue is that the enemies you fight are much more limited. This shouldn’t be surprising though, the story is about fighting off a demon invasion and you end up mostly fighting demons. Still, Pathfinder has something like 6 Bestiary books each with hundreds of monsters, so some more variety would have been nice.

The game also has a crusade/army management system that takes some elements from Kingmaker’s Kingdom building and expands on them. This is a bit of a mixed bag, the army combat is similar to games like Heroes of Might and Magic but the way with which it integrates with the rest of the game leaves a lot to be desired. Personally I ended up disabling this system. I didn’t really want to learn a whole separate set of mechanics while I was still trying to master my class, and relying on auto resolve had my tier 7 armies regularly getting wiped out by tier 5 demon armies for reasons that weren’t ever clear. The game also gates story progression behind success in the crusade mini-game if you leave it on which I wasn’t a fan of.

So far I’ve made it to the start of Act 4 and have already spent over 60 hours in the game. Once I finish it I imagine I’m going to replay it as there are many options I couldn’t see the first time since I took mainly the good-alignment choices and others are restricted based on what mythic path you choose.


u/defqon_39 Sep 16 '21

Cool I’m also playing it but it can be very overwhelming a huge learning curve if you aren’t as familiar with CRPGs .. you can adjust the difficulty or do auto level up .. navigating the map can be very frustrating .. and there are random battles you can’t turn off while travelling as well

Small grievances but it’s still a good game want to get more into it


u/teekers5 Sep 14 '21

I was in a really big gaming funk for the past couple of months with really no interest in the genres I usually gravitate towards. I was a decently high level overwatch player and that game has just become so stale I can’t even bring myself to launch anymore. Thankfully I saw Divinity Original Sin 2 on sale recently on steam and it piqued my interest. Oh boy am I glad I gave that a try. Playing through that co op with a more experienced friend has sparked a love for CRPG’s that I never knew I had! Now just about to launch Wasteland 3 for the first time and can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. Where has this genre been hiding??


u/[deleted] Sep 14 '21

I'm currently doing my first playthrough of Shining Force. I played 2 a lot when I was younger, but I never had 1 so I'd only played bits and pieces at friends' houses before. It's pretty good so far. It really makes you wonder why modern games are so shitty, it doesn't seem like it takes much to make a good strategy game.


u/calthaer Sep 14 '21

Despite having a decent pc that can do more, I have been playing The Bard's Tale Trilogy. I have the originals on my Apple ][ but it runs so slowly that I will never go back and finish, but I've wanted to do so for decades. The PC remake has lots of perks like automapping and fast combat and real (not abbreviated) equipment names...I'm falling back in love with the games all over again.


u/ThisNameDoesntCheck Sep 14 '21

PUBG. I hate this game and still keep playing but no other game has hit the spot for me. Please help


u/nnaly Sep 14 '21 edited Sep 14 '21

Deathloop is really fun and interesting. It’s like a funky dishonored meets bioshock. Gives me the same vibes that the first We Happy Few Trailer gave me. Although I will say I have a 2060 and the default settings had huge vram usage which seemed off. The game looks amazing. Some graphical glitches but nothing too detrimental.


u/_DrunkenObserver_ Sep 14 '21

I'm hearing that many performance issues are related to Denuvo.


u/CircaSam Sep 14 '21

Downloading Deathloop right now! We’ll see how it goes :)


u/Steven2597 Ryzen 7 5800X | RTX 3080Ti | 32GB DDR4 RAM 3666MHz CL16 Sep 14 '21

Finished Days Gone on Sunday so began progressing through Death Stranding.

Figured I would wait for my 3080 before going through Life Is Strange: True Colours and replaying Cyberpunk 2077 the way it's meant to be played, with Ray Tracing.


u/Wh1teCr0w Sep 14 '21

You're gonna love Death Stranding. Blew me away.


u/Steven2597 Ryzen 7 5800X | RTX 3080Ti | 32GB DDR4 RAM 3666MHz CL16 Sep 14 '21

I'm on Episode 3 with 27 hours playtime and just read there are 14 Episodes. This game is gonna take me a while.


u/Wh1teCr0w Sep 14 '21

It speeds up near the end. Each chapter is spaced differently. I thought the same initially, but chapters get significantly shorter around 8 or so.


u/coolbutclueless Sep 14 '21

Are you me? I also just finished days gone and started playing death stranding.


u/ZaneMorningstar30 Sep 14 '21

Currently when streaming I play Diablo 3 mostly coz it’s fun for me. Cyberpunk 2077 when I have some spare time I know everyone says it’s not that great but for me it’s been fun not completely polished but still plain good fun. Also soon I’ll start to play NBA2K22 to check it out for any changes.


u/GingerSpencer i7 7700k GTX1080 Sep 14 '21

What are you guys playing? I've not had a PC for 2 years and i'm super out the loop! Have i missed anything?


u/DirtySmoke- Sep 14 '21

Been playing dreamscaper the last few days, fun rogue like game.


u/Protahgonist Sep 14 '21

Back and forth this week between RimWorld and Hardspace Shipbreaker.


u/FrootLoop23 Sep 14 '21

I kind of got wrapped up in Roki, and so I want to see it through. Really cute game, and the total opposite of what I normally play.

After that I'll probably focus on getting further through the campaigns for GTA V and Cyberpunk.


u/mahiruhiiragi Sep 14 '21

Mainly Halo MCC, Genshin, and on weekends I play a bit of It Takes Two with a friend.


u/Highwaymantechforcer Sep 14 '21

Replaying XCOM 2 & GTA V single player, thoroughly enjoying both, it's been a while! Finished Death's Door recently, that was a nice little game.


u/[deleted] Sep 14 '21

ive hit my stint of the year.

i was grinding away at FFXIV online for 2 months and now i just got kinda bored. I am lvl 64, the raids and dungeons are amazing, but the travel time/things to do inbetween is just really not peeking my interest. mmo's used to give me adrenaline haha.

COD BOCW - i am trying to keep sinkin time into this. I can usually launch and play 2-3 matches.

BF5 - just reinstalled this last night, seems poppin in multiplayer.

CSGO - im a garbage can in this game, but I have fun lol.

i find my self jus staring at my ultrawide wallpaper and being bored then actually playing a game :(


u/EmiliaIsBestWaifu Sep 14 '21

Just do something else then come back to games


u/pizzatory Sep 14 '21

I can't stop playing Deep Rock Galactic.


u/[deleted] Sep 14 '21

Dead By Daylight, Stardew Valley on Steam and Rainbow 6 Siege on Stadia.


u/siegewolf Sep 14 '21

Currently bouncing between.

Going Under. Which I just started as a something to play until Severed Steel comes out

Super Animal Royale. It's quick, fun, and runs on like anything so I can always play with my friends.

Tower Unite. I just really like it and it's good to chill out to.

Descenders. I tend to play this when I have a few minutes to kill and just want to play a bike game.

Gartic Phone. Which has been good when there's lots of people online on my discord server.

Yakuza Kiwami 2. My SO is an artist and has been playing through the Yakuza games. She needed some reference shots so I've been goofing around in free roam using a free cam mod to get shots. You can see a lot of cool little details and get different angles for heat moves as it pauses the game. I plan on going back and trying it with 0 because the mod for that one apparently let's you pause cutscenes. I want some more angles of stuff from 24 Hour Cinderella


u/Lnoob427 Sep 14 '21

I've finished Library of Ruina pretty recently. And that game has a really good story. But the part I trully love is the gameplay. I still find it pretty fun to try all kind of stupid gimmicks to redo old fights.