r/pcgaming Dec 08 '21

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition - Patch 8193.34: Pathfinding, Renderer & Other QoL Improvements



u/Malygos_Spellweaver Dec 08 '21

Awesome support. Now the only thing it needs is a UI revamp to make it friendlier, especially with stats.


u/Hellwind_ Dec 09 '21 edited Dec 09 '21

Talking about friendlier I always think of Henchmen. The only thing that can make you want to uninstal - Henchmen controls. This game would be perfection if they had normal controls. Currently having fun with my rogue henchman trying to make him use another weapon, sadly I cannot make her use traps or pickpocket, or god forbid use UMD for casting spells from scrolls :<


u/Equivalent_Alps_8321 Dec 09 '21

Have this on GOG and it's awesome.


u/Burninate09 Dec 08 '21

I'd love them to do this with NWN2, the first one was great, but I really enjoyed 2.


u/drupoxy Dec 08 '21

If I recall, the source code was completely lost for NWN2, so little hope of that, sadly.


u/team_trauma Dec 09 '21

I never finished that one... now if I could just remember which game service that download is on ><


u/Burninate09 Dec 09 '21

It's been delisted on Steam, but the original is still on GoG


u/Orefeus Dec 08 '21

THEY WANT $22 FOR THIS GAME????? Fuck off


u/kidmerc Dec 08 '21

Wait for the next steam sale it's like five bucks


u/MoeBigHevvy Dec 08 '21

Is it a new version of the game you have to buy or update to the game? I grabbed it when it was on sale for like less than 5 bucks


u/JerichoMcBrew . Dec 09 '21

Says the WoW player… rofl.


u/Orefeus Dec 09 '21

ya I am, so whats your point? If you think WoW is played on the same engine back when it released then you are delusional

and lol @ looking at my post history...strikes me as pathetic


u/JerichoMcBrew . Dec 09 '21

As pathetic as pearl grasping over $22 when you’re paying $15/mo to polish that turd? Nooooobody^ knows!


u/Fickles1 . Dec 08 '21

Know one dude I won't be playing with


u/meowmeowpuff2 Dec 09 '21

It was 80% off on the last sale.