r/pcgaming Dec 08 '21

GOG and Nicalis are teasing Binding of Isaac going to GOG



u/Zorklis Dec 08 '21

Wait nicalis suck right


u/RHINO_Mk_II Ryzen 3700X & RTX 2070Super Dec 09 '21

They screwed the solo indie dev of Cave Story. Not sure what else they've been up to.


u/pomstazlesa Dec 09 '21

They screwed over their own internal employees too


u/ShinShinGogetsuko Dec 08 '21

Since they killed 90’s Arcade Racer once they picked it up, yeah they do.


u/wallace321 Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 08 '21

WOW, so i hadn't heard this story. Looked it up, found the trailer, 6th or 7th comment from 8 years ago:

"Man, oh man! I need to get a Wii U so bad so I can play this game. I'm a HUGE fan of Nicalis. I wish I can work for them."

Wow did this not turn out the way that guy thought it would.

What a bummer this never got released.

/edit: it might still exist, there are articles and references to it being renamed 90s Super GT (or GP?) and still being in production as recently as May 2020


u/ShinShinGogetsuko Dec 08 '21

There hasn’t been news on it in years. I think Nicalis keeps it on their page to make their portfolio seem big when in reality they are a crap publisher that picked up a couple hits. The developer has long since moved on.


u/scorchedneurotic Dec 08 '21

On one hand, fuck Nicalis

On the other hand, always wanted BoI on GOG



u/DoomGuyIII Dec 09 '21

Fuck Nicalis and Fuck Edmund


u/FallenTF R5 1600AF • 1060 6GB • 16GB 3000MHz • 1080p144 Dec 09 '21

Makes sense now that the game is complete and they've gotten most of the sales they'll get for it on Steam.