r/pcgaming Dec 08 '21

Halo Infinite - Welcome to Halo Infinite



u/ZeldaMaster32 R9 5900X | RTX 3080Ti | 16GB Dec 08 '21

Recommended CPU for Ultra: Ryzen 6 5900X

It's a small typo but I thought it was funny. Performance doesn't seem to be very good according to Digital Foundry. I wonder how much I can brute force it with my hardware at 1440p


u/JediMasterChron Dec 08 '21

Wow I never thought I'd see my cpu as recommended for ultra this fast haha, I hope it uses all 12 cores.


u/DigiQuip Dec 08 '21

This game runs like straight ass once you hit the open world. I was getting 90-100 fos on ultra/high settings at 4K in the first mission. Once I hit the open world I dropped to 1440p and nuked my setting to a mix of high and medium and I’m sitting at 23fps in some spots but <20 during combat.


u/BruceofSteel Dec 09 '21

I dont know how well nvidia drivers will be able to help but they sure cant come soon enough


u/LopsidedIdeal Dec 09 '21

They already did come with halo drivers on the latest.


u/ULICKMAGEE Dec 09 '21

I grabbed them last night no big mention of infinite drivers though?


u/Steven2597 Ryzen 7 5800X | RTX 3080Ti | 32GB DDR4 RAM 3666MHz CL16 Dec 09 '21

Ahh thats when it goes to shit. Explains why I've been smooth as butter so far.


u/fernandollb Dec 09 '21

What hardware are you running it on?


u/genericusername610 Dec 09 '21

Welcome to another unoptimized rushed game. Just the performance alone warranted another delay. Fucking hell it’s bad.


u/VRiggity Dec 09 '21

I’ve e had really good performance so far. Guess I lucked out.


u/vpforvp Dec 09 '21

Yeah same. Not experiencing the performance issues people are talking about


u/Rh0d1um Ryzen 5900X – RTX 3070 – 32GB DDR4 Dec 08 '21

Seeing how badly this game runs in multiplayer mode, I have no interest in trying out the singleplayer mode


u/crapmonkey86 Dec 09 '21

Same. I'll wait for a few more patches


u/vpforvp Dec 09 '21

Does it? The multiplayer runs at a pretty consistent 144FPS for me.


u/Judge_Bread_UK Ryzen 3700X | RTX 2080 | 32 GB 3600 mhz Dec 09 '21

My PC sounds like a jet engine when I run this game


u/Steven2597 Ryzen 7 5800X | RTX 3080Ti | 32GB DDR4 RAM 3666MHz CL16 Dec 09 '21

Games running smooth as hell on my Ryzen 7 5800X, RTX 3080Ti, Ultra 4K

Campaign is pretty good too. I've just got onto Zeta Halo and took over the first FOB


u/Phazon_Metroid Dec 09 '21

I would fucking hope so