/r/pcgaming is the perfect place to post about your game or project so long as you follow our guidelines.


Verification is reserved for redditors in good-standing on /r/pcgaming. Please don't message us if:

  • You don't have a solid post history. We should be able to see that you actively participate in /r/pcgaming or, at the very least, have been a redditor for longer than a year.

  • Your account is only being used to promote your game. If you're only interesting in promotion you can check out Reddit's advertising.

  • You don't have a minimum viable product. What this means is that whatever you're trying to show off should be in some playable form. Projects very early in development will not be verified.

In order to get verified send a PM to /r/pcgaming with the following information:

  • Your full name (not an online handle)
  • Your company name(if applicable)
  • The name of your game
  • The genre and a short description of the game
  • Current state of the project (early access, alpha or beta, Steam Direct,, etc)

Once we confirm who you are you'll be given your flair and be able to post.

Game Posting Limits

You can make 1 post per milestone reached:

  • Announcement Post
  • Kickstarter/funding begins
  • Kickstarter/funding ends
  • Reaching Steam Direct
  • Reaching Early Access
  • Leaving Early Access to launch fully
  • Major expansion or DLC releases (limit once every quarter)

What if it's not a game? I made a mod or app.

Browser plugins, gaming-related desktop utilities, mods, and useful websites are allowed here too! You still need to be verified first. Send a PM to /r/pcgaming with the following:

  • Your full name (not an online handle)
  • Your company name (if you have one)
  • The name of your project
  • A short description of what you made and why it's useful

Non-game Posting Limits

You can post one update every couple weeks as new features are added. Soliciting for donations is not allowed in the Reddit thread. If your project or site contains a donate button, that's okay.

Can I host an AMA or giveaway?

Absolutely. Send a mod mail to the team so that we can schedule you for an AMA. Giveaways don't need prior mod approval so long as they're following our giveaway rules.

Don't spam in comments

You're allowed to talk about your game in the comments section of relevant posts. However, if we become aware that you are spamming your project we will remove your verification and blacklist your game.

Vote manipulation

Recently we've been made aware of developers asking their Discords or community forums to upvote their announcement posts. That goes against Reddit's sitewide rules on vote manipulation. If we catch you doing that you will be banned from this subreddit, your project will be blacklisted, and we'll report you to the admins and other gaming subreddits.