We allow people, and companies, to host giveaways as long as they follow our guidelines:

  • Giveaways of game key codes or cash codes from a reputable online storefront(Steam, Origin, Battlenet, etc) are allowed. If you are giving away a cash card you must send the mod team a short video of the card with a piece of paper including your username and the date/time.

  • Hardware giveaways are generally frowned on but exceptions can be made. Message the mod team first.

If you're a company looking to host a giveaway please message the mod team first.

Entry Requirements

Giveaways should be easy to enter and not have any onerous requirements. For example, asking someone to comment their favorite PC game for a chance to win is an easy entry requirement. Asking someone to write you an essay about a topic is onerous.

  • Giveaways may not be tied to doing something outside of Reddit (i.e. "Comment on my Youtube video to enter!").

  • Set a specific deadline and time for when entries will be closed if you're not doing a "First to comment gets it" kind of thing.

    • "Tomorrow morning" or "when I'm back from school" are not acceptable end times because they're too vague.
    • "8am CST" or "In 12 hours from this post" are both appropriate.
  • PM the winner when it's done instead of posting the raw key in public.

  • Edit your thread to declare the winner's username when it's done.

  • PM the mods so we can flair the thread as expired when it's over.

We'll reach out to you if it looks like the game(s) haven't been given out. Failure to verify that the giveaway is finished after that can result in a permanent ban.

Entry Not Required

If you have a bunch of keys to get rid of or dump, post and go for it! Consider:

  • Posting the keys in an image, then linking the image in a text post.

  • Message the mods when it's done so we can mark it as expired.