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Flaired Users Only The left’s culture creates shooters and the left’s politics ensures we can’t effectively respond to them.

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[OC] Fuck the NRA

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Meme 💩 Current state of this sub now days

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LGBT+ So much has changed in the past 2 years!

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Madem bu kadar talep var o zaman saat 00.00a kadar 1000 up gelirse ifşasını salıyorum

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Business Elon Musk advises Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to party less, work more

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to be a likeable person, to be a decent member of society, to tell the truth and most importantly, to be a representative of domestic abuse.

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Meme 💩 This is what grooming children looks like

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Not siding with any parties here. But this is fact

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Discussion I think a lot of people forget "Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game," path of exile is absolutely one of those games.


With a lot of the mixed opinions I'm seeing on reddit it is really disheartening seeing people complain about really inconsequential stuff as if it is the end of the world. That is all. Have a good day and glhf.

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Discussion +25 weapon hours after reset. How is this not automatically flagged for review for RMTing?

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Ozzy Osbourne

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The Reason I Support Gun Rights in California in One Picture, 1992

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Firefly is a subpar show and deserved to be canceled.


The whole thing is subpar. The casting, the acting, the dialogue, everything.

The cast is operated while the script and execution of it is slow and boring.It's something that should have been cancelled even sooner with how slow it plays out. The acting is cliché. The whole thing could be thrown out and have had no impact on television.

There should have never been a movie made with it either. Everything is boring enough to make you almost fall asleep every 5 minutes. It's completely forgettable and overrated.

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For real tho

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There are levels to Innovation

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Current Events Woman with pistol kills man with AR15 firing into crowd, stopping potential mass shooting

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I left Twitch to start an esports company, and we just launched our mobile app for following/discussing LoL (+more) esports! AMA


Hey all,

My name is Ben or FishStix. I was on the founding team at Twitch back in 2011 and worked there for 7.5 years and had the pleasure of watching esports, and League of Legends, emerge as a household name. It was super exciting to be part of - a dream come true for esports fans and competitive gamer like myself - but I ended up leaving in 2018 due to widespread layoffs in the content/marketing teams and wanting to return to my true passion: esports.

So, over the past 12 months my company Juked has been working hard to build the best possible mobile app where esports fans can come to follow, watch, and discuss their favorite esports, including League of Legends (obviously). I'm here to do any AMA, as well as spread the word about our new app which just launched on on iOS and Android this past March!

The goal of Juked is to make esports more accessible by making it easier to follow the scores, news, and results on-the-go, and both join and start discussions in a healthy and toxicity-free environment.

These are the biggest problems we heard talking to esports fans over the past few years and we think we've started to solve them with the app.

Juked core features include:

  • Esports schedules, scores, and results from both tier 1 LCS/LCK/LPL/LEC etc, tier 2/3 regions, and even grass roots tournaments, with built in spoiler-free mode
  • A strict anti-toxicity stance to improve the conversation around esports.
  • Push notifications for the biggest news from your favorite games & teams + going live match notifications
  • A newsfeed with original user generated content, comment, and reply to news, matches, and other users (live match chat coming soon)
  • Live streams and VODs for every match, including both Twitch and YouTube streams!
  • Be able to swap between esports content only, game only, or both (coming VERY soon)
  • Create a profile and earnable badges (if you sign up now you’ll get a first 20K users badge!) + meet other esports fans

So, r/LoL, AMA anything about my time at Twitch, startup life, Juked, or anything else! I'll do my best to answer asap. Looking forward to your questions! :)

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Uvalde Shooting Current Info as of 5/27/22 1000PST


Since people couldn't be civil in the open thread, this is how we are going to do it.

Timeline based on video evidence:

11:27 Door the shooter used to enter was propped open by a teacher

11:28 Suspect vehicle crashes into the ditch. Teacher runs to grab a phone. Two males approach scene and get shot at by suspect.

11:30 Teacher calls and reports crash and man with gun. Teacher retreats inside, leaving the door open.

1131 Suspect in the school parking lot. Begins shooting into classrooms from the exterior of the school as officers arrive at crash scene. No SRO was present on campus to confront the suspect.

1133 Suspect entered through open door and begins shooting into classrooms from the inside. Over 100 rounds fired

1135 Three Uvalde PD arrive and enter the school (So stop with that stupid rumor they stood outside) Less than a minute three more Uvalde PD and one Deputy arrive and enter the school. Two officers receive gunshot wounds.

1135-1141 Gun battle between LE and suspect. More LE arrive.

1151 Boarder Patrol arrive

1203 Still engaged in gun battle at least 19 LE inside engaging suspect

1215 BORTAC members arrive with special equipment

1221 Suspect still engaging LE. LE move down the hallway.

1251 LE breach interior door suspect barricaded himself behind. Suspect killed.

Here is more information

Time and time again, waiting for information to be released is the correct answer instead of immediately believing any rumors the internet spreads. As more information comes, mods will either update this post or create another. Either way, other posts about this issue will continue to be removed.

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Tile artist


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If you've ever wondered about how music videos are made, here's a behind the scenes look at one of my favorite new artists, Winona Oak

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Everybody who has experienced mental illness needs to be committed immediately. If you disagree, it’s because you don’t care that kids are being killed.


This comment has been brought to you by Lefty Logic.

Lefty Logic: when human rights are nothing in the face of your emotions.

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Who’s up for a little silent demonstration?


I’ll cut right to my point: Who wants to start a silent demonstration in Lynden with me? I’m not talking about the main drag/Front Street/Main Street, but instead in front of these big Lynden churches and in areas where there are 4 or more churches in a 2 city-block radius (eye roll). Let’s show up on Sunday mornings with signs that ask the hard questions no one’s asking in their isolated Lynden bubble. Perhaps enlarged visuals of victims of pewpew violence, in the same way they like to sit outside of our Planned Parenthood with their vitriol. Protests and demonstrations in Bellingham are useful and helpful, but they don’t reach the root of the problem: republicans.

Anyone in? I’m trying to think of ways to stir the pot in different ways. Different than we’ve done in the past. Nothing will change here unless we bring change. I’m aiming to make a lot of churchgoers very uncomfortable.

*I say this as a person who was forced to grow up in Lynden.

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Europeans when they see an American that has a better quality of life starter pack

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Flaired Users Only 287 people have been shot in Chicago this month alone. 46 victims have died.

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